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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 73


Chapter 73: A New Rule

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: Desmond

Having thought of multiple methods to break down the door, Ling Hong eventually gave up

with a sigh, ’’Ai’’.

’’Why did you give up?’’ asked Ji Lian.

’’I think that he is probably dead inside. Look, if he is sleeping, how excellent can the sound

insulation be to allow him to sleep in such noisy surroundings?’’ Ling Hong felt indignant as he

spoke of that.

’’Looks like Boss Yuan's tolerance is very high,’’ while rubbing his ears that were almost

deafened, Tank said in admiration.

’’Indeed.’’ Octopus likewise couldn't get used to the noise, ’’This is absolutely not about

tolerance. I suspect that the boss made himself deaf in order to have a good sleep.’’

’’All right. Let's go,’’ Ling Hong gestured for the band to stop from playing and then said.

’’Huh? Aren't we going to eat breakfast?’’ Octopus asked curiously.

’’He hasn't got up yet. We should come over at around 8:00,’’ Ji Lian opened the mouth first and


’’You are right. It's still too early.’’ Octopus agreed by nodding his head.

’’Let's go.’’ while saying that, Ling Hong took the lead and started walking.

The few people pack their stuff and then drove away. Since the band had already been paid for,

they gathered their musical instruments and respectively dispersed.

Only then did the residents surrounding to watch started their discussion.

’’What do you think is the matter with that restaurant? It keeps playing around like that,’’ a

grandma in a nightgown asked another neighbor beside her.

’’God knows! But right now, as long as we get up early, we can get 300 RMB. It's a really good

deal.’’ the neighboring grandma, with a fashionable curly brown hairstyle smiled while


’’The boss of the restaurant is so marvelous! He actually attracted so many people here for a

meal without any sort of advertisement,’’ the grandma in nightgown said in admiration.

’’That's true. I often see lots of people queuing up by the entrance. Are the dishes of that

restaurant so delicious?’’ The grandma with the curly brown hair had the look of curiosity on

her face.

’’Forget it. I have heard that price is way too expensive. It's on par with those grand

restaurants.’’ The grandma in a nightgown seemed to be well-informed.

’’Have you been there before?’’ the grandma with the curly brown hair asked curiously while


’’No, never. One of my son's colleagues has been there and says the dishes are extraordinarily

delicious. Of course, the price is naturally quite expensive.’’ the grandma in a nightgown wasn't

stingy, thus she immediately stated the reason.

’’Oh, really? How is the hygiene of the restaurant?’’ the grandma with curly brown hair was

more concerned about the the sanitary conditions. Nowadays, there were indeed various tasty

foods but who knew what ingredients were used.

’’It's supposed to be clean. So many wealthy people go to eat there every day. Aren't they picky

enough?’’ the grandma in a nightgown pointed at the rear of Ling Hong's luxury car while


’’That makes sense. I'm going to go there for a taste when I'm free.’’ the grandma with curly

brown hair thought in her heart and then walked away while talking and joking with her


At 8:00 a.m. sharp, Yuan Zhou got up from the bed without the help of the clock and went to the

bathroom to address his physical needs while closing the eyes. Afterward, he came back to get

his toiletries and woke up while cleaning himself up.

’’Dong Dong Dong’’

On the way walking downstairs, Yuan Zhou suddenly received a side mission from the system.

The system displayed, ’’A Master Chef should concentrate on cooking dishes, rather than

trifling matters such as carrying plates around.’’

[Side Mission], ’’A Master Chef who carries plates himself does not deserve the title of Master

Chef. Please find appropriate methods to deal with them.’’

[Mission Reward], ’’A set of Eggshell-Thin Delicate Porcelain Cups’’

’’What the fu*k is Eggshell-Thin Delicate Porcelain Cups?’’ Yuan Zhou paused a little while and

then asked in the mind while walking down.

The system displayed, ’’It is a specific type of cup, which is as small and thin as an eggshell.

This set of cups have an orchid pattern on the surface.’’

’’For drinking tea?’’ Yuan Zhou knew little about porcelain, therefore he asked.

The system read, ’’The cups rewarded this time can be used for drinking tea.’’

’’Then what about the tea leaves?’’ Yuan Zhou took the chance to ask.

However, he didn't manage to get an answer from the system.

Yuan Zhou checked the mission carefully and then realized the system didn't specify how to

deal with the plates. So that means he could make the decision on his own.

As a boss who always put his customers first, the immediate reaction of Yuan Zhou was to let

his customer deal with the plates themselves.

