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God’s Left Hand - Volume 1 - Chapter 16


God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 16

He wasn't just back.

The commentator hadn't told the whole story.

Nowadays, esports was basically dominated by a few seeded players. Yet, this person who had disappeared for three years chose the most competitive event, Warcraft, to come back into the arena.

For just this one reason, it had made this year's WCG China preliminary full of uncertainties.

Amidst the heated discussions around her, she looked over to the competitors resting area.

Dt was very easy to pick out. He had his arms folded in front of his chest, his head quietly bowed down, and didn't seem to pay any attention to the commentators......just like he had fallen asleep.

Actually, he was really asleep.

A staff, holding a stack of lunch boxes and disposable chopsticks, walked near him. Seeing that there was no response from him, the staff had to bend over to call him. He woke up quickly, pushed his cap up, and took one of the white lunch boxes.

’’Ai Qing, I'm hungry. How about we go get something to eat?’’

Her sister was asking next to her.

’’Let's go.’’ She stood up and looked over at Dt again. He had already opened the box, pulled apart the chopsticks, and started eating.

It seemed this was what this profession was all about. Even though you received various awards on flashy podiums and was interviewed by various media groups, in the end you had to endure the reality of the profession. You had to participate in club sponsored activities and go everywhere for commercial promotions. Compared to what a player had to invest, the economical return was quite pitiful.

For Warcraft alone, there were over thirty thousand professional players.

Only a few of them who were truly well-off and steadily earned more than ten thousands RMB a month.

There were a lot of food stands outside of the stadium.

The two hastily ate some food, then her sister told her that she wanted to go back to the hotel.

’’Are you going back for that somebody?’’ Ai Qing knew her sister's reasons. ’’I feel that he's not a very reliable person.’’

She usually didn't have good impressions for people who were too arrogant.

Even though Grunt did have the right to be arrogant.

Her sister smilingly put arms around her neck and rubbed against her face. ’’I know what's proper or not.’’

Proper...... did it really exist?

She watched her sister run to the curb and waved down a taxi. Then she suddenly realized that she had come here to watch the game with her sister in the first place. Now that her sister had left, what was she doing here still?

She sorrowfully raised her head to see the gate to the stadium. Did she want to give up watching halfway?

In the end, she bought a bottle of mineral water and walked back to the spectators' area. Those two commentators were surrounded by a group of fans taking pictures. The one who claimed to have been defeated by her happened to see her face. There was a big look of surprise on his face. Ai Qing politely smiled and walked towards the seats.

The person ran over after she had only walked over two steps.

’’Gou Gou?’’

She turned her head.

The commentator excitedly reached out his right hand. ’’Do you remember me? 2007 the final of the WCG Asian Tournament China preliminary?’’ Ai Qing shook his hand. ’’The captain of TM team. Fourth place in the country for the 2007 WCG Asian Tournament?’’

’’It's me.’’ The person, with irrepressible excitement, acted as if he had met an old friend. ’’Come to watch the game today?’’

Ai Qing replied with an `en`. ’’To watch some friends compete.’’


’’You could say that.’’

In any case, they had fought side by side before.


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