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God Of Slaughter - Chapter 363


A one-thousand-meter-high mountain was suspended above the sea.

A dazzling light beam dashed over from behind the mountain accompanied by soft sounds, which were like the beasts’ roaring in the distance.

ShiYan stopped moving to watch that beam of light with cold eyes and carefully observe it. He then realized that the light contained extraordinary power and the warrior behind the mountain should have the cultivation base in the Second or Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, or maybe in the Sky Realm.

He secretly asked himself how intimidating that realm was and at the same time, he tried to observe if there were God Realm warriors or not. After that, he then felt more secure and quietly moved forward.

Without gravity, when his body moved, it looked like a soft, elegant willow dashing forward with breakneck speed. In only three minutes, he already arrived at behind the mountain.

Hiding under a cliff, he quietly stuck his head out and observed the fight behind the mountain.

Five warriors were holding various secret treasures, violently fighting with three Golden Eye Snow Dragons.

The group consisted of three males and two females. All of them were still very young, around twenty years old. The two girls had beautiful, slender bodies as well as profound cultivation bases which seemed to be in the Sky Realm.

The three males had sturdy bodies and prominent appearances. Two of them had blonde hair, blue eyes, and had the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm cultivation base. They should be brothers, as they looked quite alike. The other one was a little bit younger;his face was long and pointed;his eyes were cold, and he also had the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm cultivation base.

Three males and two females together fought with three Golden Eye Snow Dragons. They were taking the upper hand in this battle. There was another Golden Eye Snow Dragon’s body on the ground on the side. Blood was dripping out from its head. Its demon crystal should have been taken by those people.

Golden Eye Snow Dragon was the sixth level beast, which could be compared to a Nirvana Realm warrior. It had great strength and a sturdy build. Ordinary weapons could hardly injure it, and thus, it was tough to deal with.

These five warriors with their outstanding abilities had jointly killed one Golden Eye Snow Dragon. As for the remaining three Golden Eye Snow Dragons, one of them was severely injured. Its tail had been cut off with blood and flesh blended stickily. It was continually roaring and resisting.

As he watched the fight in front of him, he realized that the three Golden Eye Snow Dragons didn’t seem to be able to withstand the others’ attacks any longer. They would soon be killed like the other dead Golden Eye Snow Dragon.

It was unknown where these five young warriors came from and how they could have such a profound cultivation base. Together with sparkling secret treasures in their hands, they didn’t look like ordinary people.

ShiYan had been watching them for a while, and he was secretly aghast as he realized that the martial technique of these five warriors was quite mysterious. They were certainly one level higher than the outstanding young warriors in the Endless Sea.

"Fragmented Blade"

The female in a silk gown with a piece of sapphire tied on her waist suddenly shouted.

The many sword lights that shot out from her jade-like hand were snow-white, bone-chilling, and very dangerous. They instantly pierced through one Golden Eye Snow Dragon’s body.

The five-meter-tall Tuyết Long Sư was abruptly stagnant in the air while its body emitted beautiful lights, splitting into different blocks. It had been slashed to death without shedding a drop of blood.

Seeing that Golden Eye Snow Dragon killed, the remaining two were finally panicked, ran away in two different directions. One of them was severely injured and blocked by the four people.

Various attacks were cast out, striking and throwing that Golden Eye Snow Dragon back to the sky.

The other Golden Eye Snow Dragon which was not wounded let out a roar, dashing toward the place where ShiYan was hiding with breakneck speed.

The female in the silk gown suddenly swung her arms, leaped up, and quickly chased after that Golden Eye Snow Dragon like a cyclone. The distance between her and that Golden Eye Snow Dragon was getting closer.

ShiYan stood up with his slightly changed face. That Golden Eye Snow Dragon seemed to see him, suddenly roared, and opened its mouth bursting out a stream of icy silver light.

"Stop it!" As the female, who was chasing that Golden Eye Snow Dragon, saw ShiYan hiding there, she quickly called him out for help.

ShiYan’s face darkened. When he saw that silver light approaching, he raised his hand blasting the Life Seal. Seven handprints merged into one and struck the Golden Eye Snow Dragon.


The Golden Eye Snow Dragon was bombarded by the Life Seal and bounced backward.

The icy silver light that dashed toward ShiYan was melted by the heat of the Earth Flame and disappeared, leaving no trace.

