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God Of Slaughter - Chapter 364


The young man whose name was Borg instantly realized that the aura was coming from her body.

His face slightly changed. He frowned and said, "AiYa, I don’t want this demon crystal for myself either. I just feel he will not be alive for long here. In this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, only Demon Crystals of the beasts can be used to supplement the consumed Profound Qi. Each Demon Crystal here is precious. As we have just entered this place, we need to try our best to gather more Demon Crystals and shouldn’t waste any of them."

After talking, Borg threw a cold glance at ShiYan and said arrogantly, "This kind of immigrant from the laggard area will die anyway even if he has Demon Crystals. Giving it to him is such a waste."

ShiYan slightly frowned.

At first, he hadn’t been interested in Demon Crystals of the Snow Dragon and had intended to refuse AiYa’s kindness. However, after having heard that guy Bác Cách say that the Demon Crystals could supplement Profound Qi in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he immediately changed his mind, and determinedly decided to fight for it.

That was why he didn’t refuse it but looked at AiYa to see what she would say.

"I said give it to him. Didn’t you hear me?" AiYa’s countenance was getting worse and worse.

Borg secretly snorted while his eyes shot out a trace of coldness. He then threw ShiYan the piece of crystal in his hand. The speed of his throw was so fast that it made the piece of crystal screech like a weapon, piercing through the air like a shooting star.

ShiYan’s face remained unchanged. Seeing the crystal approach, he raised his hand and clenched his fingers. A flow of bright light flew out from it.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

As soon as the Demon Crystal fell into his hand, a group of forces burst out wrapping around ShiYan’s hand.

ShiYan revealed a faint smile and quickly used his strength to control the Demon Crystal. The light on his fingertips suddenly condensed into something that looked like a white glove covering his hand and then gripped and constrained the Demon Crystal.

When ShiYan turned his hand over, the Demon Crystal piece instantly fell into the Blood Vein Ring. Without saying anything further, ShiYan nodded at AiYa, didn’t bother Borg’s harsh look, turned around and walked away.

"Wait a second," CaiYi smiled elegantly and spoke up.

ShiYan reluctantly turned back as he asked impatiently, "What else?"

"Friend, being alone in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist is a little bit dangerous indeed. I am wondering if you are interested in accompanying us for a short trip."

CaiYi’s oval face was quite charming;her shiny, succulent red lips could mesmerize other people.

"Danger is everywhere in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. If you go alone, you might either consume all of your Profound Qi or be killed by wicked things. If you go with us, at least you will have less unnecessary troubles. What do you think?"

"Sister!" Borg got irritated. He couldn’t help but shout, "Why do you want to carry this burden? If he acts recklessly, he will harm all of us. What’s made you think of this?"

CaiYi smiled sweetly, winked at Borg signaling him, and she then looked at ShiYan, seeming to wait for his decision.

AiYa knitted her eyebrows, strangely looked at CaiYi with an astonished face, and didn’t say anything further.

The two well-built young men with blonde hair and green eyes, who were standing at the side, slightly chuckled and nodded quietly.

ShiYan was suspicious, looking at those people and about to refuse them. However, when he witnessed their attitude, he was hesitant.

He knew that this CaiYI didn’t have good intentions. Inviting him to accompany them was, in fact, just to use him. However, as he had just entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he knew nothing about this place. He had heard Xia XinYan talk a little bit about some mysteries of this place, but as for the details, she didn’t know.

In this case, traveling alone in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist might be dangerous.

This group of warriors had a high cultivation base as well as a profound understanding of this place. Although going with them could lead him to encounter unpredictable events, he still could get more information about the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Even if they didn’t tell him directly, he could still have more of understanding about this place by paying attention to their conversations. He just needed to be careful. If the situation wasn't good, he would immediately leave them. It should not be too difficult.

With that thought, ShiYan quietly considered then burst into laughter and said, "Well, I know nothing about this place. So, I will have to bother you."

After talking, he stopped walking and maintained a safe distance with the five of them, revealed a smile, looking at them.

"Alright, we will need to take a rest first to restore our strength. Meanwhile, you can get familiar with the use of the Demon Crystal." CaiYi beamed a faint smile, nodded at Borg, and said, "Brother, you help take guard for me. Be alert to the unexpected appearance of the beasts."

After talking, CaiYi gently flew away. Borg reluctantly turned around, looking at ShiYan coldly while murmuring something and then caught up with CaiYi.

"Sister, what on earth are you doing?" Borg walked toward her with a resentful face and complained, "Isn’t it better to let me kill that rascal to take that Demon Crystal back. We have discussed it before, but then AiYa pretended to be fair and kind. Do you also want to act like her?"

Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist had quite a lot of special things. One of them was soundproofing. Thanks to that, although the two of them stood just hundreds of meters away from ShiYan, they were not worried that ShiYan would be able to overhear their conversation, not to mention that they also intentionally lowered their voices.

"You are such a fool," as soon as CaiYI had flown away, her smiling face instantly became cold while her beautiful eyes emitted an icy aura. She sneered and said, "That guy is only in the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm. You can easily kill him, but if you do so, you will consume more of your Profound Qi. Do you know how important Profound Qi is in this place? How long we can survive depends on it. Wasting it means you will die faster. Are you stupid or what?"

Seeing her cold face, Borg was a little scared and couldn’t even speak normally, "But that Demon Crystal…"

"Can one-third of the Demon Crystal be enough to make up for the Profound Qi that you would have to consume to kill him?" CaiYi snorted coldly.

Borg was stunned a little bit and then shamefully said, "No."

"Idiot!" CaiYi bluntly cursed, "Do you think that AiYa really wanted to give up one-third of the Demon Crystal? She just wanted to use it to entice the opponent and thus weakened our strength. With your personality, after being scolded by her, you would sneakily leave us and kill that rascal? If you do that, you already fall into her trap."

Borg’s face changed instantly.

"If you leave us and you will be on your own. What you gain is far less than what you will lose even if you can get that Demon Crystal. Later, if you encounter other warriors or beasts or any traps in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, you will hardly be able to keep yourself alive." CaiYi continued emotionlessly, "AiYa has just used one-third of the Demon Crystal to entice that little rascal, and he has already wanted to take actions with you. Even you are lucky to be alive, still, you have consumed some of your Profound Qi already. Thus, she has gotten what she wants. Idiot!"

After Borg had listened to CaiYi’s curse, his face immediately changed. He was scared and broke out in a cold sweat, contemplated for a long while before gritting his teeth and speaking up, "That woman’s heart is indeed barbaric."

"After having entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, our group only has five people left. AiYa still retains her power and thus harvests the most. In the critical point of time, she will push others to death before herself;she always uses the least of her power to get the most benefits. If you continue to be stupid like this, she will kill you sooner or later. I have reminded you many times, but you never listen to me. You really don’t know what life and death are," CaiYi said unhappily.

Borgfelt ashamed, constantly nodded, "Sister, I am wrong."

"Remember, you shouldn’t take any reckless actions next time. Did you see if the other two brothers LaoLun have said anything?"

CaiYi was giving her brother lessons while knitting her eyebrows looking at the two of guys with blond hair and blue eyes at the same time. She lowered her voice and said, "When you take action, be careful with the two brothers LaoLun. Although their cultivation bases are only in the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, if they join forces, their real strength can be compared to Sky Realm warriors. Even I am not sure if I could defeat them. So, you should not underestimate them."

Borg shuddered as he became quietly more watchful, nodded his head and asked, "Sister, why did you ask that little rascal to stay with us?"

"Idiot!" CaiYi displayed a disappointing look, "Have you and the brothers LaoLun taken the same path recently?"

Borg nodded honestly.

"Pathfinding is the most dangerous task. If being surrounded by a flock of beasts, a Pathfinder would be killed for sure. If accidentally getting lost in a trap, a Pathfinder wouldn’t be able to preserve his or her life for very long. Therefore, I asked that kid to go with us to replace you to trace the path, using him to protect your life. You have to be grateful to him for taking the risk for you. Understand? You are such a fool." CaiYI said with disappointment.

"Thank you sister, " Borg was moved and said.

"Talk less, observe more. Don’t be a blind fool being controlled by others." CaiYi scolded him and then closed her eyes, "Guard for me. Don’t let anyone come close, especially that AiYa."

"Yes," Borg bowed his head and bent down, obediently standing next to her without any negligence.

He also understood that the reason why his sister cared for him was that he still had his value. If he couldn’t do this task well, he would lose his value, and maybe his sister would not care about his well-being anymore.

With that thought, he was even more serious as he secretly guarded against AiYa in the distance. His face slightly changed when he saw AiYa slowly walking toward that strange rascal because he thought that she had a plan.

Borrow that rascal’s strength?

He was suddenly resuscitated and enlightened after CaiYi’s curses.

Therefore, right now, the way he looked at ShiYan was no longer hostile but pitiful. This kid was really unlucky as he was being fooled by his sister and that wicked AiYa;and yet, he was still grateful to them.


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