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God And Devil World - Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Plan

Yue Zhong saw Chen Zhiguang drooling at the mouth, and he plainly said: ’’Come over and eat!’’

’’Thank you brother Yue!! Thank you brother Yue!’’ Chen Zhiguang immediately shouted, expressing thanks and grabbing food at the same time, gobbling up huge chunks.

Seeing Chen Zhiguang wolf down food, Da Gouzi muttered: ’’He's like a hungry ghost!’’

[TL: Hungry Ghost]

Facing Da Gouzi's ridicule, Chen Zhiguang continued on like he didn't hear, eating like a hungry ghost. After four bowls of food he could no longer endure,finally setting down his chopsticks.

After eating and drinking his full, Chen Zhiguang finally turned to Yue Zhong and worriedly said: ’’Brother Yue! Ice King Zhang Yun is strong and very vindictive. You offended him today, and he will certainly not let you go. You need to be more careful.’’

Yue Zhong simply said: ’’I know!’’

’’Then I'll go. You had better rest well today!’’ Finished speaking, Chen Zhiguang left the place.

Night fell. Apart from the special region, a few villas, and some lamps, the remaining regions were enshrouded by darkness, a deathly loneliness.

A dark figure moved through the darkness like a fish. It was if the figure and the darkness blended into one.

The dark figure quickly moved in front of the area where Yue Zhong's group was staying. He moved on the ground on all fours like a lizard. He moved like something inhuman climbing up the wall without a sound, all the way to Yue Zhong's window.

The black figure carefully extended his head and looked into the window of Yue Zhong's residence. His eyes carefully searched, and he was able to see a trace of green light.

It was a moonless night, and in addition the surrounding area didn't have a trace of light. The people in the room could look out the window and not be able to discover the black image on the window.

’’Did you look enough?’’ Just when the black figure was looking into the window, Yue Zhong immediately appeared in front of the window and stared at the black figure, coldly speaking.

The black figure's eyes flashed with fright. He immediately pulled out a gun and aimed at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed a cold light. His fist waved out, like rapid thunder a high speed explosion burst on the black figure's oval face. The black figure was sent flying in an explosion from the wall like an artillery shell. Pounding onto the ground, he spit out a large mouthful of blood, dying after struggling a moment.

Ma Tie relied on night vision ability and climbing ability. When assassinating others in the darkness of night he extremely rarely failed. This time running into Yue Zhong, he was struck down without Yue Zhong even bringing abilities into play. Although Ma Tie had the ability to climb up a wall, he didn't have the ability to survive a five story fall.

Yue Zhong walked out the building and looked at Ma Tie's corpse. His brows slightly wrinkled: ’’Assassination? Don't tell me it is the Ice King Association? That was really fast.’’

’’Brother, what matter is this?’’ Lu Wen also came out of the building over to Yue Zhong's side. She asked a little scared seeing Ma Tie's corpse.

Guo Yu also walked over to Yue Zhong's side using her two two eyes that could speak words to stare at Yue Zhong.

Just now in the house, Yue Zhong had made Lu Wen and Guo Yu leave the room for their own safety. This made them feel uneasy.

Yue Zhong simply said: ’’It's nothing! I estimate it is an assassination from the Ice King Association.’’

Lu Wen also brought some people wearing gloves, and they searched Ma Tie's body. They grabbed two pieces of equipment and handed them over to Yue Zhong: ’’Captain Yue, this is the assassin's equipment.’’

’’Level 2 item: Speed dagger. Increases agility by 5 when held in hand.’’

In addition to the speed dagger, Ma Tie also had God and Devil World shoes.

Yue Zhong only wanted the speed dagger. He said Liu Yan: ’’I'm giving you these boots!’’

Liu Yan excitedly said: ’’Thank you Captain Yue!!’’

The God and Devil World system dropped various types of equipment that could increase the ability of people. Yue Zhong's subordinates all knew this. But only by using God and Devil World skills and equipment against mutated beasts and zombies could these items drop. Because of this, there aren't many God and Devil World items. Each one is extremely precious.

Liu Yan was able to receive a pair of God and Devil World shoes, and he became much stronger.

Liu Yan put Ma Tie's corpse into a bag and tossed it into a far away pond.

After everything was settled, Yue Zhong ordered White Bones to stand guard, and then he called Lu Wen and Guo Yu back into the building to rest.

Early in the morning at 4:00 am, inside his house, Zhao Xiong looked at his watch and frowned. He slowly thought: ’’Failed? It seems that person named Yue Zhong is much more tough than we imagined.’’

When Ma Tie assassinated others, he could quickly achieve success. Not returning at this time obviously means his assassination failed. The majority of people who offended the Ice King Association were all killed at Ma Tie's hands. Very few could escape the assassination of Ma Tie in the darkness of night.

’’Looks like I need to implement the second plan.’’

The next day in the early morning, Yue Zhong's group had just finished eating breakfast. Three people wearing police uniforms came over.

A middle-aged policeman came over to Yue Zhong's group and coldly stated: ’’Who is Yue Zhong!’’

Yue Zhong looked at the policeman and simply said: ’’I am!’’

The middle-aged policeman said with a look of righteousness: ’’Come with me right now. You are suspected of publicly killing people in the base. If you resist, we have the authority to shoot you to death right here!’’

Yue Zhong's brow wrinkled: ’’I didn't kill anyone? Yesterday I only taught those people a lesson. Go to Phoenix street and investigate, and then you'll know.’’

Another policeman's brows wrinkled. He pulled out the gun at his waist. Then he pointed it and scolded at Yue Zhong: ’’The level of bullshit is too high! Sincerely come along with us. Be careful, if you speak f*king bullshit again the Boss will execute you!’’

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed a cold light, and he immediately started the Art of Fear skill.

In a brief moment, the policeman's thoughts entered into a world full of fear and terror. In that world, ten corpses were taking bites out of his flesh.

’’Ahhhh!!!! save me!! don't! don't bite!! save me!!’’ The policeman emitted a painful lament. Eyes written with fear, he kneeled on the ground.

’’What did you do!’’ the middle-aged policemen and the other shouted. They all wanted to pull out their guns.

Standing at Yue Zhong's side, White bones moved forward like an arrow. A fist exploded on the middle-aged policeman's face, sending him flying. Then White Bones sent a kick to another policeman's stomach, sending him flying several meters, holding his stomach struggling endlessly.


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