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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 13


Chapter 13: The first genuine customer

Hou Zi was suspicious of Sun Ming, yet the latter had a magnanimous expression on him that allowed anyone to size him up.

’’Alright, let's eat first, we will leave the talking for later.’’ Ah Li saw that the atmosphere was pretty stiff and decided to mediate. No matter what was said, the most important was the taste of the food.

Mediating was simply mediating. His body being ill to begin with, Ah Li had never intended to eat. The trip this time was simply to satisfy his curiosity at Sun Ming's description of the food as something celestial, completely out of this world.

In Ah Li's imagination, greasy stir fried food such as this egg fried rice was something he definitely had no appetite for. After all, he couldn't even eat those oily buns in the morning, how would he be able to eat this greasy egg fried rice in the afternoon?

But the moment he lowered his head and saw the egg fried rice, Ah Li realized that he was wrong, outrageously wrong. There was totally no sight of the egg in this egg fried rice, and even the slightest smell of grease was absent. The only thing that belonged to the food, the fragrance, was threading its way straight into his nose.

A pleasant odor was capable of uplifting someone's mood. This idiom was probably most suited to describe this situation.

’’Maybe I should give this a try.’’ Ah Li thought while feeling a lot more energized.

As soon as his first spoonful had reached his mouth, Ah Li had also turned into someone who had been subdued by the charm of the divine class egg fried rice. He did not realize that the two beside him had almost finished eating. Their speed was simply like a whirlwind sweeping away the clouds, no different from someone who had been starving for three days.

A trace of amusement flashed across Yuan Zhou's lips. However, it wasn't a prideful smile, but more the sort that symbolized that things had fallen into his expectations. One had to know that he had been eating his own egg-fried rice as his every meal daily, yet he had not gotten even a bit sick of it. Moreover, he discovered that the taste had gotten even more delicious every time. This was definitely not him being a narcissist, though.

The things that the system awarded were just like skills. They would become even more delicious along with the increase in proficiency. However, since it was at the pinnacle of perfection at the beginning, the results was not obvious nor would it increase in stages. Unless someone had very sensitive tastebuds, others will only find it very delicious.

’’Holy cow, Lil' Sun, you finally found a rare gem.’’

’’I have eaten quite a number of delicious food in my extensive travels over the years, but this egg-fried rice was definitely the best dish I have ever eaten.’’

’’No wonder it costs 188 yuan. This money is something I will give willingly without complaint!’’

The first reaction Hou Zi and Ah Li did once they finished eating was to use what they felt to be the most lacking phrases in their mind to heap praises. Their second reaction after that was to...

’’Ah! This is just too delicious! Boss, give me another portion! No! Make it two portions! One portion is just too small.’’ Hou Zi was the first to finish eating. He smacked his lips as he handed over his plate and reflected over the taste.

’’It's very delectable indeed, give me another portion too, boss.’’ Ah Li followed up after.


The last to finish was Sun Ming, who began to laugh heartily in a corner without waiting for Yuan Zhou's reply.

This baffled both Hou Zi and Ah Li.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Sun Ming closed his mouth, which was smiling to the point of exposing his gums, feigned a profound tone and said: ’’At this place, a person can only eat one serving when they come for a meal.’’

After saying that, he couldn't restrain himself any longer and began to laugh again.

’’What?’’ Hou Zi was the first to react. He looked at Sun Ming and said in an angry manner.

’’Lil' Sun! Are you playing a prank on me!?’’

’’I'm not going to carry this blame. This is the rule Boss Yuan set, isn't that right, my revered Boss Yuan?’’ Sun Ming replied to Hou Zi in a strict manner while winking at Yuan Zhou.

Ah Li and Hou Zi saw that Sun Ming's tone was serious and turned their heads towards Yuan Zhou for confirmation.

’’Cough, that's true. At my place, I can only provide one serving to a person in each meal. The amount in each serving is just like others out there and will definitely not be any less.’’ Yuan Zhou placed his hand near his mouth, coughed slightly and explained earnestly.

