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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 89


Chapter 89: Misunderstanding Cleared Up

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: Desmond

’’Hi, Xiaochen. Come to the nameless restaurant for lunch. I offer to treat,’’ Yin Ya said mildly.

Having finished making the call, Yin Ya said indifferently to Yuan Zhou, ’’So can you tell me the

reason now?’’

’’Wait a moment. You'll know after you savour it,’’ Yuan Zhou still answered in a moderate


’’Do you have prejudice against females?’’ Yin Ya asked with a serious look.

’’Of course not. My mum is a woman. I have great respect for females.’’ Immediately, Yuan Zhou

took a stand.

’’Are you sure?’’ Yin Ya asked while pointing at the line of ’’half a serving per day for females’’

written at a conspicuous place on the menu.

’’Quite sure.’’ Yuan Zhou nodded affirmatively.

’’Ok. I'll wait for your explanations.’’ Yin Ya nodded, temporarily letting Yuan Zhou go.

One could not blame Yin Ya for making a fuss. As a female directors' assistant, she would

inevitably bump into various people who discriminated against females. Of course, they were

all civilized and wouldn't say that out verbally but it still could be noticed from their behaviors.

However, Yuan Zhou was a little special in Yin Ya's heart. He can cook and was good-looking

with a sense of maturity, hence he was rather attractive. Besides, she was formerly a regular

customer and thus naturally didn't wish that Yuan Zhou had such ideals.

During the process, Yuan Zhou made another two deals. Just as usual, he went up to them to

promote his Herbal Tea Eggs and failed for both, as expected. The wealthy guy Ling Hong was

still eating the chicken feet blissfully and had no time to notice the Herbal Tea Eggs that were

emitting a puff of smoke.

It was pleasing to be treated to a meal by somebody, especially by the pretty director assistant,

therefore Xiaochen ran quite fast. Even if she had started his lunch, she dropped it without any


First, the director assistant was a fairly ingenious post. Next, Yin Ya was a pretty girl, and

moreover, an agreeable pretty girl. Finally, it was just Xiaochen's objective to be able to have

meals in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Due to the extremely high price, it was merely an objective for her temporarily.

’’Yin Ya, thank you so much,’’ Xiaochen said while walking straightly to Yin Ya and sitting beside


’’You are welcome. I have just ordered a dish of chicken feet. Go and see which dish you like?’’

Yin Ya said mildly.

’’Ah, there are new dishes. Can I order a new dish?’’ Xiaochen first looked at the menu and then

at Yin Ya.

’’Sure, why not?’’ Yin Ya agreed, nodding and smiling.

’’Then give me the Jin'ling Grass and Egg Fried Rice, alright?’’ Looking at the menu, Xiaochen

showed a gentle manner.

’’For me, I'd like to order the Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet,

one serving for each.’’ Yin Ya intentionally emphasized on the words ’’one serving’’ while

looking at Yuan Zhou.

’’No problem. Wait a moment, please.’’ Yuan Zhou nodded and agreed, heading back to prepare

the dishes.

Yuan Zhou first prepared the chicken feet and then placed them into the pressure cooker. Only

after that did he begin to cook the other dishes.

This pressure cooker could shorten the necessary time from 40 minutes to 10 minutes. That

way, Yuan Zhou would have sufficient time to prepare other dishes.

The ten minutes passed by in moderate speed. These jobs did not need any special skills thus

Yuan Zhou had completed them rather smoothly. Some culinary skills could be used for

presentation; however, the current few dishes required none of those skills.

The Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet that was carried to Yin Ya was loaded in a rectangular

plate with the bluish white base on which begonias were painted. There were a total of 6

chicken feet placed neat and tidy on the plate. They all had a shiny, brownish, red color; the skin

was slightly wrinkled; each of them appeared plump, with a well received outer appearance.

The pointed claws at the top of each feet were all neatly trimmed. Although there was no

flavoring scattered over the feet, waves of the fragrance, nevertheless, filled her nostrils.

’’This new dish looks fairly delicious,’’ Xiaochen said with a bright smile.

Seated at the side, Yin Ya found nothing special about the chicken feet compared to ordinary

ones. Of course, the chicken feet here were comparatively smaller, only around two third of the

size of an ordinary chicken feet.

’’What's the difference?’’ Yin Ya frowned and asked directly.