Right after being hit by the Life Seal, the last Golden Eye Snow Dragon was then attacked by the girl’s Fragmented Blade even before it could stabilize its body. It was split into sixteen blocks of meat floating in the air and fell away slowly.

ShiYan’s eyes flashed up, staring at that Golden Eye Snow Dragon’s body. He realized that after it had died, those blocks of meat seemed to be affected by gravity and thus instantly fell on the mountain.

The girl who had used a secret technique to behead the Golden Eye Snow Dragonquickly flew over. Her fingertips shot out a slender beam of silver light toward that Golden Eye Snow Dragon’s head and then took out a sparklingly bright Demon Crystal.

While she had been casting out her attacks to kill this Golden Eye Snow Dragon, the other four warriors had also succeeded in exterminating the other injured one and harvesting one Demon Crystal.

A while later, the five warriors gathered in together atop the mountain, looking toward ShiYan.

ShiYan was standing on a cliff, observing with knitted eyebrows. He hesitated a little bit before moving toward those five warriors. He stopped when he was about twenty meters away from them, secretly on the alert.

"Where are you from?" The girl in the silk gown, who was quite tall, squinted her eyes looking at him and asked while her hands were still playing with the Demon Crystal.

"The Endless Sea." ShiYan contemplated for a moment before calmly replying.

"Endless Sea?" The girl seemed to be a little hazed looking at the other beautiful girl next to her and asked gently, "CaiYi, have you ever heard of that place?"

"Through the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist toward the west, it is said that there is a sea area where plenty of warriors gather. It seems to be the Endless Sea." The girl whose name was CaiYi wore many colorful bracelets. Every time she swung her arms, crisp and sweet sounds resounded. She revealed a faint smile with a slightly despising look on her face and said, "AiYa, the Endless Sea is a barbaric place. Although there are some powerful warriors there, it is still far less than our divine Land. I have heard that the ancestors in the Endless Sea were warriors who couldn’t develop in divine Land, and thus they had crossed the sea to the Endless Sea, starting to live and form their forces there until now."

"Ah," the girl named AiYa slightly nodded without saying anything else.

The three Third Sky of Nirvana Realm men threw a disdained look at ShiYan.

One of them who was wearing a cold face also whispered, "Turns out he is an immigrant from an undeveloped area."

ShiYan arched his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. He was actually surprised.

In his eyes, the Endless Sea was a vast area. A lot of warriors there were much stronger than those in the Merchant Union. Unexpectedly, in these people’s eyes, the Endless Sea was just a place of barbarians and laggards.

After having thought a while, he suddenly said, "Are you from the center land of the Grace Mainland on the east of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?"

The two girls displayed their disdain, slightly smiled but didn’t say anything.

The other three Third Sky of Nirvana Realm men proudly nodded with superior manners.

ShiYan had originally wanted to check with these three men about the situation around. However, as he saw their arrogant attitude, he felt disgusted, and the intention of talking with them had soon gone. He nodded with a cold face, clasped his hands and said, "See you again." After talking, he turned around and walked away.

"Wait a minute," AiYa suddenly spoke up.

ShiYan shuddered, but his face didn’t change. He was secretly well-prepared, if something bad happened, he would immediately start to take actions first.

The five of them with high cultivation base, miraculous martial techniques, as well as secret treasures in their hands were all outstanding talents like Ye ZhangFeng and Lin YaQi, those whom he admired. If they really had wicked intentions, he had to use all of his power to be able to escape.

Having come to this world for only one or two days, he understood well the danger of this place. He clearly knew that a powerful warrior here could kill someone else without any reasons.

"What is it?" ShiYan asked as he turned his head around, revealing a smile like he didn’t take any precaution, and looked at her with calm eyes.

"You helped me earlier, so I give you a part of this Demon Crystal as a reward." AiYa’s words were simple and gentle. While she was talking, a dagger emerged in her hand, cutting the Demon Crystal into three parts. She then snapped her fingers, and one piece of the Demon Crystal flew toward ShiYan.


"AiYa, each Demon Crystal in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist is very precious. Why are you wasting it?"

It turned out that was the man with cold temperament.

"Borg, my father has taught me that when you owe someone a favor, you always have to repay it," AiYa slightly squinted and said with a cold tone. "We should give him that part of the Demon Crystal. Without him, no one could have killed that Golden Eye Snow Dragon. It is fair. Do you have a problem with what I am doing?"

Right after she had finished her words, a dangerous aura suddenly was emitted from her body.


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