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Great Demon King - Chapter 511


Chapter 511

GDK 511: Primordius Dragon

The depths of the Dark Forest was towered by with ancient trees of great heights, complementary to the fragrances of flowers and plants, streams, and hills . It was a beautiful scene overflowing with vitality .

Rare, unusual plants sprouted everywhere as far as the eye could see . Any one of them could demand a high price in town . A sound of explosions thundered through from the depths of the forest . It was as though the sky had fallen .

As Han Shuo ventured deeper, he discovered that countless complex and mysterious boundaries had been deployed . These magical boundaries were not lethal . They were purely meant to prevent outsiders from entering .

Spider web-like magical threads were arranged to form an enormous magical formation . This magical formation covered a large portion of the sky, producing waves of energy throughout the area, pushing any trespasser out .

Needless to say, this enormous magical formation was man-made . Whoever deployed this magical formation of tremendous coverage area likely did not do so with intentions of malice . The waves weren't particularly fierce or turbulent, but fairly mild and slow .

Han Shuo, standing within the formation himself, only felt waves of great force surging against him . It was as though he was being pushed by a few hundred orcs all at once . The magnitude of the force was beyond Han Shuo's imagination . Fortunately, Han Shuo was the strongest of the strong . His physical body constantly reforged by demonic arts throughout the years had fully proven itself to be valiant in this situation . Despite having tremendous forces pushing against his body, Han Shuo nonetheless pushed forward, inch by inch .

Surprisingly, in such a place, the range which Han Shuo's consciousness could envelope was not as extensive as it could elsewhere . He could only faintly sense that there were movements around a few miles from him . All these only made Han Shuo more curious about what was in the depths of the Dark Forest . He was determined to find out about the situation there .

The force generated by the enormous spider web-shaped magical formation couldn't intercept Han Shuo . By means of his sturdy and strong body and the wonderful abilities of demonic arts, Han Shuo advanced step by step towards the deepest point .

Suddenly, those powerful forces pushing against him just dissolved . It became clear to him that he had passed through the formation . He gazed into the distance as he marched onwards .

A greenish lake then entered Han Shuo's sight . The lake resembled a huge piece of fine jade that had been cut perfectly levelled . It was clear, pure, and beautiful .

Han Shuo was awestruck . He did not expect to see such a vast lake in the depths of the Dark Forest . However, what baffled Han Shuo even more was that there were no fish or shrimp in the lake, not even seaweed . Very strange indeed .

When Han Shuo stepped forward, he found himself yet again astounded . Having just walked out from the puzzling magical formation, when he took another step, the gravity around him felt at least a tenfold heavier . Even regular walking required all the energy in him .

In such places of increased gravitational pull, duels are tipped in the favor of the person with the stronger physique . If a magus wanted to fly using a levitation spell, their mental strength would be consumed at a rate more than ten times greater than they ordinarily would . With these conditions in place even a sacred magus wouldn't be able to hold his levitation for an extended periods .

The tenfold gravitational pull hadn't, however, had much of a effect on Han Shuo . All he had to do was utilize the Art of Demonic Ninth Heavens and fly through, albeit at a slower speed than usual . He made his way bit by bit towards the emerald green lake .

Han Shuo still pushed through with ease . The increased gravity was more a nuisance than anything;Han Shuo merely had to exert more strength than usual .

A gale of wind gushed from afar as Han Shuo arrived at green lake . Before Han Shuo could react, a silvery greater dragon appeared from the top of the green lake . It seemed unaffected by the increased gravitational pull, maybe a sign that it was the one that had established the circumstances of the environment . It stood effortlessly with cold arrogance before Han Shuo .

’’Return! You have no business in this realm,’’ demanded the silvery dragon .

It had a certain look in its eyes, full of this unswerving determination like nothing could deter it from what it had to do . He seemed very formidable and powerful .

’’What might be in there? Pardon me, just a little curiosity,’’ Han Shuo inquired .

’’It is of none of your concern human, now leave at once! I will not ask again,’’ he threatened, as his body hovered, twisting and turning above the green lake with pristine elegance . His words were filled with arrogance, like those of a noblemen's .

Dragons had always been excessively haughty beings . They considered their own race to be supreme, the most noble and grandiose of all . Be it humans, elves, orcs, or any other race, all all besides themselves would be treated as inferior . This behavior had existed since ancient times . Similar to how forest trolls were greedy beings and dark elves acted with a lewd behavior, these attributes were deeply-rooted in their subconsciousness .

Han Shuo, of course, did not shudder . Being in this realm, Han Shuo's strength greatly surpassed the majority of greater dragons . He cracked a smirk and squinted at the silvery greater dragon until the black of his eyes were barely visible . In a somewhat unyielding tone, he said, ’’What if I insist on entering?’’

’’Just know that I can have you out by force if I so choose to,’’ the dragon snarled as his fist sized nostrils expanded and contracted .

He slithered his enormous body and summoned a hurricane . The hurricane swept Han Shuo off the ground and flung him away instantly .

The added burden from the increased gravitational pull was simply too much for a regular being to walk . The silvery greater dragon had concluded that Han Shuo was a magus using a levitation spell after seeing him hover above the green lake . From his many years of experience of guarding this place, no magus could ever resist the suction of his hurricane .

