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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Great Knowledge

On the other hand, Yuan Zhou opened his mouth, ’’Excuse me, I have evidence.’’

Yuan Zhou was calm. Only after everyone in the restaurant had fallen silent, did he continued,

’’Since everyone came here to eat abalones, all of you must definitely know something about

them. Thus, I will skip the useless chatter and jump straight to the differences between wild

and cultivated abalones.’’

’’These abalones are originally known as Shield Fish, but since Bao Shuya① loved to eat them,

they were renamed Bao Fish (currently known as abalones) and are shaped like a human's ear.’’

’’Sir, what you are saying are basic information about abalones. Does it have anything to do with

the matter we are now debating?’’ General Manager Gou asked in a peaceful tone.

’’Not really. I'm just trying to represent how professional I am.’’ Yuan Zhou answered, ’’The

following is exactly what you guys would love to know about.’’

’’If I am not mistaken, the method for breeding abalones include caged feeding, factory

breeding, and tunnel breeding. Besides, there is also the most natural method, the bottom

sowing method.’’

No sooner had Yuan Zhou uttered those words did Genaral Manager Gou's face change from its

formerly confidence look.

’’The abalones served in your restaurant are bred in this way.’’

Yuan Zhou didn't have any hesitation as he said that.

’’Natural abalones grow slowly. The shell of an abalone can reach approximately 2-3cm in its

first year and 4-5cm in its second year. An abalone with a size over 10cm would require six or

seven years.’’

’’However, if the abalones were cultivated, they would only need two years to reach that length.

Am I right, Manager Gou?’’ Yuan Zhou said, ’’What do you say? It sounds pretty professional,

right? I even know the breeding method and time cycle of mature abalones. Are you thinking of

me as a specialized breeding expert for abalones right now?’’

’’Sir, I must admit you are absolutely right but you are only talking about the method to breed

the abalones. You still haven't provided any evidence yet, have you?’’ Manager Gou calmly

pointed out the fact that Yuan Zhou had no convincing evidence. Up until now, his attitude

towards Yuan Zhou was still nice and amiable.

’’Oh. I have yet to mention the differences in the taste between the two varieties.’’ Yuan Zhou

continued speaking, like a cat teasing a mouth.

’’I have no idea what the Canada abalones look like. But the abalones that you provide are

Haliotis Discus Hannai of the local category. They have a unique characteristic.’’ Yuan Zhou said

deftly while fiddling with the shell of the abalones in his hand.

’’I don't want to narrate the specific details anymore. Anyone who's interested in that could

search the details by browsing the name on Baidu②.’’

When Yuan Zhou finished talking, some of the customers standing around him really started to

browse the name Haliotis Discus Hannai on Baidu.

Then numerous discussions passed.

A customer took his telephone and read, ’’It truly exists. Its nickname is Emerald Abalone,

usually a brownish green or maroon color. When fed with red algae, it would grow a vivid green

shell while if fed with seaweed, it would grow a dark red shell.

Another man uttered the latter part, ’’Wild abalones have strong feet. They consist of 40% of the

total weight. Every 100 grams of abalone flesh contains protein 40 grams, fat 0.9 grams, and

carbohydrate 33.7 grams. This difference is tremendous.’’


’’Since everybody now knows well about the Haliotis Discus Hannai, you guys could respectively

check the abalones dishes on your table.’’ Yuan Zhou slowly said as he set down the abalones

with a vivid green shell in his hand.

’’Xi Li Hua La’’

The sound of plates moving came from the tables.

’’That's absolutely right. What this brother said is correct.’’ Soon, there was one who finished

checking his own plate.

’’What a black-hearted business. Unexpectedly, they are selling cultivated abalones in the name

of wild ones. Cultivated is then cultivated. Why do you say it's from the wild?’’ another man


’’They have lied to us for so long, it's time for them to compensate us.’’ Immediately, someone

jumped straight to the most important point.

’’Absolutely. You have been cheating consumers by doing such deeds.’’

’’I called 315③ just now. The operator said they would handle this complaint immediately.’’ a

man wearing glasses said as he set down his phone calmly.

’’As a well-renowned restaurant, how can you do such shameful things? No one will come again

if you continue with such deeds.’’ Many more customers expressed their disappointment.

’’Anyway, I have called the police. This is definitely fraud,’’ said another man while sitting

cross-legged on the chair.

Facing such a mess, General Manager Gou couldn't stay calm anymore. The reason was because

what Yuan Zhou had said was reasonable and moreover, the truth. It was him who had found

and contacted the cultivation farms. Furthermore, he specially chose this breed of abalones

from the farm as it had the most similarities with the wild ones. Never had he imagined that

the truth would be unexpectedly revealed by a customer.

