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God Of Soul System - Chapter 178-179


Chapter 178-179

Chapter 178: Magellan Going All Out

Boom! Boom! The Freezing Hell was vibrating constantly. The battle Of Roja and Magellan against Kaido was still going While Shiliew has gone to settle the riot in the second and third Levels. At this moment another guard was panic-stricken. He immediately reported to Magellan that the level six prisoners are rioting too. Magellan was shocked hearing this. The guard was scared to get near to the fight. Magellan blocked some of Kaido's attacks as he looked at the guard and shouted. ’’The keys for the sixth level are with me, how did they escape?’’ ’’Yes... Prisoners from the Blazing Hell went to the level sixth and opened the shackles...’’ The guard was trembling as he stood far from the fight and answered Magellan. But before he could finish, the battlefield shook again as Kaido and Roja clashed. The shock waves from the attacks were terrifying. ’’Damn! Magellan was anxious now, he didn't pay enough attention to the fight and a punch connected to his body. He was sent flying as he spurted blood from his mouth. Magellan was anxious about the riot in the sixth level. He didn't pay attention to the riot in other levels, no matter what they do, they wouldn't be able to escape, once the Marines arrive, they would be suppressed. But the sixth level was different. In the Eternal Hell, Although there are many weak pirates with two or three hundred millions as bounty, there are also a lot of powerful people. If the riot isn't suppressed as soon as possible then things will get out of hand. Magellan clenched his teeth and said to Roja: ’’Roja, you heard it, The pirates in the Eternal hell are rioting, can you handle it?’’ ’’Can you fight Kaido alone?’’ Roja was fighting Kaido as he looked at Magellan. Kaido's strength is extremely perverted, the two of them together can only stale for time, and even with Shiliew with them there wasn't that much difference, Roja asked him because he knew that one alone won't be able to face Kaido. In a short period of time, Maybe he could resist, but it won't last long. ’’Leave it to me.’’ Magellan resolutely said. ’’Good then.’’ Roja looked deeply at Magellan, he nodded his head, indeed if they didn't suppress the Eternal Hell's riot, then the thing will get out of control. The above floors, the escape possibility is pretty low, they won't even be able to pass the Door of Justice, but those in the Eternal Hell, escaping from here would be too easy. Once they escaped, the world will fall into chaos. ’’I leave it here to you, As for the Eternal Hell... No one will be able to get out.’’ Roja's eyes flashed with cold light, When Kaido heard him, He retreated a little. Kaido wanted to stop Roja from going but he was blocked by Magellan. ’’Do you want to stop me alone?’’ Kaido looked at Magellan grimly, he was looking down on him, His momentum was earthshaking, Magellan seemed so small in front of Kaido. However this moment, Magellan's eyes were bloodthirsty, his mouth was overflowing with blood, Seeing that Roja was gone, His momentum surged and collided with Kaido's with no fear. ’’Since Shiliew and Roja were gone, I can go all out now!’’ With Roja and Shiliew here, he couldn't use his strength fully as it would affect them too, Since there were gone, it's his turn to go all out. ’’Venom Demon: Jigoku no Shinpan’’ (Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment) Crash! Venom crazily surged, a huge venom giant wrapped around Magellan, while the venom started to spread in all directions. Rather then poison, this was like acid, Whether it was the ice or the floor, it was being eroded by it. Magellan banned this move, he would only use when he is desperate. If he doesn't control it and use it for a long time, the poison would probably cover the whole Impel Down and it may even spread in the sea. ’’Impressive.’’ Kaido though that once Roja is gone, He didn't think that fighting with Magellan would be any interesting. But seeing Magellan come up with such a trick, he couldn't help but grin with an excited expression and directed a punch at him. Magellan without fear roared and met Kaido head on and the two began fighting. ... Eternal Hell. ’’Quickly let me out.’’ ’’Wo ha ha ha! I finally can see the sun's light, This time I will cut your head, Whitebeard!’’ ’’Sengoku, Garp, And Z... You damn Marines, When I am out, I will kill every one of your families.’’ (Tl: Z's already taken care off...) Countless prisoners were released and said arrogant words words one after the other. All the Jailers were resisting in the floors above, but here there was no resistance at all. The thousands of soldier led by Domino, who were dispatched urgently weren't those guys opponents at all. Even if they used all of their ammo, they won't be able to withstand those guys. Fortunately, Some of the guys had some resentment with each other, they weren't completely helping each other at all, so until now no one had gone out of here. But for them getting to the other floors was just a matter of time. ’’You Jailers are the one who tortured me into a miserable state before.’’ ’’Come and try to do that again.’’ After the prisoners were out, they were venting their anger on the Jailers as they started to torture them. ’’Damn! Third team, try to hold for a while! Don't stop firing!’’ Domino commanded. Although the situation was getting worse, the longer they hold on the better. If those guys were to escape... Domino didn't dare think of the things those guys would do, The world would really fall into chaos!


