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God And Devil World - Chapter 91


Chapter 91: Choice

TL: Delivery Man

[TL: there is a summary for the chapter right here that I found useless to translate.]

Yue Zhong stared at Lin Jun, getting right to the point he asked: ’’Tell me what abilities you have?’’

Lin Jun didn't hesitate: ’’I was a locksmith before Z-Age. I can open up any lock in under a miute. I thought my abilities would be useful to you.’’

Yue Zhong plainly said: ’’Whatever is locked can be opened. What big words. Can you open up an iris-scan lock?’’

Lin Jun became a little embarrassed and said: ’’No! I can only open up a few ordinary locks. For example: security doors, hotel doors, and ordinary civilian use locks.’’

Yue Zhong's sight focused on Lin Jun: ’’All right! I'll accept you. You'll first start as an outside personnel. But are you clear on our rules?’’

Lin Jun excitedly said: ’’Clear! I know all the rules very clearly.’’

Right now the world already started to change. If one can follow a formidable power, then it is very unlikely to starve to death. Being an outside personnel for Yue Zhong's formidable party, it is already the desire of everyone in Always Bright Village.

Yue Zhong searched over the mutated dog and cat corpses, but he couldn't find a glass bead. It made him a little disappointed.

After deciding mutated beasts can be eaten, Yue Zhong distributed the snake and dog meat. Even the other Always Bright Villager survivors would receive a bowl of meat soup.

Everyone was in high spirits like it was a festival.

After Yue Zhong recovered, he again used a chicken as bait, trying to catch another mutated snake. After several days every inch of the brook had been tested. But there wasn't the slightest sign of another one.

Yue Zhong organized a group of people to start fishing in the brook after he confirmed there weren't any mutated river snakes.

Fish were extremely abundant in the small brook. A net was set up catching a dozen kg of fish.

’’Tomorrow I want to go to the gathering at Long Hai City. Who among you wants to come with me?’’ After dinner Yue Zhong gathered all of the Lei Jiang City survivors.

Most of the survivors rescued from Lei Jiang city weren't his subordinates, and they hadn't entered his system. Those people rescued by Yue Zhong from Lei Jiang City put more hope in the survivor camp organization at Long Hai city hall instead of Yue Zhong. They weren't in his system so he couldn't force them to do anything.

’’I want to go.’’

’’I'll go.’’

As soon as Yue Zhong's words came out, immediately there was a burst of replies. Nearly everyone shouted replies.

Yue Zhong looked in those peoples eyes, turning to Chi Yang he said: ’’Chi Yang, You stay here and take charge. I don't trust other people.’’

Chi Yang's temper is steady, and his strength is also powerful. He is one of Yue Zhong's best friends. If Chi Yang takes over Always Bright Village, then Yue Zhong can be at ease leaving Always Bright Village. Otherwise as soon as Yue Zhong leaves, Always Bright Village could once again return to chaos.

Although Yue Zhong's vision wasn't to occupy Always Bright Village, it was still hundreds of people. Once chaos resumes, it is unknown how many talented people can be recovered.

’’Yes’’ Chi Yang looked at Yue Zhong, nodding his head.

’’You all want to come with me to Long Hai City base, then no problem! In the past I promised to bring you there. But there is one matter I must declare beforehand. Once we get to Long Hai City your safety and food responsibilities will all be shifted over to the Long Hai City government. Is there a problem with that?' Yue Zhong's eyes swept across the room.

The majority of survivors didn't have any abilities, equivalent to burdens. They wanted to go, and Yue Zhong was happy to lighten the load. If Yue Zhong could deliver them into the hands of Long Hai City government, then his burden would become much lighter.

Those women hesitated after hearing Yue Zhong's words. They had already seen an aspect of Z-Age's cruelty in Always Bright Village. They didn't know what the survivor camp in Long Hai City would be like. If Yue Zhong didn't look over them, they didn't know what the future would change into.

As those women were thinking, Zhang Xuan suddenly said: ’’I want to stay! Yue Zhong, I want to stay here and help you clean. Can I?’’

Yue Zhong looked at baby faced cute Zhang Xuan, slightly smiling he said;'Of course you can. I will make you a preliminary team member if you wish to stay.’’

Zhang Xin (張欣) looked at Chi Yang, in a firm tone she said: ’’I also want to stay.’’

Wang Qian glared at Zhang Xin (張欣) and snapped: ’’I also want to stay.’’

Yue Zhong looked at the speechless Chi Yang. With a soft smile he said: ’’You two will also be preliminary team members.’’

Yuan Ying looked at Zhang Xuan, looked at Yue Zhong, and then earnestly said: ’’I also want to stay’’

’’I also want to stay.’’ said Zhang Xin (張心). Contrary to Yue Zhong's expectations, she also decided to stay.

Apart from these five women, everyone else remained silent.

Yue Zhong looked at everyone and plainly said: ’’Since this is the case, everyone pack tonight. We are leaving tomorrow.’’

Not long after everyone scattered, Yue Zhong and Lu Wen got comfortable and bathed each other like a happy little couple.

After the passion, Yue Zhong hugged Lu Wen and Guo Yu and leaned against the bathhouse wall.

Lu Wen lay in Yue Zhong's chest. She tightly held onto Yue Zhong's arm and threw a tantrum: ’’Brother Yue Zhong, How about I go with you to Long Hai City? To be apart from you for so long is unbearable.’’

Yue Zhong affectionately looked at the cute Lu Wen in his arms. He gave her a kiss and said: ’’Then what will happen here? This is our base. You are the Boss's woman, could it be you don't want to take over this place, and hold on to our base?’’

Lu Wen hugged on to Yue Zhong's arm, using her plump little chest she pushed up against him: ’’Chi Yang is here not you! Bring me with you! Yes or no?’’

Yue Zhong felt Lu Wen's soft and smooth skin, and his heart was moved. Stroking her cute little head he lovingly said: ’’Okay! Okay! Okay!’’

’’Brother is the best’’ Lu Wen burst with praise, and she kissed Yue Zhong's face two times.

Guo Yu also grabbed onto Yue Zhong's arm. Using her two big beautiful eyes she stared into Yue Zhong: ’’Master, can I go with you? I can help you will all of the miscellaneous errands.’’

’’Yes.’’ Yue Zhong looked at that beautiful temptress that was like a china doll. He bent down and softly kissed her forehead.

These days Guo Yu continually handled various work. She squared away whatever Yue Zhong commanded. Yue Zhong's every day life affairs were taken care of by Guo Yu. He was a little linked to this cute lolita.

Hearing Yue Zhong's approval, Guo Yu revealed a sweet smile.


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