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Great Tang Idyll - Chapter 51


Chapter 51

Cheng Xiang Ling led at the front. At the same time, he gave the county magistrate Zhang Ming Sheng a wink. Zhang Ming Sheng slightly pointed his head down to indicate that he understood, following the group from behind and looked for Song Jing Gong.

’’Song gong zi, has there been any changes?’’ Zhang Mingsheng was not too anxious, he felt that since the Song Jing Gong had already arranged the place, it shows that he had already made preparations, pulling Song Jing Gong to the back to whisper.

’’En, this time, no matter what, we must delay the people over here. When the time comes, they will have.’’ Song JingGong said softly.

’’How can we delay? I can see that Chen Yong has bad intentions.’’

’’Simple, you just do this ...’’ Song JingGong relayed Zhang Xiaobao's methods have been told. He himself admires Zhang XiaoBao's plan, the little guy is really too amazing.

Zhang Ming Sheng had not had much contact with Song Jing Gong. He had occasionally heard that this Song JingGong had an expert (adept) advising him. Since Song JingGong came today, Zhang Mingsheng felt that this matter must be related to the adept and he listened carefully,he wanted to know what kind of ideas that adept come up with.

Zhang Mingsheng found that after listening for a short while, the more he heard, the more surprised he was. Later, his mouth fell open, uncaring about the breeze poured into the stomach, waiting to hear till the end. Until Song Jinggong rushed two steps to the front, onlythen did Zhang MingSheng react. It was only then that he reacted. That adept really was not simple. No wonder the commander said that it was necessary to keep the manor's secret. It wasn't afraid that the manor's information would leak out, but he was afraid that the adeptwould be angry.

Thinking of this, he looked with pity on Chen Yong, who was walking in front and talking with the county chiefs. He shook his head and followed him forward. He wanted to find a chance to say things to the county commander. After all, this situation was related to the county commander, such as there might be some shortcomings or the final imperial report to submit, the county commander must be prepared.

Since the pedestrians do not have a ride, they slowly walk away. Seemingly as though they are comparing their patience and concentration but also seems to be the using this time to consider future events.

Waiting till the moment, everyone to reach the door of Thousand Water (Qian Chang Zhen Shui) Pavilion. Thousand Water Pavilion lit up 50,000 heads of firecrackers, thunderous crackling filled the air. Chen Yong and others who didn't know the truth were frightened to the point they didn't dare to take another step.

Even when the firecrackers were finished, everyone could still hear ringing in their ears.

’’Cheng Xian Ling, what is this? Why is there such as loud commotion? Is there anyone trying to act against the auspicious sign?’’ Chen Yong shouted at the county commander. Actually, what he meant was, will there be anyone trying to act against me?

’’darens don't have to worry about this. It's called a firecracker. It was made by a businessman. It was designed for festive occasions. It can also be used for the townhouse and the hospital, just like the thirty-sixth firecrackers.’’ The Cheng Xian Ling euphemistically explained.

Chen Yong's group understood it instantly, so there was actually so many benefits to this thing. He didn't wait for Chen Yong to speak. The next person interrupted and asked:

’’Cheng Xian Ling, is it that this firecracker is only made in your county. I haven't heard of it elsewhere. If it is really unusual, the sound is louder than the usual firecracker.’’

’’It is so. This thing that is only present in this county. If you all want to bring back some things, the official will prepare for it.’’ The Cheng Xian Ling knows what to do with thefirecrackers, should spread it out there. The people from the manor are still expecting to make money from this. Thus the more people know of it, the better, but he still did not say who, just say a businessman, he is afraid these people will go to see.

Hearing him say this, Chen Yong was also tempted by the crowd. They did wish to use it forcelebration, but they thought of another use. Chen Yong also spoke up.

’’Cheng Xian Ling, I do not know the value of these things? If it is too expensive, I must not collect, we must not do things that rob the wealth of others.’’

’’darens can rest assured, the firecrackers are cheap. We only heard that it was 50,000 heads. This county has prepared 200,000 heads this year. It will be set off today. It will be a full moon on this year's 15th. Then, we still wish to invite darens to enjoy viewing lanterns, sharing the joy with the common people.’’

Cheng Xianling replied. He still didn't say much money. He didn't know how much money Zhang manor was planning to set when they were going to sell, and he feared that once that once he set the price, he would end up sabotaging them if they wanted to sell at a high price in a future.

Chen Yong and these people no longer asked. If you say it is cheap, then it is cheap. Even if it ise*pensive, you buy I also pretend it is cheap, but in their hearts, these people have given the firecrackers a high price. Looking at the fifty thousand heads of firecrackers, could not have produced those sounds without burning through dozens of dollars.

At the invitation of the restaurant owner, the party went to the third floor and the tea was poured first. They did not have to say anything. The restaurant started serving. The eight cool dishes were served first. There was a dish of cucumber, mixed with mushroom silk, the important point was the restaurant did not find any golden mushrooms.

Eating a bit here, there would be a hot dish over there to match the dish here. Dishes were sent one after another. Only counting the cucumber dishes, there were three cucumber hot dishes, cucumber stir-fried with dry bamboo shoots, cucumber scrambled eggs, cucumber with river fish, there was even a cucumber soup that has yet to be served.

