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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: The First Time Business Boomed

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: Desmond

’’Boss Yuan, what does 'sold out' mean?’’ Wu Zhou felt that this Boss Yuan truly had prejudice

against him. It was definitely not his imagination.

’’It's literally what it says.’’ Yuan Zhou spread out his hands to express it was that simple.

’’Boss, how can it be sold out already when you just opened for the evening?’’ Zhuang Xinmu

asked curiously.

’’The watermelon juice has a limit of 100 cups per day.’’ Yuan Zhou directly told the reason.

’’A limit? Why didn't Boss Yuan tell us earlier? Or at least put up a notice.’’ Wu Zhou began to

mutter when he realized his girlfriend was unable to drink the watermelon juice.

’’Oh? I didn't mention it?’’ Yuan Zhou said in a doubtful tone. However, his face was

expressionless, as if he were quite sure that he had informed them.

’’You really didn't say it. So Boss Yuan, it's your mistake. Therefore, you should compensate us.’’

Wu Zhou quickly replied.

’’No compensation.’’ Yuan Zhou was still as ruthless and callous as always.

’’Boss Yuan, do you know, the way you are now really deserves a beating.’’ Having heard about

what had happened earlier that morning, Wu Zhou directly brought up Yuan Zhou's faults

without mercy.

’’You can try.’’ While saying that, Yuan Zhou raised his muscular arms and said gently.

What a joke! Yuan Zhou was a chef that had tossed pans for hundreds or thousands of times

every day, thus had excellent arm strength. Contrarily, Wu Zhou was merely a programmer,

who in Yuan Zhou's eyes, would collapse at the first blow.

’’Never mind. Let's drink the juice next time.’’ Zhuang Xinmu saved Wu Zhou from further

embarrassment in time.

Comparing purely on physical strength, Wu Zhou indeed couldn't rival Yuan Zhou.

Wu Zhou then sat back listlessly, letting his girlfriend order the dishes.

Meanwhile, he muttered to himself, ’’I had a friend as cool as Boss Yuan before. Yet, now, the

wild grass on his tomb is 3 feet high.’’

Yuan Zhou felt that he had won the round, thus his mood was extraordinarily good, hence he

ignored Wu Zhou's murmurs.

The 3 opening hours in the evening soon passed. Yuan Zhou took off his apron and turned on

the tap to wash his hands.

Water flowed down onto his hands. His strong and slender fingers were scattered with tiny

wounds; no one would ever mistake those as a female's hands.

He washed his hands dozens of times a day. After that, he made a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle

Soup for his supper. Just like usual, he ate up the noodles and carried the bowl filled with

leftover broth, leaving the restaurant through the back door.

The path was as dim as before but since Yuan Zhou was familiar with it, he continued walking

without any worry of slipping.

’’It's your broth. Actually you don't need to stay here guarding the door. There won't be any

problems.’’ Yuan Zhou poured the leftover broth into the bowl of the mixed breed Maltese dog.

However, the Maltese still acted the same. With a calmer and more arrogant manner than Yuan

Zhou, it peered at the bowl before lowering its head, continuing to lie prone at its original place.

’’Just stay here,’’ after speaking, Yuan Zhou turned around and went back into his restaurant

while holding the bowl.

The Maltese raised its head slightly and only stood up when it saw Yuan Zhou had left. While

licking the leftover broth in his bowl with a ’’Ba ji Ba ji’’ sound, the dog revealed a humanlike

expression of enjoyment.

After drinking up the broth, the Maltese dog then pushed the bowl back to where it slept.

Moreover, it even brought something to cover the bowl. After all that work, the dog walked

forward leisurely.

The Maltese breed was of the small size type of dog. It was originally known as the Poodle.

Maltese was only the nickname for a beauty style suitable for this breed of dog among all the

others. The Poodle was well-known for its capabilities to hunt in water and thus was known as

water hunting dog.

The Maltese was smart and alert. It walked to the front door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and

then lay there after carefully looking around. With its head straight up, the dog appeared

earnest and serious.

Furthermore, the dog refused to accept Yuan Zhou's kind reminders that it needn't guard the

door for him.

The weather in June was as fickle as a baby's mood. The night sky, formerly studded with

numerous stars, suddenly started drizzling. The Maltese nevertheless seemed to have gotten

used to getting wet in the rain. Therefore, it didn't move to other places, merely allowing the

rain to soak its fur, making the dog appear skinnier and scrawnier.

Luckily, the rain stopped after a little while and the weather slowly cleared up. Then the sky

started to light up from the morning rays of the sun. It wasn't until the sun rose from the

horizon did the Maltese dog stand up and shake itself, scattering drops of water from its fur.

