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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Taste and Cold

Wang Meng was still in a daze when she received the cup of watermelon juice. It was the

messages on the screen that woke her up.

’’Boss Yuan, what kind of plants are you growing? Do they really need such precious

watermelons as fertilizer?’’ Wang Meng asked the question that every customer wanted to


’’You will know when the time is right,’’ Yuan Zhou said slowly.

’’Can't you reveal any information to me?’’ Wang Meng asked with a curl in her last syllable. The

soft and cute voice seemed to melt the hearts of anyone who heard it..

For example, a man who had just entered the restaurant tried to help her. ’’Boss Yuan, say

something, otherwise the girl is going to cry.’’

’’No, she won't.’’ To such requests, Yuan Zhou would always reject them, even if she was a

beauty that had many supporters. To treat everyone equally was Yuan Zhou's principle.

’’Er....Boss Yuan is still so unique.’’ The man trying to help could only give a cough, trying to

avoid embarrassing himself further.

’’Thanks anyway. It is supposed to be Boss Yuan's business secret, so it can't be helped if he

keeps it under wraps,’’ Wang Meng said considerately.

Wang Meng's considerate manner formed a sharp contrast to Yuan Zhou's indifferent attitude.

However, all the regular customers knew Yuan Zhou's personality well. It was once said that

geniuses had certain special privileges.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou was merely adhering to his principles. Even though he was strict

concerning his rules, it did not seem to be a disadvantage of his.

’’Boss Yuan, Egg Fried Rice.’’

’’One serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup.’’

’’Egg Fried Rice Set and the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set, one serving for each.’’

In a short while, the restaurant was filled with various voices ordering dishes.

’’Ok. One moment please everybody.’’ Yuan Zhou had gotten used to the chaotic ordering

processes from different customers. What Yuan Zhou needed to do was to remember which

dishes were ordered and the amount which the customers ordered. As for whom they belonged

to, the owners would definitely claim the dishes after they were prepared.

Therefore, all those trifles were none of Yuan Zhou's concerns.

As the restaurant started to get busier, Wu Zhou and Wang Meng, who ordered their dishes first,

started to enjoy their meal.

’’This is obviously at normal temperature,’’ Wu Zhou whispered as he held the cup.

Wu Zhou disliked heat, therefore, he preferred the cold. Hence, as long as his girlfriend wasn't

with him, he would consume icy cold food and beverages. In his eyes, watermelon juice without

ice held no attraction at all.

However, the watermelon juice cost 88 RMB per cup, thus it was impossible not to finish it, not

to mention it was from Yuan Zhou's restaurant.


Wu Zhou gulped down half a cup of watermelon juice. Instantly, the icy cold feeling and sweet

taste filled his mind. A clear and comfortable feeling arose.

It might be because the watermelon juice wasn't smashed to extract the juice, therefore it had

no tiny pulp pieces inside like other watermelon juice, only fresh and delicious pure juice.

Throughout the extraction process, the rinds were not grinded along the pulp, hence there was

no taste of the rind, only the sweetness of the watermelon pulp.

As only the sweetest part from the middle of the watermelon was used, with a mere mouthful of

juice it felt like the taste of an entire watermelon entering his mouth. Furthermore, it wasn't

any ordinary feeling, but a rich delicate taste that infused his taste buds.

The taste was simply too wonderful. Without noticing it, the cup soon became empty, leaving

behind a dumbfounded Wu Zhou since he planned to drink it while eating.

’’Judging just by its appearance, it looks good, right?’’ While holding the glass cup, Wang Meng

started to show it to her audiences from various angles in front of her screen lens.

[I feel that the watermelon juice suits Meng Meng.] Dragon Laughing in the Heaven

[That's right. The watermelon juice makes Meng Meng's skin seem so white. I really want to

give it a bite.] Full Flowers~Unknown World

[Hey guys. Is it the right time to take notice of such a thing?] He&Ro

[Ah, the wealthy guy comes. Let's just watch and admire from the side.] Brother Monkey on

Horse Ride

Afterward, the audience started to shift the topic away, making various remarks about wealthy

people. Similar messages flashed through the screen. It was Meng Meng who tactfully helped

the wealthy He&Ro out from those various bothering questions.

