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Golden Time - Chapter 155


Chapter 155: Golden Time Chapter 155

Chapter 155

Three weeks passed, and Suhyuk saw the patients at Daehan Hospital as usual .

Whenever he had a call from the operating room, he wore surgical globes .

He was wanted not only at the cardiothoracic surgery department but at other clinical departments such as internal medicine, Ob/Gyn, urology, etc .

The patients there cried out for Suhyuk .

Making the rounds of patients absent-mindedly, he was having a late lunch .

At that moment his phone buzzed .

“Dr . Lee, this is a pediatrics department . A patient’s guardian insists on receiving your treatment . ”

“What’s her name?”

“Lee Narae . ”

“Got it . Let me come in a moment!”


After the call he began eating hurriedly .

He didn’t touch the side dishes, only having soup .

Quickening his pace, he tied up his gown before an elevator .

<The door opens>

When he got off the elevator, he saw a woman holding her child .

Looking at them standing close to his clinic office, they were obviously the patient and the guardian that the pediatrics office called him about .

Approaching them, Suhyuk opened his mouth with a smile,

“You must be Lee Narae’s guardian, right?”

“Oh,are you Dr . Lee Suhyuk?”

“Yes . ”

He then looked at the child holding her mother’s hand, sayng

“How cute! What pain brought you here?”

She opened her mouth quickly, “She swallowed a iron marble . ”

Nodding his head, he stroked her head softly, saying

“Please come on in . ”

When she and her guardian sat, the nurse came in, saying

“I sent you her CT on the computer . ”

“Thanks . ”

After the nurse went out, Suhyuk told the guardian after turning on the PC monitor,

“I saw a patient who swallowed fragments of a razor . ”

The guardian was stunned .

What would have happened to the patient’s organs? Broken into pieces?

Contrary to her nervous look, Suhyuk fixed his eyes at the monitor with a relaxed smile .

“She was discharged with no damage at all . The organs in our body are not that weak as we think . ”


She turned her head and looked at her daughter .

She was not aware of what she had eaten yesterday . She said in the morning all of a sudden,

“Mom, I swallowed a marble . ”

She had no choice but to take her to the hospital urgently .

“If you take a look at this…” said Suhyuk, turning the monitor toward her .

“Obviously it looked like a marble . Fortunately it reached to the intestine . I feel it will come out of her body without any trouble . ”

“Are you serious, doctor?”

“Yes, she doesn’t need any medicine or a shot . ”

The girl’s face, who was wearing a crying expression, now brightened .

“Next time you eat something like that, let me follow you and give you a shot, okay?”

“No, no! I won’t swallow it again . ”

“Good girl!”


It’s 9pm .

Suhyuk was heading to Prof . Han Myungjin’s office .

Knock, knock, knock .

“Come on in”

When he went it, Han greeted him with a smile .

“So, were you busy again today?”

Suhyuk was the busiest doctor at Daehan Hospital these days .

And the whole medical staff knew it .

“A bit, sir . ”


“Thank you . ”

A fragrant coffee smell filled the office . The cars seen through the window let an usually long trail of light behind today .

Offering him coffee, Han took a seat, saying

“So, you made the decision?”

“Yes, sir . ”

Han nodded his head .

Though he wanted to stay with Suhyuk and watch him grow, there was no way of stopping him .

Suhyuk took out a white envelope from his pocket and put it on the table politely .

Han said with a bitter smile,

“Wasn’t the hospital director opposed to your resignation?”
“He said just he could not take it . ”

Han nodded his head again faintly .

Even if I were in the director’s shoes, I would have done the same thing, discouraging him from resigning . But I’m a doctor .

“Let me convey it to the director on your behalf,” said Han .

“Thank you, sir . ”

Taking a sip of coffee, he rose from the seat in no time .

“I’d like to take my leave then . ”

“Sure, sure . Have a good rest . By the way, How about me sending you an orchid?”

Suhyuk smiled, saying “Please do come empty-handed . Bye for now, sir”

Bowing to him deeply Suhyuk went out of the office .

Han looked at the door through which Suhyuk just went out .

Wrinkles on his eyelids, Han smiled, murmuring,

“Now you have full wings to fly bravely”

Not hearing Han’s murmuring, Suhyuk headed to the VIP room .

The name plate placed on the door of the patient’s room .

<Jung Jisuk>

Suhyuk cautiously opened the door and went in .

