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Godly Student - Chapter 84


Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Continuous Lies

’’Haha! How should I phrase it? Death? Of course I am scared of death. But I believe seniors would not randomly kill someone without reason. If it was because of a misunderstanding, and you were to bring a calamity to Kunlun, I am afraid it's not something seniors would be able to shoulder! Do you know why your young master did not order the Foundation Establishment Realm expert beside him to kill me even after we got into conflict? Although they could kill me, they knew that they would not be able to escape death. Do you think that they would still kill me after knowing that?’’ Cheng Yu sounded grand as he spoke seriously.

’’So you are trying to say that you have a very powerful background? May I know what sect Little Brother comes from?’’ When they heard Cheng Yu's words, they were both astonished as Elder Yun asked the question they had been wanting to ask.

’’Limitless Palace,’’ Cheng Yu lifted his cup casually as he replied indifferently.

The moment Cheng Yu replied, they were overwhelmed with shock. Although the Limitless Palace had been living in seclusion in the cultivation world, the influence they had was still unquestionable. All of their disciples were geniuses among all geniuses!

However, even in the cultivation world, Limitless Palace would hardly make an appearance, so why would they have disciples appearing here in the secular world? This caused the duo to feel suspicious.

’’May I know which senior in Limitless Palace is Little Brother's master?’’ Elder Yun had always been very shrewd and ruthless, so it would not be an easy task to deceive him.

’’Haha! It's not that I don't wish to tell you, but my master told me not to divulge it. He said that I cultivated for dozen of years, yet I only reached the Foundation Establishment Realm. This caused him to feel very embarrassed. So he said that only when I have achieved the Golden Core Realm, then I can divulge his identity. I seek forgiveness from seniors,’’ Cheng Yu laughed and said. ’’Wait until I have reached Golden Core Realm, then let's see who will be afraid of who!’’

However, the duo had been convinced by Cheng Yu. ’’Only when he achieved Golden Core Realm could he divulge his master's identity? Doesn't this mean that his master is already in the Golden Core Realm or greater?!’’

’’Since it's your master's orders, we will not force you. However, I heard that Little Brother has grown up in the secular world, yet you have been able to achieve your cultivation level. That's why we felt that you were very suspicious!’’ Elder Yun pointed out another doubtful point about Cheng Yu.

The duo had descended from the mountain for two days and found people to look for his information. Although they were not able to find out what his family background was, what they were sure of was that Cheng Yu had been living in the secular world since his birth and had never once left the secular world before.

’’It seems like two seniors worked hard. That's right. I have never been to the cultivation world and have never even seen the gate of Limitless Palace,’’ Cheng Yu laughed.

The duo was elated. They did not expect him to leak out such crucial information as they got ready to create trouble for him.

Cheng Yu quickly said, ’’Although I have never seen the gate of Limitless Palace before, I am truly from Limitless Palace. I have no way to go to the cultivation world, but do you think that my master wouldn't be able to come here?’’

When the duo heard what he said, they were at loss of what to do. ’’That's right! Even if he had never been to the cultivation world, can't his master come here to find him?’’

Cheng Yu started speaking once again. ’’I met my master when I was six. He saw that I was extremely smart and had a unique set of skeleton and spiritual root that was better than others, so he passed me the Limitless Palace's cultivation method, which turned me into one of his closed-door disciples. Every year, he would come and guide me once. Last year, he bestowed me three Foundation Establishment Pills to aid me in breaking through the Foundation Establishment Realm bottlenecks. Taking a look at the date today, in another two months, it should be the time he will come come and check if I have broken through to Foundation Establishment Realm,’’ Cheng Yu continued to fool the duo. He sounded quite reasonable and fair. In addition, his hand held another two Foundation Establishment Pills, causing the duo to be extremely shocked.

They did not expect that Cheng Yu's master would actually prepare three Foundation Establishment Pills just for Cheng Yu to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm. If this was not Limitless Palace, who else would be able to afford this?

’’Little Brother truly has good fortune to be able to get the recognition of a Limitless Palace elder as well as their guidance. Since this incident is not related to Little Brother, we will no longer make things difficult for you. We shall bid goodbye from here,’’ Judging from the current situation, Elder Yun knew that it was impossible for them to know the truth. They could only think of another plan. So, he stood up and bid goodbye.

’’Seniors, please wait a moment. There is still something I wish to tell you,’’ Cheng Yu stopped the duo.

