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God And Devil World - Chapter 98


Chapter 98: Ice King Zhang Yun

Seeing the balls of Hou Jinbiao exploded by Yue Zhong, the faces of the seven men holding machetes changed. They violently chopped, rushing towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong calmly stood there, looking at the seven men bum rushing towards him.

White Bones was standing beside Yue Zhong disguised as a person. Right as Yue Zhong was about to be chopped, White Bones rushed into the machete men. Using strength that was three times a normal person, it exploded punches onto their bodies.

In only a few rounds, the seven men holding machetes all had their ribs broken by the bullet and knife proof White Bones. They vomited blood onto the ground, and let go of their machetes.

Chen Zhiguang heart filled with excitement as he looked at Yue Zhong downplaying the defeat of Hou Jinbiao's group: ’’Master!! too strong!’’

The laws of Z-Age are the laws of the jungle. Only the strong can continue surviving in this world. The weak can only choose to follow the strong in order to live on.

’’Captain Yue! Do you want to kill them?’’ Liu Yan's eyes flashed a fierce light as he asked Yue Zhong.

Liu Yan originally followed Tiger and now followed Yue Zhong. Both his hands were covered in blood, and he already had no regard for other people's lives.

Hearing Liu Yan's words, the eyes of the seven men flashed with fear. They had also taken several people's lives, but they didn't dare kill people in the middle of the street.

Chen Zhiguang was also frightened by Liu Yan's words. He quickly said: ’’Brother Yue! You can't kill! Killing people on the street is the death penalty!! The base will certainly send people to put you down.’’

Yue Zhong looked around. He saw the people on the street were all afraid to look at their group. There were also three people wearing police uniforms observing from far away.

After Z-Age order became chaos. The exceptional existence of evolvers also appeared. So long as no one was killed, the policemen didn't wish to casually interfere in a power conflict.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed a cold light at the seven men lying on the ground. He commanded to White Bones: ’’Break their right hand, then make them scram!’’

After losing their right hands, they would have no way to bring Yue Zhong trouble again.

White Bones received the order and directly moved forward. It grabbed a man's hand and twisted with its strength, fracturing the bones.

’’Ah!!!!!’’ The man immediately cried out a cold miserable lament, grabbing his right hand he painfully struggled up.

The remaining men thought to flee, but they weren't the slightest bit faster than White Bones. One by one their right hands were snapped, crying out painful screams.

Looking at White Bones snapping the right hands, Chen Zhiguang's heart couldn't help but shiver. If he didn't immediately join up with Yue Zhong, he seriously didn't know what would happen to him.

Leaving behind a ground full of screaming pain, Yue Zhong's group left the area, returning to the city.

Not long after, a group of men went over and carried Hou Jinbiao and the others away.

In the beautiful villa at the Jingshan Garden in Qingyuan county, A handsome 27 or 28 year old man wearing a white shirt that was open revealing his chest was eating abalone bird's nest soup. Two extremely beautiful women wearing Chinese style dresses were attending to him. This 27 or 28 year old man was the Qingyuan county Ice King Association boss, Ice King Zhang Yun.

[TL: google search ’’旗袍’’ to see some chinese style dresses. And Qingyuan county is the county the Long Hai city survivor base is located in.]

A medium build man wearing western style clothes had a poker face as he told Zhang Yun in a low voice: ’’Boss, I have something to report to you.’’

Zhang Yun waved his hand at the two beautiful women, and they retreated away.

Zhang Yun's brows slightly wrinkled, then he asked the middle aged man: ’’Zhao Xiong! What is making you so intense. Why have you unexpectedly sought me at this time?’’

Zhang Yun absolutely hated it when other people disturbed him while eating. Zhao Xiong is his close friend, so naturally he is clear on this point. But he still came at this time. Clearly something urgent occurred.

Zhao Xiong said in a low voice: ’’Today a new person came to the base. A man named Yue Zhong exploded Hou Jinbiao's balls with a kick at Phoenix Street. He also ordered the right hands of Hou Jinbiao's subordinates be broken.

Zhang Yun's face changed, and his palm heavily slapped on the table. He yelled out: ’’F*k! Someone dared touch my people! That person called Yue Zhong is really acting recklessly! Zhao Xiong, have you found where they live?’’

Although he is called one of the four big evolvers in Qingyuan. In reality Zhan Yun was just a small fry before Z-Age. Only after Z-Age, the first zombie he killed dropped a skill book that allowed him to control ice. And after all kinds of lucky coincidences, he became the Qingyuan Ice King. It is said he doesn't have the grace of a strong person.

Zhao Xiong reported: ’’They all live in the Shiyuan region of the city.’’

Zhang Yun listened and simply said: ’’Make Ma Jin go kill Yue Zhong tonight!’’

Hesitating a moment, Zhao Xiang asked Zhang Yun: ’’What about Hou Jinbiao and his men?’’

Zhang Yun insidiously laughed: ’’Kill them! If Ma Tie can't kill Yue Zhong, then tomorrow go report to the authorities. Say Yue Zhong and his men publicly killed people.’’

Zhao Xiong couldn't help but suggest: ’’Boss, wouldn't a bad idea?’’

Zhang Yun could easily be deserted by the masses by being this mean.

Zhang Yun waved a hand, impatiently saying: ’’If I don't kill them, I will have to give them medical treatment. Don't you know the situation right now? Where will we get the food and medicine plus a doctor to treat them. As long as we have food we can recruit as many people as we want. There is no need to waste food on crippled people. Do as I say, now leave!’’

In Long Hai City, as long as one has food, they can buy manpower. People are the thing of lowest value. Apart from few close friends, Zhang Yun didn't view those like Hou Jinbiao as people. If they die, they die.

Zhao Xiong saw Zhang Yun's appearance and knew Zhang Yun wanted to go enjoy the women. He silently withdrew. Zhao was afraid he would make Zhang Yun angry if he kept speaking.

On the other side, Yue Zhong's group returned to their residence. They immediately started cooking food. After busily working, their dinner was quickly prepared.

Yue Zhong's group ate hot steamed rice, marinated steak, canned lunch meat, and canned vegetables for dinner.

Chen Zhiguang looked at the dinner of Yue Zhong's group, and he started salivating: ’’How abundant!’’

Although Chen Zhiguang was a government worker, he hadn't eaten meat in two weeks. The majority of the canned meat had been confiscated and given over to the specialty region supplies. He could only eat enough to not starve. Eating something like meat was just a dream.


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