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God Rank Hero - Chapter 34


Chapter 34 China Server's First Epic Deputy Hero

Da Fei is enlightened! Voyager must be an all-rounded Class so it is only naturally to learn all the combat and adventure public skills found in the rooms! If not, why else are all these skills given for?

Da Fei is level 18, he gained 17 skill points from leveling up. And Advanced Scouting together with sub-skill Gather Information, Stealth spent a total of 5 points;Master War Machines together with sub-skill Ballista Master spent 6 points;Clicking Leadership by mistake spent 1 point, Luck spent 1 point. There is still 4 points left.

And the skill books that Da Fei have on him and are not learned is exactly 4, this is totally tailor-made!

Isn't this obviously for Bro to job change! Anyways, Bro is already a Ballista Master and BOSS killer already, even if there is quest to do later, there is no need to worry about combat, learn all the remaining skills! Although this is taboo for beginners, knowing everything means not specializing in any, which is a waste of skill points. When it gets harder to level up in the future, it will be very difficult at every step. However, to hidden Classes, everything is not a problem!

Da Fei is no longer lost, he takes out the skill books and golden light flashes continuously!

System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Basic Offence!

Basic Offence: Increase Hero and Hero's units' close range damage by 10%.

System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Basic Armorer!

Basic Armorer: The damage Hero and Hero's troops received is reduced by 10%.

System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Basic Archery!

Basic Archery: Increase Hero and Hero's long range units' damage by 10%.

System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Basic Logistics!

Basic Logistics: Increase Hero's troops' marching speed by 20%.

Spending all the saved up skill points, learning complete. However the golden light he imagined did not descend from the sky and there is no system notification popping up too. And then, there is nothing more.

Could it be System is faking it?

The ship moves forward in steady shaking, waves hitting the hull with rhythmic sounds, refreshing sea breeze blowing into the cabin stirs up Da Fei's messy hair and Da Fei's heart is in an ethereal state...

God knows how long later,

China Region System Announcement: Warmest congratulations! China Region player Ksana Youth became the first player in the world to successfully hire an Epic deputy Hero!

At that very instant, the world channel is suddenly ignited!

World Channel [Ancient Stars]: Stars Guild congratulates Miss Ksana Youth on getting word's first! Stars Guild welcomes you!

World Channel [Dragonscale]: Slaying Dragon Guild congratulates Miss Ksana Youth on bringing glory to China Region! Slaying Dragon Guild welcomes you to join us!

World Channel [God Emperor]: Ninth Heaven is willing to hire Miss Ksana Youth into our guild with a annual salary of 1 million!

World Channel [Dragonscale]: Our guild is hiring with annual salary of 2 million.

World Channel [God Emperor]: I'm talking about USD!

World Channel [Dragonscale]: I'm talking about British Pounds!

World Channel [Hero Newsflash Reporter 043]: Hello Miss Ksana Youth, I'm a reporter of Hero Newsflash, hope you can temporarily add me as friend and accept an online interview from me...

World Channel [God Emperor]: Can Miss Ksana Youth temporarily add me as friend too, I'm God Emperor, the chairman of China's largest professional gaming club Ninth Heaven.

World Channel [Dragonscale]: Xiao-huang, you should forget about it, your ranking is number ⑨!


Da Fei only came to his senses now, speaking in the world channel costs 100 dollars per line! They are using it as a chat room? The game only started for a few days and someone actually hired an Epic deputy Hero! Isn't that too OP? Wait, this name Ksana Youth sounds a bit familiar, seems to be that farm girl with OP mental calculation skills who created account yesterday? Oh f*k, it is, Bro does not respect any other people, only have to respect this kind of people, this is real capabilities, and not everyone can do that. Getting an Epic deputy Hero in 1 or 2 days is not impossible. After all, even someone as OP as Bro only managed to book an Epic deputy Hero.

Wait, this Dragonscale, this Slaying Dragon Guild is a bit familiar too? Could it be?

For a while, it hooks on Da Fei's distant memories. At that time, seems to be New Year too, Da Fei was crestfallen from breaking up causing him to make a serious mistake at work and gotten fired later without getting the year-end bonus. And then, Da Fei did not want to see anyone and just stayed at home playing games, messing around in the game to vent his resentment. He met this Dragonscale at the first day the server opened, got him killed by the BOSS and snatched his pet tiger.

It is a long story after that, they, the Slaying Dragon Guild, sent people to hunt Da Fei every day. And once when their guild were besieging a BOSS and both sides were dying, Da Fei suddenly charged out, last hit people and stole the BOSS, looting a guild token.

Nothing much to say, isn't your Slaying Dragon Guild righteous and very OP? Bro will definitely be the guild master! Da Fei registered the Slaying Dragon Guild name before them and clamored in the whole server: ’’Recruiting black fungus[1] as guild mistress, the blacker the better, Bro will give whatever you want.’’ For a while, all kinds of rascals gathered...

And when the affair gotten bigger and bigger, Slaying Dragon Guild contacted Da Fei: ’’Requesting to buy the guild back with 100,000.’’

100,000? Are you bluffing? At that time, in Da Fei's impression, isn't game about hacking accounts, cheating money and equipment? Ignored them and carried on causing trouble.

