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Gu Daoist Master - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Green Bamboo Wine's Fragrance, Gu Master Displaying His Power

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’’Every problem is all decided by the result of the search for Hua Jiu the monk's hidden legacy. If I could find it, it could easily solve any matter that arises. And if I could not, these problems would simply prolong my cultivating speed. Thus, the starting point of my cultivation would be far from being equaled with those at my age. It's hard to understand. I have used several hours in a whole week to attract that Wine Gu, but why isn't there still any results?’’

Fang Yuan furrowed his brows and deeply thought. The food in his mouth did not taste like anything either.

Right then, a noisy sound resonated, interrupting his line of thought.

Fang Yuan turned to look at the direction of the sound. He discovered that at the middle table surrounded by those six hunters, the smell of wine was almost overwhelming. The atmosphere was heating up like fire;their faces were dyed with a red color.

’’Zhang di, come, another cup!’’

’’Feng dage, we brothers admire your power. You alone can handle a black skin wild boar. Really is heroic! This cup of wine you have to take, if you do not, then you're not giving us brothers any face.’’

’’Much thanks to the offer from all of you fellow brother's, but I really can't drink.’’

’’Feng dage refuses to drink, are you not satisfied with this wine? Servant, come here, and give me the best wine here!’’

Their voices were getting louder and louder. Obviously, they had drunk too much.

The servant came running, ’’Dage, there is good wine, but it is quite precious.’’

’’What, you're scared I won't pay?!’’ Some people in that group of hunters all stood up and stared at that servant after hearing such words. They were either guys with sturdy bodies, attractive figures or dark, thin but robust, with sharp pressure. They carried with them the distinctive fierce aura of the people living in the mountains.

The servant hurriedly bowed down;he protested, ’’How can I dare to look down upon you heroes. It is just that this wine is truly quite expensive, the price of one jug is about two Primeval Stones!’’

The hunters were astonished.

Two Primeval Stones was not cheap. It was equaled to a two-month living expense of an ordinary family. Hunters hunted animals for a living. They made relatively more than a regular person. Sometimes, a black skinned wild boar could be about half a Primeval Stone price. However, hunting was adventurous. If doing it wrong, they could have turned themselves into bait.

Wasting two Primeval Stones for a wine jug was unworthy to these hunters.

''Is it really that expensive for a jug of wine?’’

’’Young fellow, are you lying to us?’’

The group of hunters was constantly asking. Their voices were slightly weaker and seemed to be unable to step down from their own embarrassment.

The servant did not even dare to talk.

The hunter called Feng ge hurriedly smoothed it over when seeing things were going the wrong way, ’’Brothers, please do not waste any more. I can't drink wine today, let's save it for another day.’’

’’Gege, what are you saying!’’

’’How can it be...’’

The rest of the group started to yell, but their voices were getting smaller, and smaller. The entire group had also sat down in their seats.

The servant was also a skillful one. Looking at the situation, he had soon known, that the sale would not be made.

However, such circumstances he had seen countless of times, it could not be blamed. As he wanted to go back, the sound from a young man arose from the table in the corner, ’’Haha, how funny. One by one were growling loudly, but had obediently shut up at an unaffordable jug of wine, go shrink back!’’

The hunter was provoked as soon as he heard these words, he then shouted, ’’Who said I could not afford it? Servant, bring that wine over. I will give you Primeval Stones, not just two!’’

’’A, please wait a bit, I will immediately bring it over!’’ The servant could not guess the overturn of this situation. He instantly replied, they turned around and held a wine jug over.

This jug was only half the size of a normal wine jug. However, when the cover was opened, the scent of pure wine fragrance immediately emanated, filling up the entire luncheonette.

The lone drinker old man sitting beside the window could not help but turn around and laid an eye on it because of the smell from this wine jug.

It really was good wine.

