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Gu Daoist Master - Chapter 35


Fang Yuan could only gain the upper hand for this time being, but not for long.

The on-going fisticuffs had made him gasp. On the contrary, Gao Wan’s breathing was at ease. The difference between the two of them in terms of their physical strength was enormous.

Simultaneously, as Gao Wan was exercising, his body heat was also being emitted. His pace of throwing out punches and kicks were quicker which was washing away the numbness and slowness that was brought in by the cold air. This had started to truly display his capacity after dozens of years of training under intense hardships.

“Brat, you cannot win over me.” Inside this schoolhouse, you are not allowed to use your Moonlight Gu;this is the clan’s regulation. You are done for. Today, I will definitely make you my prisoner!” Gao Wan fiercely laughed out loud. Having an abundance of battling experience, he attempted to use his words to crackdown on Fang Yuan’s fighting willpower.

“I am still a young man. My body hasn't matured yet;its competency cannot be compared to this servant.” Fang Yuan’s mood was like ice. After five hundred years of demonic cultivating, how could his fighting willpower, possibly be shaken?

“Moonlight Gu!” When his mind shook, he urged the Primeval Essence on one side, and jumped back to the other side, keeping a distance with Gao Wan.

Gao Wan, who wanted to chase after him, suddenly realized a dazzling layer of aqua blue aureole light that appeared on his palm.

His visage became solemn in a second;he yelled, “Brat, you are using Gu to fight in the schoolhouse grounds, this is against the clan’s regulations!”

“So what if I go against it?” Fang Yuan coldly sneered. He needed no reminders as he had already learned and thoroughly understood the clan’s regulations. It was simply just because he didn’t want to follow them.

Right now, his palm was like a total void toward Gao Wan.

With a small giggling sound, the blue Moon Blade was released, aiming straight at Gao Wan.

Gao Wan gritted his jaw. He clasped his hands together and formed a hand-shield in front of him. At the same time, he didn’t stop dashing forward, recklessly heading towards Fang Yuan. He had intended to solidly confront him in getting the job done quickly.

The Moon Blade made a puff sound as it hit Gao Wan’s arms. Blood splashed out under the moonlight. A sense of severe pain, immediately and unexpectedly, struck into Gao Wan’s mind.

“How can it be?!” He abruptly stopped dashing forward. Looking at both of his arms which had been slashed, leaving deep gashes, he was now very frightened. Blood was constantly flowing out from the cut, as his body was covered with blood. Even his pale fractured arm bone was exposed, protruding awkwardly out.

Gao Wan was feeling horrified inside right now, “This is impossible! Beginner level one Moon Blade could only cut through my flesh. How could it chop off my bone? Only the Intermediate level one could be able to do this!!”

He, of course, didn’t know that although Fang Yuan was a Beginner level one Gu Master, because of the refined Wine Gu, he had already had an Intermediate level one Primeval Essence.

The Moon Blade that was released from the Moonlight Gu which had been urged by the Intermediate Primeval Essence, would normally have been more powerful, and surpassed that of the Beginner level.

“Not good, this brat is too strange!!” Gao Wan was astonished, he couldn’t be able to prepare for it as he had received severe wounds. His fighting willpower had completely dispersed. After having quickly decided, he wanted to retreat.

“Are you leaving?” Fang Yuan coldly laughed. He started his pursue, while the Moon Blades were constantly being released from his hand.

“Help me!!” Gao Wan yelled out. As he was running away, the sound reverberated around the quiet schoolhouse.

“What happened? Someone is calling for help!” The voice alerted the schoolhouse’s bodyguards from nearby.

“It’s the despotic servant that Mo Yan Mistress of the Mo Family has left behind.” The bodyguards approached them, however, stopped their footsteps after seeing the pursuit.

“This is a servant;he is not worthy to protect!”

“Letting him stay here is already keeping face for the Mo family.”

“Shouldn’t we be more careful? Prevent him from a counter-attack after being pushed to a dead-end and hurting Fang Yuan.”

The anxious group of bodyguards that had rushed over didn’t take any actions, but were only standing there, looking from aside.

To this servant called Gao Wan who was now yelling his heart out, if he was to die, it didn’t have anything to do with them. However, if Fang Yuan had died, or wounded, then they would definitely be responsible for it.

