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Godly Model Creator - Chapter 532


Chapter 532: 532

Chapter 532 - Thanks for Letting Me Know that You’re Fine

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

“Anyway, I can only live for a few years more.” Li Tiantian muttered to himself.

From his voice, one could sense the bitterness. Su Hao knew this feeling well.

Having worked so hard in order to meet Xiaodie again, Li Tiantian finally accomplished his goal. It was as if at that moment, his biggest purpose had been fulfilled.

And now he didn’t know what to do next.

This kind of cluelessness without a goal, a feeling of someone who didn’t know how to continue living.

Getting Xiaodie back to him?

Protect her?

That’s not something he could do.

As Li Tiantian just mentioned earlier, he only has a few years left in his life. To start a new goal seemed impossible now. As for family members, he has none! Since he achieved his biggest goal, he is now clueless regarding his next step.

Su Hao went silent.

No matter how he guessed, he would have never thought that the problem laid here!


“How long do you still have?” Su Hao asked.

“I’m not sure.” Since he released his burden, Li Tiantian awoke and felt much better, “Perhaps it’s two or three years? Who knows? Anyway, I know it won’t be more than five years! Of course, I might even pass away next year.” Li Tiantian laughed at himself.

“Really?” Su Hao sighed. “Xiaodie really forgot about you?”

“Yea...” Li Tiantian nodded with a bitter smile.

“The moment when we met in the afternoon, I can’t recall how many times I imagined this to happen. However, no matter what I do in the future, the same scene will happen and Xiaodie will go to Tian Zi. In the future, her and I will stay as strangers who are schoolmates.”

“Even if it’s just for a few years, you’re not going to fight for it?” Su Hao looked at him.

“There’s no need for that.” Li Tiantian shook his head, “So what if I managed to get her memory back? In a few years, how is Xiaodie going to live after I die? That feeling...”

Su Hao didn’t say a word.

That feeling, he knew it too well.

If Blue Dream Butterfly really died, his mental state might collapse. The silver lining left by Falcon Emperor managed to barely support his mind, urging him to infiltrate the beast domain desperately.

Thinking about it now, he was still scared.

That was beast domain after all.

However, he did it!

Li Tiantian’s choice was right, but how could the current Li Tiantian continue living for the remainder of his lifespan? As the countdown on his life decreases, everything he does now would have no meaning.

“Xiaodie really has forgotten about you?”

“Huh?” Li Tiantian felt strange at his question.

Even Su Hao himself was shocked at his own question.

He only realized that this question had already been asked.

Such a strange coincidence;to ask the same question twice in a row was almost impossible for Su Hao who had a great memory unless… A light turned on in Su Hao’s mind.


Su Hao entered Model World.




The Model World constantly changed.

The scene during noon once again appeared in front of Su Hao. Everything was portrayed perfectly with respective models. They were so detailed that even a hair on a man’s body could be seen clearly.

The same event began to replay!

The scene reappeared… Xiaodie entered… Lan Tingxu appeared… Both meeting each other… Xiaodie left together with Tian Zi… The scene ended...

It was exactly similar to what happened at noon.

There was no difference.


“Xiaodie, has she really forgotten about you?” Su Hao repeated the same question.

Model Replay!

This time Su Hao diverted all his attention on to Xiaodie.

Replay begin!

Xiaodie walked over one step at a time. Like before, Su Hao stood beside Li Tiantian and observed each of her steps. There didn’t seem to be any changes.

However at this moment...


A droplet of bright red liquid appeared. In an instant, it vanished into nothingness. Nobody noticed it, but Su Hao kept staring at this red droplet, fearing he would miss out on a clue.



The scene froze!

Su Hao took a closer look.

That droplet of red liquid turned out to be blood!

A drop of blood!

That blood dropped from Xiaodie’s right hand and stopped in mid-air. As Su Su Hao followed the blood trail, he finally noticed the difference in her hands.

The very next split second, the blood evaporated.

Not a single person in the scene caught a glimpse of it!

Nobody saw it!

Could this be Xiaodie’s ability?

If so...

At the moment her eyes saw Li Tiantian, Xiaodie pinched her fists so hard that her nails plunged into her palm, leaving behind blood!

The scene repeated again.

Su Hao saw it clearly.

If not because of him standing behind Xiaodie, Su Hao wouldn’t even be able to capture a single frame of the blood drop.

It proved Xiaodie’s strength!

Semi-domain esper!

She is definitely not inferior to Lan Tingxu.

However, doesn’t this meant that… Xiaodie never forgot Li Tiantian. In fact, didn’t she recognize him? If this is the case, why did she pretend like she did not know him? Not only did she manage to fool Li Tiantian and everyone in the scene, but also her father!

What’s the reason behind her actions?

Su Hao looked at Li Tiantian with a strange expression.