’’Honorable guests, I did not lie. This is the best Green Bamboo Wine, which is only sold in our tavern. Try smelling the fragrance of this wine!’’ The servant said as he deeply inhaled, face brimming with satisfaction.

Fang Yuan's heart shook. The servant hadn't lied about this.

There were three wine shops in the entire Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold. What they sold was all rice wine, unfiltered rice wine, those basic ones. Fang Yuan had constantly been buying wine for seven days straight in an attempt to attract that Wine Gu. Of course, he knew the market price.

The wine jug had incited the addictions in some of those hunters. The whole group twitching their noses;their Adam's apples were moving up and down non-stop.

And that hunter who had talked too quickly was beaming with excitement and also with a gleam of regret.

That this wine jug could cost two Primeval Stones!

’’I bought this wine jug out of impulsiveness. This servant was also too much. He did not say anything but immediately brought the jug over. Now, the covered seal has already been opened;I can't return it now.’’

The hunter felt pain as he kept thinking about this. Wanting to take it back, but he was scared of losing his face.

In the end, he could only tap the table, smilingly said, ’’Damn, this is good wine! Gege, please have it, I will take care of the wine today!’’

Right at that time, the young man sitting at the table in the corner mockingly said again, ’’How can this small jug be enough for the six of you? Buy some more then.’’

Being oppressed by such words, the hunter's green veins were already showing. He stood up, agitatedly stared at the direction of that youngster, ’’You rascal, you talk too much. Come, step out, let gege train my two hands with you!’’

’’A? I will step out.’’ As the young man heard that sentence, he really stood up, and devilishly smiled while walking out of the shadowed corner.

He possessed a tall, thin figure with pale skin. Wearing a dark blue martial costume, he looked quite neat.

He wore a sapphire blue headband on his head. The short top garment exposed his thin and weak shoulders. He dressed in a long pants and had a pair of straw sandals on his feet. There were even bands on his calf.

The critical thing was the green belt on his waist. In the middle of the belt laid a sparkling copper plate. The word ’’One’’ was carved on that copper plate.

’’A level one Gu Master?!’’ The hunter who was yelling obviously understood the meaning behind his clothing. He abruptly breathed out a gulp of cold air. The angry expression on his face had now been changed into one of being terrified.

He did not expect he had messed with a Gu Master!

’’Didn't you want to train with me? Come, attack.’’ The Gu Master young man strolled over, wearing a mocking expression on his face.

The hunter who was just provoking him was like a statue, standing still in one place without the slightest of movements.

’’You guys can all come. I'm fine with that.’’ The young man slowly approaching the hunter's table, casually said.

The visages of all those hunters had changed. Their red faces from drinking had turned pale in a flash. Sweat started to pour on their foreheads. They were like cats on hot bricks, and did not even dare to exhale heavily.

The young Gu Master stretched out his hand then held the wine jug up. As he was smelling the wine fragrance, he laughed, ’’The smell is indeed excellent...’’

’’Honorable Gu Master, if you like it, please take it. I have offended you honorable;please take this as my apologies.’’ The hunter who was provoking before, hastily clasped his hand together, smilingly talked to the young man.

Unexpectedly, the young Gu Master abruptly changed his expression. With a loud BANG, he threw the wine jug on the ground.

With an icy countenance and sharp as blade eyes, he lowered his voice and growled, ’’You are worthy of apologizing to me? You hunters really do have money. Using two Primeval Stones to buy a jug of wine, you guys are even wealthier than me then?! Do you know that I have never had to even worry about Primeval stones! You dare to boast about your wealth in front of me? You ordinary people think you are worthy?!’’

’’I do not dare to, do not dare to!’’

’’Offending you honorable, we deserve to die a thousand times!’’

’’We were impulsive when offending you;these are the Primeval Stones we have right now, honorable Gu Master, please take it.’’

All the hunters stood up as if they had been struck by lightning, instantly took out the Primeval Stones in their bosoms. But they were just normal people. Where could they have dug out their wealth from? The things they took out were just fragments of Primeval Stones. The biggest one was just one-fourth the size of a normal Primeval Stone.

