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Godly Student - Chapter 86


Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Han Xue's Invitation

When he exited the classroom, Cheng Yu felt very bored and was preparing to stroll around the school. Hilariously, ever since Cheng Yu had been enrolled in this school, he had never taken the initiative to explore all of the places here.

He didn't even know that there was a female dormitory! What a tragedy! As a playboy, Cheng Yu was a failure. Although he felt that high school girls were too unripe, if he was able to find a few like Lin Yuhan, he could still fool around with them for a few years.

Just as he was going to head to the female dormitory, he heard a screech coming from the sports field. Cheng Yu looked over in the direction of where the screech came from. Eh?! Immediately, his eyes shined! He realized that it was a field full of girls!

As far as all the male students were concerned, this was something that would trigger their male hormones intensely as all these screeches were the biggest turn on to them and Cheng Yu was no exception. Immediately, he dispelled the thoughts of finding the female dormitory as the current sports field was the best location for him to mingle?

When he saw the sports field was conducting all types of activities, Cheng Yu felt that being young was definitely a blessing. All these youngsters were all full of youth.

In the whole sports field, the place with the most beautiful girls was the basketball court. As females were usually attracted to those who are strong, they always wished their other half would be someone very strong. This way, they would be able to feel a sense of security while being with them.

Since Cheng Yu was 1.8 meters tall, when he stood behind all the school girls, he could still see what was going on in the sports field very clearly.

What was so coincidental was Cheng Yu actually spotted Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan that he had not met for a very long time. It can be said that the duo looked very flirtatious. They were tall and had handsome appearances. In addition to their basketball skills, they became the limelight in the basketball court. Furthermore, they were actually famous rich young masters.

This kind of man would usually be able to attract a lot of girls' attention. Even if they were playboys, as a woman, they would still willingly be attracted to them.

As a result, every time they entered the court, all the females looking would definitely screech wildly as it caused Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan to be extremely enthusiastic and perform all kinds of challenging stunts. This caused all the female students watching them to become extremely wild.

Cheng Yu shook his head. These two little kids were only able to trick all the girls by doing this. Cheng Yu felt displeased with how the others in front of him were acting cool and taking his limelight. It was his first time watching basketball, but he had an understanding of how it was played after paying attention to it for a while. It's just throwing the ball into the net, right?

When Jiang Ming noticed the situation in the court was very intense, he turned his body as he quickly sped past one person. After that, he shot the ball from the 3-point line. Cheng Yu couldn't help admit that Jiang Ming's basketball skills were quite good. The way he shot the ball from start to finish showed that he had the correct form and angle. If there was no accident, it would definitely go into the net.

Cheng Yu knew that this ball would definitely go in. However, would Cheng Yu allow it to go in? He smirked as he gently blew towards the ball.

It caused the originally perfectly arced ball to suddenly fall down unreasonably before landing out of the court. As a result, the originally perfect 3-pointer had been turned into an airball. It caused all the girls outside the court to sigh.

Jiang Ming was extremely embarrassed. D*mn it! He thought that he had calculated everything so perfectly. In the end, it was actually an airball! He had truly thrown away all his face.

However, Jiang Ming was still very confident about his basketball skills, and he knew that no matter what, he would never shoot an airball. It just so happens when he was looking around carelessly, he saw Cheng Yu's head popping out from outside the court.

He felt even more embarrassed. When he recalled the Blood Wolf Gang incident, he started to shiver. Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan had previously promised the Qin Canghai trio that whenever they saw Cheng Yu in the the future, they would salute him respectfully. That was the reason why whenever they saw Cheng Yu, the duo will definitely make a detour.

This time, they had actually come face to face! If he were not to go up and say hello, what if he was beaten up by the Blood Wolf Gang again? When he recalled the miserable condition they had gotten themselves into, his body started to feel the pain again.

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Ming clenched his teeth as he summoned up his courage and walked towards Cheng Yu. He greeted him respectfully, ’’Young Master Yu, are you here to play basketball as well? Wanna join us?’’

It was at this moment, Xu Dongyuan also saw Cheng Yu. When he saw Jiang Ming's actions, he understood what was going on as he quickly ran forward as well. He greeted respectfully as well, ’’Young Master Yu, are you here to play basketball as well?’’

However, no one at the court understood what was happening. Most of them were not familiar with Cheng Yu. They only knew that he was also a playboy. Some of them also knew that the three of them had gotten into a conflict before. However, now that Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan were acting so respectfully in front Cheng Yu, did it mean that they had already conceded to Cheng Yu?

