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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 16


Chapter 16: Capabilities fully displayed(Part 2)


Seeing Hou Zi get crisply rejected in that manner, Ah Li and Sun Ming couldn't help but laugh. On the other hand, the rest of the few that had come along had more than a couple of misgivings.

They believed that since Hou Zi had already put things in such a manner, as the boss, he should at least placate him with one or two sentences and give him a small side dish or something. How could he ignore his feelings and cut him off like that?

But seeing that Hou Zi only shrugged, stepped forward and sat down, the few of them could only step forward and take their seats as well.

At that moment, Qian Jianshe sat down on the chair, pointed to a distant flower rack and asked.

’’Boss, your store isn't that big to begin with, wouldn't placing flowers there take up space?’’

It went without saying that Yuan Zhou was largely discontent with merely eight chairs, but since only he was to blame for his low rank, he could only endure. But now that this fatty dared to point out his achilles heel, he felt his nerve being struck. Despite bearing the emotion reminiscent of ten thousand alpacas galloping together in a wave*, there was, however, not the slightest change in his expression.

TL Note: Literal meaning is to tell someone to **rew his mom ten thousand time. A more figurative meaning is that someone is both discontent and hopeless about a situation.

’’That's because it's pretty.’’ Yuan Zhou said unenthusiastically, a pretentious expression on his face.

’’...’’ Qian Jianshe felt his balls ache.

Great. This time, Qian Jianshe had been rendered speechless. In the end, it was up to Sun Ming to once again make a straightforward order of egg fried rice for each person.

’’Please wait a moment, it shall soon be ready.’’ Yuan Zhou replied, his tone recovering its usual courteousness once again. Turning around, he returned to the kitchen and began cooking.

’’The owner has quite the personality.’’ The group owner, Yi Yuan smiled as he glanced at Hou Zi and Qian Jianshe who had been struck speechless one after the other.

’’Not only does he have quite the personality, he also has his own principles too. But that, guys will find out in a while.’’

Hou Zi remarked as he turned his head towards Yi Yuan. Before, he was sitting on a chair and staring at the busy Yuan Zhou who was currently in the kitchen, and then gazing with eyes of envy at the small moustache man who was currently eating with a face of enjoyment.

’’I couldn't care less. I'm alright as long as the food is delicious’’ Zhou Yan, who was currently wearing a trim suit and sitting upright, didn't seem to mind that one bit.

’’You're right that the tastiness of the food is all that matters, but you can't even get a cup of water here?’’ Mr. Ricebucket A.K.A Zhang Daming, looked around and saw that there was nothing on the table;no cups, no chopsticks, no paper towel, nothing.

’’The owner had already said that they do not provide things other than egg fried rice at present. That includes tea and peas.’’

Sun Ming could be considered as quite familiar with this place, hence he served as a guide and explained the rules of this place. Ah Li and Hou Zi, on the other hand, stood at a side and just repeated what he said. However, all of them had a very tacit understanding to leave the most important thing unsaid.

This situation was exactly like the time Harry Potter participated in his school entrance ceremony;people who had experienced it before would never explain it to someone who had just enrolled. That was a supreme pleasure that one experienced from trolling others after being trolled themselves.

The most proficient person in socializing, Jian Qianshe, gazed at the small moustache guy sitting beside him. Ever since the egg fried rice had been served, that guy had never once raised his head and was just continuously eating his rice. Moreover, as a grown man, he had been using his spoon to scoop up the rice and eat it one mouthful at a time*. It was very uncomfortable to look at.

(TL Note: Chinese eat their rice with their chopsticks.)

’’Is that egg fried rice really that delicious?’’ Qian Jianshe asked in a suspicious manner.

Hearing that question, only then did the small moustache man who was earnestly eating raise his head. However, he did not opened his mouth to speak and only nodded his head before continuing to eat his egg fried rice.

This scene had been taken in by the newly arrived group owner Yi Yuan and a few others. If Lil' moustache's behaviour wasn't because he was starved for a number of days, it would truly mean that the food here was really delicious. In their minds, they were even more expectant of the egg fried rice Yuan Zhou was making.

’’It's done. Gentlemen, here are your fried rice dishes.’’

According to the order, Yuan Zhou first gave it to the fatty Qian Jianshe, following by Hou Zi, Yi Yuan, Zhang Daming and the others.