And then, they went up to 200,000! Wahaha! The price raise was more casual than eating meals, they are swindlers as expected! Your illnesses are serious, it is time for all to get treatment. Thus, that treatment cured the whole Slaying Dragon Guild out of the game, followed by the game closing down too and rescuing countless internet addicted youths. That was really a time of burning passion.

Many years later, when Da Fei finally knew Slaying Dragon Guild's real life background, he was very regretful. This was really harming others without benefits! If he knew, he would have asked for 1 million! If he had a million, would he be far from house and car? However, on careful thought, if he really accepted their money then, it would probably be problematic too. Sum of 100,000 and above can be charged as fraud and internet police can be deployed.

However, it is also because of that period of going wild in game that his family were getting more and more dissatisfied with Da Fei, especially the little sister who were in high school then. The little lass, who was not even grown up yet, also could boldly point finger at her elder brother! It made Bro so mad!

Anyways, after Da Fei left the game, he went around doing temporary work and never played games again. Even so, Da Fei still longed for that extraordinary life in the games. As long as he had the time, he will still pay attention to all kinds of newly released games on the net.

Now, looking at Dragonscale and others quarreling on the world channel with 100 dollars per line, Da Fei sighs lightly: ’’Why give up on treatment?’’

Anyways, something so huge happened in China Region, the net should have news reporting on it at the first timing. Since there is nothing to do now, let's see exactly what attributes does an Epic Hero has.

Da Fei logs in to the built-in forum of the game. And a hot post which is sticky at the top is very eye-catching! <China Region's trash player, Da Fei!>, sticky thread starter, Blood Sea Mad Waves!

Ah pfft! Da Fei even spit out his booger! Do you even know how much it cost to freaking stick a thread for an hour?


At this time, Hero Newsflash's reporter connects and livestream Ksana Youth's audio interview.

Reporter: ’’Excuse me, our thanks to Miss Ksana Youth for accepting our program's interview.’’

A very strange digital voice replies: ’’It doesn't matter, hope that my success can bring inspiration to other players too.’’

Reporter says in surprise: ’’This voice is?’’

’’It's Luo Tian Yi[2], my favorite Vocaloid.’’

Reporter says in surprise: ’’Oh, China-made Hatsune.’’

’’Please don't mention Hatsune, I'm Luo Tian Yi, thanks!’’

Reporter laughs: ’’Ah, sorry, what all the players are most concerned about now is your Epic deputy Hero, may I ask if it's convenient to disclose his stats? Of course, you can skip this topic.’’

’’It doesn't matter, I'll send a video recording to show you.’’

Host: ’’Hello all our audience, now please take a look at the video transmission from our front-line reporter. Let's us wait and see the world's first Epic deputy Hero.’’

The screen changes, rural scenery, spinning windmill, a few hundred Human's level 0 0 reserve force Peasant are working hard in the fields, a gallant-looking blonde female knight wearing a suit of silver armor on an armored horse is waving her hand to show concern for the peasants, the peasants all cheer in return.

And then on the screen, a deputy Hero's stats window pops out, the world's first Epic deputy Hero's full stats is displayed before the eyes of all the world's Hero players.

Knight Lord: Elaine, level 30, Attack 20, Defense 20, Magic, 5, Knowledge 5, Command Power 1000.

Hero Specialty: Peasant's Esteem.

Elaine is a noble, upright, compassionate and charitable manor owner that is held in high esteem by the peasants. The peasants under her voluntarily pays 1 gold coin more for tax every month.

Peasant: Haven level 0 reserve force, Attack 0, Defense 0, Damage 0-1, HP 3, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 8, Command Point 0. Special ability: Production, Taxpayer, Cannot go out to battle.

Taxpayer: Pays 1 gold coin of tax every month.


At this time, the reporter says in surprise: ’’What a surprising Epic Hero, then how did Miss Ksana Youth obtain her?’’

’’Luo Tian Yi’’ smiles: ’’From the start, I was allocated here to work by the examiner, and met this Elaine. She was always troubled by the farm's deficit, I then turned the farm's deficit into profit in 15 days so she gave me the farm, then she followed me and became my deputy Hero.’’

Reporter says in surprise: ’’Just like that? She actually gave you the farm?’’

’’Yes, the reason why she had a deficit was because she was being a Good Samaritan and helping the poor with money way too much. She was totally an angel, she gave the farm was because she said she is not good with management and giving it to me can help more people. As for the rest, there is nothing much to say.’’

Reporter asks again: ’’Now, all kinds of major guilds are inviting you to join their guilds, may I ask what are your intentions?’’

’’I'm grateful for everyone's appreciation but this deputy Hero of mine is still controlled by the kingdom's laws and cannot set out for war as she will while I only intends to farm slowly in the game and have no intention of joining a guild. There's nothing much for me to say now, can we end the interview already?’’

’’Thanks Miss Ksana Youth for the interview, it was a pleasant cooperation, goodbye!’’

For a while, the players from the whole world that are watching the livestream are really surprised. As an obviously non-combat Hero and an Epic Hero with level not considered high, her value cannot be judged at first glance. However, at least the appearance of an Epic deputy Hero made all the professional gaming teams all over the world pick up their pace.

T/L note 1: Slut. Because of China's censorship, black fungus is used to refer to slut as it looks like a certain organ.

T/L note 2: 洛天依


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