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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Capabilities fully displayed(Part 1)

As for Yin Ya, the other person who'd eaten the egg fried rice, she returned to the office once again in high spirits, and admitted her mistake to the director immediately.

Such were the rules of the workplace. As her superior, he only wanted results, and wasn't concerned with how the mistake happened. However, the director was still rather pleased to see Yin Ya taking the initiative to admit her faults, thus he placated her with a few sentences, and allowed her to leave.

Seeing that things had gone off without a hitch, Yin Ya felt even better. At this point, she began to think of the egg fried rice that had given her her good mood, and took out her phone to send a message to her friend circle.

[I managed to eat a super delicious egg fried rice this afternoon for the first time in my life oh how I wish I could eat it again.]

A beauty's charisma was generally pretty good, thus her post managed to gain over a hundred thumbs-ups inside her friends circle. Furthermore, guys with various intentions sunk into deep contemplation after seeing her new status.

On the other end however, the recently awoken Yuan Zhou was currently holding his phone and pondering a serious question.

Recently, with many store owners getting their own verified Weibo accounts, he began to wonder if he should apply for one too.

After pondering for half the day, Yuan Zhou chose to forget about it. Men like him, with goals and a unique perspective on things, didn't even chat on QQ;asking him to use Weibo was practically the same pushing him down a mountain.

Seeing that it had already become four o'clock, Yuan Zhou put down his phone and got up from his bed with a leap. After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he went downstairs to open up his shop.

As a chef, Yuan Zhou was extremely mindful of both his health and his personal hygiene.

However, the omnipotent system naturally had a method to cope with this matter it would scan Yuan Zhou's body once a day to ensure that his body was healthy.

Even his minor myopia that came from him burning the midnight oil to read novels had been cured by the system so that he could examine ingredients in greater detail. The current Yuan Zhou would have no issues even if he were to want to become a sperm donor. Naturally, that was something he wouldn't do. After all, it'd be a sin if his superior genes were to fall into the hands of someone else.

’’Hou Zi, Ah Li, this way.’’ The two people who were currently looking around, as if they were searching for someone, turned their heads and saw four people standing opposite the plaza.

The person that had called them was actually a user that had the username 'I'm an old glutton' online, and was a short and fat male whose real name was Qian Jianshe.

Wearing a tank top and big shorts, he was like a grandpa that had gone out for a stroll. There was no way that he resembled an office worker that simply sat in an office, surfing the web.

Standing beside Qian Jianshe was the group's owner. What the group's owner, Yi Yuan, wore was much more formal;he was wearing a western-styled outfit of superior quality from head-to-toe. Just by looking at him, one could feel a pretentious look on his face. This appearance was something that he relied on as for a charade in his formal work to sell insurance. The bright side however, was that his salary was pretty high.

Since he needed to travel around a lot, along with eat food and such with his clients, he created such a group in the hopes that the others would recommend him restaurants to go to, whose food tasted good. After all, it'd be really embarrassing for him if he were to invite his clients out to eat something that turned out to be inedible. This group had already developed to the point where it had, as of now, become a foodie gathering place.

As for the person standing beside Sun Ming, his real name was Zhang Daming, and he had the username 'Mr. Ricebucket' on the web.

He was the supposedly the youngest group member that they'd seen in the group. From what the others had heard him say, he was only twenty three years old. The only key difference was that, while everyone else knew what each other's respective jobs were, everything about this Zhang Daming was unknown, except for his name and age. Only when someone recommended a delicacy, would he be bound to attend. As time passed, people no longer paid him any heed. Everyone had originally joined the group for food, not to be close acquaintances with each other.

'Bystander 1234', Zhou Yan, was currently standing at a corner in a stern manner, wearing an ordinary white shirt and a pair of black trousers. One could clearly see that there wasn't a single wrinkle on his clothing. At the beginning, everyone thought that Zhou Yan was pretty serious about the gathering, but after they interacted with him more, they found that his meticulousness was just his personality, just like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that was popular on the internet these days. ’’Anything and everything must be done to the best possible way.' With such a high standard, it's no wonder he became a teacher.

’’You're the last two that're left. Everyone else brought their cars along. Sun Zi and Hou Zi will lead the way in front, and we'll be following them from behind.’’

’’Sorry about that, parking took quite a bit of time. Well then, let's be off.’’ Hou Zi explained briefly, and took the lead to walk towards the parking lot, preparing to make his way towards Yuan Zhou's small restaurant.


