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God And Devil World - Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Longhai City Survivor Base

Looking at Wang Hai, Lao Li was extremely moved, and his eyes became red. He said a little sadly: ’’Captain Wang! My death doesn't matter! But what about my wife and son?’’

Wang Hai slowly said: ’’These two, we will help you take care of them. You can rest easy!’’

Wang Hai's remaining men saw this scene. Their hearts became burdened. Old Li is an honest man, and he is very popular in the group. No one wanted to see him die, but those infected will certainly die. This is law. Even those evolvers who are strengthened by the God and Devil World system will turn into zombies when infected. This virus is truly terrifying.

Old Li closed his eyes. ’’Come! Give me happiness!’’

Wang Hai looked at Yue Zhong and said: ’’Captain Yue, can you let us resolve this ourselves.’’

Yue Zhong nodded, and Wang Shuang put away the Imitation Tang Sword.

Wang Hai pointed his gun at Old Li's brain and said: ’’Old Li, go well!’’

Peng! A gunshot, Old Li's head received a bloody hole, and then he collapsed to the ground.

Da Gouzi came over to Yue Zhong's side and asked: ’’Captain Yue, what do we do now? Are we still going to the Long Hai City survivor camp?’’

If Yue Zhong's group gets their items confiscated by Long Hai City base, then they will get trampled on like tigers who have their teeth pulled out. Da Gouzi somewhat gave up, wanting to return to Always Bright Village.

Yue Zhong simply said: ’’We continue!’’

Yue Zhong came before Wang Hai and plainly said: ’’Wang Hai, you and your men may leave!’’

’’Thank you captain Yue! Thank you captain Yue! When you arrive at Long Hai City base find me. I will certainly treat you.’’ Wang hai repeatedly yelled overjoyed.

Finished speaking, Wang Hai was afraid Yue Zhong would go back on his word. He took his six men and quickly left the area.

Compared to ever evolving zombies, ordinary people are easier to deal with. Because of this several people started hunting fellow human beings, and they started snatching supplies. There are very few people like Yue Zhong who would rescue them, and then not take the firearms they rely on to survive.

’’Lin Jun! Come over here!’’ Yue Zhong pondered a moment, and called over to the team member at his side.

Lin Jun arrived at Yue Zhong's and asked a little bit excitedly: ’’Captain Yue what are your orders?’’

Lin Jun didn't have many experiences at the side of Yue Zhong. He really wanted to display his worth.

Yue Zhong stared at Lin Jun and asked: ’’You are familiar with the area around Long Hai City. Do you know of a place we can hide our supplies?’’

Lin Jun's hometown is indeed a small county near Long Hai City. He was relatively familiar with the area. This is one of the reasons Yue Zhong brought him along. He needed someone familiar with the area as a guide.

Lin Jun knitted his brows in deep thought for a moment and finally said to Yue Zhong: ’’There is! I remember near Qingyuan there is a small village named Xi Village with a cave. Xi village had very few people, only a couple dozen. The land is barren without any supplies. There shouldn't be anyone going there.’’

’’Da Gouzi!’’ Yue Zhong said in a deep voice.

’’What is it, Captain Yue?’’ Da Gouzi came to Yue Zhong's side and asked.

’’Select several people to follow me. You stay and defend here! This time we are going. Don't tell anyone about the existence of these women. Understood?’’ Yue Zhong said to Da Gouzi.

The women who wanted to go to Long Hai City survivor camp have already been excluded by Yue Zhong as trusted partners. After all, they want to leave after arriving at Long Hai City. Anything could happen to them in the future.

Da Gouzi nodded his head, he selected several people to follow Yue Zhong. They drove out a Dong Feng truck loaded with survival goods and weapons.

’’Where is Yue Zhong going?’’ Seeing Yue Zhong go out, Chen Yao couldn't help but ask.

Da Gouzi looked at Chen Yao and coldly said: ’’Chen Yao, should you be asking about Captain Yue's whereabouts?’’

Da Gouzi looked down upon those saved by Yue Zhong that had chosen to leave.

Chen Yao stared blankly. She never thought Da Gouzi would speak like this to her. Da Gouzi had always been courteous to the people following Yue Zhong in Always Bright Village. He had never been this cold.

Chen Yao's eyebrows wrinkled, and she couldn't help but say: ’’What's with the attitude! I'm concerned about Yue Zhong so I asked!’’

Da Gouzi dully said: ’’After we get to Long Hai City survivor base, you aren't one of our people. It's best you don't ask about Captain Yue's business.’’

Chen Yao still wanted to say something. But Ji Qingwu pulled her clothes, shaking her head saying: ’’Yao Yao, we already became outsiders. We decided to leave Always Bright Village and go to the Long Hai City survivor base. It is logical for them to act like this towards us. After all, this matter is about their safety.’’

After hearing Ji Qingwu's words, all sorts of feelings welled up in Chen Yao's heart. It was somewhat bitter. Part of her wanted to stay at Yue Zhong's side, but she also wanted to return to the government's protection and an orderly society. Under rule of government and in societal order, she is a princess, but with Yue Zhong she is just another ordinary pretty girl. She also didn't have feelings for Yue Zhong, so naturally she chose the Long Hai City survivor base.

Ji Qingwu looked at the conflicted Chen Yao without speaking. She would rather stay at Yue Zhong's side, but Chen Yao is her best friend. Ji Qingwu's family has also served Chen Yao's family for generations. Ji Qingwu's grandfather is the personal bodyguard of Chen Yao's grandfather. Since their generation, the Ji family has been a subordinate power to the Chen family. Officially and personally, Ji Qingwu must be with Chen Yao.

Under the guidance of Lin Jun, Yue Zhong easily found the cave. He took all of the goods on the Dong Feng truck and stored them there, then he returned to the motorcade.

Continually moving along the highway, Yue Zhong's group quickly arrived at the entrance to the survivor base in Qingyuan county.

Qingyuan county is a small town located not far to the west of Long Hai City. Before Z-Age it had well preserved ancient walls and buildings which was a selling point for the tourist industry.

Yue Zhong saw the walls of the Qingyuan township from far away. Those walls had great use for defending against zombies and mutated beasts when combined with modern weaponry.

’’Stop!’’ Yue Zhong's group just arrived before the gates. Four heavily armed soldiers immediately rushed over and yelled.

Yue Zhong's got out of their vehicles one by one.

As soon as Yue Zhong's group got out of their vehicles, they were confiscated by the soldiers.

Several government personnel walked over.

Among them one person came to Yue Zhong's side and said: ’’I am responsible for receiving survivors. I'm named Chen Zhiguang. You all may carry your personal items and enter the Long Hai City survivor camp. Cash, gold, and diamonds can be exchanged here for food stamps.’’


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