Cheng Yu also had no idea as to why this duo's attitude became so nice. When the Blood Wolf Gang had taught the duo a lesson, Qin Canghai did not mention it to Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu had also gone over to the nightclub a bit later that night, so he did not manage to witness the incident.

Previously, when this duo saw him, they would immediately run away. Why would their attitude change so much? Could it be that his domineering Qi had started to leak out of his body causing them to enter into submission the moment they saw him?

’’Haha! I don't know why both of you are acting, but it's fine. As for playing basketball, I am not interested. You can just continue with what you are doing. I am leaving first,’’ Cheng Yu did not like the feeling of being watched by so many people.

’’Young Master Ming, now this little kid's influence is so big that even the Blood Wolf Gang is Gang is helping him. This time, are we just going to let him off?’’ After the match ended, Xu Dongyuan sat down in the spectator stand as he asked miserably.

Previously, he thought he could get the Blood Wolf Gang to teach Cheng Yu a lesson. In the end, they did not expect that they were the ones getting taught a lesson. This caused them to feel extremely frustrated.

’’Hmph! It's impossible for me to forget about it! I, Jiang Ming, am not someone who would concede defeat so easily. So what if he got the Blood Wolf Gang to back him up? Who doesn't know that in Yunhai's underground, it's not only the Blood Wolf Gang that is powerful,’’ Jiang Ming left off an ominous glint as he said ruthlessly.

’’Young Master Ming, you know someone from the other gangs?’’ When he heard Jiang Ming's words, Xu Dongyuan suddenly felt extremely delighted.

’’I don't know them, but we can get acquainted with them with money. Besides, to teach Cheng Yu a lesson, we don't have to use violence. Isn't Lin Yuhan in love with Cheng Yu? I shall let her experience the consequences of offending me, Jiang Ming. This is the difference between having money and being poor. Haha!’’ Jiang Ming laughed maliciously as he thought of a brilliant plan.

’’Young Master Ming, do you intend to deal with Cheng Yu or Lin Yuhan?’’ Xu Dongyuan was quite confused by what Jiang Ming said.

’’Hehe. I want Lin Yuhan, but I also want to deal with Cheng Yu. We can always deal with them at the same time!’’

D*mn it! Looking at Jiang Ming's perverted expression, Xu Dongyuan despised him in his heart. Previously, it was because Jiang Ming had said that he was confident in getting the Blood Wolf Gang to teach Cheng Yu a lesson. That was why he followed him into the Blood Wolf Gang headquarters to request for their help. In the end, it caused him to be lying in the hospital for half a month! When he thought about it, he started to feel extremely agitated. He really hoped to take his shoe and slap it across his face!

The afternoon test was math. ’’Learn a lesson from one's mistake and it shall become the guide for the future.’’ Cheng Yu biggest strength was that he would never shame himself in the same in the same thing twice.

After tutoring and gaining enough knowledge to solve it, Cheng Yu no longer needed to worry if the two straight lines were perpendicular to each other or if they were parallel. Even if he had to prove that these two lines were perpendicular to each other, it was a piece of cake to Cheng Yu as he answered the test booklet perfectly.

As a result, Cheng Yu had only used 40 minutes to finish the math booklet. He stood up and winked at Lin Yuhan before walking to the teacher's desk confidently.

Under the profound gaze of everyone and the petrified expression from the exam administrator, Cheng Yu patted his sleeves and walked out of the classroom without bringing out a single speck of dust on him.

The test commenced at around 2.30 pm and Cheng Yu used about 40 minutes to complete it. The moment Cheng Yu left the classroom, he realized that it was still very early. Since he had nothing to do, he decided to go back home and cultivate. It just so happened that for the past few days, there were signs of him breaking through. It was better for him to break through earlier so that he could feel relieved earlier as well.

Cheng Yu drove his car and exited the school premises. After driving for about 100 meters, the phone in his pocket rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Han Xue who was giving him a call. This little girl, ever since he had saved her, she never appeared before him. He was truly curious as to how was she doing.

’’Hello, little sister Xiao Xue. Did you miss me?’’

’’Who are you calling your little sister! Are you free? Can you come out and accompany me?’’

’’Of course I am free. With regards to this request by a pretty lady, even if I was in outer space right now, I would also rush back to accompany you. Where are you now?’’ It just so happened that he had nowhere to go, and with a beautiful lady asking him out, how could he refuse? This was like giving him a pillow when he was feeling drowsy. Such a good opportunity, how could he possibly miss it?

Hence, Cheng Yu made a U-turn quickly as he sped towards the address Han Xue had given him.


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