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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Unusual Rule

Sun Ming was on bluetooth for a call while he drove. The way he multi-tasked was skillful, as the streets was pretty packed in the afternoon and he had to pay close attention to the road while also giving out directions.

’’Hou Zi , turn left ahead, I'll wait for you two in front of the shop.’’ Sun Ming carefully drove his car into the slightly narrow street as he gave the last of the directions to his friends.

’’Lil Sun, let me warn you beforehand, you took us brothers way further than we'd expected. If this thing doesn't taste good, you should be prepared to call me your granddaddy’’ The person on the other end of the phone was so exhausted from the traffic jam, he didn't even have energy left over to be angry;he could only hope that the shop Sun Ming discovered served delicious food.

’’Relax, you should hurry and bring Ah Li here’’ Sun Ming parked his car and saw that Yuan Zhou was already standing outside. He waved to him and hung up the phone.

Hou Zi and Ah Li, who was at the other end searching for a way to enter the narrow street, looked at each other in the eye.

The two were acquainted with Sun Ming through a delicacy group he participated in. As everybody was always introducing delicacies nearby to each other, they tend to get acquainted with each other by dining together. Sun Ming and these two seemed to get along really well, so he would share all the good stuff he had found with them. Even withthat restaurant's rule, he would never admit that he was deceiving his friends. After all, the egg fried rice was truly an ultimate delicacy .

’’Are you sure that such a tasty egg fried rice exists?’’ Hou Zi parted his lips first and asked. His appearance fit his name to a T. Leaving his emaciated figure aside, his arms were also exceptionally long. Contrastingly, his face was still acceptable, framed by a short hairstyle. Looking at him, one could tell that he was pretty energetic.

’’Perhaps.’’ Ah Li answered in a calm and easygoing manner. He had a sleep deprived look on his face.

Hou Zi took a few more glance at the drowsy-eyedAh Li. ’’You didn't sleep last night? Do you still have a cold?’’

’’Mhm, pretty much. Focus on driving, we are almost there.’’Ah Li ran his hand through his hair, crammed his tall body into the front passenger's seat and warned his friend while keeping an eye on the road ahead of them.

’’I don't need you to tell me that. Wake up, we're close.’’ Hou Zi took a coquettish turn into the narrow street and searched left and right for Sun Ming's car.

’’Over there,’’ he said as he pulled up beside Sun Ming's car. The two cars were so close to each other yet they didn't scrape each other in the slightest. , One look at that and one could tell that Hou Zi was adept at snatching parking spots.

’’Let's go, you better make it even tastier now that I've brought my friends here .’’ Sun Ming, who was about to pay his greetings, saw Hou Zi's superb parking style, and turned his head to impart that sentence to Yuan Zhou, continuing on ahead.

’’Leave it to me, I'll go and begin the preparations.’’ Yuan Zhou saw two unfamiliar guests, but didn't bother greeting them.

Yuan Zhou didn't have an enthusiastic personality to begin with. Unless he had to strike up a conversation with someone of few words, he would instead prefer to be alone, as that was he was accustomed to. When it was silent, he would rather listen to music, and his favourite activity when he was gloomy was counting his money. His mood would always take a turn for the better when he calculated his profits

His dream was to count his money until his hands cramped, and sleep until he woke up naturally. Needless to say, in reality it was actually him counting money until he woke up and sleeping until his hands cramped.


’’Hou Zi, Ah Li, this way.’’ Sun Ming took two steps forward and called out.

’’Lil' Suni, you said the place you found this time was really good, but it's jam packed as all hell outside but it's completely empty inside.’’ Hou Zi waited until Ah Li had slowly gotten out the car before closing the car door and speaking.

’’Of course, it's because this place is so immaculate that it has good food.’’ As Sun Ming said this, he turned around to point at Yuan Zhou's store. ’’This store is owned by a brother of mine.’’

Both Hou Zi and Ah Li raised their heads to take a look. At a glance, the exterior of this small store didn't seem at all remarkable. It was just that sort of ordinary housefly establishment. The only difference was that the entrance looked clean. Not in a hygienic clean sort of way, it was just bare to the point of missing even a signboard

’’This friend of yours didn't even put up a signboard?’’ Hou Zi couldn't be blamed for being a frog in the well. i Even though Hou Zi lived up to his name as a skinny monkey, he was known as a glutton within foodies and had eaten at many nameless little shops. Before he came, Sun Ming had said that this store was run by his friend, and hadn't even been in business for two days.

