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God Of Thunder - Volume Book 10 - Chapter 15


Book 10 Chapter 15 - Sky Crystal Saint Crystal


’’It was on my suggestion that we came here,’’ Jin Daya said. ’’Er, Ah Feng is the little master, and I'm his guard, and I want to bring you into the Hidden Sect, how's that?’’

Lei Xinfeng smiled and look at Jin Dapang, but didn't say anything. Instead, Fengying said, ’’Aye, I welcome you too, haha. I'm also Ah Feng's guard. I'm Fengying, Uncle Ying to you. I'm a Ninth Ring Sage.’’

’’Mm, call me Uncle Hu. I'm Shihu, Ninth Ring Sage. Also, I welcome you too. Your dishes really aren't bad, I like it,’’ Shihu said.

No wonder people said that too get on someone's good side, you first had to feed him. With that condition satisfied, Lei Xinfeng's two guards both expressed their satisfaction. It also meant that when Jin Dapang does join, his starting position won't be low at all, even with his identity as a lowly First Ring Sage.

Jin Dapang was much calmer than Qi Xuan, probably because he already knew that Jin Daya is a Ninth Ring Sage. As Jin Daya's companion, the others won't be much weaker. ’’I'll join,’’ he said.

’’You won't think about it first?’’ Lei Xinfeng asked.

Jin Dapang flipped a fish steak. ’’There's nothing to think about. Ancestor there already told me about Hidden Sects, but I didn't think that he'd join one too. I also never thought that Ah Feng would be another person from a Hidden Sect.’’

’’When we first met, I hadn't joined a Hidden Sect yet,’’ Lei Xinfeng said.

’’Oh right, where's your grandpa and little sister?’’ Jin Dapang asked. Back when they split up, he left early so he didn't fight, and thus didn't know that someone chased after them afterward.

Lei Xinfeng laughed bitterly. ’’We split up and lost each other. I'm still looking even now.’’ He told the events that happened to Jin Dapang.

It was also the first time Jin Daya, Fengying, and Shihu heard the story.

’’Si Danuo?’’ Fengying asked. ’’He's probably also from a Hidden Sect. To be able to mobilize so many Sages... even a large sect can't do it. Maybe his status is similar to yours, some Monarch's disciple.’’

Shihu agreed. ’’Yeah, to lead so many Sages, I also think he's a Monarch's disciple.’’

’’Ha, how very high-handed. Ah, Ancient Lun Space... If one appeared right now, I probably will also bring some people to clean out,’’ Jin Daya said.

’’My grandpa was smart and ran after grabbing what he could. My grandpa had a friend that, because he was too greedy, got caught. Even if he didn't die...’’

’’Your grandpa is probably fine. An Eighth Ring Sage against a Ninth Ring Sage... as long as he didn't fight with his life on the line, running is probably easy enough,’’ Jin Daya said.

’’My grandpa... didn't use any aids, just his own power, to become an Eighth Ring...’’

Surprise showed on Daya, Fengying, and Shihu's faces. Someone who reached Eighth Ring under his own power is definitely someone impressive. This kind of person had both the right and chance to become a Monarch.

’’Then that Si Danuo guy is going to have some trouble in his hands in the future,’’ Fengying commented. ’’If your grandpa becomes a Monarch, heh, we'll have a show on our hands.’’

’’I hope so.’’ Lei Xinfeng knew how hard it was to get past the bottleneck. With the addition of old Lei Bao's injury in the past, he had no idea if it was still possible for Lei Bao to become a Monarch.

Jin Dapang washed his grill and said, ’’Okay, let's eat something different. This is too tiring.’’ He grilled until he didn't have the confidence of preserving the quality. This lot was really too good at eating.

’’Sigh, I'm only half full... grill some more, this brat's skills are too good!’’ Fengying said.

’’Yeah, yeah, grill some more. I've never eating such a good barbecue in my life!’’ Shihu added.

Jin Dapang smiled. ’’We'll tire of it soon if we eat nothing but grilled food. I'll make a pot of lakefood. Please give some pointers. I'm sure it won't be worse than grilled fish.’’

’’Okay, we'll eat lakefood.’’

Indeed, Jin Dapang's culinary skills were legendary. Soon, he finished making two big pots of lakefood, one fish, one prawn. The fish pot was basically a big mix of fish and scallops, along with some condiments. The shrimp pot was slightly different with dry-braised shrimp that was truly fragrant.

This meal conquered the hearts of everyone. They all agreed to Jin Daya joining. With someone like him here, they could all enjoy good food even when traveling every day. Naturally, Jin Dapang became the group's most important member.

During the two day rest, Jin Dapang sold his big boat and bought some food ingredients, mostly dried lakefood, seeds, and grain. The grain could be used to make fine wine, so he bought a lot of it.

Two days later, Lei Xinfeng brought the everyone back.

The group of people all entered the Hidden Dimension.