’’Lil' Ya, do you have some free time tonight? If so, let's have dinner together.’’ Zou Heng from the sales department asked in front of Yin Ya's table. He'd hurried to come before work ended.

Yin Ya saw Zou Heng's looking at her with a fervent gaze, and was at a bit of a loss.

That guy, Zou Heng, had either intentionally or unintentionally revealed his thoughts of wooing her, but whenever she wanted to reject him, he'd talk about work related matters once again, and would make everything seem as if it was all a work affair, making her unable to give him a proper rejection.

It also wasn't right to say that the problem lay with Zou Heng. He was a famous business expert in the sales department, and his personality was both enthusiastic and honest. Although his looks were average, finding a boyfriend nowadays couldn't just be purely about appearances merely, Yin Ya truly didn't have any feelings for him. Just when she'd fallen into a conundrum on how to resolve this, Zou Heng spoke again.

He said, ’’Lil' Ya, this is about the project plans that Director Wang mentioned last time. Didn't he put you in charge of communicating with the sales department? The guys on our side passed the other side of that to me.’’ After saying this, he raised his arm to look at his watch, then said, ’’Let's hurry and clock out. We can discuss this while we eat, as the faster we finish our talks, the faster my side can get to work.’’

’’I'll let you decide the place.’’ After saying this, Zou Heng looked at Yin Ya seriously.

’’Alright, let's go and eat some egg fried rice then. It's simple, and we can properly discuss our work matters there.’’ Yin Ya replied, her voice carrying a tone of helplessness.

Merely wishing that she could improve how she felt a little bit, she'd thought of the egg fried rice that she'd had in the afternoon all of a sudden, and had said it out in passing.

Meanwhile, the person who'd accomplished his objectives, Zou Heng, smiled and left, intending to wait at the office entrance for Yin Ya.

There were a lot of things that happened when one was unprepared, an example of which was something that unfolded at that moment.

A customer entered when Yuan Zhou had just opened the shop, or rather, a curious potential customer to be more precise.

’’Boss, does your egg fried rice really only cost 188RMB?’’ The curious customer had a small mustache, was about thirty or so years old, and seemed to have an occupation related to artistry.

’’That's right, how about you have taste?’’

’’I saw a customer come out of your place with a happy expression before, it shouldn't taste too bad. Oh, right, I live on the second floor, opposite to you.’’ The man with the little moustache briefly explained, probably afraid of being treated as a peeping tom.

’’You'll know once you eat it.’’ Yuan Zhou said while motioning for him to sit down.

’’Are you planning to give me a sample, boss?’’ The man with the small moustache asked as he sat down with a smile.

’’Of course not, if you want to try it, you should just order a plate. Giving it to you free is naturally impossible.’’

Yuan Zhou exposed his proper polite smile, and said whilst bearing his teeth.

The thought that flashed across his mind however, was, 'What sort of ridiculous joke are you trying to pull here?! Even I had to fork cash whilst trying to eat, much less you!'

’’I'll try a plate, then.’’

After contemplating it for about a minute, the man with the small moustache opened his mouth and said.

’’Okay, coming right up.’’

On the other end, the cohort made up of the few cars and their owners quickly reached the deserted side street.

ED: On the other end here is like a scene switch, to showcase that they've gone back to a different group's perspective.

’’Hou Zi, you guys sure are adept at finding places. They're always in this sort of small alley.’’ Carefully parking his car whilst not forgetting to interject a few sentences, Qian Jianshe was, on the contrary, pretty agile. Not only did he finish parking his own car, he even helped Yi Yuan and the others park theirs.

’’Did you see that shop without a signboard? That's the one. Let's go.’’ Hou Zi was already accustomed to Qian Jianshe's words, and only pointed ahead of them for the others to see.

Whilst chatting, they entered the store.

’’Boss, we're here again, and we've even brought you some business. I know you're capable, and don't need me to speak out of turn, but I've brought a number of people for you. Do you think that I could get another serving tonight?’’

...Once he'd entered the door, Hou Zi begun to passionately blather a whole bunch of words. Needless to say, the last sentence was where the main point lay.

Seeing that Hou Zi was so frank and upright about it, Yuan Zhou couldn't bring himself to lie, and directly replied in a clear-cut manner, ’’No.’’



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