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God Of Thunder - Volume Book 9 - Chapter 3


Book 9 Chapter 3 - Recruiting Uncle Jin

Jin Daya also had quite a few Purple Crystals. Seeing that Lei Xinfeng traded his for so many Yin Rings, he couldn't remain calm. He was a little regretful, that he allowed Lei Xinfeng to go first. Although he had some Purple Crystals, they couldn't compare with Lei Xinfeng.

After watching practitioners go up one by one, Jin Daya finally went him. He could only hope that he would be able to get some Yin Rings.

’’Jin Daya, Ninth Ring Sage. Haha, I have here some purple Purple Crystals, but they're of lesser quality. I only want Yin Rings, not anything else.’’ Then he put his crystals on the stand.

All of them were of different sizes. The biggest one was no larger than the tip of a finger, while the smallest was the size of a grain of sand. ’’Hey, give a price?’’ someone said.

Jin Daya hesitated. Originally, he wanted to use Lei Xinfeng's method of auctioning, starting with one Yin Ring, but he thought that because his wares were inferior, it would produce similarly lesser results. It wasn't a risk he'd take. ’’Twenty...twenty Yin Rings for all of them.’’

Lei Xinfeng couldn't help but shake his head. This kind of spiritless auctioning would never get the kind of results Jin Daya wanted.

No one answered. Jin Daya visibly began to panic. ’’Nineteen... for all of them... does no one want it? Eighteen, eighteen Rings!’’

Someone below decided to try his luck. ’’Five for all!’’

Lei Xinfeng whispered, ’’He's about to be taken advantage of.’’

Xin Zhaolun shook his head. ’’He's too impatient.’’

’’Six Yin Rings!’’ someone said.

Jin Daya's eyes were full of hopelessness. He saw many people show a hint of a mocking smile, and he began to despair.

’’Go on and help him, Ah Feng,’’ Xin Zhaolun suggested. ’’It's not easy for him.’’

Lei Xinfeng hesitated, then stood up, and walked to Jin Daya's side. ’’Brother Jin, let me try.’’

Jin Daya sighed in relief. ’’Alright, alright... I'm sorry, but I'm leaving these with my brother here...’’ He stepped back, giving the spot to Lei Xinfeng.

Lei Xinfeng was calm. ’’Alright everyone, my friend is a bit shy, so this brother here will take his place.’’ After the joke, he began the real business. ’’There was someone who called for six Yin Rings. Is there anyone who would go higher?’’

When the audience did not respond, Jin Daya broke out in cold sweat.

Lei Xinfeng laughed. ’’If there isn't, then congratulations, my friend. These are all yours. But of course, although these crystals aren't of the best quality, they're still extremely rare, and there are a lot of them. The minimum price around the equivalent of five of top quality Purple Crystals. Six Rings for five top quality Purple Crystals, what a steal. I want to give a price as well. Seven Yin Rings. Brother Jin, just give it to me,’’ he said.

There was more laughing from the audience. Jin Daya wiped his sweat away. ’’You take care of it...’’ Although he was a bit stiff, he wasn't stupid. If he was stupid, he'd never have gotten this far.

Lei Xinfeng continued. ’’Alright, seven from me. Does anyone wish to dispute? If not, then these are all mine.’’

He was going through loopholes, because he knew that of the people here, none of them were familiar with the way auctions went in his past life. The rule was that the auctioneer could not give a price. Of course, he didn't care about those rules, and put forth a price himself.

It was strange. If there was no one fighting over it, then no matter how valuable something was, it was trash. Conversely, if there were conflicts over it, then even trash could be sold at a high price.

’’Eight Rings!’’ someone said.

Lei Xinfeng grinned internally. With that catalyst, the rest was easy.

Before Jin Daya's stunned eyes, a round of price calling began, until it finally died down at over thirty Yin Rings. He was so excited his face reddened. At the same time, he couldn't understand why when he wanted only twenty rings for it, no one wanted it, but when Lei Xinfeng came up, he could get thirty three and counting? It was so mysterious.

Finally, the price stagnated at thirty eight. It wasn't like these were high quality crystals. Prices like this was already way over the norm.

Holding the thirty eight rings in his hands, Jin Daya felt a surreal feeling creep over him. When Lei Xinfeng led him back to his seat, he suddenly broke out into a huge smile, like a mouse that fell into the rice storage.

Finally, Jin Daya came back to his senses, and immediately turned to Lei Xinfeng. ’’Brother... from now on, you're my brother! If you need me, then come find me! I will never decline!’’

