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Gu Daoist Master - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Enlightenment of Going Back Five Hundred Years

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Legend said, in this world, there was something called the River of time. It supported the entire flow of this world. And the Spring and Autumn Cicada could go against the current, turning back time.

Towards such rumor, people had diverse opinions. Lots of people would have found it unbelievable, while others had half-believed or half-doubted.

It seemed that no one would truly believe in it.

Because every time that a person had used the Spring and Autumn Cicada, that one had to pay with his life, and sacrificed his entire cultivation base to propel the power.

The price was costly. However, the thing that made people couldn't bear was that -- in using one's life to trade, while the results were still uncertain.

Even if someone had possessed the Spring and Autumn Cicada, that person, still, would not dare to have recklessly used it.

What if the whole rumor was a scheme?

If Fang Yuan was not in a dead-end situation, he would also not have used it so quickly.

However, concurrently, Fang Yuan was totally convinced.

Because the reality that was displayedin front of him had made him unable to retort. He really was being reincarnated again!

’’It's a pity that such good Gu had called for such tremendous strengths to kill more than a hundred thousand people, becoming the wrath of God and resentment of all men, then suffering countless hardships to be able to refine it. . . . . .’’ Fang Yuan silently exclaimed. Although he had been reborn, the Spring and Autumn Cicada didn't come along with him.

Human is the spirit of all living things;Gu is the true essence of the world.

Gu was extremely odd and innumerable. There was Gu which would dissipate after using it one to two times. However, some Gu could be reused again and again as long as the limits of usage hadn't been surpassed.

Maybe the Spring and Autumn Cicada was the kind of Gu that could only be used once.

’’Even though it has been gone, I can still refine it again. If I could have made it in my previous life, why can't I make it in this life?’’ However, after a while later, Fang Yuan couldn't but feel a wave of magnificent goals filling his heart.

He could totally accept the fact that the Spring and Autumn Cicada had been damaged while trying to bring him back to life.

Moreover, he still carried a treasure with him, but not utterly lacking.

This treasure was the memories and experiences he had gained in the past five hundred years.

His memory contained lots of hidden treasures that no one was able to have opened up before. Being through countless of great events had easily helped him take control of the flow of history. He recalled numerous of people in his mind. Some were secret senior cultivators;some were eminent geniuses, some hadn't even been born yet. Living through the past five hundred years, he had experienced severe hardships when cultivating as well as gaining various fighting experiences.

With these experiences, undoubtedly, he would be able to hold the general situation and decisive opportunities of the world in his hands. If he could perform this well, overrunning the world and recalling the demon's ruthless svelte would be no problem. Moreover, he could even take one step forward, breaking through newer and higher realms!

’’Then how should I do it. . . . . .’’ Fang Yuan was incredibly rational. He quickly retrieved his ambition, facing the night rain outside the window and emerging in thoughts.

Imagining like this, a plethora of things to tackle, instantly appeared.

After thinking for a while, his brows were frowning even more.

Five hundred years were quite long. Those untold things had become vague. He couldn't recall his memories. Those well-hidden treasures and immortal opportunities were numerous, but the majority of those were at hundred thousand li's[1] away. Also, it could only be opened at a certain time.

’’The critical key is still the cultivation base. The me right now haven't even opened my Primeval Sea, haven't even stepped on the cultivation path of a Gu Master. I'm basically a mortal! I need to cultivate quickly, increase my cultivation base then chase after the history in front of me, trying to take advantage of those immortal opportunities, and find a good place.’’

Moreover, with such many hidden treasures but without enough cultivation, even though if he was to possess it, he still couldn't comprehend it. On the contrary, it would be as if he was being burned while holding the hot potato, seeking for death.

The very first problem that arose in front of Fang Yuan was the cultivation base.

He needed to enhance his cultivation base quickly. If he kept on being slow like he had been in his previous life, it would be too late.

’’If I need to increase my cultivation quickly, I definitely must borrow resources from the clan. With my current situation, I basically, cannot be able to penetrate the mountain ranges which are full of dangers safely. A regular boar could easily kill me. If I could reach a level three cultivation base of a Gu Master, I would then be able to protect myself, traveling around this world.’’

Using the eyes that had been toughened with the Demonic Path for five hundred years to observe, this Green Thatch Mountain was too small. The Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold looked even more like a prison.

However, the prison that had captivated freedom was also a place that represented absolute safety.

’’Hum, in these short whiles, let's train in this prison. I just need to cultivate to the third level of a Gu Master;then I can leave this abandoned mountain. Lucky for me, tomorrow is the Sacrificial Ceremony. From there onwards I can officially open the cultivation path of a Gu Master for myself.’’

Thinking about the Sacrificial Ceremony, Fang Yuan's heart which had long been covered with dust, suddenly recalled a scene.

’’Aptitude?. . . . . .’’ Looking outside of the window, he couldn't help but coldly laugh.

Right at that time, the door was slightly opened. A young man stepped inside.

’’Gege[2], why are you standing beside the window when it's raining?’’

This young man had a skinny figure. He was much shorter than Fang Yuan, but their faces were almost identical.

Fang Yuan turned around to look at the young man, a gleam of complications instantly beamed on his face.

