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God Of Thunder - Volume Book 11 - Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Book 11 Chapter 1 - Silver Fluid Gold Fluid

With eleven Ninth Ring Sages attack at once with the intent to kill, the only result was the complete annihilation of the seven masked men. Their bodies were ripped apart and scattered.

Lei Xinfeng stared, stunned. ’’So brutal!’’

At the sight of blood, everyone became excited. Some of them began to attack those around them. Fortunately, Feng Chenzong was powerful enough to resist. ’’Stop! Calm down!’’

That voice struck deep in everyone's hearts and they all stopped. ’’This place is evil! As soon as the killing starts, you will fall into a frenzy. If you don't stop early, then you'll rampage until you die. Okay, stop and cultivate to calm down!’’

’’Damn. This really is an evil place. I still want to kill...’’ Xin Zhaolun muttered.

Feng Chenzong was the Senior Brother with the power to suppress everyone around him. No one fought with him either. If he wasn't present, everyone would probably have continued on killing.

Lei Xinfeng sweated. It was him who started it all. ’’Do you know them?’’ Feng Chenzong asked.

’’No, but we're enemies,’’ Lei Xinfeng replied.

’’Is it because of their masks?’’ Feng Chenzong continued.

Lei Xinfeng nodded. ’’Their organization all wear masks. They chased me for a time. Haha, when I saw them, I attacked without thinking.’’

’’No wonder. Alright, I know the reason now, so let's rest,’’ Feng Chenzong said.

Lei Xinfeng nodded and sat down. Jin Daya sat next to him, smiling. ’’Ah Feng, your attack just now scared even more. Your attack is quite powerful. If your cultivation was a bit higher, no one on the same level as you would be able to defeat you,’’ he said.

Fengying and Shihu sat nearby too. ’’It seems that this time, there won't be anything to obtain. Who knew that this kind of perverse item existed? Sky crystals... even if I only had a ten percent chance of succeeding, then the addition of the sky crystal will push it up to fifty percent. With a fifty-fifty chance, I will definitely try. Too bad it's so rare.’’

’’Old Ying, stop joking. What ten percent chance?’’ Xin Zhaolun said.

Fengying could only grimace. ’’I know... I know what I have no chance. We who use Yin rings to cultivate have no chance to succeed. Pity.’’

’’Pity my ass,’’ Shihu said. ’’Without Yin Rings, can you even reach Ninth Ring? I'm already satisfied that I can reach Ninth RIng.’’

’’Hah, I know, I know. It's just that after hearing of this, I had a thought,’’ Fengying said.

’’Oh stop mentioning it,’’ Jin Daya said. ’’I only wish to live a few more years. As for ascension, forget about it.’’

In this group, only Feng Chenzong, Xin Zhaolun, and Lei Xinfeng had the hope of ever successfully ascending. Even then, what they had was only the hope of ascension. Of course, if they had sky crystals, then both Feng Chenzong and Xin Zhaolun's chances will increase. What was originally twenty or thirty percent becomes unimaginable with the addition of the sky crystal's forty percent increase.

’’Is there only one kind of sky crystal?’’ Lei Xinfeng asked. He kept questioning in his heart about his two kinds of stone egg, one silver, and one gold. He felt that there was something wrong with one of them.

Feng Chenzong sat not too far away and overheard his question. ’’I'll answer that for you.’’

’’Thank you,’’ Lei Xinfeng said, smiling.

Feng Chenzong moved closer along with Xin Zhaolun, who was also curious. ’’This Dijun Liquid Crystal, or sky crystal, or saint crystal. Most practitioners like to call them sky crystals. The use of this crystal is assisting the breakthrough of Ninth Ring Sages to Monarchs. Sky crystals have a forty percent increase.’’

Lei Xinfeng nodded. Everyone knew this already.

’’Actually, there are two kinds of sky crystal. One of them is a silver fluid. With this silver fluid, a practitioner with a zero percent chance of ascension will be raised to forty percent.’’

Lei Xinfeng only even saw the groove within the stone egg. ’’So there is a liquid within the shell. It's the liquid inside that helps with ascension. Interesting.’’

Feng Chenzong continued his explanation. ’’There is another kind of sky crystal. More accurately, it's called saint crystal. The fluid within is not silver but gold. The increase is not forty percent, but sixty. How should I put this... If I had a sky crystal, then I will have a large increase in my chance of ascension. However, with a saint crystal, my chance becomes a certainty.’’