There was originally a conveyer belt in the restaurant to carry dirty plates to the kitchen sink.

Now it was Yuan Zhou who left all the bowls and plates onto the belt himself. However, once

there were lots of customers, it was fairly troublesome. It would be much better if the

customers could do this job on their own.

He rubbed the chin and decided to request the system to add one sentence on the price list.

[From today onwards, customers need to return the dinnerware to a designated place after

finishing the meal.]

The calligraphy written in bold-face type was fluent and elegant as if it was written by a Master

of Calligraphy. However, if checked carefully, it would seem to lack the aura of humans and

instead have more of artistic skills. The calligraphy appeared exceptionally showy.

After checking carefully, he didn't feel any dissatisfaction, hence he opened the door.

Standing right at the entrance was Ling Hong and several others.

’’Boss Yuan, I thought you were dead already. I almost broke the door down to help you out.’’

Ling Hong looked at Yuan Zhou up and down before saying.

’’Humm, I'm good.’’ Yuan Zhou said in all seriousness. He seemed to be ignorant of Ling Hong's

impolite tone.

’’I admit my loss. Can you just tell me when exactly the Soup Dumplings will be served?’’ Ling

Hong said helplessly while raising his hand to support his forehead.

’’That depends on my time.’’ After speaking, Yuan Zhou turned around and returned to his usual


’’What the fu*k?’’ Ling Hong was completely speechless.

’’Look, Ling Hong, there is a new rule.’’ His friend, Tank, was always the most careful person

among them all hence found the extra sentence added on the wall.

’’Customers have to return the dinnerware by ourselves. Boss, you are so so so marvelous! Of all

the bosses with odd tempers, you are the only one that I acknowledge.’’

’’Boss, I had a friend as marvelous as you, but now, the wild grass on his grave is three meters


’’I think Boss Yuan needs to employ a waiter.’’ Ling Hong suggested immediately.

’’Yes, I'm recruiting but haven't gotten one yet,’’ Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

’’All right. That's fine.’’ Ling Hong shrugged, paying little attention to the new rule.

This was because the customers would put their bows or plates onto the conveyer belt

themselves when there were many people eating in the restaurant. Even those who didn't know

it, they would still put the dinnerware where Yuan Zhou could easily reach it.

Since it saved some time this way, the customers could eat their dishes earlier.

While following the several people entering the restaurant, Wu Hai heard about the recruitment

matter from Yuan Zhou and then he asked casually, ’’Boss Yuan, are you looking for an


’’Yes, indeed.’’ Yuan Zhou nodded his head directly.

’’Why didn't I see your post the usual ad on your door?’’ Wu Hai had thought that he missed it,

thus he went back to check the door again and then came inside to ask.

’’I did post one but then I tore it into pieces.’’ With a frown, Yuan Zhou thought about why no

one came to apply for his post even after pasting the ad on his door for two days.

’’But why did you tear it?’’ Sometimes, Ling Hong felt he was unable to understand Boss Yuan's

train of thought.

For example, since he had such wonderful culinary skills, why did he open the restaurant in

such a lonely place? And also all those inexplicable principles.

However, even with the inexplicable principles, Ling Hong could still accept them. At least the

boss Yuan Zhou had gotten a good temper.

It was known to all that Ling Hong loved cuisines. Once, he found a stall selling fish balls near

the sea coast of Changle City. The fish balls were extremely well made and delicious with good

flexibility. It was merely a roadside stands that set up the stall at irregular intervals.

Furthermore, you couldn't take the fish balls away to eat, as once time passed, it would ruin the

wonderful taste of the fish balls.

If one asked two or three extra questions, the boss would even swear at them. Even so,

customers would yet queue up there waiting for the dish every day.

Since Yuan Zhou's culinary skills outclassed him a lot, although it was small and had lots of

weird rules, Ling Hong still paid little attention to that. A man with true capabilities tended to

have some temper.

’’Because it was troublesome, I will post it again when I'm free.’’ Yuan Zhou spread his hands to

show it was that simple.

That's right, Yuan Zhou hadn't shut the door tightly these few days. Instead, he left the door

open and waited for people to apply for the job. It was truly tiring to work alone. Since he had

gotten the conditions, he would rather enjoy the joy of cooking.

Every Egg Fried Rice and Clear Broth Noodle Soup that he prepared nowadays would make Yuan

Zhou feel that his culinary skills were improving. The whole process was quite pleasing.


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