’’This wealthy guy is already Meng Meng's friend now. Hey, my friend. What did you mean by

saying that just now? To take notice of what?’’ Meng Meng inquired what he meant after

sticking out her tongue mischievously.

[Look carefully at the glass cup. Are there any differences compared to other cups? Meng Meng,

try taking a sip, the watermelon juice is supposed to be ice-cold.] He&Ro

’’Oh, is that so? But my hand tells me it's at a normal temperature.’’ Meng Meng carefully

observed the cup for a while.

Generally speaking, white mist would form on the glass if the temperature gets lower. When

filled with ice-cold juice, there will also be tiny bubbles on the wall of the cup. However, the

watermelon juice in front of them did not feel cold even when it was held, nor was there any

white mist or tiny bubbles. Hence, due to these reasons, Wang Meng thought that the

watermelon juice was at ordinary temperature.

[We will know that after you drink.] He&Ro

’’Sure.’’ Meng Meng wouldn't refuse reasonable requests usually. Therefore, she heeded his

words and drank a mouthful of the juice.

Instantly, her eyes brightened up. While nodding her head ceaselessly, she continued taking

another gulp.

[Do you understand what I mean right now?] He&Ro

[Meng Meng that can't stop drinking watermelon juice is too cute. I have decided to eat some

watermelons tonight.] Dragon Laughing in the Heaven

[Hey, Meng Meng, receive my gift. Go buy watermelon juice with it.] Full Flower~Unknown


While saying that, a gift notification passed across the screen.

[The wealthy guy is trying to imply that the watermelon juice is ice-cold?] The Fickleness of the

World ova.

[Hey, wealthy. What exactly do you mean?] Wrong Way of Belief

Most of the audience didn't actually understand what the wealthy wanted to tell them,

including Wang Meng who was enjoy the watermelon juice blissfully.

[This cup is from Heenoor, one of the luxury goods under Heenoor, which is also the leading

brand of luxury cups in our country. More specially, it also sets the industry standard for the

Bilayer Cup.] He&Ro

[Bilayer cup? This means that this seemingly thin glass cup is double-layered?] Fully

Flower~Unknown World.

[How is that possible? Meng Meng, please lift the cup up and let me see.] Rivers

The investigating audience couldn't believe that fact. After all, Meng Meng had filmed the cup a

full 360 degrees when she first received it. Obviously it had no more than one layer.

Wang Meng soon lifted up the cup and gave her audiences a better look. Only then did the

crowd realize that the cup really had two layers, though it could only be seen from the bottom.

[This kind of cups has a unique characteristic, that is, if it gets frozen beforehand, the inner

layer will become ice-cold while the outer layer will return to normal temperature soon. The

watermelon juice will become cool when poured into the cup but not too cold.] He&Ro

[The boss really has good taste, like me. I am using a cup of this brand.] He&Ro

At last, the wealthy guy concluded.

The audiences, however, ignored his conclusion and then started to discuss about the generous

Yuan Zhou.

[It is only a cup, yet he uses such a good one. Besides the Herbal Tea Egg, it seems that this

restaurant is way too mysterious.] Full Flower~Unknown World

[Looks like it is necessary to go there in person for a taste.] Bo Ya Luo Zi

Don't speak as if you can afford it. The cheapest dish inside the restaurant is 66RMB. The boss

should be going for quality. I would rather watch Meng Meng eat it.] Dreams Leap Forward

[Seems like there are so many rich people everywhere. Such expensive dishes, yet there are still

so many people eating it.] The Fickleness of the World ova

[There aren't that many rich people in our country but there aren't very few either. What's

more, dishes cooked by Boss Yuan are so tasty.] Boating Lazily

[Boss, I want to have a baby with you.] I'm a Cute Girl


’’That's so delicious.’’ As a streamer, Meng Meng had a wonderful self-control. She ate up the

Egg Fried Rice along with the remaining half cup of watermelon juice. Of course, the audience

were also grabbing for any food at hand to eat while watching her carefully.

Upon feeling that she had occupied the seat for a long time, Meng Meng moved out of the way

to let others sit immediately.

’’Thank you very much for your kind cooperation. Thanks a lot.’’ Once she finished speaking,

Meng Meng gave a slight bow and then joyfully bounded out of the restaurant.


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