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Godly Model Creator - Chapter 329


Chapter 329: Chapter 329 Being cheated again

Chapter 329 Being cheated again

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Su Hao stared with wide eyes, confusingly pointing at himself, “Me?”

“Of course, who else if not you.”

Zhang Zhongtian smiled sinisterly, “You know I can’t expose my identity. Therefore, I leave the job of getting approval for public selling from the Pharmacy Association to you.”


Su Hao suddenly had a bad feeling.

Damn you!

Was this master of his going to cheat him again!

Seeing at Zhang Zhongtian’s sinister look, he was doubtful that perhaps all those words from him earlier were to lead him into suggesting this idea. Because wasn’t the first time this happened…

“With my identity, nobody would bother about this drug.”

Su Hao laughed awkwardly, “And my identity is only an ordinary intermediate pharmacist.”

“But you’re really at the advanced pharmacist level.”

Zhang Zhongtian continued with a sinister smile, “When your college entrance exam is over, come and train with master for a bit. You should be able to become a master pharmacist by then...”


“Although you will become a master pharmacist, this title should be enough even if your standard is still nothing to be proud over. With that title hanging on your head, selling this drug shouldn’t be a problem. As for the Pharmacist Association… Hmm, there should probably be no problem.”


Black lines could be seen on Su Hao’s forehead, “Master, what if someone with a perfect upgraded version of the black market drug comes and sells beside your store, causing all your drugs to be unable to be sold, how will you deal with him?”

“Of course, I will give him one good slap till death.”

Zhang Zhongtian directly replied and noticed something wasn’t right after finishing his sentence. Looking at Su Hao, who was full of murderous intent, he coughed awkwardly, “Keke, the Pharmacist Association is, after all, a dignified and formal organization. It definitely won’t resort to such methods. As for those senile old men, they absolutely won’t dirty their hands with blood.”

“After all, the Pharmacist Association’s mission is to serve humanity. So, they will never do such a thing. At most, they will let you enter the association to control you. If you disagree, they will confiscate your drugs away and out you in captivity...”

“Huh, alright.”

Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Hao’s ugly face and suddenly continued, “In the past, during my time there, I didn’t notice any dark side of those grandchildren.”

“The Pharmacist Association is actually not that bad.” Zhang Zhongtian bitterly smiled, “Just like every organization;there will be good and bad people. The Pharmacist Association is divided into two factions, and they often clash among themselves. So for the same situation, there might be two completely different outcomes!”

Zhang Zhongtian paused after speaking, “I can’t let you take such risks, but… there will be a situation when they definitely won’t dare to take a move!”


Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

“Global competition!”

Zhang Zhongtian said each word clearly.

“You’re trying to say...”

Su Hao finally understood.

“Yea, the global competition into Zhanzheng College!” Zhang Zhongtian continued with confidence, “This time, the college entrance exam will be different. One could say it has a great significance. Almost every esper would pay attention to this global live stream! Forget about others, the president of the Origin Ability Association and the dean of Zhanzheng College will definitely be watching.”

“So, for those who can stand out in the competition, nobody would dare do anything to them!”

Zhang Zhongtian smirked, “If you can obtain the title as a master pharmacist at this time, your fame will definitely surge. If you even produce such drugs, you will definitely make a huge contribution to the society as a whole. Whether it is the Origin Ability Association or Zhanzheng College, they will definitely want to nurture you!”

“Regardless of your ranking, they will wholeheartedly train you. Coupled with the popularity and huge sale of the drug, your future is absolutely bright! I’m not going to mention other things, but at least in term of energy, you definitely won’t have any issues from lacking in this department.”


Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

In the future, his direction of research will definitely consume a lot of energy at an astronomical figure. If he were able to do what his master said, it would definitely give his research a huge leap forward in progress. At that time, when his research was able to achieve certain results, his strength would then skyrocket!

“Just that… this honor should belong to you, master!”

Su Hao looked at the eyes of Zhang Zhongtian. If Zhang Zhongtian returned to the Pharmacist Association, he would definitely be above the level of president.

Once the study of the advanced black market strengthening drug was announced…

Human’s physical fitness would then reach another milestone! His master was actually willing to give this honor to him?

“I’m old.”

Zhang Zhongtian patted Su Hao’s shoulder, “This matter of fighting for power and money, I have long been tired of it. To be able to research on drugs is what I’m into right now. If a brat like you really has a heart, just do one thing for me in future.”

