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Gu Daoist Master - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Perishing The Demon's Heart Yet Never Regretted

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’’Fang Yuan, you should obediently hand over the Spring and Autumn Cicada, and I will let you die comfortably!’’

’’Devil bastard Fang, don't attempt to resist. Today, all the great righteous sects have joined hands to destroy your demon lair. Inescapable nets have soon been arranged here. You definitely will be beheaded this time!’’

’’Fang Yuan, you damn demon, you've killed countless of lives just to cultivate the Spring and Autumn Cicada. You have committed appalling sins, the unforgivable and innumerable sins!’’

’’Demon, three hundred years ago you had insulted me, snatched away my pure body, savaged my entire family, and killed nine generations of mine. From there onwards, I regretted not eating your flesh and drinking your blood! Today, I will let you face something even worse than death!’’

. . . . . .

Fang Yuan who was wearing a dilapidated, large dark green robe, was looking around with his messy hair and blood-soaked body.

The blood-stained robe was drifting with the mountain wind, like a battle flag which was loudly moving.

Bright red blood was pouring out from hundreds of opened wounds on his body. Just standing there for a while and the blood under Fang Yang's feet soon accumulated into a big pool.

Surrounded by enemies, he had soon lost his ways to escape.

The result was set. He definitely had to die today.

Fang Yuan had soon been aware of such consequences. However, even though death was coming, he was still expressionless. His face was carried a calm countenance.

His dark eyes were like a deep old well, which was too deep that one couldn't see the bottom, as always.

The outstanding heroes from those righteous sects who were surrounding him were not the respectable sect's leaders, but their famous young heroes. Encircling him right now, there were people who were yelling, or coldly smiling, or squinting their eyes which were beaming with alerted light, or frighteningly looking at him while holding down tightly on their wounds.

They didn't make even the slightest move. Everyone was afraid that Fang Yuan who was on the verge of dying would counter-attack.

Such an intense confrontation had lasted for about six hours until sunset. The sun was shining its light on the side of the mountain. In that moment, the entire surroundings were lighted up like a forest fire.

Fang Yuan who was staying quiet like a statue, gradually turned away.

The outstanding heroes suddenly became alerted. They consistently strode back one step.

Concurrently, the gray-white mountain rocks under Fang Yuan's feet had soon turned into a scarlet red color, due to the blood. Because of the loss of blood, his pale face was added with captivating, brilliant light when being shone upon by the sunset.

Looking at the green mountain and sunset, Fang Yuan softly said with a faint smile, ’’Sunset on the green mountain, autumn moon, and spring breeze. It is indeed black hair at dawn turns to snow at nightfall, right or wrong, in victory or in defeat, looking back, were superfluous.’’ [1]

When he was saying this, sceneries from his previous life on Earth, came rushing back into his mind.

He used to be a Chinese scholar on Earth, coming to this world by fate. He had been struggling for three hundred years then overrunning the entire world for two hundred years. Five hundred years had slowly passed, but it was his glorious days.

Numerous of memories from which he had buried deep down inside his heart suddenly lively reappeared in front of his eyes at this moment.

’’In the end, I still fail.’’ Fang Yuan silently exclaimed. He was quite lamented but didn't have any regrets.

Such results, he had soon foreseen. When he made his choice, he had already prepared his mentality.

What was called the demon ways, was not cultivating the righteous, but killing and destroying. It was what heaven and earth couldn't tolerate. One had to see the entire world as their enemy, and also freely act untiltheir hearts' contentS.

’’If I have successfully cultivated the Spring and Autumn Cicada, should I be a demon in my next life?’’ Fang Yuan couldn't help but laugh out loud thinking about that.

’’You demon, what are you laughing at?’’

’’Everyone, be careful! The demon is going to counter attack at his last moments!’’

Quickly hand over the Spring and Autumn Cicada!’’

As those outstanding heroes were forcingly approaching him, Fang Yuan outrageously self-exploded with a loud 'BOOM'.

. . . . . .

The continuous spring rain was silently falling, comforting the Green Thatch Mountain.