Afterward, it walked back to the big plastic bag at the back door with steady steps and lay down

on it, starting to rest.

’’It's this place, right?’’ A crowd of 30 people or so approached from a distance while talking

loudly. A girl, who seemed to be a leader, asked.

’’Yes, I think so. It has no name and the address is correct.’’ A handsome gentleman, wearing

white casual clothing, took out his telephone and confirmed.

Seeing the man assuring that it was the restaurant, someone shouted immediately, ’’If the

wealthy He&Ro has confirmed, there is definitely no problem.’’

’’Right. I have checked as well and it's indeed the place we are looking for.’’ Another man

chipped in, agreeing with the one who had shouted.

Judging from the name He&Ro, these people were most likely the audiences from Meng Meng's

Live Broadcast. It seemed that the wealthy He&Ro had led the crowd here.

’’He&Ro, what shall we do? The restaurant isn't open.’’ All these people gathered at the entrance

of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, looking at each other helplessly. In the end, the girl who acted like a

leader asked.

’’It is 8:30 a.m. right now. The restaurant should open soon,’’ The handsome gentleman raised

his wrist, checking the time and then said affirmatively.

’’Ok. Let's wait for a little while,’’ the girl said to other people in the crowd to appease their

anxious feelings.

The real name of the wealthy He&Ro was Ling Hong. He was rich and good-looking. His

fortune came from running a publishing company and, furthermore, he had a well-off family.

In his spare time, Ling Hong either enjoyed himself by feasting, along with other kinds of

entertainment or watched others do so. Once he realized, while watching the live broadcast,

that even the watermelon used by Yuan Zhou was so excellent, he decided to come here for a


After he made the proposal in their Wechat group, many group members wanted to join him.

The current crowd was merely the first pioneers. Many more would come if the food was tasty.

’’Hua la’’, the moment Yuan Zhou pulled open the door, he saw a crowd of people surrounding

the entrance and talking passionately. The scene startled Yuan Zhou a lot. Previously, there had

been customers waiting at the entrance when he opened the door but never that much, usually

no more than 10 people. One reason was that not many could get up so early, the other was that

Yuan Zhou only opened the restaurant for an hour in the morning. If they came late, the

customers would usually find a closed restaurant. After several failed attempts, the regular

customers all chose to come either at noon or in the evening.

Of course, Wu Hai must be excluded from the regular customers that were just mentioned. As

he lived at the other side of one street facing Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he would come for his

breakfast as soon as Yuan Zhou opened the door.

Attracted by the sound of opening the door, the 30 people or so all looked at Yuan Zhou as if

they were watching an idol instead of a real person.

Faced with such an awkward scene, Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, said calmly, ’’Those who want to

eat, come on in. As for the others, wait in queue outside.’’

After saying that, he turned around and immediately went back into the restaurant.

’’The boss truly has a unique personality.’’ the girl who took the lead said after she saw the quiet

and indifferent Yuan Zhou.

’’It's true. We just don't know if the dishes are really that delicious. You know, I almost drooled

every time Meng Meng broadcasted herself eating here.’’ it was the person with the ID, Bamboo

Eating Panda, who said that.

This person didn't lack money either. He also frequently transferred electronic currency to

Meng Meng during her broadcast.

’’Let's enter first and talk later.’’ He&Ro, also known as Ling Hong, walked into the restaurant

first after speaking.

Having taken a glance at the interior of the restaurant, he withdrew his gaze and concentrated

on reading the menu on the wall behind.

’’Boss Yuan, are the Soup Dumplings available today?’’ Wu Hai walked into the restaurant and

asked directly.

’’Yes, they are available. But you have to queue.’’ Yuan Zhou pointed to the 20 persons or so who

were forming a line behind Wu Hai.

’’Of course I will wait in line. I just came to ask.’’ Under everybody's gaze, Wu Hai walked to the

end of the line and waited patiently.

’’Boss, I want all dishes on the menu, one serving for each.’’ Wealthy as Ling Hong was, he

definitely would order all the dishes available.

’’Sorry, I only serve Soup Dumplings this morning,’’ Yuan Zhou signaled Ling Hong to look at

the steaming hot bamboo food steamer while saying that.

’’Not a problem. I'll pay and all you need to do is to cook.’’ Since Ling Hong specially came here

for the delicacies, how could he leave without tasting them all? He threw down those words

after taking a seat on the chair.

’’I'm sorry, I can't.’’ Yuan Zhou couldn't be bothered with that trifle amount of money.

Huh, what the fu*k? Ling Hong couldn't believe that money didn't work.

Therefore, he used his hidden ace...


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