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God Of Thunder - Volume Book 10 - Chapter 10


Book 10 Chapter 10 - Hunt


Even though Jin Daya, Fengying, and Shihu had all lived long and seen much in their lives, this was the first time they've eaten this kind of chowder. The delicious smell was enough to cause saliva to pool, forcing each of them to swallow.

’’It's almost as good as Dapan's skills;why does it smell so good?’’ Jin Daya said.

Lei Xinfeng smiled. ’’This is my home's specialty! The main ingredient is bull meat. Only the best kind of meat can be used to create the best kind of dish. Year ago, I've always wanted to eat this, but bull meat is too hard to get!’’

Ke Dashan nodded emotionally. ’’Even a hunting party found it hard to bring out a bull. If we could get one, it was practically a festival for us!’’

With fire, plus twenty hunters, plus Lei Xinfeng and his guards, this place was very safe. They weren't afraid of even the large beasts. After seeing Lei Xinfeng kill the bulls, the hunters felt like they grew another backbone. They weren't afraid of attacking beasts.

The rowdy group began to eat, each of them cupping a big bowl of the food.

If the bull meat was fresh, then the meat in the stew would be extremely tender. The best meat in Jumang Continent was bull meat. None other could compare.

Fengying and Shihu have both tried the bacon and jerky made of bull meat, but it was their first time eating it fresh. It was so delicious they almost swallowed their tongues.


Jin Daya suddenly stood up, holding his bowl. He reached down, asking for a spear, throwing it as soon as he got it.

Hong! A black shadow fell from the trees. ’’You can have it,’’ Jin Daya said. The hunter that gave him the spear smiled at the surprised. After thanking Jin Daya, the hunter ran to the tree.

Soon, he came back, dragging a large panther. ’’How accurate!’’ he said.

The spear stuck through the leopard's head, in one ear and out the other. The pelt survived completely intact.

The cries of the beasts suddenly increased and some of the hunters were visibility uneasy.

’’Don't worry, everyone please continue eating. We'll take care of the defense.’’

The blood scent from the skinning attracted a number of beasts that prowled in the darkness beyond the trees. Because of the number of hunters, they dared not get close. If they did, Jin Daya, Shihu, or Fengying killed them instantly.

Each of them got their weapons from the hunters around them. After killing the beast, the kill would then be gifted to the spear's owner. Several hunters began to crowd around the three of them, each hoping that their spear will be borrowed.

Ke Dashan couldn't help laugh, commenting, ’’Shameless good-for-nothings!’’

Lei Xinfeng also laughed, but he didn't say anything. A hunter's life wasn't easy. Even though the flesh of a beast was inferior to a bull's, their pelts were more valuable and could be exchanged for more life necessities.

By the time the meal was finished, seven or eight beasts had been killed, most of them leopards, forest tigers, and lone wolves.

The hunters that gained were each happy that they got these kills for free. Of course, they will split the meat among the other hunters who weren't so lucky, but they will definitely keep the pelt. A leopard pelt was not inferior to the armor-like hide of the bull. A leopard's pelt had beautiful spot patterns.

During the night, Lei Xinfeng sat on top of the tree house, cultivating while he kept watch for the hunters. All the hunters slept in the giant trees. Most of the trees had holes. If the holes were blocked off after, it made a safe sleeping place for several people.

After finishing his cultivation, Jin Daya came to take over his shift. Lei Xinfeng laid down in the tree house, sleeping until day.

At dawn, all the hunters began to gather. ’’Ah Feng, what do we do today?’’ Ke Dashan asked.

’’Of the four of us, one will take care this group, while the other two will come with me to look for barbarians. The hunters can look too, but don't go too far. It shouldn't be too far,’’ Lei Xinfeng said.

’’Okay, Ah Feng, be careful,’’ Ke Dashan said. ’’If you find their nest, let's attack together.’’ He still couldn't gauge how strong Lei Xinfeng was exactly, and he was worried that Lei Xinfeng will risk himself alone.

Lei Xinfeng heard his worry and felt his heart warm. ’’Uncle Ke, I'll be fine.’’

’’I'll remain here with the hunters. With me here, they'll be fine, Ah Feng,’’ Shihu said.

Lei Xinfeng didn't dispute it and was relieved. A Ninth Ring Sage could effortlessly defend twenty hunters.

’’Ah Feng, look toward the north,’’ Hu San suggested. ’’There's a greater chance that way.’’

’’Did someone see barbarians in the north?’’

Hu San nodded. ’’Xiao Dao saw barbarians appear, but he didn't dare make contact, so he came back. Xiao Dao's full name was Ke Dao. Lei Xinfeng knew him;he was a fairly strong hunter in Tiger Cliff.

