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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: The divine class egg fried rice begins to show its brilliance

That beautiful lady really was someone from Jiangnan. Her name was Yin Ya, and she used to study at a university in Rongcheng*. After graduating, she stayed back to work and was now working inside the office building, located on the highland at the back, as the director's secretary. The salary she was receiving wasn't too bad either, around thirty thousand RMB a month at the very least.

TL Note: Rongcheng is just another name for Chengdu.

As for why she was willing to eat a plate of egg fried rice that cost 188RMB on impulse, that was because she had been snitched on by Xiao Zhang, a secretary assistant similar to herself, to the point that the director had severely criticized her for it. This made Yin Ya, who had never been treated that unjustly before, feel wronged, so she decided to have some good food to vent it all out.

However, since she had more or less visited all of the small eateries, she was prepared to find a store which she hadn't eaten at before to order a few dishes and properly vent her anger. The store's ambiance and exterior gave her a pretty good vibe and walked in. Who knew that, after excluding the fact that the store only sold egg fried rice, a small plate of egg fried rice actually sells for 188RMB.

Originally, she didn't want to eat, but then she had second thoughts. She wanted to vent. If it's 188, then so be it.

Yin Ya raised her head to look at the owner who was currently putting his all into frying the rice. She was thinking of getting her group of friends to boycott this place if the food was bad. After all, this restaurant was very close to her workplace.

I will drive this restaurant out of business, and close its door for good!

’’This is your egg fried rice, please enjoy.’’ Yuan Zhou was quick as always.

’’Thank you.’’

Yin Ya placed her phone down and raised her head to look at Yuan Zhou. With a faint, polite smile, she picked up her spoon and began to eat.

As an assistant, her etiquette had no flaws.

The golden dazzling egg fried rice had unexpectedly aroused her ravenous appetite.

’’That aroma...’’

When one whiff crept into Yin Ya's petite jade-like nose, saliva immediately began to secrete in her mouth. There was only one thing in her mind, I have to eat this!

A crisp noise sounded when the spoon touched the plate, and Yin Ya tasted the first mouthful of the egg fried rice. The deliciousness of the rice and the delectability of the egg were wonderfully combined, almost like eating a ginseng fruit. At that moment, all of the pores in her body opened.

Whatever thoughts she had been thinking a moment ago, such as messaging her group of friends if it wasn't delicious and the trouble she had been carrying had all been completely forgotten.

'Good' was a word that can only be said once.

As her parents were teachers, Yin Ya's family circumstances weren't too bad ever since childhood. Now, holding a salary that wasn't too little, all she needed to do was provide for herself. Her life could be considered extravagant;she would occasionally reward herself with a great meal and would also sometimes spend two to three thousand on good food in a month.

As a beautiful woman, she would also occasionally be courted by people. During those times, fresh flowers, fine wine and a high class restaurant were a guaranteed matter, but even so, Yin Ya had never ate a better egg fried rice anywhere else.

She had a feeling that she was completely incapable of mentioning the food from the private restaurant that she and her colleague went with last time in the same breath as this plate of egg fried rice, let alone compare them. That restaurant was a place that was one of the top three, and required one to make reservations half a month in advance and cost them more than 3000 RMB in total.

’’This owner is truly skillful!’’

Under the magical influence of the egg fried rice, the graceful and aloof Yin Ya, for the first time ever, felt like she wanted to abandon her refined woman image and lick her plate. Naturally, thanks to the strict education she had from childhood, she had managed to resist from such an action. She only raised her hair and confidently spoke with a smile.

’’Sorry, can I have another one please?’’

Yin Ya was a little embarrassed after asking. As a beautiful woman, asking for seconds in public was a bit embarrassing. When all was said and done, her figure should be her number one priority.

’’I'm sorry, but we can only provide one serving per customer for every meal.’’ Yuan Zhou was always a bit more patient and kind towards beautiful girls. Beautiful object can always lift someone's mood, after all.

’’I see, what time do you close?’’ Having been rejected, Yin Ya blinked her almond-like eyes in a somewhat astonished manner and immediately changed the topic.

Seeing that the female did not inquire any further, Yuan Zhou was both happy and disappointed. Wouldn't there be a lot more conversational topics if you would ask a few more things? However, it seemed that her stomach had already yielded to his cooking skill.


’’I see, the bill please.’’

Yin Ya gracefully handed over the money and left. Even though she was a bit shocked at how her request had been rejected, it wasn't to the point of anger. Every place had their own rule, let alone a restaurant which was capable of selling such delicious egg fried rice.