Seeing such a scene, Gao Wan’s heart had totally become numb;he desperately shouted out, “Our surnames are all different from them. You guys cannot shut your eyes to people that are dying.”

His blood loss was getting more serious as his pace was slowing down.

Fang Yuan caught up to him from behind. With a voice as cold as ice, he sentenced Gao Wan with a death penalty, “Shout more, even if you were to shout out louder, it would still be useless.”

After he had finished, he flipped his wrist as two Moon Blades flew out continuosly.

Swoosh, swoosh, they landed directly in the middle of Gao Wan’s neck.

Gao Wan only felt his heart was getting numb, as though he was falling into an abyss.

Right after that, he felt like the sky and earth were spinning around with his vision. He could even see his own two legs, his bosom, his back... and his head that had been cut off.

Following that, he welcomed the eternal darkness.

Gao Wan was dead.

Being beheaded by Fang Yuan’s two Moon Blades, his head flew off as his body was still running away for about ten meters before falling down. Blood was spurting out from his neck like a waterfall, totally dying the whole surrounding with a blood-red hue.


“Fang Yuan killed someone!!”

The group of bodyguards couldn’t help themselves but softly gasped. As they had seen the whole process with their own eyes, their bodies all shook. They could feel a frightening sense of being utterly terrified inside of their bones.

Although Fang Yuan was just a gentle and frail-looking fifteen year old boy, he could still kill a sturdy adult without changing his expression. This really was the power of a Gu Master!

The result of the battle had been set.

Fang Yuan slowed down his footstep as he casually walked over.

He was wearing a calm visage as if the thing he had just done was as trivial as eating a meal or drinking some water. This expression made the bodyguards feel the coldness that had swept through their hearts.

Gao Wan’s head was laid on the ground, with his two eyes still opened. He had died with an everlasting regret.

Fang Yuan expressionlessly raised his leg and kicked the head flying off into the distance.

The corner of the bodyguard’s eyes shrank in seeing the scene.

Fang Yuan approached Gao Wan’s body as he realized this body was still trembling and blood had quickly flowed out, and accumulated into a small pool of blood.

He looked closely at Gao Wan’s wound with a solemn countenance. The wound was deep. It was deep enough to expose his secret about the Intermediate Primeval Essence.

As soon as this secret was exposed, it could implicate his Wine Gu. If the people were to find out about the Wine Gu, they would have definitely associated it with Hua Jiu the monk.

Hence, Fang Yuan had to protect this secret.

“But the people who saw this scene are too many right now.” Fang Yuan glanced at the bodyguards who were gathering around to watch. There were around ten of them. His remaining Primeval Essence was not even ten percent;thus he couldn't kill all of them.

After thinking for a while, Fang Yuan bent down, and he picked up Gao Wan’s ankle, dragging the corpse back.

“Childe Fang Yuan, just let us handle the rest.” The bodyguards were enduring the chill in their hearts. They approached Fang Yuan and respectfully spoke up.

Along with the respectfulness, there were still some clear terrors.

As Fang Yuan silently eyed them, they consciously stopped breathing, lowering their heads one by one.

“Give me your saber.” He held out his hand, and casually said.

In his order was an unassailable aura.

The bodyguard who was the closest to him involuntarily took out the saber on his waist, handing it over to him.

As Fang Yuan received the saber, he continued walking forward.

More than ten bodyguards who were left behind were dumbstruck, standing in one place, looking at Fang Yuan’s figure.

The sunlight had ascended from the east, as the first sunbeam pierced through the mountain ranges, and onto the interior of the schoolhouse.

The fifteen year-old Fang Yuan had a figure of a small and thin boy, with pale skin.

Under the light of the dawn, he was taking his time walking forward.

His left hand was holding a shining saber while his right hand was dragging a headless corpse.

As he was walking, he left a trail of red blood on the path which was covered with dark blue stones.

The group of bodyguards standing behind him all shivered. The coldness had numbed their whole bodies.

The sunlight of the dawn was shining upon them. However, they couldn't even feel a single ray of the warmness and radiance.


Some unknown person was rolling their Adam’s apple, swallowing a gulp of saliva.

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