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Gu Daoist Master - Chapter 22


Chapter 22: The Fluttering Moon Blade

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The clear blue sky as if looked like it had been washed over once.

The Sun was shining brilliantly.

A flock of colorful parrots was chirping non-stop while forming into a pattern, soaring on the blue sky along with the floating white clouds.

This kind of colorful parrots only appeared in flocks when spring came. The feathers of their entire body were in seven bright colors. Their figures were like eagles but smaller. Their heads and beaks were like parrots, but their long dragging tails were like a peacock's.

It had been almost ten days since Fang Yuan had come in first place at refining Vitality Gu.

Spring breeze was blowing by the entire mountain grass. Wildflowers were eagerly blooming while flock after flock of bees and butterflies were dancing with each other. The wonderful scenery was overwhelmed with surging vitality.

The Martial Art Field couldn't be hidden behind such a dense spring breeze, even though being surrounded by four giant bamboo walls.

This Martial Art Field took up three mus. The flat ground was tiled with graphite stone with a moderate thickness. Its surrounding was full of green spear bamboo. Those bamboos were dense, standing up straight, forming a layer of high green wall.

Although stones were also being laid atop, green grasses were now almost visible in many areas around the corners. Among the bamboos, there were semi-wild roses penetrating from the outside, even climbing atop the wall.

Fifty-seven young men at the age of fifteen were standing in the middle of this Martial Art Field. They formed a circle and attentively looked at the schoolhouse' Elder in the middle.

This was a class on teaching those young men how to use the Moonlight Gu.

’’Moonlight Gu is the signature Gu of our Ancient Moon Clan, like the Bear Power Gu of the Xiong Family, or the Stream Gu of the Bai Family. The majority of people here all use Moonlight Gu as their Vitality Gu's. You guys need to look closely. Next, I will demonstrate myself, how to urge the Moonlight Gu to attack. Disciples whose Vitality Gu is not Moonlight Gu also need to observe carefully. This method of long-distance attacks can be applied to different Gu's on your body. Its application range is extremely wide.’’

After he finished talking, the schoolhouse's Elder instantly stretched out his right hand, opened all five fingers then lowering his hand so that every young man could see his palm.

’’Firstly, use your intent to urge the Moonlight Gu, shifting to your own palm.’’ Following his voice, the crescent moon imprint represented the Moonlight Gu, came out of his hand, then moved to his palm.

’’After that, urge the Primeval Essence in your vain aperture to enter the Moonlight Gu.’’ A ray of silver white Primeval Essence light spurted out from the Elder's body. It was so thin one couldn't possibly have observed it. It then entered the Moonlight Gu in his palm.

The schoolhouse's Elder was at level three. Only a level three Gu Master could condense the Primeval Essence into a silver-white light ray.

A level one Gu Master's Primeval Essence was a Bronze Primeval Essence while a level two was the Scarlet Steel Primeval Essence. To a level three, it would be the Silver Primeval Stone.

Absorbing the silver white Primeval Essence, the crescent moon imprint on the Elder's palm was getting brighter and brighter. Although it was broad daylight, it still emitted a cluster of faint blue aureole.

’’Too powerful!’’

’’How pretty.’’ As the young men saw this scene, they couldn't help but burst out their astonishment and compliments.

A faint blue transparent as water aureole was flickering in the Elder's palm. With a glance, it looked as if the schoolhouse's Elder had grasped a handful of moonlight.

The schoolhouse's Elder slightly smiled, ’’Look carefully. The last step is like what I just did, shooting it outside like that.’’

As he finished talking, he gradually closed his opened hand then slowly pushed it forward, gently dispersed a palm strike.

The whole process was powerful and steady.


The young men were picking up small explosion sounds.

Followed the Elder's movement, the faint blue water-liked aureole congealed on his palm was pushed outside.

The aureole turned into a small Moon Blade in mid-air. The Moon Blade was only the size of a fist, looking like the crescent moon in the night sky. It drew a straight line in the air then instantly struck a scarecrow that was standing ten meters away from it.

