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God’s Left Hand - Volume 1 - Chapter 27


God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 27

Since she didn't have ticket, she ended up arriving at the competition site with Solo.w

Best It was a CS special event. Most of the audience were hardcore fans. When Ai Qing and Solo arrived at the lobby of the convention, where they found All who raised his arm high in the air the moment he saw them. ’’Solo, Gou Gou, here, here.’’

People who were in line waiting to get in all turned around to look when they heard the shouting. There were many radio station reporters who felt that they might have found a hot topic to report on. The younger generation certainly only knew Solo;they thought they were witnessing an affair and fixed their eyes on Ai Qing. Those who were older were surprised that members of the first CS team years ago were all here and the leading man and lady of the famous affair were here too......

Solo had a VIP name tag.

She could get away from all the attention and walk with them into the convention room ahead of the people waiting outside.

Solo's seat was in the first row. She didn't have a ticket and naturally didn't have her own seat. She had no choice but to sit with him in the contestants' area.

The first three rows were all professional players and some commentators.

Solo had left for a while, a young lady jumped over and holding Ai Qing's arm. ’’Gou Gou, you're back?!’’

She shook her head and didn't recognize the face.

The young lady cleared her throat and changed her voice. ’’I dare say that Gou Gou alone could take on the entire enemy team's defense.’’

It dawned on her. ’’You were the host of that radio station then?’’

In those days, there was no live tv broadcasting for most international competitions. It's the radio station hosts who reported on site. Therefore, even though she had never seen the person, she could recognize the voice.

’’Yes.’’ The young lady looked at Ai Qing, pleased. ’’Do you remember the picture of apple dog I drew? A dog with an apple in the mouth. I sent it to you.’’ Ai Qing certainly remembered. ’’I have it on my wall even now. You did a good job.’’

’’You come here with Solo?’’

She responded with an ’’en.’’

There was a flash in the young lady's eyes.

Ai Qing was afraid that she would ask some shocking questions and cut her off before it began. ’’All claimed that this will be his first championship game after his comeback. So boastful, I'm here to watch him embarrass himself.’’

The young lady laughed. ’’His name was 'cocky All' at that time. It wouldn't be him if he wasn't full of himself.’’

Ai Qing recalled his nickname and couldn't help but laugh along.

Cocky All, oh cocky......

That was the name giving to him by numerous girls and female players who secretly admired him.

The young lady said a few more words before Solo came back and took off his id tag to give to Ai Qing. ’’The bathroom is out in the lobby and you'll need a ticket to get back in. You can use my name tag to go in and out, it's more convenient.’’

Ai Qing took it. He said again, ’’I'll be at the backstage later on, if you need to reach me, call me on my cell.’’ He paused then asked suddenly, ’’Do you still have my number?’’

Ai Qing hesitated and shook her head. She deleted his number, fearing that she couldn't control herself and call him.

The audience had started to come in, the peacefulness of the competition hall was disrupted by the noisy chatter. The young lady sensed that there was something going on between the two and immediately made the excuse that she had to go on stage to do some preparation and left.

Solo was silent for a moment, then stretched out his hand. ’’Give me your cell.’’

Ai Qing took out her cell from her pocket, handed to him, and watched him punch in a series of numbers.

’’How is Grunt?’’ She took back her cell and asked casually.

’’Very good.’’ Solo smiled. ’’But he's too young, still needs honing.’’


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