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God Of Thunder - Volume Book 10 - Chapter 11


Book 10 Chapter 11 - Killing Barbarians


Lei Xinfeng watched Fengying wordlessly. ’’Uncle Ying, please don't joke like this. Although I didn't kill many of them and only kicked them out, if they really are your relatives, it's an embarrassment for me!’’

Fengying began laughing. ’’Ah Feng, even if the people of Eagle Lead are really my distant relatives, it doesn't matter! Haha! Do you really have to be so anxious?’’

Jin Daya said, ’’Ah Feng minds, don't mess around...’’

Fengying raised his hands. ’’Okay, okay. I'm just guessing.’’

Lei Xinfeng laughed bitterly. Back then, it was him that caused Eagle Lead to be kicked out, and he killed several of Eagle Leads' hunters. It would look extremely bad if they really were Fengying's distant relatives. ’’This world is big, and it's also small. Let's go look,’’ he said.

The three of them flew toward the old Eagle Lead camp.

’’Let me fight this time,’’ Fengying said.

’’No, I'll do it,’’ Lei Xinfeng said.

Fengying laughed. ’’Ah Feng, it's really nothing. I was just saying.’’

Lei Xinfeng nodded and didn't say anything. Jin Daya began laughing quietly. Fengying looked at him. ’’Ey! Old Jin, what are you laughing at?’’

Jin Daya said, ’’You made him upset, haha!’’

’’Away with you!’’ Fengying said. ’’I was just curious! I'm already ancestor-class in my family. My family is already all dead.’’ With his level of cultivation, he'd lived for at least a few hundred years. Never mind his family, no close relatives remain either if they don't cultivate.

Hearing Fengying's words, Lei Xinfeng felt relieved all of a sudden. ’’Not many of your family know you exist now, do they, you ancestor-class old man?’’ he asked.

’’I've been in the Hidden Sect for close to a hundred sixty years;where do I find family? Even if I do have family, who knows how many generations apart we are.’’

Soon, Lei Xinfeng found a barbarian, followed shortly by a few more. They were hidden in the trees and brush below, but with Lei Xinfeng's sharp eyes, they had nowhere to hide. They could see the barbarians clearly.

Fengying launched his attack immediately. He was a bit miffed about his words before, so he had no intentions of letting this group of barbarians go. The cries began after a flash of Fengying's sword.

In a few seconds, Fengying flew back up to join them, saying, ’’It seems this within the barbarian's area of activity.’’

Lei Xinfeng nodded. ’’It seems that the barbarians took over Eagle Lead's territory. They might have taken over Eagle Lead's camp.’’

The three of them kept flying and soon, they saw the camp.

Jin Daya smiled. ’’As we thought, it's become a foothold for barbarian expansion. Doesn't seem to be too big.’’

Even though the foothold wasn't too big, there was still over five hundred barbarians. Barbarians capable of hunting numbered between a hundred fifty to two hundred. Elite barbarians numbered thirty or forty.

Lei Xinfeng narrowed his eyes. ’’This group must be eradicated. They present too much of a threat to Tiger Cliff.’’ To be accurate, this group presented much more of a threat to Tiger Cliff than Eagle Lead ever did. How could he let these barbarians live?

’’There are two paths out. If we block these two ways out, they can't run,’’ Jin Daya said.

Lei Xinfeng agreed. ’’Mhm. Uncle Jin, you take one path, Uncle Ying can take care of the other. If they run, kill them. I'll slaughter the ones in the middle.’’ He decided to kill them personally.

Suddenly, the barbarians discovered that there are three people stopped in the sky, and they let out a large cry of alarm. They knew that if someone could fly, they were a massive threat.

They began to panic. Although they were bloodthirsty and sturdy beyond compare, it didn't mean they weren't afraid to die. Barbarians weren't like beasts;they were sapient, with wisdom not inferior to humans. When they saw these flying people, their first thought was to escape, not resistance.

No matter how strong their bodies were, how fierce they were in battle, or fast they were in running, they far under these three Sages, especially against two Ninth Ring and a Seventh Ring Sage. To these sages, killing them was too easy.

Lei Xinfeng simply flew above the barbarians and began to attack. The Chaos Wheel attacked once with incredible power.


With just a quick attack, the Chaos Wheel demolished two houses. None inside survived.

It was like an airstrike. Lei Xinfeng began to spin in midair and countless blows rained down. Through the modifications he'd made the past few times, the power increased significantly. Lei Xinfeng had planned to test out the weapon already, so this was a perfect opportunity. With this hurricane-like attack, it only took a few minutes to demolish the entire camp from one end to another. Every house in between was blown into dust, and no barbarians within the area of attack survived.