She also wasn't the kind of woman who believed that the world should bend to her requests just because of her beauty. Naturally, people with that sort of personality was also unfit to be the director's assistant.

’’Thank you for your patronage, please visit us again next time.’’

Yuan Zhou said that sentence with genuineness and sincerity.

Noon quickly passed. If it was an ordinary small eatery, they would now have to prepare tonight's ingredients and replenish what they sold in the afternoon.

The vegetables that required washing, the rice that needed to be cooked, ingredients like vegetables that need to be cut beforehand, those numerous and chaotic tasks took an entire afternoon to finish.

It was an exhausting thing to open a restaurant alone, even as a married couple. There was an ever increasing amount of things that needed to be prepared, and was something that Yuan Zhou had deep knowledge about in the past.

As of this moment, all Yuan Zhou needed to do was close up the shatters and head back upstairs to sleep.

The food ingredients had been prepared by the system and were all in the shelves. No matter how much got used, the missing amount would be replenished on the second day. As for the quantity inside, Yuan Zhou had tried counting them, but once he counted up to three hundred eggs, he realized that there were a lot more inside and gave up.

The current kitchen was like a gathering ground for forbidden technology and Yuan Zhou had already learned how to be calm and collected during the system's surprises.

Dishwashing and what not had been completely entrusted to that high tech dishwashing machine.

Thus, Yuan Zhou's work had been left to the bare essentials, the rest was left to the system.

As the saying goes, 'the sky is boundless and the fields are vast'. Yuan Zhou fell into deep sleep immediately.

TL Note: What the saying means was that Yuan Zhou was feeling refreshed and satisfied at the moment. Just like a gentle breeze blowing past a pasture and the grasses beginning to dance in response to it.

While Yuan Zhou was peacefully getting his afternoon nap, the people that had ate the egg fried rice were not as calm nor collected. The trio of Sun Ming, Hou Zi and Ah Li were trying various ways to aggressively promote the egg fried rice in the gluttony group chat.

The monkey on the tree: [Lil' Sun's recommended egg fried rice was totally delicious! The boss has quite a temperament too, let's meet tonight.]

Loud and clear: [Didn't I tell you all not to call me Lil' Sun? But it wasn't bad at all, right Monkey? Let's meet again tonight.]

I am an old glutton: [Didn't all of you go there in the morning? You're going at night too?]

Ah Li: [All of us are going.]

Mr. Ricebucket: [Didn't you catch a cold, Ah Li?]

Ah Li: [Yup, but it doesn't affect me one bit at all. It wasn't even the tiniest bit greasy.]

I am an old glutton: [Is it really that magical? To make you, who refuses to eat greasy food when catching a cold, to be able to eat it.]

Mr. Ricebucket: [Since you put it that way, I can't help but be a bit curious. I haven't had much luck in finding delicacies lately. Glutton, shall we go tonight?]

When the monkey on the tree, or rather Hou Zi, saw that two people had responded, his typing speed begun to speed up substantially. [Just come with us, Glutton. Let's meet at the center plaza before we set off together. If there's some other guys who wish to come, just bring yourself to the center plaza.]

I am a glutton: [You monkey, every time when there's trouble, you scuttle off the quickest. I'll see you there then. But if it isn't delicious, you'll have to compensate me with a roasted duck from Old Li's restaurant, got it?]

The monkey on the tree: [No problem. At that time, anyone who says it's not delicious can simply come find me!]

Glutton: [Since you've hyped it to such an extent, it seems that I have to really give it a try.]

The monkey on the tree: [The group owner is here! Rest assured, I'm willing to give it ten stars. This is a statement which I, Monkey, will not back down from.]

Sun Ming, who went by the web name 'Loud and clear', saw that his advertising attempt had drawn out even the owner of the group and hurriedly went online to provide support for his brother in the same camp.

Loud and clear: [That store was opened by my brother. If it isn't delicious, I'll also give out an Old Li's roasted duck to every person.’’]

The group owner, along with the temptation of two of Old Li's roasted duck had drawn a lot of lurkers out from hiding.

Bystander 1234: [Thinking of Old Li's roasted duck just made me drool. The skin is so crispy while the meat is so tender and juicy. And those dipping sauces too! Count me in, however, just don't blame me for being blunt if the food tastes terrible.’’]

At this point, Sun Ming and Hou Zi stopped and began to use various ways to praise the egg fried rice that afternoon.


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