Ai Shan'er was Lei Xinfeng's butler. When the group returned to Lei Xinfeng's residence, it was Ai Shan'er who placed them in living spaces within Lei Xinfeng's residence according to their status as Lei Xinfeng's subordinates. Ai Shan'er was in charge of managing the living and material affairs of Lei Xinfeng's estate.

No matter if it was Qi Xuan, Du Hongcheng, Wen Yan, or Jin Dapang, after coming to Lei Xinfeng's residence, they couldn't help but feel a large wave of self-pity. Even the servants in the yard were at least Third or Fourth Ring Sages, The guards at the door were required to be at the level of Fifth or Sixth Ring. It really was a bit scary.

At Lei Xinfeng's order, the four of them all received enough Lun and Lunying rings to ascend back to back.

According to Jin Daya, the four of them weren't allowed to come out if they can't reach Sixth Ring. It really wasn't hard to use Lun and Lunyin rings to reach Fifth Ring, followed by a shock with a Yin Ring to reach Sixth. With their potential, it was still possible to use Lun and Lunyin rings to ascend.

Lei Xinfeng returned to his room to cultivate because, on the way back, he found that his Lightning Stamp was unstable. After a quick check, he found that the Stamp that Lei Bao left him wasn't completely dissolved. Something remained in his Lightning Stamp that he must address immediately.

Sitting in his room, his body slowly rose into the air, emitting countless lightning bolts that jumped on his skin, while his conscious delved deep into the holes of his Stamp.

After circling through a few times, he found that a clump of lightning was entrenched in his Stamp! After a moment, he realized that it was the Thunder Serum. Back when he first absorbed that clump of Thunder Serum in the Ancient Hidden Lun Space, he was still weak so he couldn't process it. After his old stamp absorbed it, he forgot about it.

Old Lei Bao had told him that this Thunder Serum1 was extremely rare, but he did not know or understand it's used;even if he did understand, he probably still wouldn't be able to use it. He was still a Milun master back then, not even a Sage. How would he have been able to use use a high-level item?

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to ignore this clump of Thunder Serum since he realized that his Lightning Stamp was slowly absorbing this clump. Since he himself didn't understand how to use it, then building up his Lightning Stamp was the currently the best way of utilizing it.

Lei Xinfeng had to research many of the uses that Lightning attributed materials had. That the Stamp he refined his time could absorb various materials and upgrade by itself was his saving grace. He no longer worried about the serum and allowed the Stamp to absorb it. Who cares if he didn't know how to use it?

Then he tried to put his Chaos Wheel close to the Lightning Stamp and found in delight that the two resonated with each other, exchanging Lightning Yin energy.

With this kind of cultivation, Lei Xinfeng refined his Yin energy. Although his improvement was slow, his foundation was rock solid.

After a few days, Lei Xinfeng came out of his room. Jin Daya, Fengying, and Shihu were all sitting in the living chatting. After he came out, Lei Xinfeng asked about the newcomers. ’’Is Fatty2 and the others still cultivating?’’

Jin Daya smiled. ’’Haha, those guys became extremely motivated. Each of them locked themselves in their rooms and are currently cultivating like mad. That brat is already advanced to First Ring Sage3. His speed isn't bad.’’

’’Qi Xuan is also close. A Lunyin ring a day... haha, he's working hard enough.’’

Lei Xinfeng sighed to himself. It was so difficult for people who wanted to ascend normally outside, while people in Hidden Sects did so so easily. There were many resources in here that unless a person's potential was so bad it was depressing, ascending to Third or Fourth Ring was a given. Even if it was truly hopeless, First Ring Sage is still possible.

’’I won't say that they will definitely reach Ninth Ring, but prospects of beyond Sixth Ring is still pretty good,’’ Shihu commented. ’’More importantly, Ah Feng needs to provide enough resources to help them.’’

’’Ha! How could Ah Feng lack resources? According to what I've seen, what Ah Feng obtained from that trip to Hanya Castle isn't just a little bit.’’

That point was something no one argued. Just the materials and ores that the four of them gathered was enough to obtain a large amount of Yin rings. The three guards already have enough Yin rings to sustain them for a long time. It made them extremely loyal.

’’Did anything happen these past few days?’’ Lei Xinfeng asked.

’’Ah, the third young master wants you to visit,’’ Shihu said.

’’What's up?’’ Lei Xinfeng asked. He was quite close to Xin Zhaolun, much more so than the others. He recognized a few older sisters.

Fengying said, ’’The first master came back.’’

’’What first masters?’’ Lei Xinfeng asked, staring.

Shihu smiled. ’’Your senior brother. We usually call him the first master, haha.’’

’’Okay, let's go have a look. I've never seen him before.’’ Lei Xinfeng knew that his most senior brother under his master was named Feng Chenzong who was extremely powerful. Although he wasn't a Monarch yet, he was the most powerful among the brothers and sisters who were Ninth Ring Sages.

’’I'll sit guards,’’ Jin Daya said. ’’I pass on going.’’

Lei Xinfeng nodded and led Fengying and Shihu to Xin Zhaolun's residence. They lived close to each other, so the walk didn't take long.


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