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Godly Model Creator - Chapter 179-182


Chapter 179-182

Chapter 0179 Sun Yaotian's gift

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

The term 'coming of age ceremony', was only used by well off families.

For an average family like Su Hao's, nobody would celebrate this so called coming of age ceremony. He vaguely remembered that during his 18th birthday, his mother only added an extra egg to his meal…

That was it.

But it was that simple egg that made his heart warm for the whole day. Every time he recalled that day, he felt blessed. A person's 18th birthday, no matter how it was celebrated, would always be an important day of their life.

Thus, Chen Yiran's coming of age ceremony was a must go for him!

That whole day, Su Hao secretly prepared something. Even if Su Ling got curious and asked him, Su Hao would just ask her to go away.

Su Hao only came back in the evening and he looked extremely exhausted

"Bro, what happened?"

When Su Ling noticed that her brother had returned, she quickly went and held him. Her eyebrows wrinkled. "You used too much energy. Bro, what have you done?"

"Nothing." Su Hao smiled. "Let me change my clothes before I go."

Su Ling then let him lay down on the sofa. With her small chest out, she acted strong. "You better behave well and sit here!"

Su Hao was confused.

After letting Su Hao sit down comfortably, she used her small hands to gently massage his shoulder, "Bro, have a rest. Later, when you go to Sister Yiran's coming of age ceremony, I'm sure you don't want her to see you like this."


Su Hao closed his eyes.

He had done what he needed to prepare. Tonight, it was destined to be a feast…


A lightning struck down and illuminated the sky of Jianghe City.

Somehow, today's weather felt a little different.

Chen family, floral villa.

Countless people had gathered here. Most members of the rich circles in Jianghe City could be seen.

It was not all because of Chen Yiran. 90 percent of the people here did not even know this young mistress of Chen family. For them, it was just a gathering to know more people.

Enemies, friends, allies, whatever information you wanted could be obtained here.

As to eight in the evening approached, the party had already started long ago. Everyone present looked extraordinary and elegant. You could easily observe groups of three to four that chatted with each other and occasionally laughed. This was how Jianghe City's high class society acted.

At exactly eight in the evening, the noises gradually disappeared. Everyone looked up and saw a girl slowly walked down from the stairs at the corner of the hall. Dressed in a white dress, the exquisite lace revealed her snowy white legs. Her tall and slim figure made the dreamy body curve even more noticeable.


Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. They were already used to the usual Chen Yiran. However, never had they expected that today when she wore a little dress she would become like a goddess and stun everyone.

Chen Yiran faintly smiled and took a glance at the crowd for a bit. A trace of disappointment was revealed on her face.

He… still has not come?

She stepped aside in sadness as Chen Haonian and his wife came down from the stairs. Both of them wore their best formal wear. Naturally, they looked forward to their only daughter's coming of age ceremony!

When he noticed the look of his daughter, Chen Haonian was instead relieved!

Su Hao did not come!

This was great!

In such a situation, if Su Hao came, it would bring quite a big trouble. After all, with so many rumors circulating about, quite a number already knew at least a bit of their matter. Sometimes, if the matter escalated out of control, that would not do any good for either of them. Not to forget, he had a more important matter to attend!

"Haha, Old Chen. I did not arrive late right?"

A domineering voice could be heard. Sun Batian came from outside and the steps he took were huge and full of confidence.

"Of course not."

Chan Haonian smiled. "Without you, how could I dare to start the banquet?"

"Well said!"

Sun Batian laughed. "I guess we should start it now. After all, everyone is here to participate in Yiran's coming of age ceremony and not yours. You can't just let everyone wait in hunger man."

Everyone burst into laughter.

Chen Haonian was helpless. "Since Chairman Sun has already spoken, then let's start the banquet. This beloved daughter of us, born under the chaotic era of origin ability, more or less also had us worry about her well being. Now that she has reached 18 years of age, it can be considered as one of our wishes being fulfilled. Thank you so much for coming here and blessing us. We have nothing much but make sure you eat to your heart's content."


"You're too humble."

"Big brother Chen, you can't say it like that." A thirty to forty year old fat man stood up, feeling dissatisfied. "We are all here because of our young miss. In order to prepare a gift for the young miss, I have traveled to a lot of places. Since nobody has spoken about it yet let me—Pangzi—bless her first."

Having said this, Pangzi took out a green jade box and handed it over.

Everyone showed a look of interest.

To present the gift before the banquet was indeed an interesting event. In Jianghe City, many companies would love to cooperate with Chen family. If they were able to send a gift that was to young miss' Chen's liking, then with a wave from Chen Haonian, their company future would soar up into the sky—even if they had to cling to the Chen family's thighs.

As for the big business companies, the kind of gifts you sent represented how big your company was. If you were being stingy and send a cheap gift, everyone would look down on you and no longer have the interest to cooperate with you in future.

