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God Rank Hero - Chapter 71


Chapter 71

In the game, players can choose from 6 racial factions, Light Faction's Human, Elf, Dwarf;Darkness Faction's Undead, Beastmen, and Devil respectively. As for hidden races, there is no related information for now.

And Devil is probably the most disliked faction by players, because Devils almost do not have any stronghold on Hero Continent's surface. Devil players' world is a patch of fiery red sky, hot scorched earth, and magma rivers. Anyways, the feeling it gives players is like playing a different game, suppressed and dull. Unlike Undead, which can adjust their mood from time to time, and charge to Humans' greenery territory to kill and rob mine or something. Devil players' starting level 1, 2, 3 units are not long-rang, so there is bound to be losses when going to war.

And Devils' advantage is also very obvious, and that is legion transportation. Devil is the expert of teleportation. Other races cannot use city's teleportation formation to transfer troops, but only Devil cities can. In other words, the game's background legend has it that after some king repelled the invasion of Hell, and decided to follow up the victory with an expedition to Hell to eliminate them once and for all, but lost really badly is because Devil realm is all Devil's cities, and Devils can gather all the cities' troops in an instant to resist the invasion.

Not only that, Devils' world is a multiverse. Using Chinese culture's understanding, it would be 18 layers of Hell, and using Western culture to understand is 7 levels of Purgatory. Anyways, all the nations' developers reached a consensus in this aspect, which is to bring out the special features of Devils' evil power, and to compensate for Devil forces' play-ability, all the servers' Devil world can be inter-connected, while other races can only meet up in the New World.

In other words, once during faction war, a certain server's Devils' base cannot cope with a siege anymore (This almost cannot happen), they can activate nation war mode to request reinforcements from other servers' Devils. Thus, one selling point of Devil race is letting players be able to have international exchange with players of other countries.

And Devils are famous for their aggressiveness, even if they left their home field of Hell, they can still use their powerful dimensional transportation ability. Devil Heroes' Class skill is Infernal Gate.

Infernal Gate: Infernals' troops can activate Otherworld Gate on the battlefield to summon reinforcements from Hell Abyss, Basic summoning's ratio is 30% of the troops' amount, Intermediate 35%, Advanced 40%, Expert 45%, Master 50%.

And that god rank Hero of Japan Region with ’’Infernal Gate Master’’ specialty is increases the effect of Infernal Gate by 1% with every increase of Level. In other words, if that Hero is Level 50, the effect of Infernal Gate increases by an additional 50%, and stacked with Master Infernal Gate will make it 100%, if combined with Luck Skill to form the luck-based sub-Skill ’’Swarm Gate’’, then the summoned amount can double again.

In other words, fighting with Devils will have to face their more than half times extra cannon fodder troops. Then the only way to deal with it is to fight a quick battle, and let them not have the time to summon reinforcements. And Devil race are also most adept at quick attacks. So fighting a war with Devils are very tragic, there is no way both sides will not lose units even if they want to, and to players from both sides, this is a painful thing.

Now, Da Fei ball-achingly discovers that he might have to face the Devil players from the entire world

Da Fei hurriedly asks: ’’Lord Mayor, I've really stirred up a hornet's nest this time, how much troops will the Devils send as reinforcements? Will I still have reinforcements?’’

Othoriman giggles: ’’Our dimensional transportation is not as proficient as Devils. Being able to transport such a large ship of yours and that many troops to the Pool of Radiance is already the best we could do, so we're unable to provide more support. But rest assured, the situation of the Abyss Blood Pool is the same as our World Tree, both are restricted by barriers already. Devils can only send young Heroes like you as reinforcements at most, but does this world have such an outstanding young Hero like you? No! You can fight ten on one! I'm confident in you! You don't need support!’’

Ah pfft! 10? Nation war already started, so it is possible to be only 10?

As Devil race's level 1, 2, 3 units are close range units with low Defense and HP, their start is very unfavorable, so Devil Devil players normally do a machine style start with ballista. In other words, the 16 ballistae in the gun deck Bro takes pride in probably have to face the thousands of ballistae of thousands of Devil players! Won't it be blown into smithereens! Even if there isn't thousands, just 10 from each servers to enough to make Bro suffer, right?

Oh f*k, that is not right! Isn't this totally a pit hole? However, just thinking of having to take on the Devil players of the entire world by himself, a lofty sentiment hidden within his heart naturally wells up! When was the last time this kind of lofty sentiment erupted? Very long ago, probably the time when writing the autobiography <Da Fei and Sea>?

Okay! Do it! Didn't Japan region have 2 god rank Devil Heroes? Bro warn ya, don't come to China region, even if you came, don't let Bro's God-level Scouting catch you, or else 16 ballistae, wrong, only 1 side can attack, that will be 8 ballistae together with Phantom Ballista straight away blow ya into smithereens!

Since he has already decided to go all out, then he will have to throw away his morals and develop the NPC's potential to the limit.

