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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 91


Chapter 91: Principle of Not Wasting

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: Meh

’’Don't worry, everybody. I won't eat, I just want to ask some questions. I'll

finish very soon.’’ the girl put the hands together devoutly and then said to

customers in line behind her with a cute look.

’’It's fine, it's fine, go ahead and ask.’’ a man aged 40 or so said generously.

Meanwhile, he graciously walked to the end of the line and queued again.

He might have recalled her daughter, or might not.

’’Thank you, uncle.’’ the young girl bowed politely to express her gratitude.

This way, people behind him in line had no more dissenting opinion.

However, Yuan Zhou frowned, not in a mood to answer questions from


’’Uncle, then is Liu the surname of your father? Is your mother a female

celestial?’’ the mouth of the young girl was like a machine gun, asking a

succession of questions continually.

Crossing his arms against his chest, Yuan Zhou waited until the young girl

finished asking and then answered, ’’No. What do you want eat?’’

’’Ehh? Boss, why won't you answer my questions?’’ the young girl looked at

Yuan Zhou persistently.

’’The menu is written on the wall behind you. Tell her after you choose your

dish.’’ reaching out his hand and pointing at Mu Xiaoyun, Yuan Zhou walked

away to other places to greet his customer.

’’Wow, how lovely you are! Are you his daughter? I know, your ancestral home

must be Guangzhou.’’ with her sight following Yuan Zhou's hand, the young

girl saw the pretty Mu Xiaoyun standing there and immediately shouted in


While turning around at the side, Yuan Zhou staggered instantly and almost


His daughter? Come on! He was only 24? How could he have a daughter that

was 16 years old?

Expressionlessly, he looked at the floor and again at his shoes and then began

to talk to the system, ’’System, the floor provided by you is unexpectedly


The system, nevertheless, didn't respond to him at all.

’’Dong Dong Dong’’ the girl wearing the sailor suit walked up to Mu Xiaoyun in

quick steps and looked up and down at her.

’’Excuse me, what would you like to eat?’’ Mu Xiaoyun was not used to this. She

took a step back and asked carefully.

’’Is your nickname Du Du?’’ the girl wearing the sailor suit brought out another

new name, one after another.

’’No, my name is Mu Xiaoyun.’’ she revealed an embarrassed look on her face.

’’What? It's not?’’ while speaking, the girl looked around between Yuan Zhou

and Mu Xiaoyun.

’’What would like to eat?’’ in Mu Xiaoyun's mind, though this older sister

looked beautiful, her brain seemed to be abnormal.

’’Where is the menu?’’ the girl wearing the sailor suit finally said something

that Mu Xiaoyun could understand.

In a hurry, Mu Xiaoyun pointed at the wall behind them and then said, ’’This is

the menu.’’

’’Ok.’’ the sailor uniform girl looked at the menu while scratching her head. As

she read, she also talked to herself, ’’There isn't any? What's Jin'ling Grass? Is it

from a new episode?’’

’’Boss, please, just tell me if your hometown is in Guangzhou.’’ the young girl

wearing a sailor suit showed a begging manner.

’’No.’’ Yuan Zhou was still entangled with the face problem and thus answered

inadvertently. He never looked at the face of the young girl.

He was annoyed, very annoyed.

’’Fine, but I think you must have something to do with Liu Angxing or Master

Di. I'll find out eventually.’’ the young girl then ran out of the restaurant even

before she finished speaking.

Not until Yuan Zhou's restaurant was out of her sight did she pat on her bosom

and sighed with emotion, ’’Luckily I run fast. This restaurant is so deceitful.

But I really want to savour the Golden Fried Rice.’’

’’Ha Ha Ha’’, at that time, Wu Hai burst into laughter, unkindly.

’’What are you laughing for?’’ Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai doubtfully.

’’She's your daughter, ha ha ha. Boss Yuan, your appearance is ahead of your

age.’’ Wu Hai said while trying to hold back his laughter.

Yuan Zhou looked at Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously and then said with a serious

expression, ’’I need to study some new dishes for the coming several days, so I

won't open the restaurant for business in the morning.’’

While saying that, he repeated to the customers who were queuing outside,


Instantly, Wu Hai became speechless.

’’Boss Yuan, you're not so narrow-minded as to take revenge in this way, are

you?’’ Wu Hai looked carefully at Yuan Zhou's face and asked in doubt.

