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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: A Different Dimension

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: Desmond

Yin Ya didn't even raise her head until she finished eating up the last chicken feet. She looked at

Yuan Zhou, ’’Boss Yuan, I'm sorry to have misunderstood you. But those words really will cause

misunderstandings by anyone who reads them.’’

’’Humm.’’ Yuan Zhou nodded, indicating that he understood. However, he had no intention to

revise those words at all.

’’Then will you revise it a little bit? I can help offer some ideas.’’ Yin Yi felt slightly embarrassed

for having doubted Yuan Zhou just now, and suggested after thinking for a little while.

’’No need.’’ Yuan Zhou nevertheless squarely refused.

After all, Yuan Zhou believed he had made it quite clear and it couldn't be clearer.

’’Time's almost up. Hey, guys still waiting for lunch, please come back later in the evening.’’

after checking the time, Yuan Zhou said to the several customers in the back of the queue.

’’Boss Yuan, when can you lengthen the business hours? This isn't nearly long enough.’’ one of

them grumbled while leaving.

’’Exactly. Please, increase your business hours.’’ someone chimed in.

’’Sorry, I have some other work to attend to.’’ Yuan Zhou said in all seriousness.

’’Boss Yuan, you can hire more people to be assistants. This way you can cook much faster.’’ a

customer had a burst of inspiration and immediately brought out this seemingly reliable idea.

’’I don't like people entering my kitchen.’’ Yuan Zhou shrugged his shoulders.

’’Boss Yuan, you'll probably lose friends that way.’’ Ling Hong said leisurely at the side.

’’Nope, I'm handsome and can cook, moreover, cook well.’’ Yuan Zhou answered the same as


’’That really really makes sense, Boss Yuan. I don't even know how to respond.’’ Octopus said

helplessly, feeling speechless with Yuan Zhou.

Seeing they were unable to persuade Yuan Zhou, the remaining several customers had no

choice but to go to other restaurants to have their lunch

’’Ho Ho’’, the wry smiles of Ling Hong expressed the consensus of most customers.

’’The Herbal Tea Eggs are going to get cold.’’ Yuan Zhou said dumbly.

’’Oh, yeah. We haven't eaten the Herbal Tea Eggs yet.’’, Ling Hong quickly recalled the Herbal

Tea Eggs worth 1888 RMB each.

He pulled the small plate to him and then started to eat the egg. Of course, some necessary

complaints were nevertheless inevitable.

’’Boss Yuan, it's so expensive already. Couldn't you at least peel the eggs?’’ looking at the

brownish red Herbal Tea Eggs, Ling Hong complained speechlessly.

’’Food should be made by one's own hands, only then will it taste better.’’ Crossing his arms,

Yuan Zhou adopted a leisurely look.

’’Alright.’’ the several friends including Ling Hong began to eat the Herbal Tea Eggs.

The eggshell was quite easy to peel, as usual. Basically, a small opening on the eggshell could

peel it off completely.

After finishing the peeling, the four friends sat dumbfounded for a while, then looked at each


’’Is this a mountains-and-waters painting?’’ Ji Lian asked doubtfully.

’’The paintings on the four eggs are different from each other and are all intact.’’ Octopus placed

the four Herbal Tea Eggs together and then said in disbelief.

’’That's true. Look, the painting on my Herbal Tea Egg looks like an isolated peak, almost

reaching the clouds. Ling Hong, yours is like a person boating in a river. How miraculous!’’ said

Tank, after a careful observation.

’’Exactly. They're all like pristine egg carving art and have a fragrant flavor, as well.’’ Ling Hong

inhaled before saying that.

’’Let's have a taste.’’ Ji Lian directly picked up the Herbal Tea Egg with the chopsticks and then

started to eat it.

’’This guy always does this. No matter what the artwork it is, it won't have any good ending in

your hands.’’ Ling Hong said, speechlessly.

’’Whatever artwork it is, it's nevertheless for eating. Besides, it smells so tempting.’’ Octopus

likewise began to enjoy his own Herbal Tea Egg.

’’Forget it. Let's eat too.’’ looking at Ling Hong, Tank said.

’’Ok.’’ Ling Hong also agreed. The several people then began to eat the delicious Herbal Tea


Regarding the taste of the Herbal Tea Eggs, the enjoying expression on their faces

demonstrated everything.

An Herbal Tea Egg was truly not big. It was easily eaten up within 5 minutes no matter how

careful and slowly one chewed and swallowed.

