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God And Devil World - Chapter 96


Chapter 96: Shopping

Everyone had been busy the whole day. Their stomachs were hungry, so they left the building and went out.

Not long after leaving the building, they saw an open place with some stands arranged. Several workers were there distributing relief food.

Dozens of people were in a long line waiting for food.

One fatty was holding a ladle. Every person who passed by the pot received a scoop of gruel plopped in their bowl.

Da Gouzi walked by and took a look. He saw that in the bowls there wasn't any rice, it was basically all water. He couldn't help but complain: ’’Damn, is this what people eat? It's all water!’’

Da Gouzi could eat a bowl of food every day in Always Bright Village. The gruel in Always Bright Village also had more rice in it than this.

The fatty distributing the gruel looked at Da Gouzi and mocked: ’’If you don't want to eat then scram! Wait until you've been hungry several days, then you'll reconsider.’’

The other survivors received bowls of gruel that were practically water, and they all licked their bowls clean. Then they looked at the big pot of gruel with greedy eyes.

This bowl of relief food is practically rice soup and not gruel. But to these survivors, it is their hope for life.

Chen Zhiguang apologized to Yue Zhong: ’’Brother Yue, I'm sorry. You all can only receive the relief food here.’’

Yue Zhong looked at the large relief food pot without much rice inside. He had not the slightest bit of interest in it. He asked to Chen Zhiguang: ’’Is there a market here? I want to go buy a few things.’’

Chen Zhiguang immediately said: ’’Yes! Please follow me.’’

Walking along the road in the survivor camp, Yue Zhong's group saw everyone looked famished. Clearly they were all starving. There were several places with refugees lined up to get gruel.

Under Chen Zhiguang's guidance, Yue Zhong arrived at a street. There were all types of things displayed on the street. The complexions of the vendors were only slightly better than the other survivors of the city.

’’There is the rice store. You need government issued food stamps to exchange for rice. The government worker salaries are all issued with food stamps. The army is the same.’’ Chen Zhiguang pointed over at a store where four soldiers guarded with live ammo and explained to Yue Zhong.

’’This is Phoenix street where they sell all kinds of goods. If you have foodstuffs or food stamps, you can buy many things.’’ Chen Zhiguang pointed at a street and explained to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong heard Chen Zhiguang's introductions, and then he lead everyone into the street in a grandiose manner.

’’Boss, can I buy this pot and these bowls?’’ after arriving at a general store, Yue Zhong looked at the floor full of pots and pans and asked the owner.

The owner looked at Yue Zhong, and immediately his eyes became bright. He hastily said: ’’one or two food stamps for a pot, one or two food stamps for twenty bowls, one or two food stamps for a kitchen knife, one or two food stamps for three iron pots. Or you can use food to exchange.’’

Chen Zhiguang pulled on Yue Zhong, he coldly said: ’’Boss, you're being swindled. The price is extremely high. Leave, brother Yue we will go to the next place.’’

Yue Zhong immediately turned to leave. The shop owner hurriedly stood up. He shouted out: ’’Don't go!! Don't go! A little cheaper is okay. A little cheaper is okay!!’’

Yue Zhong pointed all around at the ground, indicating a full set of pots and pans: ’’We will buy all these for five packs of instant noodles. Otherwise you can just keep them.’’

The shop owner gritted his teeth: ’’Deal!’’

Right now the foodstuffs in Long Hai city were extremely strained. The value of these pots and pans were extremely low. Five packs of instant noodles would be enough for the owner to eat a good meal.

Yue Zhong waved his hand. Da Gouzi fished out two bags of instant noodles and gave them to the store owner. Lin Jun and the others gathered up the pots and pans.

’’Boss!! I have good things here!! Come over here to shop!'

’’Boss, come over and take a look!’’

Seeing Yue Zhong shopping so generously, the surrounding store owners all invited him to their shops.

’’Captain Yue! There are tools to repair vehicles!’’ Chen Dalei, the vehicle repairman, walked over to a vendor. Seeing the tools at the vendor, his eyes became bright.

Chen Dalei is a proficient vehicle mechanic, but when he was fleeing, he had to lighten the burden by throwing away his food. Seeing the vendor's tools, he couldn't bear it. He was extremely clear on his position in Yue Zhong's group. He must bring into play his abilities so as not to be discarded.

Receiving Yue Zhong's approval, Chen Dalei went to the vender and used four packs of instant noodles to buy the tools.

’’Boss! Come over here and buy something. I'll give it to you cheaper!!’’

The vendors became even more cordial after seeing Yue Zhong be so generous.

Food was currently in the highest demand at Long Hai City. There weren't many customers on this street. After all, the most important thing right now is to eat. Very few people could use food to buy things.

Long Hai city was different than Always Bright Village. There were all kinds of tools here. Several of them Always Bright Village didn't even have. Yue Zhong's group walked along the road and bought several tools to bring back to Always Bright Village.

As Yue Zhong was walking on the road, a young woman wearing extremely short jean shorts and a yellowed white t-shirt rushed over to Yue Zhong. She was full of a youthful energy, and she implored to Yue Zhong: ’’Brother! Do you want to play with me? I was a high school student in the past. A bag of instant noodles is good for one night. I haven't eaten a full meal for a week. I'm begging you play with me! I'm hungry!!!!’’

He saw the good looking girl who wasn't even twenty years old. Yue Zhong's eyes flashed a complicated light. He never thought that the Long Hai City survivor base which was under control of the government would have this type of sight.

Guo Yu and Lu Wen looked at that young woman. Their eyes filled compassion and celebration. They were compassionate about the young woman's fate, and they celebrated their good fortune in finding Yue Zhong. They didn't know if they would have sold themselves due to hunger.

Chen Zhiguang looked at the young woman with no place to go. He turned and said to Yue Zhong: ’’Brother Yue, don't pay attention to her! To play with these kind of goods, you don't need one bag of instant noodles. A bag of instant noodles can buy three prostitutes, furthermore they will all still be high school students before Z-Age. If you want to play, I'll take you to them.’’

’’Big brother! I'll do anything! However you want to play is okay! I'm begging you,, play with me!’’ The high school student was knelt before Yue Zhong begging.

Yue Zhong didn't give her another look. He just kept walking with his people.

When the high school student was begging before Yue Zhong, she felt something in her pocket. She felt and felt, and discovered it was a compressed biscuit. She grabbed it while looking at Yue Zhong walk away. Seeing Guo Yu and Lu Wen at Yue Zhong's side, her eyes flashed with envy. Then she went into a side alley and ate her compressed biscuit while crying.


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