The young Gu Master did not receive those stones. He did not stop sneering, using his eagle-eyes to scan through the entire luncheonette.

Those hunters which he glared his eyes at were all bowing their heads. The old man who was sitting beside the window enjoying the scene also turned away, avoiding the Gu Master's eyes.

Only Fang Yuan was silently looking, without scrupling.

The clothing on this young Gu Master was something only an official Gu Master was allowed to wear. Fang Yuan would not even qualify for it. Fang Yuan could only receive it from the clan after having graduated.

The copper plate on this Gu Master's belt had the word ’’One’’, representing that he was a level one, Gu Master.

However, he was already around twenty years old. With the Primeval Essence emitting from his body, he must have been an Advanced Level one.

One would start to cultivate at the age of fifteen. This person had only reached the Advanced level one when he was already over twenty. It meant that this young man's aptitude must be a grade D, one grade lower than that of Fang Yuan's. There was a possibility that he was a logistics Gu Master, and did not even count as a Fighting Gu Master.

But no matter what, to handle six hunters, these were more than enough.

This was the difference in capacities between ordinary people with a Gu Master.

’’One with power can be set up on high. This is the nature of this world. No, no matter which worlds, the big fish eats the little fish, and the little fish eats the small shrimps. It is just that this world is displaying that in a more obvious way.’’ Fang Yuan silently exclaimed.

’’Good job Jiang Ya, teaching him a bit is enough. You do not need to make it too difficult for that ordinary man. If someone spreads this news, you might not be scared of losing face, but I am.’’ Another youngster sitting on the table in the corner said.

As they heard the voice, they noticed that this youngster was actually a female.

The young man named Jiang Ya was feeling embarrassed hearing his friend's words. He stopped his bitter smile and did not even bother to glance at the fragments of Primeval Stones that those hunters were offering. In total, this could not even be worth two Primeval Stones, he, of course, had no interests.

He waved his hand, heading back to his seat. Fierce words were still coming out from his mouth as he was walking, ’’If you guys want to continue drinking, then drink the Green Bamboo Wine. I want to see who would still be able to drink the wine that I have knocked down on the floor?’’

The hunters all bowed their heads, being reprimanded like six good grandsons.

The heavy scent of wine filled the entire luncheonette. The hunter who bought the wine just to smell the scent was feeling painful until his face was all twisted.

He had used two Primeval Stones to buy this wine jug, but did not even get to have a gulp!

Fang Yuan stopped his chopsticks. He was already full. Smelling the fragrance from the wine, light started to flash in his eyes. He suddenly took out two Primeval Stones, put it on the table, then coldly said, ’’Servant, give me the Green Bamboo Wine.’’

The whole room was astonished.

That young Gu Master named Jiang Ya instantly stopped in his steps. The corner of his mouth shrunk as he slightly exhaled. What he had mocked just now, with Fang Yuan's jug of wine, would not it be shaming him? Giving him a slap in the face?

He turned about, squinted his eyes, using an icy-cold look to pierce at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan casually faced him with an expressionless countenance, without any hesitation.

Light flickered in Jiang Ya's eyes. The icy-cold aura had disappeared as he felt the Primeval Essence on Fang Yuan's body.

He had known Fang Yuan's identity by now. He then flashed a warm smile which was like the spring breeze, ’’so it is my junior.’’

Other people suddenly woke up, as they immediately turned to look at Fang Yuan with a different feeling in their eyes.

No wonder this young man was not afraid of the Gu Master, as he was also a Gu Master. Even though he was still in school, it was already much different.

’’Honorable Gu Master, here is your wine!’’ The servant frantically ran over, flatteringly smiled.

Fang Yuan turned to the young Gu Master Jiang Ya and nodded. He then took his wine jug, and exited the tavern.


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