The night was here, with softly cold winds that carried the swaying drizzle.

However, the Green Thatch Mountain wasn't pitch-black. From the waist to the bottom of the mountain, numerous faint rays were illuminating, as if it was wearing a dazzling light band.

This light was from one of the huts that was hanging on the mountain. Although they couldn't be compared with the light from ten thousand houses, it was still a couple thousand.

The Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold which was located at the Green Thatch Mountain had added a strong humans' breath to the secluded giant mountain ranges.

In the middle of the Ancient Moon Mountain was a glorious, majestic chamber. Right now, they were holding a ritual Sacrificial Ceremony. Hence, the light was illuminating brightly. (Sacrificial here meant to honor the Gods)

’’The ancestors please look upon us. We hope many young men who possess excellent intelligence will appear in this Sacrificial Ceremony, bringing new blood and hopes for our family!’’ The head of the Ancient Moon Clan was a middle-aged man with gray temples on both sides. Wearing a pure white ceremonial robe, he was kneeling on the light brown ground with his back straight-up. With two hands held together, he closed his eyes, sincerely praying.

He was facing a black table. There were three levels on the table to put the memorial tablets for worshiping ancestors. Red copper censers were put on two sides of the memorial tablets. Smoke was lightly fluctuating about.

Behind him, there were more than ten people who were also kneeling. They were wearing baggy white ceremonial robes. They were the elders, and spokespersons in the clan, holding different authority powers.

After praying, the head of Ancient Moon clan was the first one to stoop. His two hands were put on a straight line, palms laid flat on the ground, bowing. The sounds of foreheads hitting the brown floor slightly resonated.

The elderly group behind him also followed with solemn countenances.

In that moment, the whole ancestral hall was filled with the sound of foreheads touching the floor.

After the ceremony, everyone slowly stood up, silently and stately exited the ancestral hall.

In the hallway, the elders were silently exhaling in relief. The atmosphere was relaxing.

Discussion sounds started to resound.

’’Time is indeed flying. In a blink, a year has passed.’’

’’The previous opening ceremony was as if it had just happened yesterday. Every detail still clearly appears in front of my eyes.’’

’’ Tomorrow will be the yearly Sacrificial Ceremony. I am wondering what kinds of new blood can appear at this year's ceremony.’’

’’Haizz, I hope an A-grade young man could appear. It has been three years since such a genius had appeared in our Ancient Moon clan.’’

’’True, Bai Village and the Xiong Village both hadtalented young men appearing these last few years. Especially Bai NingBing of the Bai family. His capacity is really intimidating.’’

When the name Bai NingBing was mentioned, the elders couldn't help but show a layer of worried expressions on their faces.

This person had an extremely excellent capacity. Within the short period of two years, he had cultivated to a level three Gu Master. In his generation, he could be considered the only leading one. Even the previous generation was feeling pressures due to the appearance of this genius.

Concurrently, he, of course, was the backbone of the Bai family. At least, he still assumed a personal responsibility of the supreme masters. No one doubted this.

’’Nevertheless, among the young man who participated in this year's ceremony, it can't be said there are no hopes.’’

’’Exactly. A young genius has appeared on Fang Zhi's line. At three-months-old, he could talk. Then walk at four-months-old. At five, he could already read and make poems. He is exceptionally intelligent, and brimming with talent. It's a pity that his parent had passed away so early. Right now, he is being taken care of by his aunt and uncle.

’’Yeah, he is an early boomer. Besides, he also has great ambitions. Recently, he's written 《Bring in the Wine》, 《Ode to the Plum Blossom》, and I have heard the 《Melody of a River Town》. He is indeed a genius!’’

The head of the Ancient Moon Clan was the last one to exit the ancestral hall. As he gradually closed the doors, he immediately heard the discussions of the elders in the hallway.

He instantly understood. The young man the elderly group was talking about was called Gu Yue Fang Yuan (Gu Yue = Ancient Moon).

Being the head of a clan, he would have naturally focused on such an excellent disciple. And Gu Yue Fang Yuan was the most brilliant one among the junior disciples.