’’Please savour it.’’ Yuan Zhou shook his head and then reached his hands, gesturing for her to

eat first.

’’Alright.’’ Yin Ya had no choice but to taste them before she could say anything.

’’Xiaochen, let's start the meal now.’’ Having greeted Xiaochen politely, Yin Ya then began to

pick up the chicken feet with the chopsticks and started to eat.

As the name Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet suggested, it would melt upon being sucked,

unlike other ordinary chicken feet which were rather chewy. Yuan Zhou had prepared it to its

utmost perfection. The skin of the ordinary chicken feet would definitely have a rough texture

after being fried in high-temperature and then being braised.

The chicken feet that had barely been stuffed into Yin Ya's small mouth, however, had a totally

different feeling. It looked shiny with the luster of oil but once it entered the mouth, it actually

gave off a refreshing icy snow taste out of nowhere.

The two contradictory tastes were just like a warm ice cube being stuffed into the mouth. The

exterior part was soft, crisp, and tender, as well as fresh and delicate. It tasted incomparably

delicious along with the sauces. The best part was that the chicken feet, like its name, melted

upon entering the mouth. Just as Yin Ya prepared to spit out the bones, she found it to be


After the flesh on the claws were eaten up, the bones inside became totally exposed. When she

gave a bite to the bones, it brought about tender and crisp mouthfeel, as if they were the

delicate young bones. With a simple bite, an icy cold taste infused her mouth.

Inside the bone was the bone marrow that was still hot. Along with the hot bone marrow and

delicious icy cold bone, Yin Ya finished eating a whole chicken foot in only two or three bites.

At that moment, Yin Ya finally understood why a female could eat only half a serving every day.

However, in the face of the delicacy, of course she would eat it first before considering other


Having picked up another chicken feet, Yin Ya didn't put it wholly into her mouth, instead she

merely kept it between the chopsticks and sucked it lightly. Only then did the Melt-In-The-

Mouth Chicken Feet reveal its real appearance.

The chicken feet held by the chopsticks had only bones left. This bone was actually as clear as a

crystal jade. One could even see the glimmers of gold inside the bone marrow. The chicken feet

looked like a work of art

’’So that's the reason why.’’ Yin Ya muttered to herself.

’’Slurp Slurp,’’ Yin Ya stuffed the chicken feet back into her mouth and once again continued

sucking. This time, she felt even more sure.

A stream of cold could be felt to emit from her body, the kind of cold that penetrated the heart.

The feeling was pure, like a snow lotus on top of a towering mountain.

Yuan Zhou had already asked about the problem with the system-supplied chicken feet early

that morning. The reason why females cannot eat large amounts of the chicken feet dish was

very simple. It was because of cold. Girls were Yin types, thus eating cold things were bad for

their body, even more so because these chickens were reared by the system using a special


The system displayed, ’’The chicken used is the beautiful, delicious, and nutritious Royal

Empress Chicken.

’’The chicken wears exquisite phoenix crown over its head and is covered in black and white

feathers, a born beauty. Therefore, it was named by the British royal family as the Royal

Empress Chicken. Formerly, it was only used for admiring and for the use of emperors in the

palace, and rearing by the common folk was forbidden.’’

’’The system selects Royal Empress Chickens that grew in the wild and chooses the strongest

chick embryos even before they hatch, and then puts them in icy and snowy surroundings to


’’That can't be true. Isn't constant temperature required by the incubation of eggs?’’ Yuan Zhou

showed an obvious manner of ’’Even if I read little, you can't cheat me’’.

The system displayed, ’’The best temperature suitable for the incubation is carefully observed in

the snowfield until the chickens of the first generation hatch. Three generation later, the Royal

Empress Chickens have become accustomed to the snowy surrounding and will walk around

with its feet immersed deep in snow every day. The exterior skin will evolved to become

extremely thick in order to protect the bones of the chicken's feet.

’’As the habitat of the chickens is extremely cold, the chicken bones absorb the intense cold air

and thus have a unique taste. But for females, excessive consumption is not recommended.’’

The last sentence of the system was just the reason why Yuan Zhou had that rule on the menu,

no matter how nice it tasted.

On the other hand, Yin Ya also found there seemed to be a blast of cold air going straight into

her body after consuming the chicken feet. Although she felt comfortable, it was nevertheless

truly too cold for females.

So this was the real reason.


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