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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: The Simplest, Most Delicious and Most......Expensive

System Display: ’’Egg Fried Rice price is set at 188 RMB.’’

’’Dammit! Are you fooling with me?’’

Yuan Zhou felt that even though he liked the yellow-white thing called an egg, the gentlemanly way is for a gentlemen who loves money to acquire it correctly. But the system was asking for so much. It may make a little sense for five-star restaurant to ask for one hundred eighty-eight for egg fried rice, they have the environment and the service after all. But what does his small shop have?

The system displayed the words: ’’The host can test his cooking skills first.’’

Seldom would the system make a suggestion. Yuan Zhou also had an unbearable itch in his heart to test out the divine-class Egg Fried Rice skill.

First, he went to get the rice cooker by the sink and prepared to cook the rice. This rice cooker was very strange. Ordinary rice cookers would be marked with some pre-set words. Other than cook rice or keep warm types of buttons, the better ones could also stew soup or steam vegetables. But the one from the system actually was marked with options for the rice used in making egg fried rice and the exact temperature.

He took out the rice and washed it clean. After he had selected the type of rice used to make egg fried rice option, Yuan Zhou felt that this rice was not the same as what he usually used. He couldn't help but stick his arm out and grab some.

The rice had a sparkling luster. Each grain was exactly the same size. The clean fragrance made people unable to resist trying them.

’’It seems like the system provides top-class goods.’’


In not over half a minute, the rice cooker seemed to be finished cooking.

’’Is this forbidden technology? It's so quick!’’ Yuan Zhou jumped in fright. He opened the rice cooker before him, but no steam hit him like he had imagined. However, the delicate fragrance of the rice wafted out.

’’It's actually cool.’’ Yuan Zhou could not see any steam come out from the rice. It could actually cool the rice directly. This forbidden technology was too much.

Yuan Zhou was not stupid. He responded quickly: ’’This kind of forbidden technology setting is in order for me to make egg fried-rice as fast as possible.’’

Sucking in a deep breath, he grabbed two eggs and started to break them. When the chicken egg broke open into the snow white bowl, the egg yolk was a golden yellow, while the egg white was luminous. There was not even the slightest bit of stench. Instead, there was an extremely slight fragrance.

No matter if it was the rice or if it was the egg, none of it were mere ordinary goods.

*Ping bang bang ping*

In this moment, with the Cooking God in him, Yuan Zhou's movements were like moving clouds and flowing water. There was absolutely no superfluous movements. He was like a well-oiled machine that followed the perfect textbook form. The mature face held the unique charm of a man who was serious in his task.

How long does it take to cook a bowl of egg fried rice?

With Yuan Zhou making a full effort, it did not take longer than three minutes. The piping hot egg fried rice was served onto a plate. Not a single grain of rice was wasted. It was a golden slice on the pure white plate.

What can be called ’’smells, looks, and tastes great’’?

This can be said to ’’smell, look and taste great!’’

It was the same portion size as the other eight yuan portions that can be found outside. However, the ones sold by others and this one was not on the same level in terms of both appearance and fragrance.

The chicken eggs and the fragrance from the rice that had disseminated while the heat blended them all together. The egg was entirely wrapped in the rice. Every grain of rice had separated, turning every single grain golden-yellow. They had been freely piled together. It looked like the golden yellow grains of an autumn harvest.

This was the highest realm of egg fried rice, golden-yellow fried rice. This did not glisten as gold, but other than that, there was a difference between this and Chuka Ichiban's(Cooking Master Boy's) golden-yellow fried rice! He did not think that there would be a day where he could make the exaggerated delicacy of golden-yellow fried rice.

This was not on the level of a smell that enticed people's appetite the moment they smell it, it was on the level that made people want to eat it as soon as they see it. Yuan Zhou grabbed a spoon and was like the wind sweeping away the remnants of the clouds and ate it all up.

’’I made this?’’

When he took a bite, he simply did not dare to believe that the flavor in his mouth was something he made. It was truly hard for him to imagine that a simple egg fried rice could be this delicious. Yuan Zhou understood what was called ’’flavor that makes the tongue fragrant.’’