[T/N: Hou Zi means 'monkey'.]

The other nameless shops were either set up at one's home where it wasn't convenient to hang up a signboard, or had lost their signboards. He had yet to go to a shop like this that was clearly a proper store that had recently opened but didn't hang up a signboard.

’’Stop asking so many questions, just come and eat.’’ Sun Ming followed their gazes. With one glance, he too discovered that Yuan Zhou didn't even hang up a signboard, but it wasn't good for him to admit now that he himself had not been aware either. He brushed it off, leading the two inside the store.

On the way in, he saw Ah Li's listless appearance, and inquired about it. When Sun Ming heard he was sick, he devoutly declared, ’’Relax, you don't have any appetite today, but when you smell that aroma, you'll regain it.’’

’’Oh? Is it that amazing?’’ Ah Li's originally unwell appearance now looked a little lively.

*Pat Pat*

Sun Ming patted his own chest and said, ’’Relax.’’

’’Gentlemen, please wait a moment. The egg fried rice will be done soon.’’ Yuan Zhou took the time while frying rice to turn around and say to the just seated three guests.

The verdurous Hou Zi was the first to reply, ’’You do your thing, no worries. We'll look around first.’’

After speaking, he turned his head to examine the place. The store's furnishings weren't really strange;a small area and few chairs. The menu however, was strange. There was no way a restaurant that specialized in a type of food would only sell that particular food.

After all, if there was a demand, then there was a market for it. Small shops needed to comply to their customers' requests to do business. He asked directly, ’’Do you really only sell egg fried rice?’’

Having already completed the three servings of egg fried rice heading out, Yuan Zhou said, ’’That is how it is at present.’’

’’Oh? At present, then how long will it be until you sell other things?’’ Hou Zi assumed this was just another kind of marketing strategy. Firstly by coming out with this antic of selling egg fried rice, then bringing out an already prepared menu after attracting popularity. This was a very common occurrence .

Only that his usually always-accurate conjecture was wrong this time. He only heard Yuan Zhou say, ’’In one week, I will be adding a egg fried rice set meal. What comes after, I'll figure it out later, depending on my mood.’’

’’Eh...’’ This phrase 'depends on my mood' made Hou Zi a little speechless;however, seeing Yuan Zhou's antisocial appearance, he wisely decided not to ask.

’’Quickly come over and eat. If you're not going to come, I'm really going to eat your share.’’ Seeing the egg fried rice already being brought over, Sun Ming hastily said. When he spoke of eating Hou Zi's share, his expression was serious.

’’Alright, I'm coming.’’

’’Please enjoy.’’ Yuan Zhou held out his hand in an inviting gesture, displaying the proper mannerisms of a chef.

’’Where's the soup?’’ This time, the one speaking was Ah Li.

He asked after seeing that Yuan Zhou only brought over egg fried rice and nothing else.

’’My apologies. We do not provide soup accompaniment here, and naturally there are no side dishes either.’’ Although Yuan Zhou knew that these people were the friends of his own friend, the system was the most important

This had long been stipulated by the system. Godly Chef's Little Shop will not provide any food that did not come out from this system, and Yuan Zhou had no way to cook in Godly Chef's Little Shop with ingredients that weren't provided by the system. The reason for all of this was simply because his level was too low!

’’Alright.’’ Ah Li glanced at Sun Ming before looking back at Yuan Zhou, feeling a little helpless.

’’Ah Li, Hou Zi, have a look at the egg fried rice in front of you. Although they don't provide accompaniments, its value is absolutely worth more than its price. Sun Ming wanted to gorge himself at the moment it was carried over, but these people were brought by himself so he still had to give them an explanation.

’’Okay, but this shop of your brother is plenty strange. Who knows if this egg fried rice can measure up to this peculiarity.’’ Seeing his friend Ah Li's request for a bowl of soup be rejected as well, Hou Zi suddenly felt a bit dissatisfied.

The menu at that side clearly stated that one serving of egg fried rice was ¥188, and each time this kind of recommendation sample was AA in quality. This made Hou Zi suspect Sun Ming was drawing customers for his own brother. This kind of matter had also happened once before


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