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Godly Model Creator - Chapter 543


Chapter 543: 543

Chapter 543 - A Hacking Battle

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Is it over?

Those two law enforcement members outside the door almost vomited blood.

They thought that Su Hao was about to attack and pressed the SOS button. When they were about to rush in, the incident already ended?

Why do you keep teasing us?!

“Of course, I have to give Master Huo face.” Su Hao replied with a righteous tone.

“You have quite a good character. I like it.” Surprisingly, Master Huo actually praised him.

Gao Han and that student named Xiao Jun couldn’t bear to watch this scene. This is called a good character? Forget about master’s strange character, how is this Su Hao this random as well?

“You’re Su Hao, right?” Gao Han raised his chest to show off his confidence, “I know you’re strong, but aren’t you here to learn about hacking? If you want to do so, you need to have some basic understanding at the very least. Are you qualified though?”

Su Hao glanced at him for a second, “You want to compete with me?”

“Of course.” Gao Hao smirked, “It’s just a matter of whether you dare or not.”

Su Hao squinted his eyes.

Based on his initial plan, after finishing this matter, he would go back and prepare for the invasion. However, due to Gao Han’s sudden appearance, Su Hao had a better idea.

After all, invading Zhanzheng College’s network did have a certain risk.

Although he integrated the techniques from these three hacker masters, all he learned would still be from them. It might even be possible for him to fail in his attempt if these three masters defended together. Then Zhanzheng College would increase the security, dashing his hope of obtaining any information.

But if it was leaked from Master Huo’s side...

Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

“How do you want to compete then?”

“Our communication device’s Internet connection. We can just have a simple game of attack and defense. Let’s see who is the first one to take control of the other’s Internet, and he will be the winner.”

“Alright, I agree!” Su Hao gladly accepted the challenge.

After ten seconds, Gao Han suffered a complete defeat.

As he was trying to hack Su Hao’s device, his own device’s system got hacked and everything was exposed!

He lost!

A crushing defeat!

Since Gao Han was a genius, he won the title of advanced engineer. However, in front of Su Hao, he actually lost in a mere ten seconds which included the preparation time!

It was too much!

Gao Hao turned pale. So, it turns out that I’m this weak? That expression made the ones around him feel bad for him. This poor baby...

And what was even crueler...

At this time, Su Hao presented to him a killing blow, “You’re actually this weak? It can’t be. After all, you’re Master Gan’s disciple. You should have at least ten percent of his skill. But using such a standard, if you’re really ten percent of Master Gan’s skill, then Master Gan is only so-so?”

Su Hao sighed.

Gao Hao instantly vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Let me try.” Xiao Jun couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to stand up.

“Come, come, come.” Su Hao delightfully invited him as his fingers were itching for battle.

Five minutes later, Xiao Jun lost.

Yet another lost!

Gao Han sighed in relief. Although this Xiao Jun looked tiny and honest, his skill is actually higher than Gao Han. Since even Xiao Jun couldn’t win, then his loss wasn’t really that bad. Although the gap of ten seconds and five minutes is indeed huge.

“I lost.” Xiao Jun was calm and scratched his head embarrassed.

“It’s alright. At least, you’re much better than Gao Han. Hahaha.” Su Hao laughed out loud which led to Gao Han spurting another mouthful of blood.

At this moment, Master Master Huo who had been enjoying the show finally had his eyes lit up.

Envying Su Hao’s strength is one thing, but in this hacking field, each hacker has their own pride which is the very proof of their usefulness.

And now, Su Hao’s extremely high level of hacking skill definitely caught Master Huo’s attention.

That Xiao Jun, he had received quite a lot of teaching and yet, he actually couldn’t last for more than five minutes. Such level...

“How about letting me try?” Master Huo smiled.


“Senior Huo!”

Both Gao Han and Xiao Jun were shocked by his words, staring at Master Huo. They knew Su Hao’s skill was good, but it shouldn’t be that high that it required Master Huo to participate.