He recalled that in the kitchen of a three star restaurant, there was a chef who was researching a new kind of dish. When he had finished, he had invited everyone to come try it out and give their opinions. It was a chrysanthemum sea cucumber, which brought together the fragrance of the chrysanthemums and the deliciousness of the sea cucumber. When it came time to eat, everyone had forgotten about their opinions;they could only feel the perfection between the appearance, smell, and taste.

But right now, comparing that chrysanthemum sea cucumber and his egg fried, it can't be compared. This chicken egg and rice displayed the pinnacle of appearance, smell and taste.


Yuan Zhou patted his tummy contentedly. He felt that the holes in his heart created by the system had disappeared. This indeed deserved the name of divine Class Egg Fried Rice.

Just as Yuan Zhou was reflecting on when he just ate the egg fried rice, the system displayed text.

System Display: ’’Thank you for your patronage, 188 RMB.’’

’’I know. Right now, I feel that it is completely justified for the price to be fixed this high.’’ Yuan Zhou smacked his lips together in satisfaction as he spoke.

System Display: ’’Host has just consumed one portion of egg fried rice. Please pay 188 RMB.’’

’’So you're saying that when I eat I also have to pay?’’ Yuan Zhou was incredulous.

System Display: ’’Host has just consumed one portion of egg fried rice. Please pay 188 RMB.’’


I bought a watch last year. Yuan Zhou's feelings were completely contained in those two words.

[TL: I bought a watch last year is a chinese internet slang for saying ’’I f**k your mother.’’]

System Display: ’’Due to the host's rank being level 0, the system and the host split earnings 9/1. Of course, the host gets one.’’

’’So I have to give you nine-tenths of the money I earn?’’ Yuan Zhou struggled to keep his mood from going ballistic as he confirmed what the system said.

System Display: ’’The system supplied top-class ingredients.’’

’’Top-class? What rice? Isn't it all rice!?’’

Yuan Zhou asked in disbelief. Although the rice really looked pretty good, he did not know where the rice could be said to be top-class.

System Display: ’’The rice is called Xiangshui Rice. In the Ming and Qing dynasty, Xiang Shui rice was also called 'government salary' or 'imperial rice.' This rice, along with the Mirror Lake Carp and the Mountain Sable, were offered as tribute to the court. Presently, Xiangshui Rice is used at imperial banquets at The Great Hall of the People.’’

These two lines of words made Yuan Zhou kneel on the ground. Xiangshui Rice, it was actually Xiangshui Rice. Yuan Zhou had heard of this rice before.

Legends said that Xiangshui rice could only yield two mu's of rice due to the relationship between atmosphere and temperature. It was completely grown by manual labor. Weeding and fertilizing had to be done manually. It was a special product amongst special products. Don't even mention eating it for ordinary people, they never even seen it before.

’’What about the chicken egg?’’ If the rice is Xiangshui rice, then how was the chicken egg raised?

System display: ’’The chicken egg, compared to Kobe beef, is raised in a much healthier way. It starts out by picking out top-quality breeding eggs. They are incubated for forty days. Every day, every chicken is given the temperature of a mother chicken. Every day for two hours, a world-class musician will come and perform live for them. After they have broken through their shells, they select the sturdiest chickens to be raised as brood hens. The water used to feed them is from spring water that mankind has never touched. The insects in their diet are specially raised mealworms. There is a special pasture land for the chicks to eat. There is also a special exercising area to maintain the chicken's health. These chickens are used only for laying eggs. Each of their eggs contain the pinnacle of flavor.

An ancient saying said ’’Playing music to a cow.’’ Right now, it was actually ’’Playing music to the chicken.’’ Yuan Zhou felt that his twenty-four years of being alive were nothing compared to that chicken! A chicken used to lay eggs.

’’The oil used is pure, natural olive oil that does not contain any additives.’’

’’The salt used is from the salt wells in Sichuan that used to be supplied to the imperial family. The salt from these salt wells do not have any sort of acerbic taste. Moreover, they contain plenty of minerals.’’

’’Does the host have any further questions?’’


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