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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Yuan Zhou's principles

A portion of egg fried rice at five times the price would be 1000 rmb;two portions would come up to 2000. Yuan Zhou's mathematics was actually pretty good;at least when it came to money, he was very good at counting it.

But do you think that 2000 rmb would be able to dispatch me?

I am not ashamed to tell you that it's possible!

However, it was of no use. Yuan Zhou coyly smiled and said: ’’I'm sorry, but that's out of the question.’’

’’Oi! What do you mean by that? Is five times the price still insufficient?’’ Zou Heng hadn't expected that he would still be rejected and angrily asked.

Yuan Zhou felt bitterness in his heart, but he didn't say anything and only stared at Zou Heng in silence. Needless to say, it was Zou Heng's wallet that Yuan Zhou was actually looking at, he was currently thinking of the interior that was loaded with money and yet didn't belong to him. Someone was currently willing to offer those bills to him, yet he was actually doing his utmost to reject them. It was truly a shitty feeling.

Why should he be blamed for the rules the system set?

Except, in Yin Ya's eyes, such an expression by Yuan Zhou had been interpreted as anger as a result of the humiliating nature of Zou Heng's actions. In Yin Ya's eyes, Yuan Zhou was an extraordinary genius that had exceptionally strong principles.

’’I'm sorry for what just happened, boss. Really sorry. It's mainly because he was feeling rather tired today.’’ Yin Ya couldn't care less for anything else. Pulling at Zou Heng, she began to walk towards the exit.

’’Lil Ya, what are you pulling me for? It's my treat today, I will definitely be able to let you eat your fill.’’ Zou Heng was feeling a bit ridiculous;he was simply planning on spending a bit more money to buy another portion. In his mind, there was nothing money couldn't buy in this era.

As for rules? There was a second generation child that had phrased it best;rules was something drawn up for poor people to abide by.

Although Zou Heng was not a second generation child, as one of the top two in the company's sale department, his salary was calculated annually. It was entirely possible for him to earn thirty thousand in a year. If it was him, he absolutely would never have come just for this sort of egg fried rice that cost a few hundred bucks. But this time, he'd invited a woman that he admired, so it went without saying that he would follow her wishes. However, now that he couldn't even buy a plate of egg fried rice, he couldn't help but feel a bit useless.

’’Zou Heng, let's leave first. As for the matter of the project, we shall speak again tomorrow.’’ Yin Ya pulled Zou Heng towards the door with all her heart and soul and didn't have the mood to answer the rest.

’’Lil' Ya, wait for a moment.’’

Seeing that Zou Heng kept requesting that she let go of his hands, Yin Ya's temper also flared. She let go of his hands, stepped back into a corner whilst holding on to her handbag and planned not to intervene anymore.

’’Rest assured, Lil' Ya. All will be fine soon.’’ Zou Heng also knew that Yin Ya was somewhat angry at the moment, but his line of thought was very simple. As long as he could accomplish this matter, everything else could be resolved by flattering her.

Yuan Zhou was in a corner watching the two tangling with each other. At that moment, Zou Heng walked up to him and said.

’’Boss, one opens a shop for the purpose of making business. This principle of yours is unconducive to the development of your business, don't you think so?’’

Seeing that Yuan Zhou was only looking at him and not responding, Zou Heng continued his kung fu of glib-talking.

’’How about this? You give us another serving for today and I will also not take advantage of you. I'll directly give you five times the price for it and more, I'll introduce some business to you.’’

Speaking up to this point, he looked around Yuan Zhou's small restaurant and continued: ’’After all, boss, your shopfront is rather small. Although your egg fried rice is one of the most delicious things I have tasted, without anybody to promote it for you, these days, that price tag of yours would scare away quite a number of people at first glance.’’

’’Nowadays, deeply buried gold cannot shine. Isn't that right, boss?’’

Zou Heng was truly an expert in sales. With just a few sentences, he had pointed out the flaws in Yuan Zhou's shop. Only, he hadn't anticipated that Yuan Zhou's little shop wasn't just the ’’gold nugget’’ that he thought it was Yuan Zhou had the Culinary God System behind him.

This sort of question had long been thought of by the intelligent Yuan Zhou, but the system had basically forbade him to do his own advertisement. Indeed, the reason was simple and savage.

These were the words that the system displayed: ’’As a culinary god, additional advertisement is an insult to your craft, your advertisement can only be through word of mouth.’’

After looking at that, Yuan Zhou could only think of one thing, and that was that the idea presented by the system was actually so reasonable that he was actually left speechless.