’’Sixty percent. Doesn't that mean that we also have a chance?’’ Fengying asked.

’’Yes! You will have over a fifty percent chance!’’ Feng Chenzong confirmed.

Fengying held his chest. ’’F*k. Please, Heavens, give me a saint crystal... ahhh, where do we go to find one?’’

Feng Chenzong laughed. ’’Give up. Even I've never seen a saint crystal, only heard of it. The sky crystal I've seen already had its liquid extracted. The shell of the sky crystal is also a precious material.’’

Not only Fengying, all the other Ninth Ring Sages all had dazed eyes, wishing that they could obtain a saint crystal.

’’Then is the color of the saint crystal fluid gold?’’ Even as Lei Xinfeng asked, he felt strange. What silver and gold fluid?

However, Feng Chenzong nodded. ’’Indeed. however, saint crystals are even rarer. If there is hope to find a sky crystal, then saint crystals are the stuff of legends.’’

Lei Xinfeng then understood that what he had obtained were sky crystals and saint crystals. His heart began to burn, but he knew that once he went back, sky crystals could be taken out, but saint crystals must be hidden. Even if they were from the same sect, this kind of object was the root of evil and disaster.

Of a total of twenty-six stone eggs, there were twenty-one that glowed silver, while five glowed gold. He began muttering to himself: ’’Twenty-one sky crystals, five saint crystals... I'm rich... this place is getting more and more dangerous, I should go back soon.’’ He was already plotting to escape. This place was too dangerous.

Jin Daya sighed. ’’I bet that there are definitely sky and saint crystal here, but... there are too many stone eggs. How are we going to find anything? Ahhhh, this is what they call residing in a treasury, but nonetheless be unable to obtain anything! It's so stifling!’’

’’Not just stifling, I want to kill someone!’’ Fengying said.

There were the sound of explosions coming from the far horizon along with the screams of the killing and dying. Columns of smoke rose everywhere. ’’Who knows how many will die here?’’ Lei Xinfeng said.

Even if tens of thousand people enter this world, there might be a speck of luck in finding the sky crystal, but after obtaining, the chance of escaping alive is even smaller.

The stench of blood drifted over on the wind. Lei Xinfeng couldn't help but comment, ’’It's over. This place is going to be a blood-soaked battlefield soon.’’

Feng Chenzong's expression was ugly. He knew that he will have no more chances to obtain sky crystals. After the battle, many sects will sustain heavy losses. Monarchs will seal the world off, forbidding subordinates from coming here again. His master will probably be no different. Even if he could control his killing intent now, the moment he loses control, his group will probably rush out to kill.’’

Xin Zhaolun also felt unease. ’’No one move. If someone comes, we'll kill him instantly. If the battle drags, we'll lose control.’’

Lei Xinfeng felt the same. That desire to kill keeps surfacing. It was blood boiling.

He stood up and sat down again. Lei Xinfeng felt that he could not sit still. Feng Chenzong grimaced. ’’Damn it, it feels more and more wrong. It was better when there was no one else, but the more people, the more it feels wrong to just sit around.’’

Suddenly, a Ninth Ring Sage flew over. When there were a hundred meters between him and the slab, Feng Chenzong roared out, ’’Scram! Don't come near us!’’

The Sage showed a cruel smile and took out his Flame Stamp, beginning his attack.

’’You're seeking death!’’

A gold saber appeared out of nowhere. What was only a ray of gold light grew to be the size of a door. This was Feng Chenzong's weapon. The giant saber sliced down, shaking the earth.

The Flame Stamp was split in two instantly. The incoming Sage cried in pain. A Stamp was a practitioner's condensation of his cultivation. As the stamp broke, it began to reform. The golden saber stalled before continuing on its path.

It cleanly bisected the Sage.

Feng Chenzong gritted his teeth and retrieved his saber. He glared toward the battlefield.

’’Senior Brother!’’ Xin Zhaolun said.

Only then did Feng Chenzong let out a breath and slowly descend. Lei Xinfeng could see Feng Chenzong's struggle. It was fortunate that he had a high level of cultivation and ultimately came back. ’’This place is too evil! Even I almost lost control! That was dangerous...!’’

’’Should we go back?’’ Lei Xinfeng asked, testing.

Feng Chenzong shook his head. ’’No! We wait!’’


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