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God And Devil World - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: Lin Jun

TL: Delivery Man

The intense heat surged in Yue Zhong's body, continuously rolling and twisting, making his body boil for a long time. After a large sweat it finally rested.

’’You have received 8 Vitality and 2 Strength’’

A sweet notification sounded in Yue Zhong's mind.

’’This type of thing can be eaten to get stronger? Did the mutated beasts I killed before have this type of thing inside?’’

Hearing the sweet notification noise, Yue Zhong burst with happiness. With even more energy he cut up the mutant snakes into piece after piece, seeking little red beads. But, he couldn't find anything no matter where he searched in the mutant snake's body.

Cleaning his hands, Yue Zhong called over Da Gouzi and said to him: ’’Go find some people, grab the several mutated beast corpses from the weapons arsenal and bring them to me.’’

Da Gouzi asked a little curious: ’’Why transport them?

’’ Yue Zhong said: ’’If the mutated snake's meat is edible, then they are also edible.’’

Da Gouzi clapped his hands and flattered: ’’Brother Yue, you sure are far-sighted. Your knowledge and experience is outstanding!’’

’’I want this done immediately!’’ Da Gouzi looked at Yue Zhong and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Da Gouzi immediately gave a command, and lead several people out.

After sending out Da Gouzi, Yue Zhong went out to the Always Bright Village shooting range.

A simple shooting range was established in Always Bright Village. Every day Yue Zhong and Chi Yang went out to the range to do target practice. Those few team members who had never been on official missions before also went out to the shooting range.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Yue Zhong held an 81 type rifle and fired six bullets at a target 100m away. The six bullets hit the target, and a few hit the bull's-eye.

’’This Firearms Control skill is really practical. The hit rate is amazing. Before I was just a beginner with guns, and overnight my skill is able to become this powerful.’’ Yue Zhong looked at the faraway target, his mind quietly thinking.

Yue Zhong set down the type 81 rifle. At his side Guo Yu had had been standing there for an unknown amount of time and handed him a bottle of water.

Yue Zhong had a drink and said to Guo Yu: ’’How did the thing go?’’

Guo Yu tilted her head and said: ’’The test eaters and tailors have already been found. But the snake skin is very difficult to handle. A kitchen knife basically can't cut through the skin.’’

’’I know. Let's Go!’’ Yue Zhong set the gun down, then he and Guo Yu went together to Zhang Xiang's villa.

Four women and eight men were standing in Zhang Xiang's villa at that time. Seeing Yue Zhong enter, they all respectfully saluted and yelled: ’’Brother Yue!’’

’’This person is Zhu Di! The Lei Jiang City chief clothing designer for the store SIFM.’’ Guo Yu pointed at a beautiful woman with snow white skin that was wearing a white blouse and jeans, introducing her to Yue Zhong.

[I'm guessing SIFM is another high fashion name. The author used LV last time for Luois Vuitton.]

Yue Zhong took a look at Zhu Di, discovering this was one of the beautiful women seized by Zhang Xiang.

Zhu Di looked at Yue Zhong and carefully said: ’’Hello! Brother Yue! I am Zhu Di! May I ask what kind of clothes you want? Do you want a sleeveless shirt, or something like a t-shirt?’’

Before Z-age Zhu Di was also a proud and arrogant successful woman. But after Z-Age she landed in Zhang Xiang's hands. After experiencing Z-Age's cruelty, she also started to become cautious, not daring to offend people of higher status.

Yue Zhong said to Zhu Di: ’’A set of clothes that can cover the whole body and long pants.’’

’’Will something like this do?’’ Zhu Di grabbed a pen and paper, drew up a sketch, and held it up to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong said to Zhu Di while pointing at Guo Yu: ’’We'll do it like that! First make one set for me and one for Guo Yu! First draw a line, and then I'll deal with the cutting.’’

Zhu Di glanced at Guo Yu a little enviously, then respectfully said: ’’Yes! Brother Yue!’’

Zhu Di already experienced the cruel Z-Age baptism. She clearly understood this material's rarity and value. Yue Zhong wished to this kind of clothing for Guo Yu. It was equivalent to another layer of protection. In times of need it could save a person's life.

Guo Yu understood Yue Zhong's words, and her heart became happy. Looking at Yue Zhong her eyes flashed a touch of softness.

Zhu Di grabbed measuring tape to measure Yue Zhong and Guo Yu, then she started to draw on the enormous snake's skin.

In addition those eight men over on the side were scared out of their minds as they ate the mutated river snake meat. These men had been ordered locked up by Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong held an Imitation Tang Sword and stood in front of the eight men. As soon as these men started to mutate, he would strike out and behead them.

Those eight men looked at the Imitation Tang Sword in the hands of Yue Zhong standing before them. Their hearts were full of pressure. They were extremely afraid they would mutate, and then be beheaded by Yue Zhong.

The longest time period that the God and Devil World virus could lay dormant was less than an hour. After Yue Zhong, Chi Yang, and Ji Qingwu took shifts watching over the eight men for twenty-four hours, they didn't discover any abnormalities. Yue Zhong finally decided the mutated beast meat was edible.

’’You all may leave!’’ After the observation period had reached twenty-four hours. Yue Zhong made people give the eight men the promised rewards. Waiving his hand he made them leave.

’’Thank you brother Yue!’’ Among the eight men, seven grabbed their 5kg of rice and 5kg of snake meat, and they cheerfully left. That much food was enough to eat for a dozen days. Furthermore, as long as they were willing to accept food, playing with several women wouldn't be a problem.

Yue Zhong stared at the somewhat thin 24 year old man and said with wrinkled brows: ’’Why haven't you left? I've given you the promised rewards. You won't receive more!’’

The thin young man kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and shouted: ’’Brother Yue! I'm named Lin Jun! Let me follow you!! I don't need to take these rewards. Please make me your subordinate. Let me follow you into battle under your command.’’

Yue Zhong stared at Lin Jun and plainly said: ’’If you want to follow me into battle, go apply with each squad captain! Given that you are begging me to accept you, after today, you will start as an outside member.’’

Lin Jun smiled saying: ’’I'll applied! But they didn't accept me. They said I didn't meet the requirements. I'm too short and small, and I don't have any strength.’’

Yue Zhong's food supply was limited, and the recruiting of subordinates was limited. Naturally the combat units wanted to find strong team members. Small people without any strength, naturally wouldn't be considered. Furthermore it was extremely easy to recruit among the survivors. The majority all rushed to apply, wishing to be under Yue Zhong's influence. After all, using guns to kill zombies wasn't too scary. If they had to use steel weapons to fight, the morale would greatly decline.


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