Only those moving near the edges when Lei Xinfeng started his attack managed to escape, running fiercely, only to finally slammed into Jin Daya or Fengying.

No matter how brave or bloodthirsty these barbarians were, they all felt fear. Some even dropped to their knees and surrendered, but Jin Daya and Fengying were simply not allowed to accept it.

It took no little effort to wipe the whole area clean. Lei Xinfeng allowed a few of the barbarians that slipped past the net to escape because he knew that he needed these barbarians to spread the news of the carnage that happened here, better to prevent any more barbarians from migrating here.

After clearing out the Eagle Lead Camp, Lei Xinfeng, Jin Daya, and Fengying flew back toward where they came from.

Lei Xinfeng was in a good mood. It was good that he managed to get rid if this threat so early, or it will keep mounting against the people of Tiger Cliff. After the barbarians become more powerful, the people of Tiger Cliff will have no choice but to move or be trapped, with no third option. After their hunting grounds get taken over, they will slowly decline, as well as get into battles with the barbarians.

This could be considered Lei Xinfeng's repayment of gratitude to the people of Tiger Cliff. If not for them, Lei Xinfeng and his sister would probably have really starved to death.

Fengying laughed. ’’The barbarians here aren't strong.’’

Lei Xinfeng said, ’’Of course you don't think they're strong. You're a Ninth Ring Sage, have some self-respect. When I first started cultivating, I was only a Hundred Lun Master. It was quite difficult to fight against barbarians. I bet you don't have memories like these.’’

Fengying thought for a bit. ’’Hundred Lun Master... it's quite far back. When I was a Hundred Lun Master... I forgot. I don't remember how I felt then.’’

Jin Daya sighed. ’’I don't even remember what being a First Ring Sage felt like, let alone a Hundred Lun Master. It's been too long... ugh!’’

Lei Xinfeng muttered to himself, ’’What is this, Alzheimer's?’’ Out loud, he said, ’’What's the point of remembering those? It's better if you ascend one more time and reach Monarch. Now that's a memory worth having!’’

Jin Daya and Fengying almost fell, and they rolled their eyes. Fengying said, ’’Ah Feng, you shouldn't ridicule us like this. Monarch...who knows how many geniuses was stopped by this step? For people like us who got here with Yin Rings, we have not a single speck of hope left!’’

Lei Xinfeng laughed. ’’As long as you live, you'll have a chance. I forgot who said it, but I think it's correct.’’

’’Sounds unreliable. Take me for example... I'm surviving on Yin Rings. As soon as I run out, I don't think I can last for more than a few years,’’ Jin Daya said. ’’What I want is Yin Rings, not ascension. Aye... ascending to Monarch... sounds ridiculous to even say.’’

The two of them sighed, each gloomy, making Lei Xinfeng speechless for a moment.

Finally, Lei Xinfeng gave up. ’’Alright, uncles. It seems we don't share a common language.’’

Jin Daya and Fengying were both shocked. Both had the same thought: It's good to be young!

When they return to the treehouse, Lei Xinfeng landed first. Ke Dashan asked, ’’Ah Feng, did you see any barbarians?’’

Before Lei Xinfeng could answer, Fengying answered for him. ’’All dead!’’

’’All dead... how many did you kill?’’

’’The old Eagle Camp was taken over by a group of barbarians,’’ Lei Xinfeng said. This shocked and frightened the hunters. They all live here, so of course this news will make them panic. It signified long and restless days ahead of them.

Ke Dashan sighed. ’’If only we knew ahead of time, we'd have let Eagle Camp stay,’’ he said.

Jin Daya didn't understand. ’’Why are you sighing? Ah Feng killed that lot of barbarians already. There probably won't be any coming either.’’

The hunters became happy all of a sudden. Ke Shi knocked Lei Xinfeng lightly. ’’Good work, Ah Feng!’’

Every face had smiles. This news made them happier than the bulls they killed. With the barbarians gone, Tiger Cliff will become truly safe. Everyone knew that when they went hunting in the future, they didn't need to worry about being ambushed by barbarians again. Each felt gratitude toward Lei Xinfeng.

Ke Dashan also smiled. ’’That's great! Without the barbarians here, our prey will increase again!’’

Every hunter also knew that as long as the barbarians were here, the number of prey will decrease until the barbarians finally left. However, these hunters had the burden of family, so migrating will not be easy. As the days went on, living could have been much harder. However, with the extermination of the barbarians, this land will be enough for the Tiger Cliff hunters to survive on again. Of course, living here will still be hard.

Lei Xinfeng suddenly asked, ’’Uncle Ke, Uncle Nanshan, Uncle Shi, do you want to move to another place with me?’’


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