“Alright.” Su Hao shrugged his shoulder, “However, to just attack and defend, it seems a bit boring. Why not set a goal?”

Master Huo eyes shone.

A confrontation between two hackers merely attacking and defending is indeed dull.

What made one really amazed is always real-world hacking! Find a target and the first one to access the target successfully would be the winner!

Master Huo knew this well.

However, was there anything which he couldn’t hack in the Federation?

Excluding the Federation’s defense core system controlled by the quantum computer, there is nothing which could escape from him. Hold on, there is still one place left...

Master Huo suddenly thought of a place.

Zhanzheng College!

The defensive system here was jointly written by him, Master Yun, and Master Gan. To invade here should be fine, but there was still an issue! Subconsciously, he felt that it was a bit unfair since parts of the system were written by him.

If so, that would be unfair to Su Hao.

“Is it an active code?” Su Hao asked.

“Yes.” Master Huo replied.

“Then, there shouldn’t be any problem.” Su Hao continued, “Active code will always be automatically compiled and encrypted. Coupled with the works from works from the two other masters, I’m afraid you would have forgotten about it after all these years. Unless you truly understand the other two masters, you can only opt to brute force. It should be alright.”

After Master Huo pondered, he decided that Zhanzheng College would be their goal!

Gao Han and Xiao Jun who were beside them all this time were stunned. How did the situation escalate to hacking Zhanzheng College in such a short time?

They always heard of Master Huo being crazy, but never did they expect him to be this mad!

As for that Su Hao… He is worse!

Two empty communication devices, one for each.

Master Huo, who was always casual, took this competition seriously and even used a timer. As both of them looked at each other… Begin hacking!



Both men’s fingers danced on their keyboards.

Because the virtual screen was now in private mode, nobody can see the information on the screen except themselves. No hacker would allow his methods to be shown. There was another screen beside which show the progress of their invasion.

Zhanzheng College… Would it be hacked?



Su Hao’s eyes were staring at his virtual screen, but his focus was elsewhere.

Master Huo always complained about his fate being a hacker, but it was everything he had! It was just a pity that the moment this battle started, the result had been determined!

There were a total of three active codes needed to be hacked. Each of them represented a different technique and skill. To successfully crack into the system, all three codes needed to be bypassed.

None of them could bypass the system quickly, but what if all three hacker masters attacked at the same time?

It was obviously something which won’t happen.

Unfortunately, because of Su Hao’s existence, it was made possible.


Su Hao began his move.

The so-called fortress of Zhanzheng College was instantly destroyed by Su Hao without Su Hao without leaving any residue behind!

Brute force?

Not needed!

To hack these three codes, it was as simple as the usual routine of entering a password. Just as Master Huo was busy attacking, just ten seconds after the battle started, Su Hao quietly sneaked in.



After entering the database, Su Hao saw an ocean of data.

However, Su Hao could do nothing!

Copy data?

Leave with saved data?


Do you think that the two blank communication devices provided by Master Huo are just for the sake of fairness? No, they were for the purpose of absolute security. There was not enough space for any storage and no Internet connection. What they were connected now was Zhanzheng College’s local network.

Even if Su Hao invaded the database, it is still impossible to take any data away. At the very least, he would be able to scan some data with his eyes.

It was the precautions Master Huo implemented.

Damn Master Huo!

Su Hao was shocked.

At this time, on the outside, the progress bar of Master Huo began to move. 99%, 98%, 97%...

There wasn’t much time left for Su Hao!

“What to do now?” He didn’t want to gain access to the database and return with nothing!

But copying them is impossible!

Moreover, there wasn’t enough time for that! How big was the database?

How many GB?

How many TB?


Or EB?

The data included not only the students’ information but also the teachers’ scientific research results. The data is not a small figure! It was said that the data contained in the DNA of a single sperm is already a full 37.5MB. As for the data for a whole human body...

How much was that?

Every beast, every research, the number is unimaginable!

Even Su Hao was able to copy them, it was impossible to complete the process. Even if he could, he had no storage to store them!


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