Experiences had shown that one that could remember things with just a glance when they were young, or mature people with innate exceptional talents, were the people that would have the most outstanding cultivation qualities.

’’If he could be ranked in a grade A aptitude, he could be compared to Bai NingBing. Even if he was a grade C, he could still take charge of a line later on, becoming the pillar of the Ancient Moon clan. However, such an early boomer that he is, the possibility of a B is not much. He might be a grade A.’’ Thinking of this, the head of the Ancient Moon clan couldn't help but slightly smirked, beaming a faint smile.

Quickly afterwards, he lightly coughed, then turned to the elderly group and said, ’’Everybody, it's not early anymore. Because of the opening ceremony tomorrow, please rest well tonight, taking good care of your mentalities.’’

The elderly group was dumbstruck upon hearing such words. Everyone was looking at each other with a gleam of alert hiding within their eyes.

The head of the clan's implication in these words, they had all understood.

Every year, this group of elders constantly fought over the younger, geniuses generation with each other until they were bumped and bruised, then flushed with anger.

They should take a good rest and waited for the fight tomorrow.

Especially Gu Yue Fang Yuan, who had a great possibility of reaching grade A. Moreover, his parents had passed away. He was one of the two orphans on Fang Zhi's line. If they could have taken him to their line, after carefully nourished, they could protect their bloodline for a hundred years without possibly declining!

’’However, I should say the obscenity first. Fighting still has to be fair. You can't use any conspiracy methods, harming the clan's unity. You elders, please remember this!’’ The clan's head said with a solemn and concerned voice.

’’Don't dare to. Don't dare to.’’

’’Definitely remember by heart.’’

’’I will take my leave. Clan head, please, you don't have to see me out.’’

The elders, who were filled with thoughts,slowly left.

Not long after, the long hallway instantly turned cold. Spring rain and slating wind were piercing through the window. The head of the clan then slowly walked towards the window.

For a moment, his mouth was filled with the moisture from the mountain air, seeping into one's heart.

This was the third floor. When the clan's head looked out, he could see more than half of the Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold, without lacking anything.

In such a night, the majority of people inside the stronghold had already had light, which was much different than normal.

Tomorrow was the opening ceremony. It had significant effects on everyone's benefits. A type of excitement and anxiousness had covered the hearts of everyone in the clan. Naturally, some of them couldn't be able to have a deep sleep.

’’This is the future hopes of the clan.’’ With eyes that were reflecting spot by spot of light, the head of the clan deeply exhaled.

However, at this moment, there was another person who was similarly looking at these sparkling light spots in the night with a pair of clear eyes, carrying complicated feelings inside of them.

’’The Ancient Moon Mountain Stronghold, this is five hundred years ago? ! The Spring and Autumn Cicada is indeed effective. . . . . .’’ Fang Yuan's eyes were distant. He stood beside the window, letting wind and rain hitting his body without any cares.

The effect of the Spring and Autumn Cicada was in turning back time. In the ten oddest Gu rankings, it stood at number seven. Naturally, it was not a joke.

In another word, it was a rebirth.

’’Taking advantage of the Spring and Autumn Cicada to be reborn, going back five hundred years ago!’’ Fang Yuan raised his hands;eyes silently observed the relatively pale hands of the younger him. Then, he tightly grasped, using his powers to clearly feel this reality.

The sound of rain hitting the windows resonated in his ears. He slowly closed his eyes only to open it after a long while, then deeply sighed, ’’Five hundred years passing by, really is like a dream.’’

Nevertheless, he clearly understood, this was not a dream.


[1] These are the lines from a several Chinese poems. In which ’’ black hair at dawn turns to snow at nightfall’’ meant time is passing by too quickly, one night and black hair have already turned gray.

Fact: All the names of the poems he ’’wrote’’ are the name of several Chinese poems. I think he learned these when he was still a scholar on Earth, then used them now in a world where nobody knew about them. The lines from above are also from a poem which was written by someone else. Oh the time when there is nothing called copyright ~


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