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God Of Slaughter - Chapter 817


Chapter 817

Chapter 817: Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds

Translator: Sigma_ Editor: SSins

’’Sir, who is he?’’

The beautiful Sea Clan woman was curious. Her eyes were watery and her smile was charming.

The warrior wearing the Bloody Chief Skull uniform pushed the woman who was stuck to his chest away, laughing evilly. ’’Move, bitch. Don't hinder me from earning a fortune!’’

This man followed Shi Yan until he saw the young man walk into Ka Fu's shop. His eyes brightened. He left immediately.

He turned around, walking into a hidden training room. He found a man who was very skinny and shouted at him, ’’Sa Fa! I have the information about that boy.’’

’’Which boy?’’ The old man squinted, asking deliberately.

’’You've shown me a portrait and told me to keep an eye out for that boy. He is the one that knows how to use space power. He stole our Empty Fantasy Crystal and ran away.’’ The warrior laughed strangely. ’’Pay me. I'll tell you where he is.’’

Sa Fa's eyes brightened. He didn't hesitate to shout loudly. Then, a warrior came over, bringing him a Fantasy Sky Ring.

He gave the ring to the warrior and said, ’’Ti Lie, check it out. Tell me if this is enough.’’

The warrior named Ti Lie laughed as his Soul Consciousness scanned through the Fantasy Sky Ring. His eyes brightened up. ’’Alright, enough. Not bad, not bad. That kid is in Ka Fu's store. You go get him.’’

Ti Lie left immediately, not giving Sa Fa time to ask for more information.

Sa Fa waited for him to disappear. He took out the Sound Stone right away. After the connection was established, he slightly bent his body, lowering his voice. ’’Sir Carthew, the one you requested for has finally come back.’’


After Ti Lie left, he turned around, walking towards the base of the Bloody Chief Skull pirates. He shouted, ’’I want to see our Boss.’’

’’What do you want to meet him for?’’

’’I have business with him.’’

’’Our Boss is in the secret chamber. Go there yourself.’’


Ti Lie excitedly stormed to the secret chamber, knocking on the stone door. He then lowered his voice to call, ’’Boss, I have some important news to report! It is about the boy that uses space power!’’


The stone door opened wide. Russell, the leader of the pirates, was sitting cross-legged on a blue lotus. He squinted and asked, ’’Where is he?’’

’’At Ka Fu's shop. I just saw him. I don't think he has left yet,’’ answered Ti Lie respectfully.

’’You've earned yourself merit. Go take one hundred top-quality divine crystals. And get me a war chariot.’’ Russell got up suddenly, his face excitedly. He laughed with content.

Ti Lie stooped, laughed, and turned around.


A battleship was floating quietly in the Southwest of the Land of God Punishment.

Carthew stood on the front deck, his hand caressing a Sound Stone. He looked shaken.

He squinted, directly sending a flow of Soul Consciousness towards Zi Yao's cultivating room.

Zi Yao flew out of her room to meet Carthew. She shouted, ’’Uncle Carthew, you received news of Shi Yan?’’

’’Yes. He is in the Land of God Punishment. Today, he is visiting Ka Fu's shop.’’ Carthew smiled, ’’Since we've confirmed that he's still alive, I've arranged my people to keep an eye on him. Finally, we found him. Haha, we will go to the Land of God Punishment. Perhaps we will meet him there soon.’’

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes sparkled smilingly, ’’He has a tough life.’’

Three months ago, Carthew received intel that Shi Yan was the one who had used space power in that battle. Not long after they received this news, they were also informed about the frightening change of the Purgatory Star from the Dark Firmament divine Nation. The Spirit Hall built by the Imperial Masters of the previous generation had collapsed.

Du Tian Ji knew a little bit about the star map. He said that perhaps someone had successfully retrieved the legendary map.

When they confirmed the news, originally Carthew and Zi Yao wanted to go to the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. Immediately, they changed their destination to the Land of God Punishment.

’’If nothing unexpected occurred, the star map is in Shi Yan and a woman's hands. His Highness sent me the message saying that Leona and Ao Gu Duo are moving at their fastest speed to the Land of God Punishment. It has been two months. I think they will reach the Land of God Punishment soon,’’ explained Carthew.

’’That bastard is a disaster. He brings no peace to everywhere he goes.’’ Zi Yao gritted her teeth. She was both happy and angry. ’’I hope he is alright.’’

’’I don't know why the news about the star map has been widely spreading. We are not the only ones who went. The Underworld League and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce have gone there. Not long afterward, the Land of God Punishment will hold a lot of people and it will be a complicated situation.’’

Carthew rubbed his head as if he had a headache. ’’It is not easy to get the star map. That That kid is related to the star map, too. This situation is getting worse.’’

’’Uncle Carthew, you're familiar with the Land of God Punishment. Can we go there directly now?’’ Zi Yao was a little worried.

’’Of course we have to go there. Anyway, we can't use the battleship. We have to get there quietly and conceal our identity.’’

Carthew had planned earlier. He explained, ’’Those who live in the Land of God Punishment are very hostile to us, especially me. I've been attacked and had to destroy them for so many years. We can't send battleships. It is too obvious. It will cause unnecessary trouble. Yeah, I will take Yalan and Tie Mu. You should bring only Ao Gera. We will use a war chariot. When we get to the Land of God Punishment, we must keep our identities hidden. Otherwise, we can't leave in peace. Feng Ka, Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong are all at the Original God Realm. They aren't weaker than me. Feng Ka's realm is one level higher than mine. If I appear there rashly, they will get enraged.