’’Alright, let's go!’’ Lei Xinfeng said. He, Jin Daya, and Fengying rose into the sky, flying toward the north.

Most of the hunters had never seen anyone fly, shocking them, causing a small discussion. Shihu smiled. ’’Don't be so surprised. Ah Feng is strong now.’’

Ke Dashan and Ke Nanshan had seen Lei Xinfeng land, but none of them said anything. Even so, seeing him take off again filled them with aw. They understood that Lei Xinfeng was in another realm altogether.

Lei Xinfeng's group flew some distance before Lei Xinfeng said, ’’Uncle Jin, Uncle Feng, let's split up so we can cover more land. Barbarians look similar to humans, but they're bigger, wear less, and look more vicious. You'll know when you see them.’’

His guards agreed and split in two directions.

Lei Xinfeng flew straight, surveying the ground below them. it was his first time flying in his homeland. He hadn't been flying for long either, so he was curious about what he could do. He didn't fly high and kept within ten meters of the treetops, clearly seeing the scenery below him.

It didn't take long before he heard a call from Jin Daya and he knew that Jin Daya must have found barbarians. He flew toward it without hesitation,

He saw Fengying close in on him, and when he drew closer, Fengying said, ’’Old Jin must have found the target!’’

Lei Xinfeng nodded. ’’Let's hurry!’’

Soon, they saw Jin Daya circling in the sky, letting out constantly high pitched whistles.

Below them, several dozen barbarians were running around with pale faces. As soon as one of them broke from the group, Jin Daya swooped down and let out his enormous presence, scaring the barbarian back to the others.

’’That's a good idea. It would be bad if they scattered,’’ Fengying said, smiling.

’’Uncle Jin, what are you doing? Kill them?’’ Lei Xinfeng said. He knew how merciless the barbarians were. If they found a hunter, they will simply eat him, especially during the winter.

Barbarians and the humans here just won't see eye to eye and one side must die.

Jin Daya laughed. ’’I'm just waiting for you to kill them! Whatever, if you want them to die, then they will die!’’ In an instant, he appeared amidst the barbarian crowd. Blood and flesh flew. With Jin Daya's strength of a Ninth Ring Sage along with his experience in slaughter, killing this group of barbarians wasn't much.

Suddenly, Lei Xinfeng reacted. ’’Wait, leave one alive!’’ But he was too late.

There was originally twenty-something barbarians, but a few moments was all it took for Jin Daya to kill them all.

Jin Daya stopped immediately, but it was still too late. Not one barbarian was left alive;all of them lay dead in the pool of blood. ’’Ah Feng, you... this, sorry, my hand was a little too quick... I kill them all,’’ he said, a little embarrassed.

Fengying couldn't stop laughing. ’’Old Jin, how long has it been since you killed something?’’

’’To tell the truth, I killed a lot more when I was younger. By the time I reached Seventh or Eighth Ring, I barely killed. This is my first time since I ascended to Ninth Ring. I got a bit excited... so my hand slipped.’’

Lei Xinfeng didn't know whether to laugh or cry. His hand slipped? He couldn't help but admit that Jin Daya was extremely direct in his killing. He didn't use a single practitioner trick and simply killed twenty-something barbarians with just a sword and his fist.

Barbarians weren't normal people. They were fast and strong, and they could jump very high. However, before Jin Daya's slaughter, they couldn't put up even a hint of resistance and simply died.

’’Nice, Uncle Jin. You're practically a professional killer. Let's continue,’’ Lei Xinfeng said.

’’There's so many barbarians. I bet they live nearby. I'm sure we'll find them soon.’’

Lei Xinfeng nodded. ’’That's right... eh? This, this place should be Eagle Lead's territory... oh, right, Eagle Lead already moved away. Did the barbarians take over their camp?’’

’’What Eagle Lead?’’

Lei Xinfeng began to explain ’’Eagle Lead is another group that opposed Tiger Cliff years ago. We defeated them, and they all left.’’

’’If it's so, then you're probably right. We'll see when we get there,’’ Jin Daya said.

Although Lei Xinfeng had never been to Eagle Lead, he knew that it lies north of Tiger Cliff. ’’Let's go see.’’

’’Eagle Lead? Is there anyone whose family name is Ying?’’ Fengying asked.

Lei Xinfeng smiled. ’’What, do you want to visit relatives?’’ Yeah, there's a lot of people named Ying in Eagle Lead.’’

Fengying said, ’’I'm not planning to visit relatives, but people whose family name is Ying is few and far between. Maybe they're distant relatives...’’

Lei Xinfeng frozen. ’’You can't mean that...’’


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