The current Yuan Zhou was calm and collected, looking at Zou Heng showing off his knowledge in various ways. After which, with a clear-cut, merciless tone, he rejected, ’’There's no need.’’

’’Eh...’’ Zou Heng, who was originally talking non-stop, was struck dumb in an instant.

’’It's pretty late now so I'm closing up, pretty miss. Have you seen the time?’’

After glancing at the time, Yuan Zhou spoke to Yin Ya directly and directly ignored Zou Heng after.

’’I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time. Boss, your egg fried rice is really delicious, it's a shame there wasn't any soup though, I love drinking some soup.’’

Yin Ya revealed a smile, her words carrying admiration in them. A genius was truly a genius;they wouldn't betray their principles over a little money.

Yin Ya was quite happy to see Yuan Zhou reject Zou Heng. She rather disliked men such as Zou Heng, who made use of work that she couldn't reject to approach her. However, her mood dropped even further because he had made her drop her normal persona and humiliate herself. Therefore, her favorable expression towards Yuan Zhou, who was seemingly in the same boat as her, had deepened considerably.

’’It's possible. I will release an egg fried rice set in a couple of days, and soup will be included. Be sure to give it a try when the moment comes.’’ Yuan Zhou wasn't lacking when it came to being patient with beautiful woman.That came from twenty plus years experience of being a lone dog, who knew when heaven would allow a beautiful woman to fall in love with him.

’’That's nice, I will see you then, boss.’’ Saying so, Yin Ya turned and headed out the door, not bothering with Zou Heng, who was still a little stunned at being rejected.


’’The gentleman over here, we're closed for the day, please come again.’’

Yuan Zhou began to drive people away without any reservations in his heart.


Hearing Yuan Zhou's words, Zou Heng finally awoke. Without saying anything, he turned and headed out the door as well, chasing after Yin Ya.


Verbal reputation was a very strange kind of influence, since it originated by the word of mouth. However, in the process of passing on from mouth to mouth, it would change its shape prematurely, transforming from its original color. The modern man was cautious, and would carry an suspicious attitude even if it was a restaurant that had a high verbal reputation. After all, truth had also proven that food spread by word of mouth were not that delicious too.

However, such a thing would never happen at Yuan Zhou's small restaurant. No matter if it was someone that had come here after getting the news that were circulating in Sun Ming's group or one of the guests Yin Ya brought in, what awaited them here was only a pleasant surprise.

As for the small mustache man whose house stood opposite, he had soon become Yuan Zhou's loyal customer. He would definitely be here for three meals everyday and would ask for a second serving in passing.

Perhaps he was unhappy with the simplicity and crudeness of the shop as well as the exotic rule here, but after eating the egg fried rice, he was entirely at ease.

Everyone was always tolerant when it came to geniuses. Yuan Zhou, who was able to make such a delicious egg fried rice, was undoubtedly a genius, and people were always willing to accept the various demands he made.

As for Yuan Zhou, he had been requesting that the system make all kinds of calligraphic script on the rim of the restaurant's price list ever since the second day had passed.

’’This shop does not provide any other things except egg fried rice.’’

’’For any dish, everyone can only be provided with one serving every meal, no refills can nor will be provided.’’

These two sentences were all written with a paint brush. With that, anytime someone requested another serving, Yuan Zhou would give a hint in a composed manner by glancing at the price list in an attempt to save himself from wasting too much saliva.

Speaking of which, he really had to thank the system. As a chef, the system would provide Yuan Zhou with clean water. A regular glass cup would automatically refill itself once the contents had been drunk dry. Every time, it would be seventy percent filled and at the perfect temperature. It was like a stream of water that one would never be able to finish. As with the rest, there was no way to bring it out of the restaurant.

Moreover, the taste of the water was especially sweet. In this respect, Yuan Zhou had even asked if he would be able to provide such a fresh tasting water to his customers. These water was much tastier than the spring water of foreign brands, Evian and the rest were basically garbage water when compared to it.

Needless to say, the system's answer was as cold hearted as before. The words it displayed were, ’’Host's rank is too low, you're not allowed to.’’

With the blessing of verbal reputation, the business in Yuan Zhou's small restaurant had begun to turn for the better. One had to practically wait for a seat in the afternoon, and it was at that period that the amount of customers wishing to do takeaways began to increase more and more.

At that moment, Yuan Zhou once again added another sentence to the wall, and this was what he wrote.

’’This shop does not provide any takeaway service.’’


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