Chen Haonian handed it to his daughter. Chen Yiran gently pushed the jade box and her eyes revealed a trace of surprise. It was a heaven snow jade ginseng. This was a very valuable herb! Under the influence of origin ability, consuming this herb would greatly increase the quality of the body's energy. It was at least worth tens of millions!

"Damn! Heaven snow jade ginseng!"

"It is really that!"

"This time, Pangzi is too ruthless!"

Everyone exclaimed and felt helpless. This bastard Pangzi. He had already sent out an expensive gift as the first one, what about them? Their gifts, how could they present them?

"Not bad."

As he looked at his daughter, Chen Haonian was somehow satisfied. "Pangzi, it seems that nowadays, your business is not bad."

"Hehe, it is all thanks to Brother Chen who takes good care of me."

As Pangzi laughed, his heart understood. This relation, he had obtained it!

When they saw Pangzi raise his flag of victory, everyone began to send their gifts. All sort of magical drugs, cultivation techniques and jewelry were presented… but besides the heaven snow jade ginseng at the start, Chen Yiran's face no longer showed the slightest change.

Yue Ying quietly appeared next to Chen Yiran. She grabbed Chen Yiran's little hands and felt a burst of coldness. Only Yue Ying could understand the current mood of Chen Yiran.

Just now, she had specifically gone and walked around outside yet Su Hao could not be seen.

This could only mean one thing… Su Hao really did not come!

"Yue Ying," Chen Yiran said in a soft tone.

"Don't worry."

Yue Ying consoled her. "If he is determined, he would definitely come."


Chen Yiran pinched the corner of her dress as she looked at Yue Ying before she burst into laughter. This young miss, who never had never used any makeup before, had stayed in the room for three hours straight just to learn how to use makeup and dress beautifully from Yue Ying—all to let Su Hao catch a glimpse of it.

Too bad, it was a pity…

Yue Ying sighed in her heart.

Soon, everyone's gifts were presented.

In addition to the Sun and Chen families, the two other families of the four families of Jianghe City—the Zhou and Yue family—also presented their gifts. Everyone was shocked by the scale of the gifts. However, everyone knew well that this time, the main focus was Sun family!

Sun family and Chen family had a very close relation. It was to the point that Chen Yiran and Sun Yaotian had a relationship contract on paper. However, there were recently rumors that because of the existence of another young man, there seemed to be a trace of a crack between them. If both families went to a war, in the end, only the other parties who were cannon fodder would suffer the most.

But well, luckily it seemed to be just a rumor.

Could you not see this scene in front? That Sun family was the only one that had not presented their gifts yet?

Regardless of whether the person existed or not, if he did not appear at such an important occasion, this could only mean that his qualifications had been eliminated!

"Only Sun family is left."

"Yes… I already told you, how could young miss Chen love an ordinary student."

"True, I heard that the young man is the number one student in the natural selection class, Su Hao. But now, it seems to be just a rumor. Although that Su Hao seems to have performed quite well in his results, the gap between him and Chen family is still huge."

"If the rumors were true, then this Su Hao would be even more incredible. In such an important occasion but he did not appear. Someone who only knows how to hide, what is the use of them?"

"I also heard about it. A poor student with no future, how could he be in any relationship with someone like young miss Chen."

Everyone whispered among themselves in discussion. At the same time, their eyes all looked at Sun family.

Sun family was the last one to present their gift. It must be one hell of a gift. Even those gifts worth millions could not move the heart of Chen Yiran, what did the Sun family plan to give then?

Everyone looked forward to it!

Chen Yiran's face was a bit pale. Her right hand held tightly onto Yue Ying's hand. "He… didn't come."

"So many people were present. Perhaps, he was considering your reputation." Yue Ying comforted her.

"I know."

Chen Yiran sighed. "Just that I'm a bit sad."

How could it be just a bit sad!

Yue Ying laughed bitterly at her expression and quickly changed the topic. "You say, what kind of gift would Sun family give it to you."

"Not interested."

Chen Yiran shook her head.

Yue Ying gently smiled. "Then this is not necessary. Look at that young master Sun. At this time, he seems to be quite satisfied. Who knows, maybe he would give you a surprise."


Chen Yiran said in a mocking tone, "It has been so many years, you think I don't know his character? He is just a prodigal son. Whatever gift prepared by him was definitely due to the influence of his family."

Yue Ying shook her head. "This is not necessarily true. Hey, he is coming."

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Sun Yaotian walked toward Chen Yiran with a smile. "Yiran, happy birthday!"

Chen Yiran frowned and did not say anything.

Sun Yaotian seemed to not be bothered and continued in a loving tone. "Yiran, I have been chasing you for so many years. I admit that I used to be a bastard for quite some time. But for you, I'm willing to change. For this gift, I have already prepared it since a month ago. And now I am ready for it! I do not hope for anything but your smile"

"Wow! This is so moving!"

"Yes, this is so romantic!"