Other than the cucumber, there was also plenty of carrots. A full four courses, two side-courses were made, the rest was made from the other dried vegetables, the whole table did not have a pure meat dish, this was also instructed by Zhang Xiaobao. Just after the completion of the new year, everyone just ate meat. Who would still like to continue eating, only light dishes would be delicious.

The reality was as he said. Everyone sat down in several tables. Before the hot dish was served, the first thing they ate was the cucumber, munching on cucumber and mushroom silkthroughout the meal. In the end, the pleasant and light feeling lingered in their mouth, a scent of fresh cucumber, it was even better than the cucumber they ate. Clearly, this cucumber wasjust picked.

When waiting for hot dishes, carrots were served, everyone was surprised. Everyone did not dare to put start eating. What is this thing?

Cheng Xian Ling had to come forward and introduce ’’Darens, this is called a carrot, the food of the northerners. It tastes quite good and it's good for the body. This country still has some, and when you get there, darens can bring back some to enjoy.’’

Having finished speaking, Cheng Xian Ling himself first ate a carrot to prove that there was no problem with this item.

With him taking the lead. Others were naturally relieved. One by one, they were openly started eating. Till they were they were completely stuffed. Some waiters swapped out the food, putting out some dried fruits, and the most important, a big plate of cucumber slices. There was also a dish placed in front of every person, a fishy aroma rose from the dishes.

Cheng Xian Ling also has not seen this before. He glanced briefly at the waiter, and the waiter immediately came towards him and he said to the Cheng Xianling: ’’This is what Song GongZijust brought in, it is called shrimp paste, for darens to dip the cucumbers in before eating. In a moment, we will serve a hot sauce, two kinds of sauces, and two tastes.’’

’’En.’’ Cheng Xian Ling slightly waved his hand dismissing the waiter and was quite satisfied with the waiter's diligence. Once the waiter left, he picked up a piece of cucumber from the dish in front and dipped it in the container, when he lifted it to his mouth, he said:

’’Darens, this is a shrimp paste, and it is eaten by with cucumbers. It is crispy and delicious. Try it.’’

Someone took a demonstration. Others followed suit. It wasn't that they were afraid of being poisoned. They were afraid that they wouldn't know how to eat. They would be made fun of. One by one, try this, it was indeed different and delicious. People who originally felt full seemed to have an appetite again.

While drinking wine, while eating, they conversed on neutral topics.

This was also Zhang Xiaobao's arrangement. In order to delay these people, Zhang Xiaobao took all the details into consideration. The amount of alcohol, they drank was not a lot. But the alcohol takes up a lot of space. After they have finished eating, their stomachs are not really full. Since it is so, give them time to digest and expel the water.,

’’Good, this auspicious shrimp sauce is delicious, the light smell of this shrimp paste is not fishy, only fresh. But once it is dipped with the auspicious cucumber and eaten, this feeling instantly disappeared, and then it is refreshing and delicious. This shrimp paste is on a whole other level than just dipping it in the simple sauce. What do you all think?

One person eats the cucumber with shrimp paste and praises it there. Others originally just think it's good to eat. Listening to him, this is really the case. All of them are full of praises.

Immediately afterwards, the hot sauce was also brought in. The hot sauce was also brought hot sauce was also brought by Song JingGong. This special production was even spicier. The spicy food was really satisfying. The cucumber was brought in again on a large plate and it was finished in a short amount of time.

They also gradually drank more wine, the water can be discharged, usually this would not cause any problems with the human body, the wine will be expelled too but instead will remain in the blood, the alcohol slowly accumulated, then there would not be many that could still think about doing work.

The meal was eaten for four whole hours and by then nothing could be done. Only had time towait for a slight sobering before going to see how Sanshui County's Yuan Xi (festive date)passed.

When the officers were eating with Cheng XianLing, they were also having their meal at the Zhang manor. Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Jun's bodies now needed more than just milk. Both of them took the initiative to wean themselves, eating dinner together. Mostly eating cake, and some slowly boiled meat porridge.

The people in the yard all know that the two young ancestors have a large appetite and they are often hungry. In the kitchen, there are people available during the twelve hours.

Before lunch, Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Jun ate the cake made from 3 eggs, then went to the outside for two quarters and returned for lunch. Thick rice cake was cut into pieces. The shrimp sauce, plus a bit of cucumber and garlic was the meal for two people at noon.

This time, Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Jun ate slowly, especially the meat, they must chew more. If it was just for growing, they would not eat so much, the protein content of egg white is too high, but they are plotting all day long. Not just their studies, but also managing their own assets, the energy expenditure of the brain was very large.

’’Xiaobao, everything is prepared there. In a while, are we going to hand out things in person or let others send them?’’

Wang Jun drank the bowl of porridge in front of her, was a little stuffed and lay there as she asked.

’’Let my mother do it. This is not suitable for us to come out. We don't know what happened to Cheng XianLing. This fifteenth day of the first month is exhausting.’’ Zhang Xiaobao also had enough food and lay there complaining.

Fifteenth, some children feel that time is slow, some were hot and feel the time was too fast. Seeing that it was almost time, Steward Zhang personally brought a group of people to the outside. Those people were carrying many things in their hands.


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