Li Tiantian wasn’t a fool. When Su Hao repeated the same question for the second time, he already knew something was amiss, “What have you found out?”

Su Hao went silent for a bit.

In the end, he still decided to tell Li Tiantian his findings.

Li Tiantian trembled, “You’re saying that she probably remembers me?”

“Perhaps.” Su Hao shook his head lightly, “As for why she did so, I’m not sure.”

“Hahahaha.” Li Tiantian bitterly laughed, “Who cares about her reason! As long as she remembers me, that’s enough! At first, I thought of trying to stay alive longer to see her more, but now it’s a bonus! She still remembers me!”

This guy...

Looking at Li Tiantian who was laughing out loud, Su Hao couldn’t help reveal a smile.

“Li Tiantian, have you thought of the possibility that she remembers you, but is ignoring you because of a threat? Or even worse, the Tian family might be forcing her into this arranged marriage? Even if you die, she might not even be happy for the rest of her life. If you truly want her to lead a happy life, you should at least figure out the out the truth, don’t you agree?”

Li Tiantian stared blankly and went silent for some time before he said, “Thanks!”

What’s there to thank?

This thanks is for Su Hao’s help!

He knew that Xiaodie is Lan Tingxu’s daughter, so how could she be threatened? The reason Su Hao gave such long advice, wasn’t it just to keep him motivated to continue living and getting a goal for him to accomplish?

Even if he knew that Su Hao is just comforting him and finding him a goal to keep living, as long as there is a one percent chance that this might happen, he must investigate!

Even if he has to die, he would never allow Xiaodie to suffer!

“Haha!” Li Tiantian laughed out loud.

“This guy finally regains his senses.” Su Hao sighed in relief.

Li Tiantian bottomed up the bottle of wine in front of him and grabbed the bottle which Su Hao half drunk. He poured it into his mouth and was instantly stunned.

“This wine...”

“Something amiss.”

Li Tiantian carefully took a whiff, “F*ck! Isn’t this just plain water?!”

Having realized this, he turned his head only to notice that Su Hao already quietly slipped away, “Su Hao, stop running right now! How dare you replace it with plain water?!”

“Haha...” Su Hao’s figure flickered, and he vanished into the distance.

Looking at Su Hao’s figure escaping, he could only smile bitterly. This Su Hao only needed half a bottle of water for him to reveal his inner secrets. This guy, he’s cunning that the degree that it makes one afraid!

However, no matter what, thank you very much, Su Hao!

As for Xiaodie’s matter...

I will definitely get to the root of this!

Zhanzheng College, in a villa...

Xiaodie just came back to a clean and neat garden villa.

Lan Tingxu looked at her daughter’s indifferent look and was worried. Even though he did his best, there were sometimes things which were lost and couldn’t be recovered.

My daughter...

“Dad, I’m back.” Xiaodie was delighted when she saw her father was at home.

“Yea.” Lan Tingxu nodded, “So how was it? I heard that you went to see Tian Zi?”

“Hmm.” Xiaodie nodded her head, “Well, there’s some trouble in his family. So, his family. So, I just want to go and have a look. However, it seems that Tian Zi’s condition is worsening each day. I thought that he would be able to top the entrance exam, but I never expected him to be crushed by Su Hao in such a miserable way.”

“Su Hao...”

“That brat is a pervert. To compare Tian Zi with him, isn’t this simply looking for a dead end? Su Hao has always climbed up from the bottom to the top. Having failed so many times, he wouldn’t even bother with it. Losing or winning won’t impact Su Hao at all. Even if Su Hao lost in the entrance exam, it would only make him more motivated!”

“As for Tian Zi, he can’t!”

“Since young, he had been undergoing the perfect training planned by his family. Having not experienced failure before, he’s too proudful. To lose to Su Hao would only impact his mental state. It will be fine if he manages to recover or else, his future will be dim.”

“Yea.” Xiaodie also agreed, “Tian family has wasted his talent.”

While facing her fiance Tian Zi, Xiaodie used a tone which sounds more like she is giving guidance.

However, Lan Tingxu didn’t reprimand her because his daughter was stronger than Tian Zi! But who knew how heavy the responsibility she has to carry for being this powerful! If he were given a choice, Lan Tingxu would never want his daughter to possess such strength!

“Alright, silly girl. Today, go and rest earlier.” Lan Tingxu smiled.

“Yea, you too, dad.” Xiaodie obediently headed to her room.

Looking at his daughter, Lan Tingxu secretly felt relieved. Today was tense, but in the end, it was fine as long as his daughter was alright.

Inside her room, Xiaodies stood by the side of a window, revealing a sweet and wide smile.

On the table, a pile of paper ashes was placed neatly in a box. A strange energy started linking the ashes and actually assembled it together again.

It was a photo.

On the photo, a little girl held a little boy. Both of them were having their body full of dirt while smiling at a camera.

Thanks for letting me know that you’re fine...


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