Many girls looked at Sun Yaotian with twinkling eyes. Even Yue Ying felt somewhat moved too. This guy, what kind of earth shattering gift did he prepared?

"This is the gift I have prepared!"

Sun Yaotian smiled indifferently. He faced the door and pointed at it. Everyone was suddenly shocked as they noticed a slender and elegant figure walk in slowly.

Chen Yiran was shocked at the figure. Her eyes revealed the color of surprise.

No matter what, she would never have imagined that Sun Yaotian's gift would turn out to be… …

Chapter 0180 Old acquaintance

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

"Master Feng!"

Chen Yiran was delighted as she saw the figure in front of her. She didn't expect that the gift that Sun Yaotian mentioned would unexpectedly turn out to be Master Feng!

Not to mention Chen Yiran, both Chen Haonian and his wife were shocked.

"It turned out to be Master Feng!"

"This grandmaster pianist actually came, how much did the Sun family pay him?!"

"This is too unbelievable!"

"He is an internationally renowned pianist!"

The whole crowd was shaken!

The crowd was shocked as they saw the white-haired senior. Although he had aged quite a bit, every movement he made was graceful, and caused everyone to be relaxed and happy. Admiration slowly emerged all around.

Yue Ying had long since covered her lips.

Master Feng!

No wonder Sun Yaotian was so confident. If it was someone else, it was possible that Chen Yiran wouldn't even bother. But Master Feng… When Chen Yiran was a young girl, her soul suffered a huge blow which almost ended her life! After Chen Haonian heard of Master Feng, he spent a fortune in order to get Master Feng's medical treatment.

Step by step, Chen Yiran then walked out from the shadows. That was why she had great respect towards this master.

Eventually, she also became one of Master Feng's loyal fans, and she had always been looking forward to having the opportunity to meet Master Feng again. A few days earlier, upon returning home after a task, Chen Yiran heard that Master Feng had ended his concerts. She was silently sad and confused. Never would have she expected that today she would see Master Feng with her own eyes.

"After saying goodbye for so many years, that young lady back then has now grown up," Master Feng laughed. "Young lady, do you have any person that you like? If you do not, I have a friend, and I feel that he is very suitable for you."


The crowd was stunned for a moment.

Perhaps this master was a bit too aggressive, upon arriving he immediately was playing matchmaker?


Chen Yiran felt uneasy, not knowing how to reply. She asked herself honestly in her heart;she really didn't want to lie to this master who had pulled her out from a deep valley.

"Ha ha, I was just teasing you, the young lady has really grown up," Master Feng laughed and said. "It looks like you have completely recovered."

"Master Feng!"

Chen Haonian and his wife both rushed up to give their regards.

"Ha ha, Haonian, long time no see," Master Feng lamented when he saw Chen Haonian. When Chen Haonian initially requested him for treatment, he was merely a small businessman. He never thought that after so many years, Chen Haonian would turn out to be one of Jianghe City's four giants.

"Master Feng, you look as healthy as before," Zhao Yaru said with respect.

"Ha ha, I am old already," Master Feng laughed and said, "Today is this young lady's coming of age ceremony, I also can't come here empty-handed. Earlier this young lady didn't look happy. And I prepared her a small gift, as a token of my blessing."

Master Feng opened his mouth, and the crowd grew excited.

Could it be that this master was going to perform personally?

That piano piece would be extremely beneficial to one's health, and no one would get bored of it regardless of how many times they listened to it. If today they would be so fortunate as to hear Master Feng's performance, that would definitely be an incredible benefit!

In the end, Sun family was quite capable - they actually could invite Master Feng! This was quite a performance on their end!

"Master, what music do you wish to play?" the crowd asked excitedly.

"No," Master Feng waved his hand and laughed. "I am already old, the concert I held two days ago was enough to wear me out. Today I will not perform. However, I have a friend who also knows this music piece, so I'll let him perform it for everyone."

"Quick, prepare the origin ability piano!"

The Chen family housekeeper immediately called for the crowd to give them some space.

A friend recommended by the master, could he be an ordinary man? That said, this piano piece, any ordinary man would not be able to comprehend it. They could easily tell that he must be another master. To have a master level pianist perform at this sort of gathering, and to have two master pianists together, what an honor this was!

Sun Yaotian triumphantly said, "Yiran, are you satisfied with this gift?"

Chen Yiran glanced at him, and flatly replied, "Thank you!"

"Heh heh, you are welcome." Sun Yaotian was delighted, even if the tone was cold. It was a very good start. When he saw how delighted Chen Yiran was earlier, he knew that she was very happy with this gift. According to his past experience in his pursuit of girls, as long as the ice had melted, the rest could be slowly removed… yes, it was going to be soon...

Like this, no matter how stubborn she was, she couldn't escape this young master's palms.

Sun Yaotian was very proud of himself. As he saw the crowd's envious looks, he immediately straightened his back. That's right! He had waited for this for a long time. His own confidence was almost beaten to shreds. It was only in front of these people that he would feel superior, especially to those who were in awe of what he had done.