’’Little Brother, may I know what is it?’’ Elder Yun asked curiously.

’’Frankly speaking, with regards to your young master's disappearance, I am also very sad about it. Although I don't have any friendly relations with him and had even gotten into conflict with him, it still can't be called bitter hatred towards each other. There are some things I wish to clarify so everyone doesn't continue misunderstanding it in the future. Currently, Lan Ya is my wife. So, it is impossible for me not to take care of the Lan Family. I believe both of you understand what I am trying to say. I hope when you report back to your sect master, you could also clarify this with him. If there are any matters regarding this, you can come and look for me directly. If you were to stab me behind my back and cause both of us to fall out, I believe things will become very ugly.’’

When they heard Cheng Yu's words, their complexions turned very ugly. However, now was not the best time for them to flare up, so Elder Yun said, ’’Little Brother's words will definitely be reported back reported back to sect master. If there is nothing else, we shall leave first.’’

’’Since seniors hardly descend from the mountain, how about staying over for tonight? There are rooms upstairs. I can get someone to send a few pretty ladies to your room to accompany you. How about it?’’ Cheng Yu laughed.

’’I am thankful for Little Brother's intentions, but we don't have any interest in those things. It's better for us to make a move first,’’ After speaking, they left the nightclub immediately.

Looking at their silhouettes, Cheng Yu showed an ineffable smile. He did not expect that this thorny problem would actually be solved by the use of his matchless lies and his perfect acting skills.

However, he still thought that he needed to improve his cultivation speed. Recently, after he battled Guan Shiyuan and used a large amount of spiritual Qi to heal Han Xue and Yao Na's father, his cultivation made a big improvement. These days, he could start to feel the existence of the bottleneck. He believed that within a few days, he would be able to attack the middle stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. When that time comes, the pressure when he was facing the Kunlun Sect would lessen by a lot.

’’Elder Yun, do you think that kid's words can be trusted?’’ When they exited the nightclub, Elder Feng asked.

Although Elder Yun did not speak just now, he had always been paying attention to Cheng Yu's expression. He was not able to spot anything suspicious from Cheng Yu, but no suspicion was actually the biggest cause for suspicion.

’’This little kid is smarter than we thought. What he said definitely contains truth and false. Everything boils down to what we believe and what we don't. We can't be sure if he is really from the Limitless Palace, but we should still not do anything to him temporarily. I think we should report this to the sect master and let him decide what we should do,’’ Elder Yun replied after thinking things through.

’’Even if he is not from the Limitless Palace, this little kid's background is definitely not simple. At such a young age, he already has a cultivation level of Foundation Establishment Realm. He is only at is only at the initial stage, but for his age, it can be said that he is a rarely seen genius. Besides, he actually has Foundation Establishment Pills on him! This superior quality good isn't something that can be acquired so easily!’’

All the pill masters in those powerful sects were not all able to refine a superior level pill like the Foundation Establishment Pill. Those techniques used to refine pills had never been divulged to outsiders, so this caused the existence of pill masters to become extremely sparse, almost endangered. Nowadays, all the superior pills those big sects had were all passed down from the previous generations.

Taking out a portion of it equated to losing a portion. In normal circumstances, those big sects would never give anyone superior pills. But this little kid's master actually gave him three Foundation Establishment Pills just to assist him in breaking through to Foundation Establishment Realm. This showed that his sect's treasury did not lack these pills. Furthermore, it showed that the position his master held in the sect was definitely not simple.

Therefore, regardless of whether Cheng Yu was from the Limitless Palace, they must not act blindly without thinking.

Furthermore, this little kid was very smart. He said that his master would come over to visit him every year, and in a few months, it would be the time of his visit. They could not tell if he was speaking the truth, but in the next few months, they would not be able to make a move on him because they had to avoid bringing a calamity to their sect.

For the following week, during daytime, Cheng Yu would stay in school to study, and during nighttime, he would go over to Yao Na's hostel to be tutored by her. When he reached home, he would cultivate like crazy.

The Kunlun Sect had already made an appearance in front of him, and he managed to deceive them for the time being. When time passes, it was unavoidable for them to have more conflicts. Besides, they would definitely not let Cheng Yu get the Lan Family so easily. Therefore, cultivation became Cheng Yu's crucial goal when it came to solving the current crisis.


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