With a swoosh sound, the scarecrow which was thirty centimeters thick was totally sliced apart. Its body swayed as its giant head instantly felt on the ground.

The Moon Blade turned dimmer after slicing through the scarecrow. However, after flying for around six meters in mid-air, the Moon Blade then slowly disappeared, dispersing into the air.

Looking back at the neck of the scarecrow to see the clean cut, which looked like it had been sliced by the sharpest sickle.

The group of youngsters all widened their eyes in awe, astonishingly looking at such a scene. Some of them couldn't help but stroke their own necks, being startled by the power of this Moon Blade.

After a short period of silence, the sound of admirable exclamations reverberated. All their eyes were sparkling;some were staring at the scarecrow, others were looking at the Elder's hand. Some of them gathered around and excitedly discussed.

There was only one person who looked like he had disappeared into the crowd. Fang Yuan's countenance was solemn;he didn't move the slightest bit.

In his past life, his cultivation base was at level six. On this continent, he created the Bloody Wing Demonic Cult with a couple of ten thousand disciples. Reputed to be the Demon Way Tycoon, his reputation was awe-inspiring.

The schoolhouse's Elder was just a level three Gu Master. This kind of basic method was only for kids. It wouldn't have urged a single wave inside Fang Yuan's heart.

’’Next, whoever it is that has successfully refined the Moonlight Gu, step out. One scarecrow per person! Based on my method just now, you will urge the Moon Blade and practice attacking.’’

As soon as the schoolhouse's Elder finished, more than thirty young men stood up.

This time, there was about a hundred young men participating in the Sacrificial Ceremony. Fifty disciples had an aptitude for cultivating. Among them, thirty-five people chose the Moonlight Gu. After many days of hard work, they had all refined the Moonlight Gu.

The rest were all grade D aptitude. It wasn't that they didn't think about refining the Moonlight Gu;it was because their aptitudes were not enough, they could only retreat before the impossible.

To the young men of the Ancient Moon clan, the Moonlight Gu was not only a Gu, but it was the symbol of the clan's glory.

Thirty-five young men stood up quickly. Ten meters away from each of them, there stood a scarecrow in front.

Fang Yuan, who was standing inside the group, didn't attract much attention from the others.

Practice had started.

The youngsters simultaneously stretched out their right hand, transferring the Moonlight Gu onto their palms. After pouring their Bronze Primeval Essence light beam into the crescent moon imprints, one by one were emitting aqua blue aureole.

However, when they set their palms upright, only seven to eight Moon Blades were shot out. These Moon Blades only appeared in a blink, and quickly dispersed. Some of them flew out for two to three meters, then shattered into blue light flows with a BANG. There were some that had flown far. However, their directions were changed drastically, directly soaring to the sky.

Those youngsters furrowed their brows. What the Elder had just done, seemed easy. However, only when it was their turns to practice did they realize the secret inside of it. Wanting to release a Moon Blade and accurately hit the scarecrow was not easy.

As the Elder was looking, a smile was beaming on his face. He had seen such scenes every year;so it was not unexpected.

The other twenty-two young men standing outside of the field were looking in with admiration.

After five minutes of practice, all the disciples there, could now gradually release the Moon Blade. In this moment, light blue Moon Blades were flying everywhere on the sky of the Martial Art Field.

Some Moon Blades dispersed at mid-way, some unfortunately impacted with others, some even flew out of the Field, twisting around. There were only some Moon Blades that could hit the scarecrow once in a while. Of course, these were all purely lucks.

The schoolhouse's Elder started to coaching one-on-one.

He focused on looking after the disciples with excellent aptitudes like Fang Zheng, Mo Bei, and Chi Cheng. He patiently fixed the errors in their postures as well as passing on his own knowledge. However, to grade C disciples such as Fang Yuan, he only helped him within two sentences.