Unfortunately, what they didn't know was that for this trip, Master Feng didn't receive a single cent!

When Master Feng heard that it was Chen Yiran's coming of age ceremony, he immediately decided to attend, and didn't receive any fee from the Sun family. However, after countless pleas from Sun Yaotian, Master Feng finally agreed that he would appear in such a dramatic style! This showed off Sun Yaotian's wisdom, greatness, and dominance.

As he stood there seemingly indifferent, Sun Yaotian was internally filled with pride.

However, the only thing that caused him to wonder was… Since when had Master Feng brought a friend who could perform the piano origin ability technique?

Behind his back, the crowd looked at the Sun family members and whispered, and pointed their fingers.

It must be said, the Sun family this time was very generous, so generous the crowd trembled!

However, at this moment, the crowd thought of something… Green Snake's mysterious death, the unwarranted charges, Sun family's sudden contact with Master Feng. When they connected the matters, a horrifying truth appeared.

The Sun family really was the mastermind in that event!

Damn it!

What fake wine, fake wine your ass!

If it was a fake wine, how did you hook up with Master Feng? Everyone knew that Sun Yaotian didn't learn the piano, because during these last few days he was strolling around the Chen family area, in order to add vibrancy to Chen Yiran's coming of age ceremony. The results made it obvious, Sun Yaotian exchanged the task reward for Master Feng participating in Chen Yiran's coming of age ceremony!

As they looked at the prideful Sun Yaotian, the crowd shared many glances and had already made decisions in their hearts.

Whenever we conduct business with the Sun family, we must be very careful!

They would double cross you for a mere ten million. It seemed that due to many things, the Sun family had taken many serious blows. If they were to be caught...

When they came to this thought, the alertness within the crowd increased yet further.

The Sun family was too dangerous!

As the housekeeper called the workers to move the origin ability piano, Yue Ying ran to Chen Yiran's side. "Young lady, it looks like you are very happy with this present."


Chen Yiran was still overjoyed, "Master Feng was my savior… It's such a pity, if he was here too, it would be great."

Seeing Chen Yiran turning slightly depressed, YueYing quickly changed the topic. "Aiyaya, our young miss, you are so infatuated, do your parents know about it? If that Young Master Sun finds out that after he tirelessly brought you this present, yet your heart is still thinking about that lover? I am afraid he would puke blood on the spot."

Chen Yiran stared at her, "I cannot marry anyone who gives me a present. Or else, I could give you this Young Master Sun? Miss Yue who is as pretty as an angel, I think he definitely would be very happy."

"Cheh!" Yue Ying giggled and said, "Young lady, if there is anyone I want to snatch, it would be your Su Hao!"


As Chen Yi Ran's mood recovered a little, the watching Yue Ying let out a sigh of relief. Su Hao's non-appearance today caused a normally indifferent lady to suffer, it seemed that in the future, if there was a chance she would need to have a talk with him… Really, if you want to let go, then completely do so! If you want to grab, then you must grab tightly, this was what a man should do!

This hiding behavior really caused her to be in a bad mood.

Do - Re - Mi - Fa! rang out the crisp sounds of a piano. The housekeeper played for a bit, the sound test was complete, and he walked down satisfied.

"Is this piano piece really that powerful?" Yue Ying quietly asked.

"Yes!" Chen Yiran nodded, "It's very useful. Apart from healing psychological shadows, it can also adjust one's mental state and train it. Moreover, this piece contains a very dense warmth;it's like experiencing a movie-like romance story, very beautiful."

"True or not…." Yue Ying whispered a sentence.

"Shh - it seems like the pianist is here, you will know once you listen." Chen Yiran lifted a finger and pointed outside.

Yue Ying immediately went silent.

The housekeeper clapped his hands, and the lights in the hall suddenly dimmed, the noise immediately disappeared. What remained was a ray of blue light, which shot from the roof and landed on top of the origin ability piano, filling it with a silent beauty.

The faint blue fluorescent light flashed as it scattered from the sky. Crystal clear, it left a sentence behind in the sky.

Chen Yiran, happy birthday!

"So pretty!" Yue Ying was completely captured!

Chen Yiran was so surprised she covered her mouth. This incredible scene… was it also prepared by Master Feng? Or was it prepared by Master Feng's friend?

Shua! The light disappeared, and once again dissipated into the sky.

In the midst of the dim blue light, a slender body wearing formal clothing slowly appeared from the dark, step by step, and walked towards the origin ability piano.

The blue light dimmed, it was not possible to see his face.

What could be seen from afar was only the man's elegant and decent shadow. Slowly, the shadow walked to the front of the piano. The man's appearance was then clearly visible to the eyes of the crowd.