’’We can only try to stay hidden,’’ Zi Yao nodded.

’’Wait until Leona comes. It will be alright. When she comes, the ones who should run away are the pirates.’’ Carthew smiled. ’’We'll go there and conceal our identities. The Heaven Punishment City has never checked anyone's identity anyway.’’

’’Alright, I will arrange a way to get there. We can ride a war chariot to get there,’’ said Zi Yao resolutely.

’’Hey, if it's okay to not take Ao Gera with you, don't take him. He doesn't get along well with that boy. Once they meet, they may fight.’’ Carthew hesitated for a while before reminding her in a friendly manner.

’’It's difficult. While he is still alive, I can't shake him off. Don't worry, if he tries to fight Shi Yan, I'll handle it.’’

’’Then do as you please. If everything turns into a mess, don't blame me for not reminding you.’’

’’Yes, I got it.’’


Blue Demon's base, Heaven Punishment City.

As soon as Feng Rao who was bringing Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Ruo appeared, the pirates in the base screamed continually as they were very surprised. ’’Our Young Lady is back! She is back!’’

Many pirates of the Blue Demon followed and bowed to greet her. They all looked very excited.

Before Feng Rao had left that year, her fame had always been good among the pirates of the Blue Demon. Many people had received her favors. They all respected her respected her very much.

Her appearance had stirred up the warriors in the base. They came out of their cultivation rooms to welcome her home.

’’Little sister!’’ Feng Xiao appeared. He was so happy that he burst into crazy laughter. ’’Finally, you're home. Father always worried about you. It is good you're home now.’’

’’Where is my father? Is he here?’’ asked Feng Rao.

’’Not in the Heaven Punishment City. He is in our other base in the Land of God Punishment. I will notify him. He will come quickly. Haha, when he learns that you're safe and sound, he will be so happy. He'll get here soon.’’ Feng Xiao was so happy, studying his little sister. ’’Little sister, you're much thinner.’’

’’Where's my big brother?’’ Feng Rao looked here and there, asking with astonishment. ’’He's in charge of this base, is he not?’’

The smile on Feng Xiao's face withered. His eyes became gloomy. ’’He died on the battlefield. The Nine Star Chamber of Commerce swept him and his men. He has been gone for a hundred years.’’

Feng Rao paled, water lingering in her eyes. She stood perplexedly, asking, ’’Why?’’

’’Living in the Land of God Punishment, we're prepared to die on the battlefield. Who can be safe forever?’’ Feng Xiao sounded very sad. ’’After our big brother had gone, father collapsed for a long time. He missed you a lot. He hoped you would be alright. Now you're back. He can ease his mind a little bit. Sigh, it's just because we're not strong enough. We can only stare and suffer. We don't have the forces to invade their territory and take revenge.’’

’’It's not gonna be like that forever. I came back with a possibility to overturn everything!’’ Feng Rao gritted her teeth, talking indignantly.

Feng Xiao's eyes brightened. ’’Sister, rumor says that you have the star map... Is it true?’’

’’The star map isn't in my hand. Anyway, it's not different from having it. I want to see father immediately to tell him the situation.’’

’’Alright, I'll notify him immediately!’’ Feng Xiao took out the Sound Stone and sent the message.

’’I'm coming right away!’’ The happy sound of the overlord of the Land of God Punishment, Feng Ka, arose from the Sound Stone. ’’Little Rao, wait for me. I'm coming to see you immediately!’’


It was a spacious shop with colorful stones and crystals. Pellets and spiritual herbs were placed neatly in their containers. Sweet and fresh aromas came from them, permeating the shop.

A forthright warrior who didn't have a right arm was lying leisurely on lying leisurely on a soft couch. He was peering at people walking on the street.

This was Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo. He owned a shop to sell goods that he stole. However, the shop was a little bit desolate recently.

After Ka Tuo had failed the mission in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, his infamous reputation fell. He also went to his secluding cultivation. It's been a long time since he went out to rob a battleship. So during this period, the shop didn't have many good treasures to sell. It gradually became quiet.

A strong figure appeared at the door. As soon as he got in, he let out a low shout, ’’Who's Ka Fu?’’

’’It's me. Kid, what do you want to buy?’’ The amputee on the couch was startled. Next, he glided toward him passionately and smilingly. ’’I have everything you need here...’’

’’I'm here to see Ka Tuo!’’ Shi Yan intervened, not waiting for the man to finish his introduction. He flashed the blue crystal then asked, ’’Did he assign you anything?’’

The amputated man was bewildered for a while. He woke up and observed the trustful token for a while. ’’Are you Shi Yan?’’


’’My brother is here!’’

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The chaotic energy seethed shortly. A figure emerged from the silent ground behind the counter. It was Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo.

’’Finally, you have come!’’ Ka Tuo was happy. ’’I'm waiting for you to give me the other part of the power Upanishad. I can enter the Original God Realm smoothly then! Haha, my good brother! I've waited for you for a long time!’’

’’Bro, didn't you come here because of the star map? Feng Ka has invited the leaders of the other forces to negotiate and discuss this matter.’’ Ka Fu felt that his brother was being ridiculous.

’’I don't care about any star or map. Feng Ka, Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong will be here. I don't think I have a chance to take a share of the profits,’’ Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo snorted. ’’How can it be easy to steal the food in those old men's hands? So I came here to wait for my senior, hehe. When I reach the Original God Realm, I can have hope that the star will produce results. Otherwise, everything would have been in vain.’’

’’Not really,’’ Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. ’’The star map is in my hand. You do have that chance.’’

Brothers Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were baffled by what they just heard. They couldn't believe it.


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