’’No.’’ Yuan Zhou denied as if by oath.

’’I feel like it looks like that though. What is it that you can only study in the

morning?’’ Wu Hai showed a manner of disbelief.

’’I feel greatly inspired in the morning.’’ still, it was seriousness and

earnestness shown on his face. He showed the same expression.

’’Alright. How many days are needed?’’ thinking that the inspiration indeed

came irregularly when he himself was painting, Wu Hai decided to take the

second best choice and asked.

’’I'm not sure.’’ Yuan Zhou glanced at Wu Hai and said.

’’No, you should at least give us an approximate time. Otherwise, what shall we

do for the breakfast?’’ Wu Hai was trying to stir up the emotions of everyone in

the restaurant.

’’There's no certainty.’’ still the same, Yuan Zhou stayed serious while saying.

’’Boss Yuan, for this old man's sake, tell us please.’’ the grandpa also chimed in

at the side.

’’It's should be two or three days.’’ looking at the grandpa, Yuan Zhou gave

them an ambiguous answer.

No matter how they asked afterwards, Yuan Zhou gave no more responses.

Three hours is not long. There were only 20 minutes left before the restaurant

closed. Just when Yuan Zhou thought the mission could only be completed the

next day, there entered a man from outside.

A slender man that was dressed in a suit and looked steady and introverted,

with a certain proud expression on his face.

Holding a soft genuine leather briefcase in his hand, the man chose the

farthest seat from the kitchen along the curved table and sat down after he

came in. Then he looked around the interior surroundings and revealed a

discontent expression, frowning. However, he was a well-educated person, and

hence didn't say anything about it.

’’Sir, what would like to eat today?’’ Mu Xiaoyun asked politely.

’’You're a child laborer.’’ the man frowned more severely.

’’I'm merely doing a vacation job.’’ Mu Xiaoyun answered whenever being


The man nevertheless didn't talk to Mu Xiaoyun anymore. He put the briefcase

on his leg and sat upright before he said to Yuan Zhou politely, ’’Please could I

bother you to serve me one of each of the dishes that you have.’’

’’I'm sorry, please check the menu first.’’ Yuan Zhou answered calmly.

After all, Yuan Zhou had already seen such kind of wealthy person who liked

posturing once, like Ling Hong.

’’I know about the prices and don't need to check. Just serve me each of these

dishes.’’ though containing politeness, what he said was actually not that

modest as the proud expression on his face intensified.

’’Anyone that wastes any dish will be blacklisted and won't be served any more

forever.’’ Yuan Zhou said calmly while crossing his arms against the chest.

The scene was like two calm and reserved persons competing in acting skills.

Mu Xiaoyun stayed at the side and was dumbfounded by them.

’’It's fine. Please hurry up, boss.’’ the man paid little attention to Yuan Zhou's

words. He raised his wrist and checked the time on the watch and then urged

Yuan Zhou.

’’Ok, one moment, please.’’ Yuan Zhou directly stood up and began to cook.

As a chef, the happiest thing for him was to ’’see the bottom’’, as in to have all

the dishes served be eaten up, revealing the bottoms of their plates. Yuan Zhou

as a chef wouldn't want to see his elaborately cooked dishes wasted.

Therefore, the rule of not wasting food was laid down according to Yuan

Zhou's requirement after he obtained the Jin'ling Cuisine reward.

This time, Yuan Zhou carried each of the dishes ordered onto the table, one by

one. The man, however, didn't show any intention to move the chopsticks and

taste the dishes, sitting with great composure.

Within 13 minutes, Yuan Zhou cooked all the dishes ordered and then carried

them all in front of him.

’’Your dishes are all here.’’ Yuan Zhou reached out to signal that the dishes were

all ready for eating.

The man took out a wooden box from his briefcase and opened it with a ’’Pa’’

sound. Afterwards, he said, ’’Actually, I have heard from others that your dishes

are awfully delicious before coming here.’’

Yuan Zhou maintained his composure and showed a calm manner, as if he

weren't curious about who introduced him here.

Of course, Yuan Zhou really wasn't curious at all, as the temporary mission had

been declared completed. He only waited quietly to shut the door and obtain

the reward.

’’Whether or not it's actually delicious is yet to be known. It was cooked fairly

fast.’’ while saying that, the man began to pick up the vegetable dish, the

Jin'ling Grass, with the chopsticks to eat. His dining etiquette was both refined

and reserved.



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