He was a youth, not very handsome, but the shape of his face was like a sculpture;his facial features were clear and deep, and were filled with extraordinary masculinity! Deep dark eyes filled with strong emotions, coupled with elegant and decent formal clothing;his whole person displayed a very special attraction.

The youth looked towards Chen Yiran, eyes filled with deep emotions. At this moment, in his eyes, it was as if there was nobody else present.

The youth slightly bent and bowed, then sat down before the piano.

Not far away, Chen Yiran sat stunned.

She couldn't believe it as she watched the faint blue light, that elegant shadow. Chen Yiran rubbed her eyes, thinking she had gone crazy because of her infatuation. Was it really him? It couldn't be...


She pinched Yue Ying. After hearing her cry in pain, Chen Yiran revealed a surprised look - it really wasn't a dream!

This idiot….

Chen Yiran covered her mouth as a blessed tear rolled down from the corner of her eye.

At this moment, the shocked and aggrieved Yue Ying said, "This cannot be, young miss Chen! The person who should cry is me, your pinch was really very painful! Fine, is it because of the handsome man in front of you? I know this handsome man is very attractive, but, you don't need to cry, right? Hmm, no big deal, I will just let you have him."

Chen Yiran laughed at her teasing. Ignoring Yue Ying's ramblings, Chen Yiran muttered to herself, "It's him…he finally came…"

Chapter 0181 A Bitter First Love

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

"He? Who is he?" Yue Ying repeated in a strange tone before she quickly blurted out, "Su Hao?"

Following the direction Chen Yiran was looking, Yue Ying was shocked that he was indeed the handsome little man who had appeared just now.

"No way..."

Yue Ying felt like her view of the world had changed. This little handsome man was Su Hao? Wasn't this Su Hao someone who had outstanding achievements in theoretical basis, average combat ability, and his future was limited? Although every time she only said good words about Su Hao in front of Chen Yiran, that was only to comfort her friend.

Regarding rumors of Su Hao, she had heard them, too. She had heard all kinds of things before, but nothing like what was before her right now!

This-this-this…was he really Su Hao?

It couldn't be Chen Yiran having a delusion, right?

Yue Ying subconsciously looked in the direction of Sun Yaotian. Noticing his extremely sour expression, she instantly understood;this young man...was really Su Hao!

At this moment, the hall was in total silence. Everyone looked at Su Hao in shock.

For those who didn't know, they were sighing in admiration for this young man, who had become a friend of Master Feng. As for those who had seen Su Hao's photo before, only one thought echoed within their mind.

Mad! This world is mad!

Wasn't this Su Hao?! Su Hao actually appeared at such an occasion?!

What was actually happening… hold on, it seemed that the one inviting Master Feng was Sun Yaotian? Everyone looked at Sun Yaotian and witnessed his ugly expression.

"Su! Hao!" Sun Yaotian uttered those two words between his grit teeth as he stared at that figure in disbelief.

No matter what, he would never have thought that Su Hao would appear in such a manner! But from start to end, Su Hao didn't give him a single look. After exchanging looks with Chen Yiran, he then sat down in front of the piano.

It was as if at this moment, only the two of them were in the hall.

In front of Master Feng, Sun Batian and Chen Haonian looked calm. However, from the exposed green veins on their hands, it was clear that they weren't calm at all.

For Su Hao to appear in such a way…

They didn't care much about this. What they were worried about was, what was Su Hao trying to do? What was his relationship with Master Feng?

Last time, Su Hao inexplicably became the disciple of a drug master. Once again, he had some relationship with another heavyweight character. Unknowingly, the previous boy who was just an ant who could be exterminated without batting an eye, finally had the qualifications to face them.

Many people quietly discussed this event. Soon, everyone knew the identity of the young man in front of them.

It seemed that the rumor turned out to be true! That boyfriend of Chen Yiran really did exist! It was just that it was a bit different from the rumor...


A crisp sound echoed out. Everyone's thoughts were directly interrupted. An inexplicable mood began to grow in everyone's mind. The crowd quieted down. The familiar melody woke up everyone. This piano piece - wasn't this Master Feng's famous music piece?

Su Hao's fingers gently danced like a mysterious genie.


As the origin ability energy began to proliferate, that wavy sound suddenly became violent and surging.

At this moment, everyone felt like they were in the middle of an ocean. They were being hit by wave after wave, riding up and down. As the waves hit the coast, a bursting sound echoed forth. Suddenly the sound changed, and everyone was carried up into the air! Instantly, everyone was seemingly sent to a heavenly wonderland.

This was a true fantasy!

From the highest peak of eternal perfection, it was as if a hot blooming love entered a stable period. At this moment, there wasn't any passionate ardor, but only thick and warm feelings.

The emotional piano tones echoed among the audience. Everyone put aside all their worries and troubles as the music passed into their hearts. They all let themselves be immersed in the sea of music. That gentle sound made them feel as if they had returned to the most perfect moment of their childhood.

Looking back, within their hearts, it was not that passionate love, but everlasting warmth! Remove the ardor, and what remained was the simplest love, the warmest feeling ever!