The silvery greater dragon closely inspected Han Shuo . In his eyes, Han Shuo was nothing more than a puppet waiting to be manipulated by the hurricane's power . As the hurricane took shape, the silvery greater dragon could almost see Han Shuo helplessly fly out from the green lake and back to the spider web shaped magical formation .

Han Shuo snickered, ’’You really think that just because you've laid out this gravitational boundary, you have the right to do whatever you please?!’’ Han Shuo fumed . When the hurricane struck, black rays radiated from all around him as though his body had formed a thick, hefty cocoon .

Han Shuo was swallowed whole by the hurricane . Enormous pulling forces tugged on his body . Han Shuo, however, was unperturbed by this, still standing tall . The silvery dragon was not expecting such strength .

’’Impressive . An unusual human indeed!’’ the dragon praised . It then made a twist and a sway and its tremendous tail suddenly swept over . Seeing his hurricane have no effect on Han Shuo showed that this was indeed a worthy foe and he began to utilize his full strength to stop Han Shuo .

’’Right about time!’’ Han Shuo laughed . He stood his ground, preparing himself, then extended his two hands to make a peculiar hand seal .

A vicious energy that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas suddenly erupted from between Han Shuo's two hands . hands . Taking the form of a cylinder, it bombarded towards the tail of the greater dragon that was swooping over .

The dragons were known for their sturdy, toughened physical bodies . Even a thousand year old tree would snap like a twig upon impact from a dragon tail strike . But before the dragon tail could get anywhere near Han Shuo, the enormous force that came from Han Shuo's hand seal landed on the dragon tail . Not only could the dragon not resist the immense weight on his tail, he was also aching as though his tail had been set on fire .

Whenever Han Shuo fired an attack, he made sure to be unrelenting, leaving no window or a counterattack from his opponent, as well as to seize every opportunity he was presented with . As demonic yuan spread through his body, he felt a jolt in his flying speed . Before the silvery dragon could react from the ache coming from his tail, he felt Han Shuo mount on his back, tiny in comparison to himself .

Dong! A punch was thrown and landed on the dragon's body . That frightening energy gushed forth yet again, and the dragon could hardly bear it .

Such power! Is he really human? The silvery dragon was greatly shocked . He dared not to stay any longer . He fled the scene before Han Shuo could throw a second blow .

Han Shuo didn't obstruct him but followed behind unruffled, heading deeper into the forest .

Once they were out of the green lake, the increased gravitational pull dissolved and everything returned to normal . Han Shuo spread his consciousness and was immediately overwhelmed . He looked out at the scene with a solemn gaze .

Right ahead was a spectacle on display . Bolts of lightning remained static in the sky, ripping it apart . Sparks flew as clouds of smoke emerged .

The blue sky seemed to have truly been torn apart . As faint smoke rolled in with the lightning, remaining still and bizarre as it was, several mysterious doors formed in the sky .

Many brightly colored lights illuminated the doors, which totalled to seven . Each was assigned to a demigod being, save for the doorway closest to the edge .

There were two greater dragons of forty or fifty meters, one silver and one golden, and both rank five beings . Next on the list were two thirty meter tall titans, colossal to say the least, and possessing demigod strength as well . The remaining two were green skinned orcs clad in some unusual clothing . They appeared to be an orc warrior and an orc shaman .

Each of these six creatures of varying races guarded a races guarded a separate doorway . They had this intent as though they were resisting some sort of unknown enemy . Han Shuo could clearly sense the incredible strengths they possessed because they all seemed to have unleashed their maximum power .

Six demigods of different races . A truly formidable force!

Below the sky was a vast canyon . A dozen or more titans appeared, as tall as the mountains, accompanied by some twenty dragons . Each one wore grave, strained expressions as they observed the changes in the sky with their heads raised .

According to legends, the titans possessed the strength to match deities . These tales had been circulated since antiquity, yet, ordinary humans had never even seen this race . Such beings like the mountain ridge giant and the cyclops pales in comparison to a titan .

The titans were said to be the favoured children of the earth and the most powerful creatures in the world . They possessed strength so tremendous that they could single-handedly confront the gods...

All the legends pertaining to the titans flashed through Han Shuo's mind . Back then, Han Shuo wasn't convinced that the legends about the titans were true . But now that he could see their enormous figures with his own two eyes, there was no sense in doubting their glory . He reckoned that just one of those titans alone could lay waste to an entire city .

Roar! A bellow echoed from inside the canyon .

The dazed Han Shuo hastily turned his gaze towards the canyon . He caught sight of a hundred meter long Primordius Dragon wound around the summit of a mountain . Han Shuo had never before seen a greater dragon of such enormity . His body radiated such energy which made even Han Shuo's heart race .

Folklore about the Primordius Dragon was some of the most widespread on Profound Continent . Legend had it that the Primordius Dragon had been guarding Profound Continent since ancient times . He would maintain the order of the Continent in silence . Whenever events took place that threatened the lives of all races, the Primordius Dragon would emerge to maintain the order and stability of the Profound Continent .

With just one look, Han Shuo could be certain that this greater dragon, a hundred meters in length, was precisely the Primordius Dragon of legends . This greater dragon exuded a mighty presence, more overwhelming than that of the Saintess Han Shuo met on the sacred mountain of the Church of Light . Han Shuo believed that even the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race would be no match against the Primordius Dragon .

Without a doubt, this Primordius Dragon possessed the terrifying strength of a true god!


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