Fang Yuan was still concentrating on the blue aureole in his palm. A couple of times that the palm wind didn't cut through, was due to the fact that he didn't release it. It was only for show. Seeing the chaotic scene without any person focusing on himself, as his intent shook, the control over the Moonlight was released. Followed the palm that was slightly slanted, he made a movement to send out the blade from his palm.

So as not to attract other's attentions, he didn't aim for the scarecrow in front of himself, but a little bit to the left.

With a swoosh, a Moon Blade quickly flew out, penetrating the chaotic area in the middle. It drew a straight line in mid-air, accurately struck the scarecrow right by its neck.

The scarecrow shivered. As its neck was being cut more than half, the green straw quickly started to grow, tangle together again and the wound had been healed.

This scarecrow, of course, wasn't a normal scarecrow. It was a level one Scarecrow Gu;it possessed a small recovering ability from the floral element.

Unless one had cleanly sliced through the scarecrow, turning it into two halves, the wound would have quickly reconnected to each other like before.

’’Wow, look at this Moon Blade!’’

’’How powerful, who released it?’’

There were only a few Moon Blades that could accurately hit the scarecrow. Fang Yuan was only carefreely struck, but it had created the clearest and most effective attack from the beginning until now. This made the group of disciples outside the field yell in surprise.

Even the schoolhouse's Elder was attracted, he asked, ’’The Moon Blade that was released just now is not bad, who released it?’’

With questioning eyes, he looked at a grade C aptitude disciple, because that scarecrow was in front of this disciple.

The male disciple was constantly blinking his eyes. Facing everyone's attentive stares, he was perplexed. Truth to be told, just now, the whole scene was chaotic. With Moon Blades flying everywhere, he also didn't know whether this one was his.

’’Anyhow, it seems like it could be mine anyway.’’ As the young man was thinking, he unconsciously nodded.

The youngsters around him instantly looked at him with different eyes.

’’Who is he? What is his name?’’ A few female disciples were asking around in succession.

’’Even him could release the Moon Blade;I can't lose!’’ A beam of determination flashed in Gu Yue Mo Bei's pair of eyes.

’’So it is not gege.’’ Gu Yue Fang Zheng incomprehensibly sighed out in relief. After being consoled by aunt and uncle, he had recovered from those setbacks from before.

’’Gege, coming in first place last time was based on his luck, being able to choose a Moonlight Gu with a weak willpower. A Gu Master can't cultivate with just depending on destiny;I will defeat you.’’ Fang Zheng silently encouraged himself inside.

’’You did well. Try harder, capture that feeling just now.’’ The schoolhouse's Elder patted the disciple's shoulders then smilingly encouraged.

The young man excitedly nodded his head. His eyes were beaming with distinctive light.

The Elder took advantage of the situation, announced in front of everyone, ’’Listen up, this is your homework. Practice hard after class. I will look at the result after three days. The one with the best result will be rewarded with ten Primeval Stones. You all hear me?’’

’’Yes!’’ The young men loudly replied. Hearing there was a Primeval Stone as a reward, everyone couldn't help but become more excited.

However, after three minutes, the number of Moon Blades in the air was lessened.

’’Damn it;each Moon Blade wasted ten percent of the Primeval Essence.’’

’’The Moon Blade is wasting too much. I am only a grade C aptitude;my vain aperture can only contain thirty-eight Bronze Primeval Essences. I can only continuously release three Moon Blades.’’

The youngsters who stopped were all complaining.

Seeing all of this, the schoolhouse's Elder remaining calm and collected, but inside, he was exclaiming, ’’This is the advantage of a higher grade in aptitude. Using the Moon Blade focuses on these simple three words -- practice makes perfect. With a higher aptitude, one's vain aperture can contain much more Primeval Essences. The recovering speed for Primeval Essence is also faster. Hence, they have more opportunities to practice. If their aptitude is lower, they can make up with Primeval Stones to increase the chances to practice. For those with low aptitude and lack of Primeval Stone, even if they want to practice, it will be as carrying water to sea. Haizz, cultivation to a Gu Master, is that cruel. I should just take a better care of those high aptitude disciples then.’’


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