To the people I love, all these years, are you having a good life?

Countless people were dripping tears.

As the chaotic era of origin ability arrived, they were the ones who felt it the most. At that time, they could still remember the earth and sky suddenly changing color. With berserk beasts rampaging, wives and children being separated, how many people felt despair? That chaos, how many lives had it taken away? What was sadder than seeing their loved ones dying in front of them?

Time flew. They were still alive right now.

But the ones they loved the most were all gone a long time ago.

Chen Haonian quietly sat there, tightly holding the hand of his wife, Zhao Yaru. His eyes were somehow teary. Yes… all these years, did she have a good time there?

That year, the same love and choice.

He chose the passionate love. As a result, he lost his true love.

She died while in his arms. It was a regret he wouldn't forget for the rest of his life.

After tens of years, his daughter faced the same dilemma. While the love was just blooming, he tried his best to cut it off to prevent the same tragedy from happening.

However, the more he tried to suppress them, the more intense their love became.

And now, Su Hao chose such a way, standing in front of everyone, displaying his might without any fear.

A strong mind was not easy to shake. Very soon, Chen Haonian let out that thought at the bottom of his heart. He then looked at the elegant figure under the faint blue light.

"Su Hao… perhaps you can really change?"

At this moment, there wasn't any dispute or intrigue. Everyone was just enjoying the immersion in their memories.

The effect of the piano origin ability technique was clearly felt by all.

Chen Yiran quietly sat there;her heart was calm as she looked at Su Hao not far away.

Her usual character was elegant and cold. She didn't have many emotions due to events when she was younger. As she fell in love with Su Hao, it made her feel like a young girl. She knew the feeling of missing someone, worrying, getting lost in thought and even felt some jealousy whenever she saw Su Hao chatting with other girls. These were all things she had never experienced before meeting Su Hao.

You idiot…

As tears silently fell down, Chen Yiran's mouth revealed a smile, such a sweet smile.

As the piano music leisurely played on, bringing everyone back to their best times, unconsciously, Chen Yiran remembered that the very first time she interacted with Su Hao was even earlier than what everyone else thought.

Junior high school. At that time, they were all still young.

At that time, everyone had no origin ability talent. Thus, there wasn't any grade division.

Just like all students, everyone admires those with good results. In her school, there was this one outstanding student who attracted her attention.

That was a boy who gave a warm feeling when he smiled. He loved to play with everyone, had good results in school, was willing to help students do well in exams, and was popular among the girls.

At that time, she knew his name, Su Hao.

Just two words, simple and clean. Exactly like his character.

She could still remember that there was a student named Luo Wei who got beaten up by outsiders outside of the school. Su Hao then brought other students from the same class and went for a fight with those outsiders. Although quite a number of them received a discipline lesson from the class teacher later on, his actions had won the trust of everyone, and also the secret love of many girls.

She wanted to talk to him, but didn't dare to.

Watching those lively and cheerful girls who could laugh and play as much as they wanted, she lost her confidence. He must prefer those girls who are cheerful and lively, right…

Thus, she would always watch them in silence.

Sometimes, she felt jealous. Sometimes, she felt sad.

Later she knew from her mother that such a feeling was actually her first love.

Sweet, sour, bitterness.

At that time, she told herself that before graduation… she needed to confess her feelings at least once… she must have the courage to do so.

When they were about to graduate from junior high school, she mustered her courage and asked a friend of hers to help deliver a note.

And then embarrassedly ran to the field and waited for him, until ten o'clock at night. Su Hao didn't appear. She still remembered she cried a lot at that night.

She wasn't one who liked to bother other people.

If she was getting annoyed, she would just silently sit in a corner and silently cry. She wouldn't bring any trouble to others even though she really wanted to ask...

Why didn't he come?

Why did he let her wait for so long?

In high school, both of them were still in the same school.

She hid her feelings even deeper.

Such a bright man, with so many girls loving him, it would never be her turn. This was because she got rejected once. At most, she would quietly sit by the window and watch him playing around in the school.

However, soon everything changed.

As every student integrated their origin ability, the grade division was happening. Many students changed. That student Luo Wei who had been saved countless times by Su Hao became a dog's leg of Sun Yaotian. Su Hao, a good student in junior high, had become a waste in high school and was abandoned by others.

Su Hao no longer loved to speak, or even mix with others. He only kept training like a madman, but yet, he could only increase 0.1 at a time. He was very hardworking and yet with such results, it really made her sad.

She felt her heart ache.

However, this trash who everyone gave up on, in such a short period of time, had improved his theoretical basis until he monopolized the first rank in this department, becoming a fully deserving bookworm!

At that time, she knew that he was still there!

At the park, she had her first contact with him and learned about theoretical basis. Soon, they became good friends and she began to learn more about things.

For example, that day, he didn't receive any paper at all.