’’How is the taste? What about ordering another one for supper? Yuan Zhou asked with a plain


’’Please, let me first finish swallowing the last piece of the egg in my mouth.’’ Ling Hong had

actually already swallowed it. He was merely savouring the aftertastes of the fragrant tea and

the egg.

’’Ling Hong, shall we order another Herbal Tea Egg for dinner? Octopus asked in due time,

appearing much experienced.

Though neglectable, faint smile was revealed on the rigid face of Yuan Zhou.

’’Your treat?’’ Ling Hong asked directly.

’’Ling Hong, you are the genuinely wealthy man, so please show a generous manner to us. A

mere Herbal Tea Egg! It's not good of you to be so mean.’’ Octopus said primly as if Ling Hong

would have done something awfully wrong if he didn't offer this treat.

’’No, I'm poor recently. You offer to treat. You made a big deal recently, didn't you? You haven't

treated us to a meal, so it's the right time.’’ Ling Hong answered, not showing any trace of


’’Tank and me, we poor people just wait to eat. We don't care which of you two guys offer to

treat. Of course, Octopus has sufficient reasons to do that.’’ Ji Lian smartly took Tank as his ally.

’’Humph, as you guys please.’’ Tank indicated that he would only wait for someone else to pay.

’’These two annoying brats.’’ Octopus grumbled unhappily.

’’Octopus, it's your turn to treat this time.’’ Ling Hong said delightfully.

’’Ok, come here in the evening for the meal.’’ Octopus had a straightforward character. He was

just making jokes just now. Once things got cleared up, he immediately agreed.

’’Ok, great. Let's go.’’ Ling Hong then walked out of the door, leading the way.

On the other side, Xiao Chen and Yin Ya likewise had barely finished the meal.

’’Thank you. Let's go, Xiao Chen.’’ Yin Ya first thanked Yuan Zhou and then turned around to

talk to Xiao Chen.

’’Mm, we're leaving, Boss Yuan.’’ Xiao Chen had gotten a casual character. Following Yin Ya, she

left after saying that.

Right now, only Mu Xiaoyun stayed in the restaurant. Yuan Zhou looked at the used bowls and

dishes on the dining tables and then said, ’’Xiaoyun, you can leave now. Don't be late in the


’’The bowls and plates haven't been cleared up.’’ Mu Xiaoyun looked at the used dinnerware on

the tables hesitantly.

’’No need. You can go now.’’ Yuan Zhou waved his hands at her and then carried the used

dinnerware back to the kitchen.

Once Mu Xiaoyun left, Yuan Zhou shut the door and first checked the status of the mission.

[Temporary Mission] Selling ten Herbal Tea Eggs at its original price within two days

(Only by selling out the Herbal Tea Eggs at its original price can one prove one's genuine


[Reward] Sculpting Skills, Middle Part

[Mission status] 4/10

’’Seems I need to make more efforts to promote the Herbal Tea Eggs.’’ Yuan Zhou muttered to

himself while looking at the mission status.

As a result, customers eating here for supper surprisingly found Yuan Zhou was exceptionally

talkative today. The most frequently asked question was whether they would like to eat the

Herbal Tea Eggs, as if he was promoting the dish. Yet, he said nothing else when the customer

refused him, most importantly, the expression on his face was still the never-changing

seriousness and earnestness.

They enquired Mu Xiaoyun with their eyes one after another about what had happened.

However, Mu Xiaoyun was also unaware of the reason.

While all customers were queuing and waiting, a girl suddenly rushed into the restaurant

rashly. She was dressed in a sailor suit, the sort in comics and anime, and had a high ponytail,

looking rather pretty with youthful energy.

’’Boss, I heard you cook Golden Egg Fried Rice.’’ disregarding the surprised gazes of others

behind her, she asked Yuan Zhou squarely.

’’Yes.’’ thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou felt his God-Tier Egg Fried Rice also could be called

Golden Fried Rice, thus he nodded.

Upon hearing that, the young girl immediately shored up her body with the hands supporting

on the table and said excitedly with a twinkle in her eyes, ’’Boss, is Liu your surname?’’

’’No, it isn't. without a trace, Yuan Zhou took a step back. He didn't seem to be accustomed to

such enthusiasm.

’’Then the surname of your master must be Liu.’’ while saying that, the young girl nodded with

an affirmative tone, the ponytail swinging with a nice-looking curve.

’’I'm sorry, I don't have a master. Young girl, please go stand in line.’’ Yuan Zhou answered with

a solemn manner on his face.

’’Don't worry, everybody. I won't eat, I just want to ask some questions. I'll finish very soon.’’

the girl put the hands together devoutly and then said to customers in line behind her with a

cute look.



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