’’It's you, my twin brother.’’ He slightly raised his brows. His countenance recovered its normal coldness.

Fang Zheng lowered his head, looking at his feet. This was his signature gesture, ’’I see that gege's doors aren't closed yet, so I thought thatI should close it quietly. Tomorrow is the Sacrificial Ceremony. It's too late, and gege haven't rested yet, if aunt and uncle knew, they would be worried.’’

He didn't feel weird about Fang Yuan's cold reaction. From their childhood until now, his older brother had always been like this.

He sometimes thought that maybe geniuses were really different from ordinary people. Although having an identical appearance with gege, he himself was nothing better than a mole cricket or an ant. (Meant having no powers)

Being born from the same mother at the same time, how could Heaven be so unfair. Heaven gave gege the talents like diamonds, and he was as normal as a rock.

Everyone around them, when mentioning him, all said, ’’This is Fang Yuan's didi[3].’’

Aunt and uncle had also told him to learn from his older brother.

Even he himself had grown self hatred in seeing his own face in the mirror!

These thoughts had been formed for the past several years and gradually accumulated in his innermost feelings. Like his heart was being suppressed by a stone which was getting heavier and heavier as time went on, his head had been gradually bowing lower and lower throughout the years. He had also talked less and become more silent.

’’Worry. . . . . .’’ Thinking about his aunt and uncle, Fang Yuan couldn't help but mockingly laugh inside.

He clearly remembered that his parents had passed away at the same time while they were on a mission for the clan. At three, he and his didi had become orphans together.

His aunt and uncle then used the name of being their guardians to snatch away the heritage properties of his parents publicly. Moreover, they had treated he and his didi very harshly.

Usually, one who had been reborn usually chose to hide their talents and nurture it in the dark. However, with such difficult life, Fang Yuan couldn't have any other choice but to display his ’’Talents’’ which had surpassed ordinary people.

What was called genius was only a person with a mature spirit and soul, using thousands of years of famous Chinese Earth's poems.

Surprisingly, everyone was frightened by these small experiments of his. He then quickly became the center of attention. Under the pressure from the outside, the young Fang Yuan couldn't help but maintain his icy expression to pretend and protect himself, avoiding being exposed.

With time, his cold countenance had become a habit.

Just like that, his uncle and aunt didn't continue treating him and his didi harshly again. The more people that valued his prospects, the more that such treatments were increased.

Nonetheless, this was not affection;this was a kind of investment.

The funny thing was that his didi couldn't see the truth. Not only was he getting deceived by uncle and aunt, he even grew his resentment towards him. Don't be deceived by his obedient and honest self right now. In Fang Yuan's memory, after being measured to be a grade A aptitude, with constant vigorous training in the clan, his resentment, and jealousy had all been shown. He had also gone against and oppressed his own older blood brother several times.

Not to mention his aptitude. . . . . .

Haha, the highest one was only a C grade.

Destiny always loved to play around.

A pair of twins;gege's aptitude was grade C but then had independently enjoyed the name of a genius for dozens of years. Didi who didn't have any fame, on the contrary, possessed a grade A aptitude.

The results had really opened the eyes of the people in this clan. Moreover, it had also completely overturned the treatments that the two brothers had been experiencing until now.

Didi was like a sleeping dragon that suddenly soared through the sky, and gege was like a little phoenix which had just fallen down from heaven.

After that, there came the difficulties that was deliberately brought over by his didi, the cold treatment from his uncle and aunt, and the contempt of the fellow clan members.


In his previous life, Fang Yuan used to hate his lacking aptitude, hated the cold-blooded clan, hated the prejudicial fate.

However, right now, as he used what he had been through the last five hundred years to examine this path, the waves in his heart were fearless, without a gleam of hatred.

What was good in hatred?

Changing his point of views and thoughts for a while, he could also understand his didi, his uncle and aunt, also the fierce enemies of the righteous sects that were now surrounding him, five hundred years later.

The weak were the preys;the strong were the survivors. This was the nature of this world.

Besides, everyone had their own ambitions. But when they were fighting over the same sacred opportunity, how could one not understand the snatching and slaughtering in between?

After five hundred years, he had soon understood. Inside one's heart, only Immortality could be the main path.

If someone was to stop him in the middle of achieving this path, then no matter who it was, it could only be 'you die, I live'.

With the greedy ambition in his heart, on this path, everyone was destined to be your enemies, you were destined to be coming and going alone and also destined to be facing layer upon layer of killing.

This was the enlightenment concised from five hundred years of living.

’’Revenge is not my goal;demon path is never just compromising.’’ Thinking until here, Fang Yuan could not help but laugh. Turning to face his didi, he casually glanced at him, and said, ’’You should go back.’’

Fang Zheng couldn't help but get frightened. He felt his gege's eyes were as sharp as a pointy ice blade, as though it could penetrate his deepest innermost thoughts.

Under his eyes, he seemed to be naked in the pile of snow, without any worthy secrets.

’’Then I will meet you tomorrow, gege.’’ He immediately didn't dare to waste any more words. Fang Zheng closed the doors, then greeted before leaving.


[1] Chinese's unit of measure. 1 li = 500 meters

[2] Gege = older brother

[3] Didi = younger brother


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