“What thing?”

Su Hao’s facial expression looked grave.

“Not now.”

Zhang Zhongtian shook his head slowly, “When you’re able to become a truly strong esper, I will talk about it.”

“Strong esper… alright!”

Su Hao gripped his fists and craved his master’s words in his mind!

“Alright, we will discuss the name and drug production at a later date. Now, you want to try it yourself?” Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Hao, “Although the test is successful on the berserk beasts, there is still a certain risk for humans. Once it fails, this opportunity will be wasted. Even if I’m able to perfect it in the future, you won’t be able to use it.”

“No problem!”

Su Hao shook his head and said without any bother, “Previously, I was able to withstand the beginner black market strengthening drug even when its quality was the worst. Now, why can’t I withstand the current drug?”


Zhang Zhongtian nodded in satisfaction, “The effectiveness of the beginner black market strengthening drug is 24 hours. This time I have divided the pain and strengthening effects so that it might last even longer. Follow me.”

Zhang Zhongtian brought Su Hao into the lab.

At the corner of the lab, there was an oval experimentation tool lying there. Su Hao had a quick glance at it.

“This thing...”

Su Hao looked at it strangely and felt doubtful in his heart.

Why did he felt like he had become like a white lab rat?

“You just have to lay on top. This thing will help your body decompose drug faster and promote the strengthening of your body tissues better .” Zhang Zhongtian continued, “Or else when you finish absorbing the drug, your college entrance exam will be over.”


Su Hao felt embarrassed.

Zhang Zhongtian took out a bottle of drug and handled it to Su Hao, “As for this, once you drink this, you will be in a dream-like state. When you wake up, the effect of the intermediate black market strengthening drug will be over!”


Su Hao looked at the drug in his hand and nodded.

Zhang Zhongtian started to activate the tool and a red laser scanned Su Hao’s body. Su Hao could even feel the energy in his body began to accelerate gradually.

It had started!

Su Hao grinned and poured the drug into his mouth.


After he drank it all, Su Hao put the bottle beside him and then lay down. He finally felt his body become heavy as if there was some pain coming. However, when he didn’t have the chance to feel it properly, he had already fainted.



Su Hao’s body began to tremble.

One could clearly see energy ripples pulsating from within his body. Spreading from the skin to the surrounding, it was as if bubbles were wandering around his body.

Zhang Zhongtian couldn’t bear to look at it any longer. He knew what was happening.

This was due to the reaction between the body and the drug which led to a crushing attack! After all, the black market body strengthening drug couldn’t get rid of its essence which was the side effect of breaking the limit of the human body by destroying the body and rebuilding. Therefore, the twitching and throbbing of body tissues was an inevitable event.

Fortunately, because of the aid from seven ancient drugs…

Now the intermediate black market drug had completely erased the pain. Now, Su Hao was in a deep sleep where he didn't even feel the slightest bit of pain!

The current scene right now was like watching an egg being destroyed.

“Damn it!”

Zhang Zhongtian cursed for a moment, “This brat slept so comfortably, yet this master of his is so worried.”


Zhang Zhongtian then had a look at the date, June 3rd.

“There are four more days.”

Zhang Zhongtian sighed, “It is about the right time for this drug. When he wakes up, it will be the right time to join the exam. Just that, to attract the attention from those people, reaching the top 10,000 is not enough! What I can do is only this. As for the rest of the route, you will have to walk by yourself!”

Zhang Zhongtian shook his head after finishing his words before reverting his attention to the scene.

The intermediate black market body strengthening drug still needed some time to be completed perfectly. He needed to reformulate the previously poor effect of the drug. Once this drug was perfected, then he would be able to market it. Moreover, the advanced black market strengthening drug also needed a lot of time to research.

At the outskirts of Jianghe City.

A young man stood there calmly. His dazzling silver hair was floating in mid-air, being blown by the breeze. Holding a blue thunderbolt sword in his hand, he was confronting a berserk beast.



The thunderbolt sword was swung. A blue shadow came down from the sky, heading towards the berserk beast.


The berserk beast roared and leaped up. However, a ray of light flashed and its body was cut in half.

The mouth of the young man raised into a smile, “Master, my thunderbolt sword, how is it compared to Su Hao’s?”


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