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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: First mission completed

Along with his business becoming more prosperous, Yuan Zhou was also beginning to get busy. That's because the people that didn't get to eat during lunch were aiming for the morning timeslot. Yuan Zhou could only sacrifice his sleeping time to open his shop early.

Thinking of how hardworking he was, Yuan Zhou even thought he should reward himself with a labor award. Today just happened to be a Monday and Yuan Zhou had woken up half an hour earlier in comparison to yesterday.

As the mission status indicated that he had already served 99 portions of egg fried rice and today was only the fifth day, he only needed to sell a serving to be able to claim the reward.

For this reason, Yuan Zhou didn't eat his essential egg fried rice during breakfast and was waiting to try out his new reward. The crucial point was that its rank would also turn from rank 0 to rank 1. That was actually Yuan Zhou's main goal;after it reached rank 1, the system would increase his level of access.

’’Yo~ Boss Yuan, are you opening your store half an hour earlier than usual for today?’’ The small moustache man was called Wu Hai and was entering the store while wearing his pajamas.

’’I opened early for today. Just wait a moment;the egg fried rice will be arriving immediately.’’ Yuan Zhou knew that the dude had been watching his restaurant from his own window every day. The first guy to enter when the door opened would definitely be this guy, an exceptionally experienced foodhound.

’’Boss Yuan, are you in a good mood today?’’ The small mustache guy, Wu Hai, had keen senses. He sensed Yuan Zhou's pleased expression in an instant.

’’That's right, but no still means no.’’ Yuan Zhou threw Wu Hai a look. Seeing that this guy was about to flattery for flavor and bring up a request for a second serving, he decided to act first and reject him immediately.

’’Boss Yuan. how can you be that heartless, I haven't said anything yet.’’ Wu Hai already knew that Yuan Zhou wouldn't agree, but he was accustomed to asking so he prepared himself to inquire once more in the event that Yuan Zhou might suddenly turn into a retard. Who knew that Yuan Zhou would break his expectations all of a sudden, that was truly too mean of him.

’’Alright, just hurry up and eat your food.’’ Yuan Zhou urged him, he had brought the egg fried rice and placed it in front of Wu Hai.

Looking at Wu Hai revealing an intoxicated expression,Yuan Zhou quietly opened the mission page and realized that it was still displaying an incomplete message. With a thoughtful gaze at Wu Hai, he decided to wait until Wu Hai had finished eating before he checked it another time.

’’Thank you for your reception, Boss Yuan. I'll be going back now.’’ Wu Hai used to eat his meal very quickly in the past. Ever since he had begun to eat his food in Yuan Zhou's place, he had slowed his speed down. Despite that, it only took half an hour for him to finish everything.

Seeing that Wu Hai had finished his last mouthful, Yuan Zhou immediately opened up the mission page. Discovering the 'completed' written on the display, and that the reward could also be retrieved, his decade-old unperturbed face revealed a smile and he happily said, ’’Let me tell you a piece of good news, I will begin to offer an egg fried rice combo from this afternoon onwards.’’

’’Really? That was quick. In that case, why didn't you talk about the combo meal earlier? If you had, I could've tasted it earlier.’’ Wu Hai rejoiced happily at first. Only after that did he think that he should've been the first one to taste it.

’’I already said that I'll only start to provide it in the afternoon. I'm about to close the shop, so you should head back now. It will reopen in the afternoon.’’ Yuan Zhou was anxious about his reward and hastily chased Wu Hai out in an agitated manner.

Wu Hai was slightly relieved after hearing that Yuan Zhou would only provide them in the afternoon. Once he heard that Yuan Zhou was going to close his doors and prepare, he couldn't refrain anticipating the taste. After all, the egg fried rice was already that delicious. What sort of stuff is capable of complementing the egg fried rice? Wu Hai decided to take a stroll as he thought about it.


Once Wu Hai was out the entrance, Yuan Zhou immediately closed the door and returned to the shop. When he was back in the shop, he brought up the system and began to check his level.

Objective: The Culinary God System will help you learn Chinese and Western cooking to become the world's number one chef.