He had already left the school early. He was in a rush to work and earn money for his high school fees to help reduce the burden on his family.

After returning home, she happily told her mother about this and yet, her mother had a long talk with her.

The agreement with Sun family… high school is different from junior high school.... Su Hao's future potential… Chen family's burden… troubles that Su Hao would face…

In just a night, everything changed.

Chapter 0182 Perfect romance

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Within one night, everything changed.

She also changed.

Her behavior became more indifferent, and also much colder. She kept all of her emotions hidden within her heart, and she swore to never be affected by them again. Her interactions with Su Hao was just to maintain a mellow friendship.

After 2 years of being together, they gradually became closer and became best friends.

The muddled feelings of the past were melted within their 2 years of friendship. However what was unexpected was, there would be a day, the moment when Su Hao first encountered fighting technique, he suddenly soared and his ability began to improve by leaps and bounds!

The increase in his ability, caused him to be self-confident. Once again he was back to his old self.

A bossy declaration.

A smooth transformation.

Just like the previous him, he once again caused her long stilled heart to float. However, rationale quickly crushed this strand of affection, because, at that time, she was already clear that if they two were to be together, it will bring Su Hao plenty of troubles! According to Sun family's methods, they perhaps would cause Su Hao to immediately disappear.

That was something she would not tolerate.

Not to mention, to her, maintaining this type of friendship, was already enough.

However, what happened later was totally out of her expectations.

Their relationship became a little uncertain. Through Su Hao's eyes, she saw the same thoughts, but fortunately, both of them were rational in nature. However, Sun Yaotian's couple of attempts became the catalyst that brought, these two people who could still control themselves, together even quicker!

The longing that have been buried in their hearts for a very long time had finally exploded!

After years of accumulation, years of yearning, when the feelings exploded, such feelings couldn't be suppressed any longer as the feelings of them both rapidly increased in temperature!

However, very quickly, that repulsive viper returned.

A small plan, caused everything to change. Although Sun Yaotian timed wrongly and caused himself to pay a very heavy price, this couldn't restore her pain.

Because at this moment, she discovered.

That affection, that deep longing was no longer suppressible…

For one month, she trained crazily just for the sake of suppressing the deep longing within her heart. She subconsciously wouldn't speak about any topic that was related to him, because she was afraid that she couldn't suppress her feelings.

The school's task store, once again she was caught in a struggle.

Because she was clear most of the time, many inadvertent decision would cause someone to be hurt. Therefore, she eventually didn't help Sun Yaotian. But at this moment, Su Hao appeared again, and in an extremely bossy manner and stood up to let her know, that all along, there was someone willing to cover her through the rain.

This coming of age ceremony, Su Hao shouldn't have come.

Even if he didn't come, she wouldn't blame him.

But, as a girl, no matter how indifferent her character, her heart also possesses her own romantic story that a prince would come down from the sky. It was every girls' fantasy. She also hoped that her own prince would come from the sky on her most important day, whispering to her these words, 'happy birthday'.

As such, when she knew that Su Hao didn't come, she was slightly disappointed.

But she never thought he still came and used such a magical way, a way that wouldn't give her any trouble, and presented her the most beautiful birthday present.

In the past, this piano piece was what brought her out of her despair.

Today, it was this piano piece that had again given her a deep sense of love.

This familiar melody, caused her to tear up in happiness.

This fool...

Why does he always trouble himself?

5 minutes later, the music faded but everyone was still soaked in their own deep thoughts. As the crowd awoke from their own memory, they felt a deep sense of longing.

The many girls in the crowd, infatuatedly looked at the shadow. They were so touched that they felt torn.

My goodness… how romantic!

Such feelings, such love, if there such a person in my life, with such emotions, this life would be worthwhile.

Was this the poor kid who was rumored to be connected with Chen family? With that elegant figure, that passionate love, this was clearly a prince!

Seeing this, that Sun Yaotian was more like a 3rd party!

As they saw a tearing Chen Yiran who wasn't far away, the eyes of the girls in the crowd were filled with envy. If it was me, I probably would have eloped a long time ago.

Yue Ying, who was at Chen Yiran's side, felt it the deepest. As she saw this romantic scene, she muttered to herself, "Alright… I am begin to believe in love…"

A resplendent piano piece had crowned Su Hao as a prince among the hearts of the many girls.

However, compared to the girls' innocent feelings, what the immediate crowd saw was much much more.

This is - the future!

Su Hao this year was just 18 years old.

According to the Piano Association statistics, statistically the youngest person who could play piano origin ability technique, it was 10 years ago by a musical genius, at the age of 26, he became a master pianist and played a piano origin ability technique, shocking everyone, and was placed in the records of the Piano Association. But this time...

This record was broken!

The youngest piano origin ability technique performer in history, Su Hao!

Aged, 18 years old!