Xin Zhaolun laughed. ’’Ah Feng, you found another expert to help you now. Haha, although they're not rare here, but back in our world, they're some of the most powerful people in existence!’’

’’Thank you in advance, Brother Jin,’’ Lei Xinfeng said, smiling.

’’Old Ya, the way you're living is too hard. Why don't you come accompany Ah Feng and be his guard? You'll receive more than enough Yin Rings.’’

Jin Daya shook his head. ’’No, I don't think so. I like to be by myself. As you know, I don't like to bind myself to anyone. Besides, I'm no good at interacting with others.’’

’’Da Ya, you don't understand. After you join a secret sect, you'll never need to worry about Yin Rings again, and at least it will be better than your current finding it here and there. You must have spent so much resources to come here this time, and it's not like you can stay here forever. When you want to go back, you will need to expend so much again. It's not worth it.’’

Jin Daya was silent for a while, and then sighed. ’’I'll think about it...ah.’’

’’If you come here, you can be Ah Feng's head guard, and you'll be treated very well, haha!’’ Fengying said. He wasn't very jealous. Even if Lei Xinfeng couldn't reach Monarch, he can still shape his own future. Of course, stronger was better.

’’Uncle Ying, let's let Brother Jin think about it for a while.’’

Jin Daya rolled his eyes. ’’You should call me Uncle Jin! I'm older than Fengying!’’

’’Yes yes, I'll call you Uncle Jin, alright?’’ Lei Xinfeng said, holding his hands up in surrender.

Satisfied, Jin Daya nodded. ’’That's better.’’


When the auction was almost over, Xin Zhaolun led the three of them out.

This time, the one who benefitted the most was Lei Xinfeng, then Jin Daya. The others didn't get as much. Xin Zhaolun didn't sell his Purple Crystals since both Lei Xinfeng and Jin Daya already sold plenty. If he'd taken his out, he wouldn't have gotten a high price for it.

Another reason was that he couldn't bear to. Lei Xinfeng's ascension to Monarch was still far off, but Xin Zhaolun was staring it in the eye. Whether he was successful or not, he still have other uses himself for the Purple Crystals.

When Lei Xinfeng returned to his room, he immediately began to study his Chaos Wheel. It seemed that even Ninth Ring Sages didn't have their own weapons. Not only that, the weapon matched his own attribute. It's not that experts didn't want to use specialized weapons, it's that it was too hard to obtain. Even people in secret sects couldn't get their hands on one easily.

Split, merge, stacking...the weapon took him half a day to study, and in the end, he put it back in his storage without using it. Because he hadn't obtain his sixth Ring Body yet, he couldn't use it. The weapon was powered by Yin energy, but he only had Lun Yin energy. He lacked one step, but that step was crucial.

Lei Xinfeng took out the Star Python Records he got from the auction and began to read that.

It depicted an ancient way of condensing Lightning Stamps. If Lei Xinfeng use the normal method and just turned Lun Yin energy to Yin, it will naturally condense into a Stamp. This Stamp and the Stamp that old Lei Bao condensed at first are the same kind. When Lei Bao was weakened, he presented it to Lei Xinfeng to help him learn the basics. The second stamp he condensed was also of the same kind, an ordinary Lightning Stamp.

The Stamp that the Record depicts is different. It was ancient, with many steps, and each must be performed with meticulous accuracy. However, once the stamp was formed, it would be powerful beyond equal.

The Records had the entirety of the process written down, such as the materials and requirements. Lei Xinfeng compared it with his own experience, and realized his own method was quite similar to the old way of condensing stamps. However, he lacked some materials, including ones he didn't recognize. It seemed that he would have to ask his older brother and his master.

After reading the Record a few times, Lei Xinfeng memorized everything. He didn't stop until he carved everything into his mind.

Then he thought about his situation and became really embarrassed. Even if he obtained this special method, he couldn't use it immediately. He had to make a lot of preparations. He began to search in his Hidden Wheel space for materials, but it will take a long time, since he ignored everything after putting items into his storage.

There was a blizzard outside. He was stewing a piece of bull meat with a large amount of vegetables and mushrooms. There was also some Ice Beast meat for seasoning. He heard that no matter what kind of food it was, as long as a piece of Ice Beast meat was added, it would become much more delicious.

The room became filled with a aroma of meat. To Lei Xinfeng who hated being hungry, if he could sit near the fire and and eat delicious meat, it was already a kind of bliss.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the contents of his Hidden Wheel space, and he started to sort the contents.

Suddenly, he was attracted by a piece of bone that he got from the Ancient Hidden Space. At first he thought it was a good item, but then he forgot about it. It could use this bone, he realized. It was one of the main items, making him very happy.


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