While this explanation was no different than giving no explanation, everybody, with the exception of aliens, knew that when faced with something really delicious, they would unconsciously eat a bit more. While it had the same amount as the ones in other restaurants, when faced with such a delicious egg fried rice, even girls who often make a din about diet may have to ask for a second serving. However, they were now being told that they could only have one serving every time, if that isn't bullsh*t, what was?

Hou Zi and Ah Li were in a daze. What kind of a rule was this? How could there actually be someone who was unwilling to earn money?

’’Is there really no way I can have another portion? You see, I'm actually Lil' Sun's friend.’’ Hou Zi asked unwillingly, panicking to the point that he was scratching his ears and cheeks.

’’Who are you calling Lil' Sun? So what if you're my friend, I myself can only eat a portion and you're still thinking about two.’’ Sun Ming angrily looked at Hou Zi.

’’Boss look, I caught a cold today, do you think you're able to...’’ The blockhead, Ah Li had actually thought of using pitifulness as a weapon.

With a serious and strict expression, Yuan Zhou said: ’’I'm sorry, but rules are rules.’’

’’I really admire you, boss. No wonder you're such a capable person, there are fewer and fewer people that honor their rules these days.’’ Ah Li said.

Hou Zi raised his thumb. He too greatly respected people who honored their rules more than money. After all, society nowadays was more willing to cross their bottom lines for money.

In reality however, Yuan Zhou current feelings were, 'What kind of broken dogshit system rule is this, these are money we're talking about! Money! Money!'

’’Alright, at last, I know what your intention is. Come, let's go back and scam the others.’’ Hou Zi said while walking towards the exit.

’’How can that be scamming? We're just providing the address where delicacies could be found out of goodwill. Ah Li, let us head back.’’ Sun Ming also stood up like he did.

’’Mhm.’’ After knowing that there wasn't anything else to eat, Ah Li regained his slothful behaviour and the three began to walk outside as a group.

’’Safe travels.’’ Yuan Zhou said, while standing behind his counter.

’’We will visit next time, boss.’’ Hou Zi turned his head and said. In the middle, Sun Ming waved his hand at Yuan Zhou while Ah Li, walking behind them, smiled and nodded.

’’Please do, all of you are welcome.’’ Yuan Zhou replied with a smile too.

Perhaps today was a lucky day, as a customer arrived at the restaurant when it was close to 1. This time, it was a pampered looking customer.

The upper half of her body was wearing a small black corset, and the lower half an ash gray dress that reached up to her knees. With long black hair that split down the middle, a delicate and cute face wearing light makeup as well as a white coated handbag hanging from her arm, she looked refreshing and pleasant.

Clack, clack, clack.

Her white high heeled shoes struck out a musical rhythm on the floor.

Stepping forward and sitting down, she simply said: ’’Pass me the menu.’’ Her voice was graceful and the final sound of the syllable carried an accent like a delicate Jiangnan maiden.

’’We only provide egg fried rice here. Please take a look at the price list, and if you think that you're fine with it, I will then prepare it for you.’’ Yuan Zhou looked at the beauty in front of him and said.

’’Mhm? Okay.’’ The Jiangnan maiden was suspicious at the beginning, but responded and turned her head back for a look.

’’188 yuan? Fine then, I shall test if your egg fried rice is worth that value.’’ Her voice carried a trace of dissatisfaction, although there was not too much anger in it. Her tone had simply grown considerably colder.

’’Rest assured, you won't be disappointed.’’ Yuan Zhou said unreservedly. His heart was a bit stirred up when he saw that the beautiful girl was willing to give it a shot.

’’Alright then, but hurry up. I still have to go to work.’’ The Jiangnan maiden didn't seem to be bothered after seeing that the young owner was so confident. She took out her phone and looked at the new text messages she had just received.

Yuan Zhou was standing not too far away, hiding himself while looking at the beautiful girl's graceful and quick dining habits. He elt himself getting a bit hungry too. Whetting one's appetite by looking at pretty girls was certainly possible. After all, pretty ladies being a feast for one's eyes was indeed a saying that had been passed down from the ages.


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