This represented a type of honor, the type of honor that was fated to enter into the Piano Association record books. Regardless of whether he was Master Feng's student, when he displayed that incredible talent, it was fated, that he would be the piano industry's rising star! That was also the reason why Master Feng and Su Hao got along.

He had met many geniuses.

There were many types of origin ability talents, there was even a type that could copy another origin ability talent which could almost copy and perform the piano piece that was presented perfectly. It was a very powerful ability. But, with this type of talent, when faced with the piano origin ability technique, it was very consuming! After copying only 10 musical notes, then he was thoroughly defeated.

Unlike Su Hao, after merely analyzing and comprehending, it could be learned.

Simply unique!

One piano origin ability technique, blooming a dazzling radiance, as Su Hao was the center of it. This signified that - he was the piano industry's new superstar, not somebody that could be touched. Even if it was the Sun family, who may want to make a move on Su Hao, they had to ask whether Master Feng would agree or not! They had to ask whether the whole Piano Association would agree or not!

For the first time, Su Hao stood upright before Jiang He City's 4 giants and wasn't afraid!

As he elegantly stood up, Su Hao walked towards Chen Yiran. The crowd at the scene were shocked, this guy… again, what does he plan to do? In this occasion, at this place, he shouldn't try to completely destroy his own image! Even on the foreheads of Chen Haonian and Sun Batian, blue veins appeared with a few drops of sweat.

For someone who put family interest as the top priority like Sun Batian, a stain was not permissible to appear in his family honor! Rumours he can tolerate, he could also tolerate baseless allegations! But if Su Hao would be improper towards Chen Yiran in front of him, that would cause his Sun family to be trampled and squashed by a few feet!

For some things, when it was punctured, the only way was to fight!

For Jianghe city's current situation, if a fight broke out, nobody could bear the consequences!

At this moment, Su Hao's every move involved the hearts of everyone present.

A blue spotlight shone, there was no other one in Su Hao's eyes for a long time. As he slowly walked towards Chen Yiran, he silently looked at her. The two of them crossed eyes as if it was the first time they met each other!

"Putong! Putong!"

Chen Yiran could feel that her heart was about to jump out. The person whom she missed every day, at this moment, stood before her and smiled as he looked at her.

What… What is he going to do?

Chen Yiran could even hear his breath. At this moment, in this scenario, should she reject Su Hao? If she does not reject him, the permanent breakup of the Chen family and Sun family could happen right in front of her!

What should she do?

That's it… what family interests, let them be casted aside! At this moment, she only wanted to be selfish for once. She only wished to be a small girl who was trapped in the river of love.

At the thought of this, Chen Yiran shyly closed her eyes.

Su Hao's lips lifted a smile as he held her soft and gentle hand.

The lips of everyone shrunk, as a thought flashed through their minds, it was finished!

This fellow wants a faceoff!

This fool!

The permanent breakup between the Sun family and Chen family would cause Jianghe City to be in utter chaos! In this era of origin ability, the outcome of the battle could only be decided by blood! All the small families, small business, no one could escape! This unprepared battle could lead to an untold number of deaths or injuries... it was really the end.

This was the thought in the minds of everyone present.

Cold sweat dripped off Chen Haonian's forehead. His daughter's choice caused him to be slightly worried. This child, in the end, made the same choice as him.

But no matter what, at this time, he already couldn't stop it.

No matter what decisions his daughter made, he would only support.

Sun Batian was also very calm. His face didn't change, but a cold light flashed through his eyes. It could be seen that at that point he was controlling his fury.

This was Chen Yiran's coming of age ceremony!

Because of the relationship between the two misses, this coming of age ceremony, his wife also took a lot of effort as she participated in its planning, being so busy. Wasn't it done to create a chance for Sun Yaotian? Wasn't it done to remove all the ill feelings between him and Chen Yiran?

What was the result?

When it seemed to have become successful, Su Hao came, and simply destroyed all of the family's hard work, gave her a huge present, then held Chen Yiran's hand. This was bare naked ignorance!

And not far away, as Sun Yaotian saw this scene, he felt like fainting, and a stream of fresh blood was spat.

Su Hao entered the scene without speaking a word. He only performed a piano piece, and that caused Chen Yiran to be restless. Such an action, how could Sun Yaotian endure anymore!

"Su… Su Hao!"

Sun Yaotian was so angry that he shivered. He trembled as he lifted his finger, pointed at Su Hao, and was so angry that he was speechless.

He completely didn't expect that this was the final outcome! Su Hao actually played this piano piece. Although, when comparing his performance to Master Feng, there was still a gap in ability, the effect it brought was perfectly displayed. Such a splendid demonstration of love, wasn't that something that he always wanted to do?

This was within his plans.

To buy the century-old wine task reward, to let Master Feng impart his piano piece, to establish a good relationship with Master Feng, to then splendidly appear, to perform this to Chen Yiran, and romantically confess.

The result?

The execution of the plan was alright!

But it was Su Hao who completed the scene instead!

This rival whom he hated so much!


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