Sweeping his gaze past, Zhang Daming murmured: ’’An egg fried rice that doesn't even have any scallion on it.’’

’’This was truly an egg fried rice that's true to form. As expected, it only consists of egg and rice.’’ This time, even Yi Yuan ridiculed it.

As for Hou Zi, Ah Li and Sun Ming who had previously visited, they immediately began to eat and wasn't the least bit bothered about the ridiculing comments the rest were making.

After carefully examining whether the spoon was clean, Zhou Yan scooped the first mouthful and placed it into his mouth. The instant the egg fried rice entered his mouth, his solemn expression immediately changed. Lowering his head to look at the egg fried rice and his spoon again, he scooped another mouthful into his mouth once more at high speed.


The pleasure of food lay in being able to let the person eating it, relax their whole body and put their soul into it. Like a wonderful savoury trip, Zhou Yan was submerged in happiness, to the point where he wanted to indulge in them and throw everything away.

As for the remaining few, the expression on their faces had turned into happiness and contentment, as if they had finally gotten something that they had wanted for so long.

In the hierarchy of basic needs, food ranked second. It was obvious how important it was. Everyone was akin to a wanderer in the desert that had met rain after being dehydrated and starving for three months. They all were trying their utmost to swallow the egg fried rice ahead of them.

*Smacking their lips*

Good times tend to be short, especially when it comes to delicious food. Just when everyone was just feeling full and satisfied with eating, the delicacy on the plate was already gone.


The inexperienced quartet, including the group owner who had finished first, were sitting on the chair and were beginning to recall the taste of the wonderful egg fried rice.

Yuan Zhou realized that he had formed a habit just a few days after the shop's inception. In this case, it involved watching the people who yielded to the taste of the egg fried rice he made, and see them expose a happy expression.

This made him feel like he had achieved something. At the same time, he was very proud of his dish. As for the him that put on a pretentious attitude and silently stood aside? It was just an illusion.

After Jin Qianshe saw that his plate was cleaner than his face, an astonished expression crept onto his face. ’’Is that it? Why do I feel like I haven't started?’’ After coming back to his senses, he began to look towards Yuan Zhou and asked.

’’Boss, this is truly the first time in my life I've eaten such a delicious egg fried rice. I feel like my entire being had ascended to the heavens. You are truly a top-notch chef.’’ The fatty Jin Qianshe was never reserved when he began to praise someone.

’’To be honest, I feel like I'll starve myself thin if such a fried rice is unavailable to me in the future.’’ As he said that, he patted his fat belly and made it seem very convincing.

After the last strand of the egg fried rice flavor had disappeared from his mouth, Qian Jianshe spoke, his small eyes burning with sincerity.

’’Give me another three servings, boss. Once I'm done, help me take away two packets. I'll be taking them away in a moment.’’

’’I'm sorry, but we only provide one serving for each customer every meal. Regarding takeaway services, as our shop is small, we currently do not provide that service.’’ Saying which, Yuan Zhou exposed his proper polite smile.

After Yuan Zhou had finished speaking, Qian Jianshe sat, dazed, as he digested those words. After staring at him for quite some time, Qian Jianshe said, ’’Boss, doesn't one portion of your egg fried rice cost 188RMB? No, you can rest assured that I will fork out the money. If there isn't any cases, you can simply use a bowl. I don't mind if I have to put down a deposit or pay for the plate. Really.’’

Qian Jianshe even nodded as he spoke, implying that he would definitely live up to his words.

’’This egg fried rice is truly delicious. This is the first time I've eaten such a delicious egg fried rice.’’ As a teacher, especially one in literature and language, Zhou Yan by right should know more beautiful words and sentences for praises. However, when faced with an egg fried rice whose deliciousness transcend boundaries, he could only reuse the two sentences.

’’Boss, please give me another two servings. For takeaways, just 1 packet will do.’’ When saying that, a strict Zhou Yan stroked his sleeves with unease. That was actually the first time he'd eaten three servings of egg fried rice alone.

’’Exactly, boss Yuan, your egg fried rice is so delicious that it's out of this world. It would be impossible to display your skill if I only eat it once.

’’Therefore, please help me take away 10 packets and another three that I can eat here. I am willing to patiently wait here.’’ Zhang Daming exposed his teeth and gave an extremely infuriating smile.

The group owner Yi Yuan was aloof in comparison, mainly because he was single. He only wanted to eat another 2 more servings here.


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