It was bright inside with the lights on . There was nobody, and Prof . Jung lay in bed .

The humidifier on the side was puffing out while fog, and the professor’s oxygen respirator formed steam inside .

“How are you, professor?”
Naturally there was no reply from him .

Suhyuk sat on the sofa beside him .

“Professor, I’ve got some question . Are you really the person that came up in my dream? If so, please open your eyes like miracle and say something like you did in my dream . ”

Suhyuk only heard the faint puffing sound from the humidifier .

He then rose from the seat and held the back of his hands softly .

The second hand of the clock was pointing at 11pm .

“I’ll see you again, professor . ”

Suhyuk went out the room cautiously, and headed to his original lodging .

Though it could accommodate only two persons, there was nobody when he visited .

For Daehan Hospital provided Suhyuk with an exclusive lodging .

Suhyuk rejected the hospital’s offer to give him a separate office there .

He was not a professor yet .

Sitting on the mattress and touching it, Suhyuk soon lay on the bed after turning off the light .

It was quiet . Only ticking sound of the watch and Suhyuk’s breathing sound were heard .

He fell to sleep like that before he knew it .

“Did you come?”

Suhyuk nodded his head calmly .

A world of white .

A man walking toward him from the far distance .

The moment Suhyuk felt it was only a dream, he greeted the man gladly .

When the man in a surgical gown approached, he cast a long shadow that reached the tiptoes of his feet feet .

Looking at his eyelids, Suhyuk opened his mouth .

It was strange, though . Though he said, he could not have his voice heard .

‘Prof . Jung Jisuk . Are you him, sir?’

That moment the man who watched Suhyuk’s lips made a good smile .

“Are you leaving now? You’ve made a great sacrifice here . But you’re now starting a new journey, right?”

At his remarks, Suhyuk shook his head and said,

‘I just start a journey chasing my dream . ’

As if he was proud of Suhyuk, the man nodded his head slowly .

‘By the way, Prof . Jung Jisuk…’

Suhyuk could not think any more because something surprising was happening before his eyes .

A white fog was coming out of the professor’s hand, and it slowly started to make a human figure . Soon it began to reveal its identity fully, and Suhyuk had no choice but to be stunned .

There was the same self of him when he was young, who resembled him exactly, was holding the man’s hand . This another Suhyuk was making an annoying expression, but he looked like a child before him . It looked as if he shaked off the man’s hands and dashed toward him . But he couldn’t because the man held him tightly .

“This is all I could do for you,” said the man .

He looked at the young Suhyuk he was holding tightly and then turned his eyes at Suhyuk .

He didn’t say any words, and that was very brief .

He turned back and began walking .

The young Suhyuk resisted following him, but could not help being dragged along .

On the contrary, the man in a surgical gown looked as peaceful as ever .

Suhyuk reached out his hand quickly to get hold of him, but failed .

The man had already disappeared .

The ticking sound of the watch woke him up .

It’s 4am .

He had fallen asleep before he knew it . Though he slept a little, he felt unusually great .

Rising from the bed, Suhyuk put his white gown on the hanger .

It was time he would leave the place .


Who said time flies like an arrow?

One season passed quickly, and Suhyuk could not be seen any more at Daehan Hospital .

Still there were many patients visiting the hospital .

It was where Suhyuk, the Nobel Prize winner, once worked .

Patients felt it regrettable not to see him any more . It was only natural that they wanted to be taken care of by a famous doctor like Suhyuk . Nonetheless, there were many talented doctors at Dahan’s . They just did their best to see and treat the patients .

Among them was a doctor who had an unusual high voice tone .

He was none other than Park Sungjae .

Park was touching the foreheads of interns as if he didn’t like their performance .

‘You guys are troublemakers…’

Soon Park opened his mouth,

“I told you to gather by 2am, right?”

Then he went up to a female intern, saying

“You set the alarm, but it didn’t buzz? You did have a sound sleep, right?”

Shaking his head, Park’s eyes met another intern’s for the last time . As the intern came intern came on time, he was confident .

“You didn’t do anything good, either, dude . You alone came here on time . Good! So, you expected me to praise you for that? No way . You should have brought them here the moment you found your fellow interns were not here . ”

Letting out a long sigh, Park looked at the interns who now stepped back, scared at him .

“You guys said you wanted to be a doctor like Lee Suhyuk, right?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Did you see him?”

“Yes, I saw him during the medical college days . ”

Suhyuk once gave a lecture to the medical students at the request of his alma mater .

