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God’s Left Hand - Volume 1 - Chapter 38


Book 1: Chapter 38

’’One, two, three, four, five......eleven, twelve.’’ 97 stretched out his two hands, laughing excitedly. ’’Twelve Chinese characters plus five English letters. That is the longest sentence from Dt today. This must be a really special place.’’

Ai Qing's cheeks was slowing turning red again as usual.

She wanted to stand up, but she was in an awkward position. As she staggered, she leaned backwards and almost pushed the counter over. Fortunately, Dt extended his hand in time to catch her arm and forcefully pulled her up.

After she had a full view of the store, she realized why they would suddenly show up here.

A group of people looked at her smiling. The culprit, her sister Ai Jing, leaned against Grunt and said to her, ’’Mom and dad said you keep coming to this computer city all summer. We searched all over, luckily we saw Slide, otherwise we really wouldn't have found you.’’ Ai Jing turned to Slide. ’’I remember, we met before.’’

Slide smiled. ’’We met when you were still a teenager.’’ after saying that, he squinted his eyes and sized up Grunt with great interest. ’’Today must be a good day. The second and third place of WCG Warcraft are all in my store.’’

Slide was a good buddy of Solo, naturally he paid special attention to Grunt.

Grunt understood what he meant and extended his hand. ’’I remember you;once the golden commentator. Captain of the Chinese Team at the '07 WCG Asian Tournament. How's your retirement life?’’

’’Not too bad.’’ Slide didn't get angry with Grunt's arrogance, but rather appreciated it. ’’I'm old. I can only watch you guys' duke it out on competition videos to pass the time.’’

Ai Qing made a helpless expression to her sister which meant: why is your man always so egotistic?

Her sister innocently laughed.

The presence of these big shots naturally attracted attention. Several customers quickly recognized Grunt and Dt. They excitedly pushed past each other;it seemed that they wanted to take pictures with them but were too embarrassed to come forward.

Ai Qing found it very interesting to watch Dt feel uneasy, but then found something even more interesting.

All the computers in the store were still showing that video, Ai Qing's face kept showing up. But the short haired Ai Qing in the video didn't look like her since she had long hair now, rather the person on the video looked much more like her sister.

Suddenly, she had a wild idea. She said to the most popular top players before her,

’’Let's have a signing party this afternoon?’’

Everyone was confused. Ai Qing proudly added, ’’You are all famous now and haven't signed with any club yet. There's no sponsor. This is the best time to make some profit for my friend. Let's do a signing party for my best friend, you guys can even take a share.’’

She felt that she was too brilliant. She raised her chin towards Slide after she finished talking.

97 was dumbfounded and looked at Grunt. Grunt wasn't against it;there's careless smile in his beautiful eyes.

Ai Qing thought about it and decided Dt was the pushover among them. She elbowed him. ’’It's settled? You'll have all kinds of commercial promotions in the future, just take this as a warmup.’’

Dt silently looked at her and very lightly nodded after a while.


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