If it wasn't for the waitress who informed him that Yuan Zhou was dragged into this mess by

the man in a suit, he would have suspected this occurrence as a conspiracy made by the rivals.

The Manager Gou had no time to attend to others at present. Quite a few customers had called

the 315 Complaints Hotline and some even called the police. The restaurant was currently in a

total mess. Furthermore, the man in the suit also joined in the opposing crowd.

As he didn't like troublesome matters, Yuan Zhou left quickly this time.

Since the mission had been completed, there was no need for him to stay there anymore. It was

too complicated to wait for the compensation, hence Yuan Zhou preferred to leave quietly.

Nevertheless, his phone vibrated when Yuan Zhou had barely walked out of the restaurant.

Appearing on the screen was an unknown number. After hesitating for one minute, Yuan Zhou

decided to answer the call.


’’You finally answered my call. Why did you shut the restaurant for so many days? Do you want

me to starve?’’ a familiar voice emerged from the phone.

’’Oh, Sun Ming. What's the matter?’’ Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

’’What's. The. Matter? Aren't you ashamed for asking that? Tell me right now when are you

going to reopen your restaurant?’’ Sun Ming shouted at him angrily from the telephone.

On the day before, Sun Ming went to Yuan Zhou's s restaurant cheerfully, preparing to eat

delicious food to reward himself for his diligent work but only found the annoying notice on the

door. What the fu*k was the National Love-One's-Hair Day? It was the first time that Sun Ming

had witness Yuan Zhou's mischievous side.

Previously, he had only felt this friend of his did not speak much but treated friends well. Now

Sun Ming also knew that he was extremely concerned about various holidays.

’’Tomorrow. Didn't you see the notice?’’ Yuan Zhou continued to feel puzzled.

’’So it won't be open today?’’ Sun Ming's tone had just calmed down but Yuan Zhou instantly

ignited his rage again.

’’Yes, what's wrong?’’ Yuan Zhou asked him again persistently.

’’Ah, forget it. Never mind. I haven't seen you for a long time. Let go for a meal.’’ Sun Ming

finally told his true motives.

’’But we just met five days ago. What are we going to eat?’’ Yuan Zhou first presented the fact

and then asked.

’’You already have a restaurant, why should we go to other places for a meal? Let's go to your

restaurant.’’ Sun Ming said as if stating the obvious fact. This turned out to be the main purpose

of Sun Ming as he hadn't eaten Yuan Zhou's dishes in days and thus could no longer bear the


’’I won't open the restaurant today,’’ Yuan Zhou refused him decisively.

’’Yes, we don't need to open it. Just a few of us.’’ Sun Ming was quite considerate.

’’Let's go somewhere else, just not my restaurant.’’ However, Yuan Zhou didn't play by rules at


’’For us brothers, couldn't you cook the dishes yourself?’’ Sun Ming began to use the friendship


’’No, I can't.’’ It was still the same rejection.

’’Doing business is tiring. Let me have a rest and eat out, ok?’’ Yuan Zhou gave an explanation.

’’Fine, then let's go to eat the roast duck of Old Lee.’’ Since Yuan Zhou had clearly expressed his

attitude, Sun Ming changed the location for the meal.

’’Ok, I'll be there at 5.00p.m,’’ looking at the time, Yuan Zhou replied affirmatively.

’’All right. See you later.’’ After that, Yuan Zhou hung up the telephone first.


’’Ka La’’

It was 11:50 at night. Yuan Zhou opened the back door and turned the light on.

’’Huh? It still looks quite clean.’’ After mumbling about the spotless restaurant, Yuan Zhou

started to stagger upstairs

He used to be able to drink up one box of beers, but today after no more than 3 bottles of beer,

he had gotten dizzy, unable to tell directions. Liquor tolerance really needed regular training.

After a ’’Peng’’ sound, Yuan Zhou fell on the bed without even washing up. When he had barely

fallen asleep, the system sent him a message.

The system read, ’’Congratulations! Host, you have smoothly finished the first stage of the

mission. The reward is available to be received.’’

’’Receive.’’ Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

With a mere word, he simultaneously received the rewards of Herbal Tea Eggs and Watermelon

Juice for the two completed missions.

However, the strong effect of the alcohol made Yuan Zhou fall asleep straight away.

Immediately, names of two new dishes appeared on the menu downstairs. They were the first

snack and drinks of the restaurant. The price could also be perfectly described in one sentence...

Bao Shuya: a famous politician in Kingdom Qi of ancient China thousands of years ago. During

that period, he helped one of the princes to ascend the throne and later recommended another

talented man to assist the King.

Baidu: a search engine popular in China, like Google in English-speaking countries.

315: a complaint hotline for consumers, usually administered by the Industry and Commerce

Bureau. Once there are any disputes between the consumers and business entities, they can dial

this number to lodge a complaint.


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