“There is a rumor that he didn’t sleep much even during his internship . Actually I’ve never seen him nodding off when he worked with me . When I came to work early in the morning, he was already in his office looking at the charts and beside the patient . What about you? You are saying Dr . Lee is your icon? Respect him? Never say that wherever you go . Each of your behavior will stain his name and honor . Anyone who doesn’t work hard enough doesn’t have qualification to even mention his name,” said Park .

“I’m sorry, sir .

“Did you attend his marriage ceremony?”

At Park’s sudden asking, the interns blinked their eyes .

“I mean, Dr . Lee Suhyuk’s marriage ceremony . ”

“No, sir . ”

Park shook his head, disappointed .

To him, they were just smooth talker even though they respected Dr . Lee, chasing after and looking up at Dr . Lee’s fame alone without any consideration .

He felt that they needed some sort of tight discipline .

“You guys, just keep thinking ‘I’m not the person of what I am supposed to be’ for the next one month . ”


It was a place where shally villas were located here and there .

Though it was early in the morning, the atmosphere was eerie around the cracked buildings with peeled-off paints . There was a big mountain behind . Actually the place was crowded with many shabby houses with the winding steps . The houses were located face to face, and the gap between them was narrow like an alley .

Tweet, tweet, tweet .

Some sparrows flying over the area perched on the electric cords of the utility poles .

Then the sparrows suddenly flew away at the walking sound of a human being .

It was an old woman in her late 60s, who wiped sweats from her face, looking at a building .

“It’s true they’re accepting patients there!”

A thick shape of cross in green that was painted at the entrance of the building .

It was a hospital .

The people in the neighborhood, watching lots of interior renovation work, boasted that whatever business they started, they would go to ruin .

Actually many start-up business were ruined like that, including a chicken shop, clothing shop, etc . Whenever they opened a store near the building, they would soon close their shops and left because of the poor location . It was a place where most of the residents were poor .

Even though they were sick, most of them didn’t visit the didn’t visit the hospital to save money .

A new hospital was open in such a situation .

Some said as they’re smart, the doctors would find out the realities belatedly and change their mind not to open the hospital .

Despite that, the hospital was opened today!

“Good for me,” said the old woman .

She didn’t go to a faraway hospital for physical therapy .

She went into the hospital slowly .

The hallway was long, contrary to her expectation .

As the building was big, its hallway was naturally long, she thought while walking on .

She saw various paintings on the wall while she passed by .

Then she heard a woman’s voice in front of her .

“Yes, we’re looking for experienced personnel who can get down to work right away . You said you have two years of experience? Okay, then . When are you available?”
At the moment the woman talking at the front desk found her .

“I’ve a new patient here . Can I call you back in a minute? Thanks . ”

Putting down the phone, she smiled brightly at the old woman .

She was the first patient of the day .

Coming out of the front desk, she made a polite bow to the woman .

“Hello, grandman . What pain brought you here?”

At her asking the woman looked around .

She felt as if she was in a big hospital . The TV set was huge and there were many chairs in the waiting room . It was clean more than anything else . But there was no patient around .

“Have you not opened yet?”

She shook her head lightly . Then her nameplate glittered at the sunlight .

<Kim Hana>

“There are no patients yet because it’s not yet the business hour . Today is the first day our hospital opens . The nurses will be here soon . ”

Hana was not a nurse . She was supposed to take care of simple tasks and accounting .

“Oh, I got here too early . Can I take a seat over there and wait?”

As it turned out, it was not yet even 8am .

Hana made a smile, saying,

“No, you can see the doctor now . He is here . ”

“Oh, I’m so sorry . . . Thanks . My back is terrible, so I want some physical therapy . ”

Hana showed a worried expression, saying,

“Ooops… do you feel only physical therapy would do?”
“Uh? When I visited a big hospital, they wanted to take something like an MRI . But it’s too expensive, so I want only therapy…”

“Well, you can pay only 10,000 won for it here . You might have it taken for 1,000 won if you’re talking to the doctor well,” said Hana .

The woman laughed merrily .

After all, this is not the place like a traditional market where all kinds of bargaining was made .

Then the door of the examination room opened, and appeared a doctor in a white gown .

The woman’s eyes were widening gradually at him .

She saw him a lot on the TV news that said he received some great award . Wasn’t he the same doctor?

“Come on in!”

Greeting her gladly, Suhyuk made a bright smile .


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