Host: Yuan Zhou(Ordinary Human Being of the Han race)

se*: Male

Age: 24

Physical Strength: C (Reaction speed, power, coordination, sensitivity - total grade)

Culinary Talent: Unknown

Skills: divine class egg fried rice

Items: None

Five Factors of Culinary Skills: Newbie Recruit

(A newcomer that had recently learned how to cook egg fried rice.)

Rank: 1

(Congratulations to the host for finally raising a rank.)

System Summary: This system has a total of 9 ranks. From rank 1 onwards, a snack matching the area will be situationally given for every increase in rank. Once rank 9 has been achieved, the system will automatically appraise you as a culinary god whose skills transcend godhood. May the host try his best in ranking up.

’’How can I rank up?’’ Yuan Zhou immediately brought up a crucial point in the question.

The system: ’’One can level up by finishing missions assigned by the system.’’

’’What is it like when one ascends to rank 9?’’ Yuan Zhou was curious about the rank 9 assigned by the system. There was currently not more than ten people on this earth that was capable of making such an egg fried rice as he could, but he was currently only a rank 1 and his assessment was merely that of a newbie recruit. If that's the case, how stunning would it be if he became a rank 9?

The system: ’’It's possible to make dishes that emit light.’’

Yuan Zhou rubbed his eyes, looked again and saw the words 'dishes that emit light' was still displayed.

’’How on earth could dishes that emit light by themselves exist in reality? By adding fluorescence powder?’’ Yuan Zhou, who was powerless to come up with a comeback, was practically speechless.

The system displayed: ’’After the host had sufficiently ranked up, the ingredients will not be confined to that from the host's planet.’’

The words ’’interplanetary ingredients’’ dropped on Yuan Zhou's head with a pow. This had gone beyond the realms of fiction, he hadn't expected that he would actually eat food from other planets, and what's more, would be made by himself.

However, there was still a pressing question.

’’Will aliens come to this world?’’

Saving the world was every boy's dream when they were small and a result of watching too much Ultraman.

The system: ’’Unable to answer as host's rank is too low.’’


Yuan Zhou saw that familiar sentence and was speechless. He was on the verge of tears.

’’Speaking of which, I wonder what ingredients that emit light will look like. Should I watch 'Chuka Ichiban' from the beginning once more?’’

Yuan Zhou, whose line of thought was beginning to go out of hand, was once again thinking about the look of the shining ingredients.

’’Will you provide ingredients like 'Toriko' in the future?’’

The system: ’’Host's rank is too low, may the host give his best in ranking up.’’

’’That's fine then, guess I am thinking too much.’’

With a roll of his eyes, Yuan Zhou contemplated for a while and decided to ask about some of the more realistic matters instead.

’’When can the ingredients you provide be taken out of the store?’’

The system: ’’Once the host has reached rank 7, he will receive the right to take out a portion of cooking ingredients that's equivalent to a feast of ten people.’’

’’Alright then, when can you increase the seats within the restaurant?’’

Because of the popularity of the egg fried rice at present, eight seats had soon became inadequate. Yuan Zhou wanted to add seats to increase his revenue;after all, for a plate of egg fried rice, he himself was only allocated ten percent of the cost.

The system: ’’May the host give his best in ranking up. Seats will be unlocked in rank 2.’’

’’Seems like I'll have to wait a little more.’’

At this point, Yuan Zhou managed to remember something as he thought about the amount of profit he was making. He had been too excited earlier, and had forgotten to broach the matter of potentially raising his share.

’’System, when can my share be raised?’’

The system: ’’The host's share will increase by ten percent for every increase in rank.’’

’’Does this mean that I can withdraw twenty percent now? Yuan Zhou, who was pleasantly surprised, felt a bit muddled due to the suddenness.

The system: ’’The host can refer to the profit allotment by himself, there is no need for further enquiries.’’

Twenty percent of 188RMB would meant that he would get 37.6 a plate, approximately speaking, such income meant that the money for the renovation would be rapidly earned back.

Yuan Zhou, whose eyes are sparkling, was really satisfied with this. That was indeed a neat profit.

’’I wonder if I should taste how delicious the newly awarded egg fried rice is or claim the reward first?’’

After getting an idea of what he wanted, Yuan Zhou decisively retrieved his reward.

But this time, the reward was a little different...


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