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God’s Left Hand - Volume 1 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7

The manga convention was a three-day event.

’’This is a manga convention. I know you would be more excited if it was a video game convention. The video game convention two years ago had more than 700 cosplayers there, all cosplaying as video game characters.’’ Her sister sat and rested off the stage. ’’Too bad you were in the hospital at the time. Otherwise, if you were there, you would have been thrilled.’’

Ai Qing wore a simple white short sleeve, faded jeans, sitting next to her sister who wore heavy costumes. While listening to her sister's soft voice, she kept feeling that one of the exhibition guests at the other side was looking at them.

When she turned to look, Grunt happened to stand up and walk onto the stage.

The title screen of the game was on the big screens at the same time.

Starcraft I was the beginning of esports.

The older generations of video game hotshots all began with Starcraft I, then gradually turned to other games like CS and Warcraft. Unfortunately, she was too young when Starcraft I was popular;by the time she began her professional esports career, Starcraft I had completely

fallen out of favor.

After she had faded out, Starcraft II came out suddenly. In just one short year, it had become the must have event in all the major world esport competitions.

And Solo also just used one year to become the champion again.

’’I still remembered that your first competition was at a shabby internet cafe, hot and crowded.’’ Her sister said unexpectedly, ’’Nowadays the condition has improved so much. So many competitions and contestants are just like movie stars. There are even exhibitions like the one here and people are walking down the runways. It's so glamorous. This Grunt should be about your age. If you had played Starcraft II, would you be able to surpass him?’’

’’I'm more suited for playing single events.’’ Ai Qing watched Grunt as he stood on the stage. ’’But, there's a video game genius that should be able to. Too bad, ever since he was at that last Asian Tournament with me, he hasn't continued.’’

Her sister was very interested. ’’This is the first time I heard you praise someone other than Solo.’’

’’He's different than Solo.’’ Ai Qing said seriously, ’’Solo makes you feel that he's always sure, always trustworthy. That other person...... I can't imagine what he would be like if he's defeated.’’

Including that time, that time he did 200 push-ups continuously. She felt that Dt had thrown in the towel deliberately.

While they were talking, the exhibition games had begun.

Majestic background music, splendorous 3D screens, and a great merciless battlefield. In ten short minutes, her heart beat involuntarily raced up following the rhythm of the match.

Even her sister, a total outsider, was very excited. ’’How is he? How is he compared to that person you just mentioned?’’

’’He has a biting personality. He's a purely offensive player. If he's the opponent, I would be very nasty.’’

Ai Qing fixed her eyes on the stage.

This was a dangerous player, uncontrollable, very rare.

Suddenly, her sister asked her, ’’You haven't played any world competition, only the Asian Tournaments. Are you content with it?’’

Were you content with it?

It was like another her asking herself.

She was silent for a few seconds. ’’I am. Soon I'll be looking at jewelry and precious stones every day. Don't hold up my chances of getting rich.’’

’’Solo, ah, Solo.’’ Her sister sighed in a low voice. ’’He is still the top player, but you've already retired. Anytime an esports program pops up, you have your eyes glued onto it. Everytime I see you like that, my heart aches. If it wasn't for two years ago -- --’’

’’I haven't seen him for two years, besides, that incident had nothing to do with him.’’

Ai Qing continued focusing on the stage and concluded their conversation.


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