Chapter 179: Suppressing The Eternal Hell

The guard continued shooting with no effect, There were too many devil fruits ability users, Maybe throwing Kairoseki would be more effective. But even the Those Guards were ordinary people, and their opponent was the people in the level six. Under a large number of prisoners, a team was being crashed. ’’Team seven cover them, Team eight...’’ Domino was holding a firearm in her hand and continuously shot at the prisoners while giving the command at the same time. Few prisoners actually fell, while the guards were beaten to a mess. ’’Not good, there is no one already?’’ After the continues order of Domino, now she was all alone, all the guards beside her were sent to help. This is bad... ’’Ha ha ha, You don't have anyone now?’’ More than a dozen prisoners rushed with a ruthless laugher. as the guards were defeated, the vast majority of prisoners were about to pass, a very cold voice was heard at the end of the passage. ’’Today, ’’Today, Don't ever expect to get half a step out of this place.’’ Accompanied by this voice, a figure came out from the passage, He was dressed in the marines Vice-admirals uniform, he was cool looking while holding a white sword in his hand, and his eyes were ice cold. ’’Who do you think you are?’’ ’’You dare block our way, We'll kill you without mercy.’’ Those dozen or so prisoners who were rushing toward the passage continued to move without slowing down, they didn't even look closely at Roja. They wanted to massacre their way out, Their momentum surged as they didn't put Roja in their eyes. In the face of such killing intent from the dozen or So prisoners, Roja was clam, he just flipped his sword around and let it go. ’’Bankai! Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!’’ Wouch! Cherry petals filled the place, Almost all the passage was blocked by the petals, then it swept all those rushing prisoners away, the prisoners were surprised, so when they reacted the Petals were already hitting them. Wouch! Wouch! Wouch! Accompanied by the sound of screams, blood splashed, and some petals were now red while swaying in the air, The Rosy and red color made them look very beautiful. Those prisoners didn't even have the opportunity to use their abilities, they were directly swept by Roja's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and were killed. they fell to the ground full of blood. ’’Roj... Vice-admiral Roja!’’ (Tl: lol first name already o.o) seeing this Domino eyes revealed her joy, and all the tension that was built along with the fight finally dissipated as she relaxed, she found it hard to stand up so she leaned on the wall beside her with a relieved face. The other scattered guard saw Roja and instantaneously had some fighting spirit back while revealing their joy. ’’I will take care from here on, you can go back.’’ Roja stretched his hand and the cherry came together and formed a sword in his hand, while doing this Roja said to Domino. Roja's presence has already alarmed the prisoners of the sixth level. Although not every prisoner had seen Roja, but Roja came here before, so many people saw Roja and stopped their actions. ’’That's... The Marine!’’ ’’It's said that this guy is named Ghost Sword Roja outside.’’ some of the prisoners were killing each other, some are venting their anger on the guard and jailers, all of them stopped and looked at Roja. Some prisoners looked at prisoners looked at Roja for a moment, who with just one attack, he killed more than a dozen prisoners, they couldn't help but feel their hearts beating and their forehead overflow with cold sweat. ’’He killed them with a flash...’’ Here, not everyone has the power of the Yonko, the Shichibukai or the Admirals. He should have killed those weaker ones. But even so, to instantly kill more than a Dozen prisoners from the sixth level, this proves that Roja's strength is really high. ’’You want to stop us?’’ ’’Although you may be strong, Don't forget that you are only one person.’’ Many prisoners looked coldly at Roja, they didn't attack rashly, but they said to Roja. Roja sword held in his hand, the place was full of petals as he gave a response. ’’So what?’’ Here is the Eternal Hell, there is god knows how many monsters are here but... So what? Almost all those who are being held are sinister guys, looting, and killing and if they were allowed to run away, it would be like releasing wolves into a pack of sheeps. who is the one responsible to guard the Sixth Level of the Impel Down? Since he is the one, then he will suppress the riot. ’’If so...’’ The forefront seven or eight prisoners looked extremely cold, even after Roja using some Haoshoku, they didn't fall, after all there are so many powerful people here. ’’Kill.’’ Someone held a sword and waved it in a + shape at Roja. Another person with his hand on his chest, he shot a green beam which corroded everything on its way. Seven or eight prisoners attacked at the same time. ’’So weak and you dare to fight against me.’’ Roja Haki was already all over the place, so he could expect the attacks using his perception, in front of all those attacks, Roja just waved his sword. A sword energy projected out with the Cherry petals and rushed at them like a storm. The attacks were cut off by Roja's attack. Boom! The petals continued and swept those seven or eight prisoners, it was too late for them to retreat. Wouch! Wouch! Wouch! Sounds of screams were heard with the splashing of the blood, the petals moved and returned beside Roja, on the ground seven corpses could be found drowning in their blood.


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