Da Fei then says with a thick-skin: ’’Lord Mayor, since this Blood Hawk's Flute has no more problems, then the Succubus barrack and beauty Deputy Hero, you definitely must help me settle it! Oh right, I still want to change into a strong hidden Hero Class!’’ Bro don't believe it, Makarl can impatiently send me out, will you send me out?

Othoriman coughs: ’’Ehm... Sir seems to still have a Deputy Hero position, and for the assault quest this time, the higher-ups from the kingdom should assign a young guide to Sir, but it's only a temporary Deputy Hero.’’

Oh? Temporary Deputy Hero? Those unobtainable normally are the most beautiful, so temp worker normally are very OP, right?

Da Fei hurriedly says: ’’Is it a beauty?’’

Othoriman giggles: ’’This is not something I can consider. Now, let's talk about Succubus barrack, could it be Sir refer to her?’’ After finishing, he points to the Granny Rong.

There is chance! Not a mayor rank NPC for nothing, generous enough! Makarl is too weak compared to him!

Da Fei says happily: ’’That's right! As long as there is war, there will definitely be definitely be casualties, and my expedition this time has no way to replenish troops at all. The troops will only get lesser and lesser, and probably have no way to fight at the later stage. While Devil race's barrack is different, their principle is based on transportation, so there is no need for a city nor population. Now that I already have an instructor, so I'm thinking of building a mobile barrack on the ship, but the difficulty is the ship is moving which causes the coordinates to be unstable. Lord Mayor, please find a way to resolve this problem no matter what!’’

Othoriman nods: ’’No doubt it's Mr. Da Fei, having such a deep knowledge of Devils, you're really the right man to hand this quest to.’’

Da Fei giggles: ’’You flatter me.’’

Othoriman giggles: ’’Actually, this problem is not difficult too. You should know, when entering many mages' mage towers, you can discover that the space inside is much bigger than it looks from outside, right?’’

Ehm, this is what an instance[1] is after all. Aren't games like this, enter a small house, and then the scene changes, and the space inside the room is very big. But, since he said it is not difficult, that makes things easier. Bro have to wait on him well.

Da Fei giggles and says humbly: ’’Although I've never entered a mage tower, I've heard of it too.’’

Othoriman nods: ’’This is called dimensional expansion spell. In more ordinary words, it is like the dimensional bag everyone has. A small bag can contain many large size items, Sir should understand this, right?’’

Da Fei suddenly comes to understand why: ’’Which is to say, Lord Mayor can modify my ship into a dimensional bag? And then build a barrack in the bag?’’

Othoriman nods: ’’That's the rough meaning, we can ask arch-mages to remodel a room into an alternate dimension, but because it involves the summoning of units, so the actual implementation will be much more complex. Using the arch-mages' words, it should classify as absolute still dimensional expansion!’’

Da Fei is elated: ’’Although I don't really understand, Lord Mayor, definitely please help me settle it.’’

Othoriman sighs deeply: ’’'This matter, to our Elf Kingdom, the techniques are actually not a problem, I can come forward to look for higher-ups to mediate, the manpower is not an issue too, but there is but there is a very big problem that cannot be avoided no matter what.’’

Da Fei says in surprise: ’’What big problem?’’

Othoriman raises his hand emotionless, and his thumb pressing onto his index finger. This hand gesture looks like OK when raised up, and everyone should understand when it is laid flat.

Da Fei is stunned: ’’Gold coins?’’

Othoriman shakes his head and sighs: ’’Aish, talking about money with a Hero like Sir is too tacky, but there's no choice. This kind of thing is not within this operation's subsidy budget. I also have no authority to get grants from above, and absolutely cannot use the local city's gold reserves, or it'll affect my clean political image, and also affect the officials' image of Elf Kingdom at the same time. In the end, if Sir wants to do this project, you can only fork out the money yourself. I can come forward to help Sir hire first class arch-mage to do it. These arch-mages really cannot be invited by ordinary people.’’

Da Fei is stunned on the spot! Oh f*k! Can issue concerning money actually be considered an issue?

Da Fei is astonished: ’’How much?’’

Othoriman raises a finger emotionless: ’’At least this amount, Sir definitely cannot fork out this sum of money, but it's no problem, Sir has sea produce quota in our city, so Sir can repay it slowly in installments by running business. I also have faith in Sir's commercial ability.’’

1? 100,000? 1 million? Or, 10 million? For his emotionless expression, Da Fei smells a strong scent of pit-hole! Oh f*k! Gotta be joking! Say it, you hypocritically said you want to help Bro, how much money did you actually pocket as a black-hearted middle agent?

Da Fei asks carefully: ’’How much?’’

Othoriman giggles: ’’Compared to Sir's peerless merits, money actually instead is not a problem! It's only a 100 million.’’

Ah pfft! 100 million! According to the studios' ridiculous gold coin's prices on the market now, it is hundreds of thousands RMB! If Bro has hundreds of thousands, Bro will just buy car and house straight away...Em, cannot afford! Oh f*k!

All of a sudden, Da Fei discovers that NPC is not that easy to fudge, when you have the need for him, he will also lay a trap for you quietly too! Isn't this trying to trap Bro on purpose?


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